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Hoover 40201160 Windtunnel Agitator Belts, Hoover 38528033 2-Pack

  • Hoover 40201160 Windtunnel Agitator Belts, Hoover 38528033 2-Pack
  • Hoover 40201160 Windtunnel Agitator Belts, Hoover 38528033 2-Pack

Hoover 40201160 Windtunnel Agitator Belts, Hoover 38528033 2-Pack

NZ$ 106.00 NZ$ 64.00 Save: NZ$ 42.00
NZ$ 64.00 NZ$ 106.00 You save: NZ$ 42.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Set of two replacement agitator belts, item # 38528033.
  • Fits select Hoover Windtunnel Upright models, which use the Hoover 38528033 belt
  • Also for Commercial WindTunnel Bagless, Bagless Widepath, Bagless PowerMAX, Bagged Catlina, and both Bagged Tempo and Bagless Tempo models
  • Replacement belts keep vacuum running at top performance
  • Hoover recommends replacing belt when edges begin to show wear or surface begins to crack
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Customer Reviews

fake - junk I have a 2006 Hoover Tempo U5140900.Back in 2010 I bought this 2 pack knowing some day I would use it. They are the wrong size.These are shorter, thicker, and have no elasticity. JUNKSo I then ordered a 6 pack of belts from Generic sold by B&M Housewares - SAME JUNKDon't know where I'll find another but these ain't it..... 1Refurbed my Hoover Windtunnel vacuum cleanerReally nice addition to refurbing my Hoover Windtunnel upright vaccum. I noticed a "burning " smell from the vac and the machine was not picking up dirt/debris properly. Examining the brush bar revealed the culprit- a stretched belt. It took maybe 10 minutes to change out the belt and it fit great! My Hoover is like new and should be good for years to come with the two-pack of belts. I think my original belt was factory supplied (circa mid-late 2000's?). Buy a pack of Hoover vacuum bags and you are ready to roll. Now, my Hoover WIndtunnel vacuum really sucks- in a good way.5Finally the RIGHT SIZE WINDTUNNEL BELT I could ot believe it --- i NEARLY BREAK FINGERS trying to get these belts on this cleaner - always running over something that cuts the belts...and thenI saw AMAZON had the RIGHT SIZE HOOVER BELT - only I did not know it but for years have used the wrong size - this one size fits all stuff with offbeat brands because it is difficult for me to shop about to find these.I put this Hoover belt in in minutes ---- the secret to easy installatin after it is in place ready to put around the brush roll is to pull the thing down and pushed down on the left side and right side at the same time --- THEN ADJUSTING THE RIGHT SIDE ......IT TAKES STRONGER FINGERS BUT AFTER USING THESE OTHER BELTS this was easy for I DETEST PUTTING BELTS IN THIS CLEANER --- no wonder ---- this one size fits all is not cracked up what it is said to do.So I can recommend this to those who have a Hoover Windtunnel --- I bought four of these and now watch before I turn on vacuum to be sure changing these belts is a nuisance but this Hoover I remember from the time I was a child in the 1930 time frame and prefer to a DYSON ANY DAY.Connie the seller delivered as promised -- price is good --- AND ITS THE RIGHT SIZE 5Bum ScoopAmazon paired this belt with the Hoover vacuum model UH70210. No reason to doubt that Amazon would do such a thing if it wasn't the right belt. Wrong... Got the belts a few days before the vacuum arrived and was confused when the users manual stated the proper belt was AH20065 not this 40201160/38528033 2-pack. E-mailed Hoover and they responded that these are completely two different belts in lenght and the AH20065 was the right one for my model with the beater bar cutout switch. Shame on Amazon for recommending the wrong product on their site.1Forget bagless! Happily back to vacuums WITH bags!Do not buy a bagless vacuum!After purchasing both dyson and then Hoover bag less vacuums (about 5) over the past 10 years I finally went back to a unit with bags. I believe that it is pure marketing hype that bagless vacuums are less work to maintain or use. I am sick (and tired) of taking them apart to wash the internal filters every other month. :-). Changing bags every few weeks takes 30 seconds.This Hoover With bags unit I purchased is Great. Forget about bagless hype ... You will hate cleaning those things.Hoover execs, by the way, you should learn from this.... I did!5Was kept in good condition so after 2 days of use belt broke ...First thing- the vacuum was donated to my work. Was kept in good condition so after 2 days of use belt broke ( the original factory belt) so I look up the numbers on Amazon for replacement ( and google) and my goodness...i could not find a match on serial or modle number . Even this one didn't match nor the vacuum modle but it was closest match I could find. It worked!! Though so that's the reason for 5 stars.5Time Will Tell If This Is a 5-Star Product When I purchased my Hoover Windtunnel Max, I figured why not buy some extra bags, and a replacement belt. I'll be set for the next year or more, right? Well...maybe.As other reviewers