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Ikea 172.283.40 Frakta Shopping Bag, Large, Blue, Set of 10

  • Ikea 172.283.40 Frakta Shopping Bag, Large, Blue, Set of 10
  • Ikea 172.283.40 Frakta Shopping Bag, Large, Blue, Set of 10
  • Ikea 172.283.40 Frakta Shopping Bag, Large, Blue, Set of 10

Ikea 172.283.40 Frakta Shopping Bag, Large, Blue, Set of 10

NZ$ 230.00 NZ$ 138.00 Save: NZ$ 92.00
NZ$ 138.00 NZ$ 230.00 You save: NZ$ 92.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Product dimensions Length: 21 " Depth: 14 " Height: 13 " Max. load: 55 lb Volume: 19 gallon
  • Care instructions Clean with lukewarm water. Wipe dry with a clean cloth.
  • Shopping bag, large, blue
  • Use for LAUNDRY, GROCERY shopping, MOVING, - A truly utilitarian and versatile tote bag
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Customer Reviews

It s big and holds ALOT! I use this for Instacart. It fits the paper stop and shop bags perfectly! Very strong! 5Fire wood carriers Large Ikea shopping bags. I bought these for an unusual purpose, to load firewood in for camping. They do a great job. The short firewood fit on the short side and the long fire wood got their own bag loaded in the other direction. I stacked the wood neatly, all the way to the top making sure that nothing was longer that the seams on the bottom of the bag, to avoid puncturing the side walls. The bags were heavy when full, but held up beautifully and made loading and moving the wood so much easier. Also for loading, the longer set of handles can be tied together to avoid spill, and allow stacking. Not to speak of keeping my car clean. 5Bad Quality Bags These bags are large they are made of plastic but they are not the ones you purchase at Ikea they are made totally different I can't give but two stars cause several of mine had tears and are not seen right I would not buy these again very dissatisfied with them 2Kayak gear transport vessel If you kayak, if you kayak and have gear to haul, this, this is your secret weapon. If you live up in the Pa NW and kayak you already know this is your badge of honor, proof you know what you're doing as you load and unload your kayaks. Just break out one of these bad boys and instantly prove your immaculate taste and insane kayaking knowledge. Use this to haul your dry suit from the car and back as you're rocking the long underwear in the parking lot. Use this to haul the smaller dry bags down to the beach to stuff in your boat. All the loose stuff can just hitch a ride in these blue beauties.These bags like sitting in the muck. They enjoy perching on top of barnacles, sea weed, kelp or Canada Goose poop. And you won't care. They are largely indestructable. When you're done loading, wad it up and stuff it on top of your gear before you close the hatch.A few things to watch out for: Boy Scouts that might want to stop en route and on the water to dig out one of these to make an impromptu sail.I guess there are other uses for these bags as well. 5Multi Purpose; from Camping to Crafts. This set of five is just right.I find these really big ones perfect for hauling supplies (clothes, shoes, sheets, towels, food, crafts, misc items) onto an RV. It would take 4 paper grocery bags to hold what one of these holds. And the paper bag handles break. And sometimes I have to double paper bag for the weight, so now we're up to maybe 8 paper bags.Also works well for hauling laundry to and from the laundromat. Two sets of straps for hand carry or shoulder carry. Very sturdy.I've read other reviews that claim it's cheaper to buy them at the IKEA store. This may be true, however, did you guys figure in the cost of gas to get to the store? It may be worth it if one is out shopping and in the area. Otherwise... no... not at today's gas prices.They also work well for carrying an afghan I am crocheting.And if you are caught in a sudden rainstorm, you could throw it over your head and upper body. Two little kids could get under it at once. Lots of giggling. :o)I may purchase the smaller grocery bags to take with me to the market. Or craft stores. 5 Great price and huge bags! The material is like a tarp and is hand washable and easy . A great item , I wouldn't put a lot of heavy things in it. Great to store clothes and similar items 5I made something with these Im a weird kid, I made a fanny pack using these bags. It was super fun and they held up great! Very strong and hold their shape. I also bet you could store a lot of things in it like spaghetti, golf balls, pickles, 4 IKEA bags. It has lots of uses and I hope you are able to carry the thing you are looking for! 5Perfect for moving books. I own about 600 physical books, and when I moved to a new apartment, I needed something to help me move them that wasn t a ton of heavy cardboard boxes. THESE BAGS ARE MY HERO. They re tough stuff and the 12-pack held most of my collection. All of the books arrived without damage, and the bags still look good as new. Maybe a niche use, but I m super happy. 5everyone should have these! These things are brilliant! I can carry all my groceries in one bag - although you do have to be strong to carry them! The bag will hold up longer than my arm will! I have 10 of these! I keep my kayak vests and tie down straps in one in the garage, I use 2-3 to carry packages to the post office daily, I keep several in the car for groceries and other large purchases... they fold down compact, but not small enough for my purse. I just toss them in the child seat of my shopping cart, throw my purse on top and shop away. They are like a lightweight tarp. Love them. 5So many uses!! Love these bags!!! They re HUGE and won t tear even when filled with items well over the recommended limits. My favorite thing to do with these bags is to bring them to grocery store. I bring one of these super large bags and a couple of the smaller 10 gallon ikea bags. I use this large bag to put ALL boxed or light items in(cereal, crackers, coffee, bread, small cans, etc). Then I use the 10 gallon bags for milk, frozen and heavy items or fragile stuff like produce. I can literally put 3/4 or more of my entire FULL cart in one of these super large bags and because it s mostly light items, it s not hard to carry into house. Once I get it into my house it s all so easy to put away because there s no digging through tons of small bags!!! And it also stays put in your trunk instead rolling around or falling over like smaller bags doOther things I use these for:-fill it with gardening weeds/leaves/sticks and then empty it out at trash can-carrying lots of laundry across the house-local moves where you just need to get items from one place to another and boxes aren t necessary or too time consuming to fill. You can just fill 10 of these bags with pans/utensils, clothes, light books...put it in your car, drive it over, unpack, repeat. So much easier than boxes and takes up way less space. Also more sturdy/rigid than trash bags. 5
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