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Heavy Duty - 3 Tier Hanging Kitchen Black Fruit Basket

  • Heavy Duty - 3 Tier Hanging Kitchen Black Fruit Basket
  • Heavy Duty - 3 Tier Hanging Kitchen Black Fruit Basket
  • Heavy Duty - 3 Tier Hanging Kitchen Black Fruit Basket
  • Heavy Duty - 3 Tier Hanging Kitchen Black Fruit Basket
  • Heavy Duty - 3 Tier Hanging Kitchen Black Fruit Basket
  • Heavy Duty - 3 Tier Hanging Kitchen Black Fruit Basket
  • Heavy Duty - 3 Tier Hanging Kitchen Black Fruit Basket

Heavy Duty - 3 Tier Hanging Kitchen Black Fruit Basket

NZ$ 202.00 NZ$ 122.00 Save: NZ$ 80.00
NZ$ 122.00 NZ$ 202.00 You save: NZ$ 80.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • FUNCTIONAL & ELEGANT DESIGN: Our Hanging Fruit Basket features 3 tiers allowing for numerous fruits and room temperature groceries to be hung and organized with care. The X pattern of our baskets give an elegant touch to any home kitchen.
  • DURABLE & STRONG HOLD: Having a heavier gauge than competing models and adjustable tier clips lets you place any sized fruit on whichever tier you wish. The iron made basket is also easy to assemble and hang. Extra heavy and durable top hook.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: The Hanging Basket can also hold just about anything and are not only limited to fruits and veggies. The hanging feature allows for more counter space in your kitchen.
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Customer Reviews

