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HyLoft 00540 45-Inch by 45-Inch Overhead Storage System, Ceiling Mount Garage Organization Rack, White

  • HyLoft 00540 45-Inch by 45-Inch Overhead Storage System, Ceiling Mount Garage Organization Rack, White
  • HyLoft 00540 45-Inch by 45-Inch Overhead Storage System, Ceiling Mount Garage Organization Rack, White
  • HyLoft 00540 45-Inch by 45-Inch Overhead Storage System, Ceiling Mount Garage Organization Rack, White
  • HyLoft 00540 45-Inch by 45-Inch Overhead Storage System, Ceiling Mount Garage Organization Rack, White
  • HyLoft 00540 45-Inch by 45-Inch Overhead Storage System, Ceiling Mount Garage Organization Rack, White
  • HyLoft 00540 45-Inch by 45-Inch Overhead Storage System, Ceiling Mount Garage Organization Rack, White

HyLoft 00540 45-Inch by 45-Inch Overhead Storage System, Ceiling Mount Garage Organization Rack, White

NZ$ 746.00 NZ$ 448.00 Save: NZ$ 298.00
NZ$ 448.00 NZ$ 746.00 You save: NZ$ 298.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Holds up to 250 lbs. of evenly distributed weight
  • All steel construction with scratch-resistant white powder coat finish
  • Over 30 cubic ft. of storage space for seasonal decorations, luggage, coolers, and more
  • Height-adjustable from 17 in. to 28 in. to fit almost any joist configuration
  • Hardware included
  • Overhead storage great for garage organization, ceiling rack can hold bins, baskets and large items
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Customer Reviews

