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HARIO Cloth Coffee Filter, 240ml

  • HARIO Cloth Coffee Filter, 240ml
  • HARIO Cloth Coffee Filter, 240ml
  • HARIO Cloth Coffee Filter, 240ml

HARIO Cloth Coffee Filter, 240ml

NZ$ 146.00 NZ$ 88.00 Save: NZ$ 58.00
NZ$ 88.00 NZ$ 146.00 You save: NZ$ 58.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • HARIO replaceable cloth filter with wooden handle
  • Designed for Hario Woodneck drip pot - dpw-1
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Customer Reviews

Smaller than it looks but looking forward to a perfect cup of coffee - the old wayI decided to purchase this item because it reminded me that it is a great tool to have handy when the electricity goes out (do not won a gas range). We survived a hurricane years ago and we did not have power for weeks. At the time I went to the old way my parents and grandparents used to make coffee and shared with the neighbors. I made it by adding coffee to cold water, boil and run through the strainer. Boil milk and use a small laddle to mix the froth that the boiling makes while it is still boiling. It is the best tasting coffee. I was actually doing this while I researched which machine to buy. I decided that since it does not take that long to prepare coffee this way and to be prepared for another emergency - where I can make the coffee in the back grill's burner, I purchased it. It looks like a better option that paper. For my method above, I was using paper and it kept breaking so I decided against a paper one.Did not give a five because it is smaller than it looks on all the photos, but I like that it is all one piece.4Silky smooth coffeeWhen I drink coffee I want to enjoy every drop. But being somewhat thrifty, while I like to experiment with what will affect the outcome, I typically don't want to invest a lot.This drip pot is the perfect size for me (drink a cup or two per day) and the coffee brewed with the cloth filter is amazing!I had read some articles previously on cloth filters making the coffee taste like socks, or having other issues, but I really would have a hard time going back to a paper filter. The coffee brewed with this filter is so silky and flavorful. The grounds are filtered out, but the oils are able to pass through enough to give the coffee a smooth and flavorful drop.For comparison, I brewed some Target brand coffee my wife was drinking in a more traditional pour over with paper filter. This tasted ok, but when I brewed with this filter, wow she could not believe it was the same coffee! I may have controlled the temperature a bit better than when she had brewed, but still the results were strikingly different.5My wife loves itShe'd been using a ceramic hario v-dripper for years and was happy with that until hearing about the WoodNeck. She prefers this to the old one, saying that the flavors are cleaner and brighter and provides better body. It has been using it daily since purchase (about 3 months) and we've yet to dip into the package of replacement filters we purchased.Maintenance: We'd heard a couple suggestions on maintenance and this is the scheme we adopted: remove the grinds and rinse the filter immediately after you're finished brewing; store the filter in a small bowl of water in the refrigerator; about once a week, remove the filter from the handle and mix about 1Tbsp of Oxyclean with 1 C hot water and sit the filter in there for a few hours. Rinse numerous times, the last couple with filtered water. No obvious residual taste after the cleaning and purportedly oxygen cleaner helps kill bacteria (not sure about the latter, but it sounded reasonable to me when suggested by the nice guys @GandBcoffeeIt may sound like a lot of work, but it's really little more than a quick rinse once a day.5Reduce your carbon footprintHaving been a user of paper filters for ages, i decided to cut down on my carbon footprint and try the reusable cloth filters. Doing a side by side comparison of cloth vs paper, i found the coffee was less acidic tasting when using the cloth. You do have to wash well after each use. I have read some people have put their cloth filters in a container with water in the fridge to keep mold from growing on it, I have been using the same filter daily for 3 months now, after use, I wash it well with warm water, let it air dry and I have not had a mold problem. Every now and then i put it into the dishwasher on the top rack and let it get a "deep cleaning" Would definitely recommend this5For all the steps, the coffee is still well worth itThis is it, the last thing you need to decide on before you start on this journey of complicated coffee making 'was it worth it', you wonder. Did you remember to get all the pieces of the puzzle? So, you think you are so cool and you wanna make coffee like your frickin' Walter g'dang White or something? Well guess what? You are a smarty pants just like Heisenberg! The coffee you can make with this thing is so darn good! It's also smaller, if you don't want to make too much, about 2-3 cups. They have a larger version but for two moderate coffee drinkers its great, also if its going to be a long morning (or was a long night) its pretty easy to just heat up extra water and reboot the whole process for another fresh pot. I like the cloth filtered but be careful it's hard to come back from coffee this