Seemed great at firstSeemed great at first. After installing it I noticed the baskets were a little lopsided. There are 3 chains and I noticed that there was not an even/symmetrical amount of spacing in between each one. I also noticed that they the vertical distribution of chain links was uneven so some parts were raised higher than others. To make matters worse, within about 15 minutes of hanging it up, it fell down. One of the chain links had slipped through the other and toppled it all over along with all of my fresh fruits. I reassembled it as best as I could but there was only so much I could do. It's been about 2 weeks now since i reassembled it myself it has not fallen at all anymore. Long story short, this basket was obviously assembled by hand in a rush with little care by the worker. I recommend you inspect it thoroughly before hanging and stocking it.1Great Quality - Measurements Listed in ReviewMeasurements:Bottom (largest) Basket: Top width is 11 inches and the bottom of the basket is 8 inches and 4 inches in height.Middle Basket: top width - 9 inches, bottom of middle basket is 6 inches and height is 4 inches.Top Basket: top width is 7 inches, bottom of basket is 3 1/2 inches in width and height is 4 inches.From the top of the hanging hook to the bottom of the largest basket is 24 inches(2 feet).There is approximately 4 inches between each basket. This is adjustable because the baskets hang on the chain in three spots with with these small latches which you can change up to meet your personal needs.This is a very nice quality baskets. This isn't the cheap metal ones that you can bend at will. Very sturdy! It can hold a lot of fruit/veggies or whatever you are using them for.. Quality won't be a disappointment. I highly recommend this hanging 3 tier basket set. I'm very happy with my purchase.If you found my review helpful please click the helpful button below my review. Thank you!!5More sturdy than it looks.The only problem I've had with this is that it came with the baskets crocked. A quick snap of the clip that holds them on took care of it, but I took away a star for it.I have right now hanging in it: 5 lbs of potatoes plus a baking potato in the bottom basket4 apples, the apple slicer and 1 tomato in the middle basket2 medium size onions in the top basket.Seems sturdy enough to me if it hasn't broken with all that in it.Had to get up against the cabinet in the photo to get the lighting right, so took a dark one to show it's hanging nicely, it's my angle that's off, not the basket.4... design is pleasing and the basket sizes are very good. When the manufacturer puts this together they didn't ...The only reason this gets even two stars is because the design is pleasing and the basket sizes are very good.When the manufacturer puts this together they didn't bother with getting on of the chains into the top hook nor making sure the baskets were level. I spent 30 minutes doing that.Then 15 minutes after filling it with my fruit the chain broke. Stupidest design ever. The links come together at the bottom so the weight on them pulls them open. They should come together on the side so if the link stretches all of your fruit doesn't come tumbling down on the floor. Yay, It was so fun picking it up, especially the tomatoes. A more robust chain would help as well.2The chains are FLIMSY!This product is named "Heavy Duty...." Unfortunately it is not. The chains are flimsy! I hung up the two of these I ordered. However with in 1 day my 10 year old son broke the first one. The basket fell down and the chains snapped/broke. I assumed my son was being heavy handed and chalked it up as a loss. Then the very next day I bumped into the 2nd basket with my head and there it went...basket fell and the chains snapped/broke. So with in 2 days both baskets were ruined. I truly like the idea of the hanging fruits/veggies. So rather than return the product I decided to replace the chains with sturdier ones from Home Depot and use the baskets it came with. So far that's working. But in all honesty I should have returned this product for a full refund. It is NOT heavy duty. You should not buy a product then have to "upgrade it" for it to work the way it was intended to.2Helpful, strong hanging baskets for kitchen use. I bought these baskets with the recommended 9" wall hanger. The baskets easily hold over 10 lbs of produce. After taking the picture, I added a few more pounds of sweet potatoes on the bottom and oranges on top with no trouble. This frees up table space in my kitchen, and it looks nice, but not particularly pretty. I have it near a high wall outlet, so I can also put phones in it while they charge without being in reach of my kids. If you're going to put bananas in it, it helps to first separate them from the bunch. 4Weak links! The chains snap easily.I've had this for about two months now, and I've had to fix it 3 times already! The links that hold the baskets up are very weak and open easily. This causes the chain to snap. Hubby snapped the chain the day after I put it up, just by reaching in to get a banana. He used no force on it at all. It is a tedious task to fix the chains by tightening the links using tweezers. I have had to do this 3 times since I first got the basket. It has broken again and this time it's going in the trash. I will look for a better quality basket as I have limited counter space & I really like the hanging storage these baskets provide.1PerfectMy husband had been watching too much master chef and had been cooking everything in sight. He had rearranged the kitchen 3 times. I ordered this and he was like a kid on Christmas morning! He hung out up the night ar recieved. It serves its purpose. It is fairly strong and it looks very nice! The little baskets also hold more than I thought they would.5Dimensions are off...Seems heavy duty enough. Stated to hold 10 lbs. It's pretty to look at, but not as functional as I thought it would be. The description states this is 25" long. Mine is 23 -1/2" from tip of hook to bottom of last basket. The dimensions of the basket sizes are accurate, however, I really wish they would have given the dimensions from basket to basket. In other words, how much space is in between each basket. Their pictures show quite a lot of fruit. Mine holds nowhere near what they have in the pictures due to lack of space in between baskets. A bunch of normally sized bananas barely fit in the middle basket, but yet are don't fit quite right in the bottom basket with other fruits because it's difficult to get them out.The basket hangs evenly enough...with some minor adjusting. At least mine needed it. The chains are adjustable (to shorten), but if you need to do that, you'll never get any fruit in the baskets! For the price, this is just okay and will do for now. I really wanted to love it, but I can't:(3Looks nice, does the job, and great price!We're a family of seven and eat a ton of fruit especially in the summertime. We don't have alot of counterspace so wanted a hanging fruit basket. This was perfect. It's sturdy and seems to hold the weight just fine. There is plenty of room for fruit and veggies. I wanted something to match my kitchen so black was perfect. It was a great price and fast shipping. I definitely recommend this product.5OkNot the same as the last one I bought but that was my fault, other than that it's ok, just make sure you know which one you are getting, look at my picture, this product is the one on the right, you'll see that is deeper than a normal one but it's ok otherwise.5A masterpiece of industrial perfection! This was one of my more exciting purchases from Amazon. After countless hours measuring my produce to ensure that the circumference and weight of my apples and peaches wouldn't fold under the dense weight of a bunch of bananas when stacked on top, I built a mock-up version of this hanging basket to try to mimic the features at a lower cost. While rudimentary in construction, my cardboard fruit basket worked well. That is, until humidity began to dissolve the lush outer layers of my apples, effectively rendering the cardboard soggy and useless. For nearly three weeks I risked scurvy by skipping the fruit aisle at the grocery store, in order to save up for this gleaning piece of industrial perfection. Upon its arrival, I was not disappointed. The three tiers, each progressively larger than the previous, allowed me to not only avoid crushing soft fruits under more heavy ones, but allowed me to prominently display my grocery store finds high above my kitchen counters. The silver finish to the iron lends a hint of elegance that compliments the kiwis and starfruit that are nestled into each corner of this breathable, and masculine basket. Kudos to the creator, the engineers behind this piece of art, and the seller for having so delicately shipped this to me. Kudos! 5
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