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Ilsa Gas Ring Reducer, 5-Inch, Cast Iron, Black

  • Ilsa Gas Ring Reducer, 5-Inch, Cast Iron, Black
  • Ilsa Gas Ring Reducer, 5-Inch, Cast Iron, Black
  • Ilsa Gas Ring Reducer, 5-Inch, Cast Iron, Black

Ilsa Gas Ring Reducer, 5-Inch, Cast Iron, Black

NZ$ 148.00 NZ$ 89.00 Save: NZ$ 59.00
NZ$ 89.00 NZ$ 148.00 You save: NZ$ 59.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Ilsas Gas Ring Reducer decreases the size of gas burner openings in center grates to give smaller pans, pots, and kettles a stable cooking surface
  • Made in Italy from cast iron; compact for easy storage; measures 5-inches
  • Steady smaller cookware on gas burners quickly and easily; eliminate dangerous cooking conditions and practice better kitchen safety
  • Ideal for smaller cookware, like sauce pans, tea kettles, butter warmers, Turkish warmers, omelette pans, stovetop coffee and espresso makers and more
  • Absorbs and diffuses heat evenly for greater energy efficiency; durable and sturdy; wipe clean or hand wash in warm, soapy water and dry thoroughly
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Customer Reviews

Solid, well made The grate in our new(ish) gas range is apparently intended for slightly larger pots than in the old one and this caused my espresso maker to wobble precariously. A quick search gave several options and I chose this "reducer" because its size seemed to fit my needs and it looked sturdy without adding too much extra height.It blends in well with the existing structures and does exactly what it needs to do: keeps my espresso maker straight (and my "Safety 1st"husband happy). 5The perfect accessory for the coffee aficionado. If you have a gas stove and use a Moka pot, an ibrik/cezve, or any other small pot to brew coffee, this little reducer is just the thing you need. My older gas range has large gaps between the prongs in the center of the burner, making my 6 cup Moka pot unstable and my ibrik impossible to use, but no more! The little claws on the bottom keep it from moving around on the burner, too. Other (older) reviews seem to indicate that it may have been marketed as a heat diffuser at one time. I can't speak to that function, but that's not what I wanted it for. I wanted it to allow for direct, open flame heating of smaller pots, and it does that perfectly. It does not have a shiny side, and the paint shows no immediate sign of blistering. 5Not good for electric range I got this for my electric range because it worked great on my mom's gas stove. And the product description clearly states, "evens your electric or gas burners heat surface." But this is NOT true -- unless you discount the horrible blistering and flaking that occurs after just one use. See my photos in the customer photos. 1Great for alcohol camp stove! I bought this for use with my Trangia alcohol car camping stove setup. I use the Trangia inside a Solo stove titan, which is great for boiling water, but it is difficult to simmer anything. Adding this heat diffuser allows me to cook things like eggs without scorching them, slowly heat hotdogs in a frying pan, etc. I also use it when making things like rice and beans by allowing the water to come to a boil then putting the heat diffuser on to have a slower evenly heated simmer. The removable handle is sturdy and works great.This nests perfectly inside my stainless steel MSR Alpine frying pan and the MSR Alpine 1.5L pot nests perfectly in that.CONS: This is way too heavy to use for backpacking, but the heavier the cast iron is, the more evenly it heats and I am fine with that tradeoff. The item arrived intact, but I did notice the enamel coating developed a single crack several inches long after the first use. I have used it several times since then and have not noticed the crack growing, but it is still something to be aware of. 47" Cast Iron Heat Diffuser - great! We bought a new Samsung gas range about a year ago. We actually have propane, not natural gas, and it is my understanding that it burns hotter than gas. Well, I've been burning food ever since! Even on the lowest settings we have hotspots in the pans and I have burned spaghetti noodles while boiling them (they stick to the bottom of the pan)! This was driving me crazy.Recently I was looking at a recipe on the NY Times Recipe site and someone commented about using a diffuser on their gas range (the recipe was about braising in the oven and mentioned how cooking atop a gas range made it impossible to cook at low enough heat which is why oven braising came about). Well, I'm so glad I read that comment and the ones from other people who said they use one too, because I'd never heard of a diffuser for my gas burners and this gadget has changed the way we cook on this gas stove top!I cannot compare this particular diffuser to any others because it's my first but for us, this one has worked great. The one thing I might wish was different is the finish on the top. It is smooth and with some of my pans it's easier for them to move around, so maybe a textured finish would be better but it's not like my pans are slipping off; that has not happened.The handle is removable (squeeze the two sides together to compress it and pull out of the hole, reverse to re-insert it into the hole when needed). I keep the handle in the drawer next to my stove because I leave the diffuser on my second hottest burn all the time. I actually want to buy a couple more but I'd like one bigger one for my hottest burner and I don't think this company makes a larger one. I'll check and if not will buy another brand for that one, but I do plan to get one more 7" diffuser for one of my back (lower heat) burners. I don't use them much so I'll share one between them.Anyhow, this find allowed me to love our new stove now. The oven is great but I really thought the stove was never going to work out. This diffuser made the difference. 5Nice item that I have been using on an MSR ... Nice item that I have been using on an MSR XGK EX gas camp stove. The MSR stove is a real roarer and this simmer plate has allowed me to simmer some by spreading out the flame and heat between the pot and stove. It works like a charm for allowing me to get a smooth steady simmer when making percolator coffee. All I have to do is remove the coffee pot, place the plate on the stove, return the pot to the stove and lower the flame on the MSR stove. No longer do I have boil overs from the coffee pot due to excessive heat. I purchased this item from Amazon scratch and dent sale and it has improved my cooking. Thanks! 5Perfect solution I have a "commercial" stove, meaning overpriced and all the burners are impractically huge. If I center my little 2-cup Bialetti Moka Express over the flame, the flame goes around it without touching it. If I try to repostion it over the flame, the grate won't support it. This gas ring reducer perfectly solves the problem by allowing me to offset my Moka Express so it's over the flame while keeping it stable. (See my customer image.) 5Must-have Item for Moka Maker! The ring has built-in tabs on the bottom that allow it to be centered over my gas burner without movement. Without this ring, the large spaces between the burner ring would allow the Moka maker to possibly tip over. Perfect! 5If you cook with propane gas you need this!! I have had a Braun gas stove for a few years and have struggled to bring my pots down to simmer range since we use propane gas which tends to burn hot. I had been using an old diffuser that had all the little holes in the metal disk that goes under the pot but still had to keep on stirring to make sure that food didn't stick. I saw this diffuser while browsing through amazon and decided to give it a try. It worked perfectly: minimal stirring (only needed to when I mixed in additional seasoning), uniform heat distribution, and although it's cast iron it heated up quickly when the gas was on medium-low!! It sits firmly on the gas ring. The removable handle attaches and detaches easily which I love. Being able to remove it means that it does not get in the way of larger bottomed pots which causes them to tilt. I only had it a short time so felt unable to rate durability. I would definitely recommend this to anyone! In my book it's a 5+ star product. 5A quality item that's the perfect solution for small pots on a gas stove topl I have been looking for awhile for a way to use some teapots with bottoms too small to go on my gas stove top. This is perfect. It's extremely stable, provides a level surface for my little pots, and is not at all heavy despite being cast iron. I'll attach some pictures so you can get a sense of how it looks with a standard gas burner. Also, I realized after using it that I'd underestimated the value of it's feet, which keep it from sliding around on the burner when putting items on it. The third image is of the ring upside down so you can see it's low feet. The more I use this reducer ring, the better I love it. It's a quality item, highly recommended, especially if you can get it at the add on price! 5
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