have noted, despite the picture of the pre-packaged 2-pack; these belts arrive loose in the shipping mailer. Vacbelts.com does offer the following information on the packing slip:The belts are not in the retail packaging because they purchase these in bulk directly from the manufacturer. Also, it cuts down on waste with the elimination of unnecessary packaging. (I paraphrased their response.)As to the new belts being smaller than the old belt, Vacbelts.com goes on to say:The old belt has been stretched with use. It will be necessary for the new belt to be stretched to fit. This tight fit is necessary to provide the tension needed for the brush to turn properly. (Again, I paraphrased for the sake of brevity.)Their answer certainly sounds reasonable. And the number stamped on the belt matches what I ordered. Bottom line? The twin-pack image is misleading. And if the belts are after-market knock-offs, it's fraudulent. I guess time will tell if these are genuine Hoover belts. If they are, it was a great price. If they aren't, I'm only out a few dollars. 3Watch for stretchingWe were wondering why our old Tempo vac didn't seem to be picking up stuff from the carpet so well and was leaving pattern streaks in the carpet. After all, the beater brush was spinning fine. Then our cleaning service refused to use it. That's when I checked and discovered the belt was kind of loose although still looking OK. Replacement wasn't too bad, about average skill. The difference in size and tension between old and new was significant. And of course, the vacuum started performing as it should again. So stretching kind of sneaks up on you. Since I now have a ready replacement, I'll be checking for stretching now and not wait for the belt to break to tell me I need to replace it.5Replace filters & belt = Vacuum is like newI ve had my Windtunnel UH70120 for almost three years now. Over the last few weeks, I noticed a burning smell when the vacuum was turned on and was worried that the filters where clogged and the motor was starting to burn out. After finding the user manual online, I saw that one of the common problems was a smoky/burning smell and the solution was a new belt. The smell seemed to come from inside the unit (even with my nose right by the belt), so I was a bit skeptical that a replacement belt and filters would work.Hoping to keep another plastic vacuum cleaner out of a landfill, I ordered the washable filter/Hepa filter kit and new agitator belts. Astonishingly, everything worked and fit perfectly. Seriously, the thing now performs like new.- Rinsable filter: Fits perfect and works great. Nice.- Hepa filter: There are quite a few comments saying that this part doesn t fit correctly. I had no problems at all. The Hepa information is printed on the front so it looks exactly like the original, genuine part. I did have to give it a small wack to push it all the way in, but it fits perfectly.- Agitator Belt: When you replace your old belt you ll notice how much it has stretched compared to the new one. You ll need to stretch the new one as you put the brushroll back on, so a few ladies out there might want an extra hand with that. The best thing No more burnt smell! Woohoo! Problem solved.Overall, each of these replacement parts fit and work like new. Keep these items in good working order and you ll love your vacuum again.5Beware of Part NumberBought to replace belt on Hoover Widepath Tempo, model U5140-900. Same part number 38528-033 on old belt and belts received, only new belts are much smaller than old belt, not the same part, and will not work.Revision: Mea Culpa- Took the old belt to the local Mr. Vacuum and dog-gone was told the old belts can stretch very large. Struggled to get a new one on but did and seems to work fine - so far.5Don't trust the "Help find the right part" guideDon't trust the "Help find the right part" guide. I put in the model number of my vac, U5140900, and it said it wouldn't fit. Then I noticed that this was the belt that I had purchased 8/2010, which in fact fit perfectly. Obviously, from the date, you can tell the belts have served quite well. It is important that you don't catch the edge of a throw rug in the sweeper. The resulting jams will burn out a belt quickly, as demonstrated by a young grandson who loved to vacuum. I am ordering two more today(belts not grandsons!)5Beware of Seller (Crucial Vacuum inc.) I notice that the product says "by Hoover", but the seller varies. I bought from "Crucial Vacuum Inc. As I write this review, the seller is now "VacBelts".I too was suckered into believing these were "genuine" Hoover belts by the picture of the Hoover packaging.Like other reviewers, my two belts came in a mailer with a packing slip, but without the Hoover packaging (as shown in the photo).Having just recently replaced my Hoover Tempo Widepath belt with a Hoover genuine replacement belt, these belts struck me as being wider and not the same size (although I admit that is from memory -- as I did not take the new belt off to compare).When I reviewed