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Irvine (3667SI Ivory 36" x 67" Shower Door

  • Irvine (3667SI Ivory 36" x 67" Shower Door

Irvine (3667SI Ivory 36" x 67" Shower Door

NZ$ 646.00 NZ$ 388.00 Save: NZ$ 258.00
NZ$ 388.00 NZ$ 646.00 You save: NZ$ 258.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Easy to use door is made of vinyl and polyester material
  • Installs using common hand tools
  • 36 Inch Width x 67 inch Length
  • Ivory, Pleated Shower Door
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Customer Reviews

RV Shower Pleated Door This seems to work great for my mother who is 94 years old and needed something better than a curtain to keep shower water from going onto the outside floor. This slides quite well in the overhead guide after applying silicone spray to the overhead guide. The only thing that is not perfect is the latching means - with too much pressure the latch mechanism is hard to open, but my mother was warned about that and has no problems. Good bargain, highly recommend. 4Piece of cake (sorta) The curtain in my 2003 Dutchman camper had started to tear loose from the upper track. Instead of trying to do a repair we decided to replace the whole thing. This was the closest size to our curtain. Hardest part of replacement was removing all the old RTV silicone seal and tape after taking everything out. I did not use the measurements the instructions told me to use. I used measurements from the original tracks and curtain. We cut the aluminum top piece with a hacksaw and the sides, top, bottom and curtain with a miter saw. All went together very well after pre-fitting everything. Several reviewers stated that their curtain "didn't fit". The R/V industry has rarely used any standard sizes. Many things are custom fitted. Shower stalls fall in to this category. I did learn that one needs to spray a small amount of silicone lube into the upper aluminum track. Otherwise the little plastic curtain hangers drag and may cause the rivets to pull through the curtain. Basically (with cutting) an identical replacement and pretty easy to do for a normal do-it-yourself guy/gal. 5Cheap junk Doesn't look worth installing. 3/4" too narrow and 2" too short for my opening. Comes with sticker that says keep door open to maintain accordion shape. How does it dry, then? How do i hide my shower from guests? Waste of money. Wish i could return.Edit: got it installed. Still sucks. Comes out of track. Does not operate smoothly. Worth $25, maybe, if you like rigged up junk. Tore it out, threw it away. Wish i had my money back. 1We clean and dry as best we can after a shower then leave open for ... We wanted to replace the shower curtain in our Toy Hauler but did not have room for a hard shower door plus it was not a standard size. The soft shower door was the answer. In stall was fairly simple and straight forward with all the problems being on the camper end making it fit as the sink countertop actually hung slightly over the tub. We have used this for over a year with no problems at all. The only warning it to keep it folded when not in use or it will loose the pleats quickly. We clean and dry as best we can after a shower then leave open for an hour or so to dry before folding it up. So far it has worked well for us and it so much better than the curtain. 5works ok ! arrived on time , fit needed to be trimmed a1/4" no big deal trim both top and bottom pieces, installation was pretty straight forward . the button to hold the door closed is attached to the top rail . remove that before installing top rail .for the money it's just ok . i gave 4 stars but would have given 3.5 if that were an option . it works as advertised a little flimsy , need to attach the pleats to the wall end as it would pop out so a couple screws where the brass rivits are and on the handle i had to squeeze in some adhesive caulk to keep it well attached to the rail . it believe this will work fine . if you have a shower in your rv that has the curved bar on top with curtains this will cut down on the room you have in your shower by 2 or 3 " . had not thought of this when i bought and while standing in the shower it does feel a little more cramped in there but should work fine waiting for caulk to dry so i can take a shower . it looks nicer from the outside . much cleaner look and since my toilet is right next to the shower the curtian does not get in the way anymore . we'll see how long it lasts . make sure you clean all surfaces with acetone before applying the bottom and side pieces so the double stick tape adheres well and then be sure and caulk all edges inside and out ! good luck .UP DATE got to use shower today . with this shower door it does make the shower 2 to 3 " smaller . not a big deal but may have not bought if i had realized this before hand . Rv showers are small to begin with . next thing that's not quite right is the bottom channel hold water . it does not all drain out through the provided drain holes . about 1/6 " stays in the channel . they should have had the front a bit taller and sloping back into the shower pan . other then this it works and am happy with the look and partly happy with the function. 