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Household Essentials 6032 MightyStor Artificial Christmas Tree Storage Bag with Handles | White with Green Trim

  • Household Essentials 6032 MightyStor Artificial Christmas Tree Storage Bag with Handles | White with Green Trim
  • Household Essentials 6032 MightyStor Artificial Christmas Tree Storage Bag with Handles | White with Green Trim
  • Household Essentials 6032 MightyStor Artificial Christmas Tree Storage Bag with Handles | White with Green Trim
  • Household Essentials 6032 MightyStor Artificial Christmas Tree Storage Bag with Handles | White with Green Trim
  • Household Essentials 6032 MightyStor Artificial Christmas Tree Storage Bag with Handles | White with Green Trim

Household Essentials 6032 MightyStor Artificial Christmas Tree Storage Bag with Handles | White with Green Trim

NZ$ 168.00 NZ$ 101.00 Save: NZ$ 67.00
NZ$ 101.00 NZ$ 168.00 You save: NZ$ 67.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • WATER-RESISTANT HOLIDAY decorative tree storage bag with straps
  • TEAR-PROOF polyethylene bag, sturdy carrying handles, and durable zipper
  • SOFT-SIDED storage bag keeps dust, moisture, and pests out
  • FITS UP TO A 7-FOOT artificial trees when disassembled
  • MEASUREMENTS: 60" H x 30" W x 30" D
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Customer Reviews

Very pleased with a $15 bag. Lasted 5 years...$3/year. You bet! I bought this bag in 2010 because I was tired of trying to make the box work for storage. My husband thought it was crazy and wouldn't work/fit. Our tree is a full, 9 ft tree and it fits with plenty of room. The tree breaks down into three sections so we just make sue the sections are staggered in the bag (don't put them all right in the middle). The bottom of our tree's main post is jagged. The first time the tree went in the bag, my husband (who wasn't very optimistic of the bag) hefted the bag, the weight pitched and the jagged ends cut the end of the bag. I used packing tape inside and out to tape up the hole and reinforce a foot square where I estimated the end might be. We haven't had any further tears or rips. Last year, the zipper quit working. I'm buying a replacement this year. For a $15 bag, I'm very pleased.The zipper opens all the way - end to end. We store the tree outside, on a shelf, in a storage shed. The shed is large and the garage door is often left open. We live on a farm so critters could get to it. We have found a mud dauber nest on it before, but those pesky things can get in anything. We haven't noticed much of anything else. That being said, we leave it on the patio for a few hours after pulling it out of the shed...just in case! LOLPS - My husband is a believer and has told people about the great bag we have. :D 5Don't waste your money First of all, this will only fit your smaller size rolls of paper, so what do you do with the larger (taller) ones? Also, comes with cardboard that you attach (took me 20 minutes) and sits on the bottom to hold the rolls in place. This does not work, threw them away. Also the top just sits on top very loosely, no Velcro, no zippers, nothing to keep it in place, so unless you store it upright in the house somewhere, the top is going to fall off (and definitely not keep the spiders out, which is a must since it will be in my garage 11 mos. out of the year). I am going to use it for some other decorations, not for paper, and I'll have to duck tape the top on I guess......Such a waste of money..... 2Not Only For Wrapping Paper This is a really great storage container. I needed a specific sized container & when I saw the measurements on this, perfect. I have a vintage 1966 aluminum Christmas tree (still in original box thank you Dad). I wanted to protect it as much as possible in storage. This container is rigid enough to hold the entire tree box plus the color wheel. The cover fits nicely. Since I have to store it on its side on the shelf, I took 2 mini bungee cords & ran them through the handles & under the cover loop. Holds it like mad. It's really well made. 5and the entire tree fit easily. I could probably fit in there WITH the ... This is an absolute beast of a bag. I had another brand bag that I attempted to use to fit my ridiculously large tree, and I only got two of the pieces in before it was completely full and the zipper broke trying to close it.I opened this bag, and the entire tree fit easily. I could probably fit in there WITH the huge tree and still have room. This tree is 7 1/2 foot tall and probably 4 feet around, so slim it is not...I also had room to put some paper, boxes, and other holiday trinkets in with it.I would definitely recommend it for extremely large trees, or for small ones if you want to put other things in with it. We will see if it lasts through a couple of seasons, but so far I'm happy. 4Definitely bigger than I expected! I purchased this item to store my Christmas tree in, as I got tired of the hassle of trying to fit it back in its original box (which never worked out as good as the first time I got it!). I was able to put the entire tree into the bag without having to break down the base. I think I put some other things in there as well, but I still have room for more. My tree is a 7' tall tree. 4Awesome product for the inexpensive price! I bought this Christmas tree storage bag online at Amazon.com b/c, obviously, we needed to put our artificial Christmas tree in the attic until next year. I didn't want to spend a lot of $, so I bought this one for about $14.99 plus shipping. My husband said that for the cheap price it probably wasn't a high quality bag and that it was most likely tear when putting it in the attic with the tree in it. Much to our surprise, it was strong, well-made, and didn't tear at all on the way to the attic. Very surprised, but very pleased. 5If a tree falls in my living room...will my mother n law still.. Y all this bag is the best!!! Where was this bag when I wanted to run away from home b/c I m pretty sure I could everything in but my twin bed. You gotta X-mas tree that needs to be put up, an ex-lover (kidding honey) ..but cant find a box big enough? Buy this bag yo! Now it s not gonna last 10yrs but I ll settle for the non-judgemenal looks now that it (tree) is out of living room from guests and in-laws. Merry Christmas everyone!!! Yes I know it s Feb. 5Well made, sturdy This actually was a much sturdier box than I expected. I used it to organize objects that my business produces and transport them to our buyers. It held up well, even with many trips loaded with probably 30 or more pounds. The handles did not break (though I often held it by the bottom just in case). The ability to customize the size of the slots is very nice. The only complaint which I have is that the clear window makes that side a little weaker then the other sides, so it tends to bow out a little more, but it does not cause a problem (not enough to reduce a star). Months of use (and it was not babied by any means) and it has no tears, no bends, no breaks, nothing wrong with it. 5Bought 2 of them, each has 1/2 of a 9' tree I bought 2 of these storage bags two years ago for our 9' Christmas tree. A 9' tree won't fit in one bag, but even if it did, it'd be too heavy for me to carry, I'd end up dragging it. Half of the tree in each bag is easier for me to carry. During the non-holiday season we store our tree in our crawlspace, these bags work great for that. No tears or punctures at all. For 3 years we wrestled our tree in and out of the original box it came in, hauling it down to the crawlspace, so when I gave in and got 2 of these storage bags, it was a "Why didn't we do this sooner?" moment. Very glad I purchased these. 5Great sturdy bag that holds more than expected. I've used this product for two Christmases now and really like it. It is a HUGE bag and holds my entire 7" tree and a lot of extras. It is difficult to drag it in and out of my attic so I usually leave the bag up there and just pull the pieces out/put them back in one at a time. Not an inconvenience, and makes it a lot safer (maneuvering my attic is tricky). Boy does it make me miss my last house which had a couple walk in attics!! The bag has held up well and I haven't had any problems with tearing or holes. I would recommend and purchase again if I needed to in the future.Update: I just finished my second Christmas with this bag. As I moved everything back into the bag (and decided store quite a few other non breakable xmas items in there as well) it has continued to hold up with no holes or sign of wear and tear. 5
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