good.5The cloth filter doesn't sit quite as nicely on this carafe as the woodneck but I doubt ...A cheap woodneck hack with the Hario coffee server https://www.amazon.com/Hario-Glass-Coffee-Server-700ml/dp/B001V7NN1Y/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_4?s=home-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1525725514&sr=1-4-fkmr0&keywords=hario%2Bv6%2Bglass%2Bserver&th=1 (1000 ml size) Combined they are a few $ less than the woodneck setup. More importantly for me, it is a cheap replacement for the Woodneck carafe since you CAN'T BUY ONE.The cloth filter doesn't sit quite as nicely on this carafe as the woodneck but I doubt the coffee tastes any different46 months off of 1 filter - so far I know - not supposed to use soap - but I do. I use a mild soap about once a week to clean the cloth and rinse thoroughly. I do not boil the cloth. After brewing, I clean and store the cloth in the fridge in a sealed glass container with some water in it. I change the container once a week. The cloth has not molded, tasted funny, or worn out, and I have now had the cloth and pot for 6 (!) months. I like that it is environmentally friendly - paper is still the largest portion of our waste stream.The coffee is stellar. It is clean, crisp, and so responsive to time that I can brew a thick, chocolately cup in 2 minutes and a bright, fruity cup in 3 minutes, per my choosing. I use a fine grind. I usually can have the grinder clean by the time the water boils, and everything else clean about 2 minutes after brewing - so no, this is not a time intensive method of brewing.When I am feeling lazy I use Filtropa filters but I've really only done this twice. http://www.amazon.com/Filtropa-White-Paper-Coffee-Filters/dp/B0001IXA9O. I haven't had one slip through yet, but I suppose that may be a possibility if you are using a lot of grounds. 5You Will Never Buy Another Coffee Brewing Device!Leave it to the Japanese to come up with such a simple yet high quality device to brew coffee at home. (Although as another reviewer noted, this method has been widely used in Costa Rica for years).If you are tired of buying coffee machines that promise great coffee but fail to deliver, get this. It will be the last coffee brewing device you will ever get. And the simplest and most energy efficient.The 4-cup model is probably the best option because it will make enough brewed coffee for 2 "American" cups or mugs of coffee. The process could not be simpler, and although the instructions are in Japanese, there are translations into English on the box and the insert.One thing you will probably want to get is a Hario gooseneck pour over teakettle or similar because it allows for directional pouring of the boiled water over the grounds. As the instructions suggest, you should pour a little of the water into the center of the grounds and then work your way to the outside and then wait about 30 seconds for the coffee to "bloom" and release its treasured flavor. Then pour the remaining water into the cloth filter and allow it to drip through the bloomed coffee into the bottom of the carafe. Takes at most 2-3 minutes. And no sediment! I don't plan to store the flannel filter in the refrigerator because they don't do that in Costa Rica and I think the only "off" flavor it might pick up by letting it air dry is the last coffee you brewed. Keep it simple!I purchased Starbucks Italian roast beans and asked them to grind them for a French Press. The grind seems to be medium--somewhere between find and course, and it seems to work perfectly in the Hario drip pot. I'm thinking it would be nice to grind the beans at home but am done with investing in expensive electric grinders and for that matter fancy $1,000+ coffee/espresso machines that do the grinding for you and produce an awful cup of coffee. So maybe a hand grinder. Simplify your life and make the best cup of coffee you have ever had with the Hario Drip Pot 480Ml.5great coffeeI enjoy making coffee with different methods: Chemex, Clever, Aeropress, Kone, Impress. I have been getting the best results from this Hario Drip Pot. It lets the oils come through without the sediment. The flavor that I get with this method is the best of the different methods that I have tried. I think the difference is in the cloth filter. It's easy to use and clean.5Top of its class daily coffee maker!I have a lot of devices for making coffee from aero press, pour over cups, stainless steel French press but I pretty much stayed with this for my daily coffee for 4 years now.Everything on it (glass liner/handle & leather tie) are all in the same excellent condition as when I bought it! I've replaced the liner 4 times now. They hold up & come clean very easily.The wooden handle has also stayed in excellent condition and the wire rim attached to it has not rusted or corroded in any way in this time person of near daily use.Excellent product, exactly what I have come to know and expect from Japanese companies.5Great cloth. Easy to clean. Easy to DryHaving never used cloth filters before, this is a revelation for me. Really clean and well made. I don't know about the flavor being an issue. I am a bit skeptical about using soap, but I'm sure that would be fine too. It also dries out nicely as it can stay study upside down when leaving them out.5
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