Great overhead storage value Very good value and solution. I had purchased this same product over 6 years ago and I have no problems. This newer model has a much smaller bracket mounting to the ceiling, but it does not appear to be an issue. I have 8 large containers (about 22" high x 24" long stacked two high containing books. That is quite a bit of weight. The rack wobbles a bit when sliding containers or items, but that is expected as the strength is in their static load.The most impressive feature is the attention to quality with lug bolts, screws and packaging. Extra screws were noted and provided. Instructions were clear and easy to follow.I have 13 of these holding Tire Rims, Winter sports gear, Golf clubs, Books and documents, and all sorts of things that don't require weekly access.I have tall garage ceilings, so installation was not that easy, because I had to find the rafter studs and try to measure, mark, drill, and screw the lag bolts at awkward angles.The fact that I purchased the same product again tells the story. 5Pretty goodBought four of these to install over my garage door. They are pretty sturdy - a bit wobbly when you're loading/unloading them but they hardly feel like they're going to fall or come apart. Installation took a while doing it by myself but it is fairly straightforward. Measuring and marking the holes for drilling probably took longer than everything else.The instructions say to use the sinker nails to hold the ceiling brackets in place until you are ready to drill the holes and drive the screws in. This is a worthless exercise; just mark all your holes and skip the nails.These work well where they are, but if I were to do something similar in other parts of my garage without the same height restrictions I would probably consider building something using Unistrut. I imagine that would be a little more adaptable and probably even provide more bang for the buck.5Solid, just what you want out of a storage solution.Wow, this was a great purchase! Worth every penny. I received one as a Christmas present and the day after putting it up I purchased ANOTHER. These babies are durable enough I'll take it with me when I move, and I was capable of putting it up on my own. You'll need a joist/stud-finder handy or just know where your beams are in advance. The finish is good, they come with an extra set of hardware in case you're a dropper, and I'm confident about securing my items above me with it. The adjustable height was a good feature. I'd 100% recommend these racks, and already have, to my friends. -Enjoying my new garage space. Note: Check the other color to see if it's less expensive if interested.5Included Spare parts!I'm writing this a few minutes after I installed it. The package comes with well secured hardware - bolts, washers, etc. which I suppose helps keep it all intact during shipping. I was very pleased with this robust packaging.In addition, a zip lock came with a spare part for every included piece of hardware - it had 1 spare lag bolt, 1 spare large carriage bolt, 1 spare large carriage bolt nut, and so on. I love this! As I was installing, I dropped a nut and it landed in the crack of the concrete slab and crawl space junction - losing it forever. I swept with magnets, tried fishing it out, etc. but it was gone. I simply took a spare out of the spare bag and did a better job of managing the bolt. Amazing! In all my years, I've never had an item come with spare parts so thoughtfully provisioned.The shelf itself is pretty good, especially for the price. Install isn't too hard, but does take some patience if you plan to get it square and just right. The template it ships with is one side of the retail cardboard box it came in, so open carefully if you intend to use the template. The instructions are complete and understandable.Would recommend.5good for what it isAs others have written, it seems like this product has been slightly changed from the original. Most likely this was done as a cost reduction on the manufacturer but regardless, the product works and it stores everything off the ground as it is supposed to. The biggest challenge is finding the beams overhead to drill into. After that making sure your spacing is correct and being squared is important so that the actual shelves lay across the bars correctly. One person can do the job but it is easier with two people I found as it is less up and down on the ladder. The only complaint I have is the fact they sway slightly, even attached 2 together side-by-side there is still sway. It doesn't bother me too much as they are able to maintain the weight load that is on them.4Not as stable as larger Hyloft, but better value.You get more area with two of these than the larger one by hyloft for about the same price. With that being said there are some pros and cons.ProAffordableEasy to installGreat instructions.Holds a lot of weightWorks great with Hyloft hooksZip ties to link metal grating with another unit.Easier to install than the hyloft larger unit.ConsNot as stable as the larger hyloft model (I have that one too). Legs are thin metal, larger one has square tubing.Doesn't drop down as much as the larger unit, but not by much5The quality is sometimes good and other times they are bent and unevenI've ordered two of these a couple years ago and three more recently. The quality is sometimes good and other times they are bent and uneven.It would take the average person much more than 30 minutes to install as it can take that long to accurately determine where the beams are in the ceiling. With that said, they seem like a reasonable balance of cost and functionality and I'm waiting to see if customer service replaces the one that is bent.Updated 1/11/16: I sent an email to their customer service. I received a reply a day later asking for my address to see if they could send a replacement to me. I haven't heard back since....Lowering to 2 stars for poor customer service.2Change in design, be careful as it may not match the advertised pictures.I purchased two of the grey units at the same time. The shelves work well. My only complaint is I received two different style shelves. Both boxes were identical in design and model number. Only 1 came pre assembled as advertised. Assembly either way is not a problem.One style utilizes an angle bracket that allows for two lag bolts per down arm. The down arm is a two separate pieces. The down arm has a 90 degree bend at the end and attaches under the shelf. Seems like a very secure mounting system. I purchased two previous units and they are mounted this way. I haven't had any problems with them.The other system appears the company is cutting costs. The angle bracket at the top is no longer a separate piece and it only allows for one lag bolt per down arm. The bottom no longer has a 90 bend and it attaches to the side of the shelf. I am concerned because it has the same weight rating (250 lbs) as the other system, but doesn't seem as secure. Not to mention I have 4 of these units and one is different from the others. My photos should help explain the differences.3cleared up my garage floorI bought this on Home Depot. It was cheaper. The total was $51.95 ($47.99 + $3.96tax). only downside was it took a week to deliver instead of 2 days. boohoo :) So far so i am liking this product. It does sway a little when you put stuff on it. Like others have said, the hardest part is finding your studs.Tips: if you have a garage opener and an outlet on the ceiling, look at the direction that the outlet is placed. The joist/studs are parallel to the long side of the outlet (for the most part).Another tip to keep in mind is, one bracket is screwed into one joist. The bracket doesnt screw into two different joists. So the bracket is parallel to the joist and the racks lie perpendicular to the joist. Kinda confusing...Just study the picture on the box so you dont assemble it incorrectly as a previous reviewer did (the one where all her china boxes fell). Another tip that i found helpful was removing the piece that is screwed into the joist and one extension piece and screwing that into the ceiling first. The attach the lower extension piece and crossbar. Finally, i used cable ties to further attach the racks and also to attach the rack to the bracket. It would be a little more convenient if the measuring stick wasnt printed on the back of the box because it was a small pain to cut it out, but not a big deal. It took me about an hour and a half and a few pointless holes in my ceiling to install it5Very disappointing purchaseVery, very disappointed in these racks. We ordered two of them instead of one 4x8 rack, of which we already had two. We thought that by buying two smaller ones we would have more flexibility in placement and still have the strength we needed for storage in our garage. However, when we got them up, we found that they are much more lightweight and not nearly as sturdy as we thought they would be. Each one of them does NOT equal half of the larger unit. They will not bear as much weight as the larger unit does. Also, they do not hang down as far, so they hold less volume as well as less weight. Now that they are installed, it will be very difficult to remove them. If we could, we would return them and go ahead and get another of the larger, more heavy-duty racks.1Great storage unit, terrible instructions We invested in this as a way to store some of our camping supplies and other things in our rather small garage. The storage rack itself is well designed and sturdy but the instructions are absolutely terrible. The box claims you can install it within 45 minutes but we found that to be overly optimistic.A few tips we learned the hard way:Measure for the length and depth before you start. We installed this in the mud room between the garage itself and the house and had to work around a light fixture. It took some tweaking in order to get the positioning right and also a few false starts as we hadn't considered how far things would stick out once we installed the additional shelf beneath the unit.The bolts used to secure this into the beams are very long. As you ratchet them in you'll think you're almost done at least twice before you actually are. This makes for difficult installation since you're having to do it above your head so be prepared.The supports that run along the bottom are a bit forgiving but not too much, so be sure to measure exactly where you need to put the bracket arms. You can be a bit off but not much or else it skews the entire unit and makes it impossible to put down the grates.All in all, the unit works well and does what it promises, but this definitely is not a project for people new to home improvement. The directions are really just pictograms and you'll probably find the photo on the box itself to be a better reference than the actual instructions. Still, if you can get through the installation, it's a great way to make use of your garage space. 4Great Addition To Garage Storage SpaceThe HyLoft 45x45 provides great additional storage space for a medium to high ceiling garage. 4 lags are all that's required to secure the unit to the ceiling joists. And the height of the unit is easily adjustable to handle tighter spaces (such as the area between the ceiling and the open garage door). Installation took just a little over an hour, once an ideal location was determined and joists marked. Materials and hardware are high quality.5
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