the seller (Crucial Vacuum), they offered a full refund if I would take down my negative review of them as a seller. I did not return them for refund, nor did I take down my review. They are showing a picture of a product they are not really selling. They are selling "after market" belts and are not telling the buyer that upfront.Having re-read the product description, I do not see anything about the product being "after-market" or "belts provided without Hoover packaging" or "pictures do not represent actual product sold". I think their ad is deceptive and I suspect that negative reviews of the product quality are true given the similar experience I have had with the product I received.I have ordered genuine Hoover belts to have as spares. I will compare them when I get them, and perhaps post a video update to this review if they are significantly different from the "Crucial Vacuum" product. 1Wrong beltsThe belts I received were not the ones I thought I ordered. I searched for belts to fit a model of self-propelled Hoover upright. I made the unfortunate assumption that Amazon's search engine would produce the proper belt. When these popped up I ordered them. It turns out that the belts are for a Hoover that is not self propelled. As I was the one who made the mistake, I would have to pay shipping charges that amount to more than 50 percent of the purchase price of the items to return them. So I didn't return them. I'll just pick some up at my local Walmart and consider that this order was part of my education on the limits of trusting a website search engine. Lesson learned.I suspect that the belts I received would work well on the vac for which they were intended.2Beware of aftermarket beltsUnless your order comes in the original Hoover packaging, you may receive aftermarket belts which may or may not work on your vacuum. I ordered these belts and received 2 belts which came individually (not wrapped) with just an invoice in a mailing envelope. The belts themselves were marked "Hoover Belt 38528-033" in three horizontal lines on each belt. This was the correct part number for my vacuum, but the belts I received had virtually no stretch to them and I could not install them.I brought the belts and vacuum to a local vacuum cleaner store and the owner of the store told me these belts were dried out and had lost their elasticity (he called it "dry rot," which refers to the deterioration of rubber). The belts I purchased in person from the vacuum store ($4.99 for two) were marked with a trademark symbol "Hoover Belt 38528-033" and also were marked "Assemble this side out," whereas the generic belts only had "Hoover Belt 38528-033" three times as noted above. The genuine Hoover belt was also thinner than the generic belt, which made it easier to stretch to fit on the vacuum.As you can read in some other reviews, people have sometimes had a problem with these belts breaking easily after they were installed. This may be why. For a couple of bucks difference, it might be worth it to buy these belts from a local store unless you can request when you place your Amazon order that the seller send you Hoover belts in their unopened original packaging.11 out of 2 ain't bad? The belts I received were in Hoover packaging. They contained the same model number as the broken belt. Before installing, I allowed the belts to acclimate to the temperature in my home. The first belt broke immediately after the vacuum was started. So far, the second belt has lasted long enough to vacuum an area rug. I hope it continues to hold up. We've probably had the vacuum for 10 years, and this is the first time we've needed to replace a belt. I had read so many reviews about belts breaking, that I decided to order a 2-pack. I'm glad I did! I just hope I don't need to order more. 2great buy - a $5 purchase saved my vacuum! It is obvious that given a bagged vacuum cleaner, the bag needs changing every so often. Everyone understands that concept, and its easy to figure out which bag type (its written on the box in big letters when you buy the vacuum)It was less obvious to me that belts are also a normal wear and tear part, and that the vacuum clearly lists - on the little "specifications" sticker it has right on the motor - what is the part number for the vacuum bags, as well as the part number for the agitator belts.Came to know how I guess most people come to know - my vacuum "broke", the brush roll was no longer moving. A few online searches suggested this is what I needed, and the part number list on my vacuum confirmed it.Received the shipment in just a few days, which was great as my local Walmart was out of this part number - and cost a few bucks more going by the price on the empty shelf.Putting in the belt took a whole 2 minutes, and this was the first time I was performing the change. Vacuum was restored to like-new brush roll power - I remember how the vacuum seemed to self-propel when it first arrived, and it was great to get that back. 5
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