4wonderful curtain if your tired of watery mess I like this shower door. I was tired of water running on the camper floor from the shower curtain. I also did not like the shower curtain clinging to me as I showered. The kids and shower curtain is a water disaster. This fixes all the splashed water issues.Installation. In theory the installation is pretty simple, however it took me about 2 hours total time to install. If I had to do this again it would probably take 45 minutes. The bottom and vertical pieces come with an adhesive strip that holds the parts in place, after everything is mounted caulk inside and outside of curtain tracks.Here are the basic steps for installation:1 cut if needed and Install the bottom track.2 install the vertical side track that holds the curtain. My shower does not have a liner so I had to spend some extra time deciding what to do where the tub lip and the wall meet as the vertical tracks for the shower curtain are not made for that situation. What I did to fix that was to fill the nearly inch gap with a good quality silicone bath caulk.3 mount the other vertical piece.4 Cut if needed and mount the top track.5 The next important step is marking the latch location. I used a pencil to mark the area then visually checked if it lined up with the male part of the latch. Once it lined up I know where to drill the hole and mount.The curtain does not open and close easily so after installation is complete spray some silicone lubricant spray on the top track where the shower glides are, that makes a tremendous difference. The results are wonderful. Love the shower curtain. Will not go back to a curtain.Notes- if your shower is smaller than the width you buy it is easy to cut to fit with a hacksaw or saws all. Be sure and measure twice and cut once, probably difficult to obtain replacement part if length is cut wrong.To avoid mildew leave shower curtain mostly open while camping and close before transporting, want the curtain to dry as much as possible to avoid issues. 5Good (if not the only) folding vinyl shower door available. This is the second vinyl pleated shower door I have installed in an RV. Overall they are much better than a vinyl curtain and much neater but not as nice as a glass door. The pleated vinyl door hangs from a handful of plastic buttons that slide in an aluminum track so a bit of silicone lube is required to keep them opening easily. Installation is easy with the self adhesive strips attached to the sides and bottom but you must provide your own silicone to caulk the interior corners where the tracks meet your shower walls and floor. This bottom threshold does create a channel for water to run back into the tub/pan but it also can prevent sitting on the tub rim if you have a raised tub. The U shaped threshold is plastic so if you step on it, it may be damaged. Overall it works well to prevent water from exiting the shower area and stacks in the open position in a very small stack. 4All Small RVs Should Have These Instead of Curtains Great kit...beats the heck out of the cheap shower curtains installed in most of the smaller RVs. I did retain the valence strip and cut the shower curtain to the same length after installing this shower door, to close the gap between the top of the door and ceiling of the bathroom to control the water that would otherwise splash over the door. This kit is easy to install by one person, in that the individual components are light weight and for fasteners it primarily uses double-sided tape...only one screw and that is for the closure. No more cold,wet shower curtain in the butt and more turn-around room in our little RV shower! Helpful hints...spray a small bit of silicon lubricant on and inside the top rail tray...the door glides much easier and the bottom stays in the track, and pay attention to calking the inside and outside edges of the bottom tray...water collects in the tray and drains out the slots into the tub but a bad calk job can lead to leaks (literally) down the road after the trailer flexes in transit if you don't seal it well. 5Better than a shower curtain Best option to replacing a shower curtain. I no longer have to worry about water getting out of the shower or having the shower curtain stick to me in the shower.For the side pieces I ended up drilling them into the wall because I do not think the adhesive will last long. I also used silicone caulk on all gaps to further help adhere it to the shower curtain.A lot of people ask how is it supposed to dry off if you have to keep it in the closed position? You can actually close it like 90% of the way, enough to retain the shape, but enough room to let water dry. 5Would return if I could! Don't even know where to start. When product arrived the accordion part of the door was very uneven and did not look good but we figured it would fall in place after installation. Installation is easy as we had done this in the past to a different motor home. This is the same brand we used before but the quality is not there. We installed yesterday and when I went out today to look at something the left side of the shower track was off the wall. The tape was either old or something because it did not stick. My biggest issue is that the closing side of the door is so warped that it has a big gap at the top & at the bottom. I would return this but I'm sure since it's already installed they would not want it. If you purchase this make sure that it looks good before you install so you save yourself the problems. 1
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