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IRWIN Bolt Extractor Set, 5-Piece (394001)

  • IRWIN Bolt Extractor Set, 5-Piece (394001)
  • IRWIN Bolt Extractor Set, 5-Piece (394001)
  • IRWIN Bolt Extractor Set, 5-Piece (394001)
  • IRWIN Bolt Extractor Set, 5-Piece (394001)
  • IRWIN Bolt Extractor Set, 5-Piece (394001)
  • IRWIN Bolt Extractor Set, 5-Piece (394001)
  • IRWIN Bolt Extractor Set, 5-Piece (394001)
  • IRWIN Bolt Extractor Set, 5-Piece (394001)

IRWIN Bolt Extractor Set, 5-Piece (394001)

NZ$ 182.00 NZ$ 109.20 Save: NZ$ 72.80
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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Frees rounded-off, rusted-tight or painted-over bolts
  • Reverse spiral flutes are designed to bite down to provide maximum gripping power
  • High carbon steel for greater durability and a longer life
  • Universal lobular design fits all types of fasteners
  • Set includes carrying case and extractors to remove bolts sizes: 11mm, 14mm, 16mm, 3/8", 7/16", 1/2", 9/16", 5/8" in drive size 3/8"
  • Removes rounded-off, rusted, over-tightened, and painted-on fasteners easily
  • Reverse spiral flutes bite down and provide maximum gripping power
  • Universal lobular design fits all types of fasteners
  • 3/8" square drive for use with hand ratchets, impact wrenches and air ratchets; hexagonal flats for use with flat wrenches, pliers, adjustable wrenches, sockets or VISE-GRIP pliers
  • Set includes extractors for removing bolt sizes 11 mm, 14 mm, 16 mm, 3/8", 7/16", 1/2", 9/16", and 5/8" in drive size 3/8"; and plastic case
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Customer Reviews

It Worked!! Yes, Indeed! Here's what happened: My 2008 Dodge Ram needed an oil change and, as I've done on all my vehicles I've ever owned, I was all prepared to change it and the filter. I tried to take the drain cock out with my ratchet/socket and it was frozen stiff. No problem - been here before on some lugs. I applied some WD, waited, and tried again using a breaker bar. That's when I started to strip the bolt. No problem - been there before so I took out my trusty vice grips and more WD. Still no good and wound up stripping it more. I used an impact with bolt extractor but it would grip then slip. I went to Amazon and ordered a Go2 Socket and an ARES 70016 Damaged Stud and Bolt remover but they, too, were no good. One slipped and the other fell apart with an impact. I did not want to drop the oil pan and heating the bolt was risky, so I figured I'd try one last tool before I drill another oil drain port. I went back to Amazon and ran across this product and ordered it. I used it with an impact and was not expecting success, but after two pumps of the impact the bolt loosened! "YEAH-H!!" I shouted before realizing it. This saved be a lot of time and money and I would recommend to anyone to try this product first. The swirls inside the socket cut and lock into the damaged bolt and would not let go even when it was out. Had to use a hammer to it. 5with a husky torque wrench I torque it to the recommended 25lb ft recently had recalls fixed, by dealership ,and while they had it I had them do a multi-point inspection and rotate tires. after I got it back and with oil change due, I got out my romper room socket set and driver, plenty for suv oil change, to discover the plug would not budge. I do not use a lift, normally, so the room for gaining leverage is a challenge. I use or2, jeep quadra lift, to get some room, but it remains a minor hassle for the Normal oil change. being the 5th oil change for the vehicle, I was baffled by the stuck plug. with a husky torque wrench I torque it to the recommended 25lb ft, MAX. recommended is 20-25lb ft. for those familiar with 25lb ft, that is not so tight. again, the limited room for leverage left me to move to the, gulp, vice grips. until this battle, I had not lost to a stuck plug with my hefty vice grips. I knew that the move to vice grips meant the risk of ruining the bolt face, but I was confident given my history. 3 hours and scrapes and bruising latter, I am a beaten down romper room mechanic. my guess is that the dealership mechanic has the habit of ensuring everything tight during the inspection and who knows what torque used to ensure that. LOTS!! so, panic stricken, I rush to the web, having mangled the bolt, and soon find IRWIN bolt extractors. I ordered the 9pc w/one day. I was in the garage giving it another go after letting supercreep get after it all night when the package arrived. I was depressed and far from confident this product could do what I could not with vice grips. I could get the grip on this plug.The first choice one has with the extractor set is which socket. I first tried the one closest to the bolt size and though it griped, it did not work. I went to the next smaller size and had a devil of a time hammering it in, again with limited space to generate force. NOTE: I removed the shield to get more space for this next step, but it was still not much for hammering. I finally got the extractor socket all the way down, can get frustrating so stick with it, and tried again with the torque wrench. I finally got a nasty snap and shocked by the sound immediately thought the head ripped off and a new oil pan in my future. Then I Noticed the socket was still on the plug and the plug was free. I am still kind of not believing that I could not get this bolt off with the vice scrips and that this worked beyond that.I wrote all that, sorry, in part to show that sometimes even those who know better end up with a mess. For those wondering, I used a 13mm 6pt socket, but I had a difficult time keeping it on the bolt with the force required in that limited space. It was a mistake to move so quickly to the trusty vice grips--I should have removed the shield first, but that is not why I pose this review.This product works. A picture shows the oil plug and you can see the groves where the extractor socket digs in. Thank you, IRWIN! 5Really Works It really works. I was able to remove a totally rounded off oil drain plug with ease. The plug was destroyed by a national oil change franchise. Of course they didn't tell me. It was discovered the next time I went in for an oil change. They wanted mega bucks to repair the damage they had previously done. I took it home and tried everything I had in my tool box including vice grips. I order this set and picked the right size extractor and it came right out. The sockets have reverse "teeth" that grab onto whats left of the bolt. This is a great product for anyone that works on anything mechanical. The $20 I paid for this set was far less than the "Oil Change Experts" wanted to charge me. I replaced the plug with a new one. 5Great for stripped oil plug If you are wondering about these I am here to tell you they WORK. I purchased a 2007 ford fusion the other day and went to change the oil on it in my garage and wouldn't you know.... Stripped Oil Drain Plug. I tried a few things but ultimately it was stuck on there. I used the 14mm in this pack (MAKE SURE YOU CHECK WHICH PACK YOU BUY, THERE IS ATLEAST 2) and a ratchet to get the plug off with ease. Also the last person to do it left blue loctite on the threads so yeah someone really botched it.Long story short this kit was a life saver and well worth the money. And no I didn't get anything for this review I just appreciated the tool. The quality seems very solid as well so if something like this happens on another piece of machinery i would be able to reuse these many times. 5Chinese Quality: Not Heavy Duty Really not what I expected. This has excellent reviews and demonstration videos so I thought it was exactly what was needed to remove the god awful bolt keeping me from changing my suspension. However, not only did it end up rounding the bolt further, it actually stripped the teeth right off the sockets too. And just to clarify, the bolt itself is nothing special. Any ordinary set of pliers can dig into the metal, hence the rounding problem. But then I realized that I should have seen this coming since IRWIN tools took a screaming nosedive in quality immediately after outsourcing they re manufacturing to China.I still believe this is a solid tool for small fixes like bicycles, but you can t count on it 100% for anything tougher than that, keep a back up in mind. Regardless, I ve returned these the same day I got them since I was so disappointed after all the anticipation of finally getting rig of that nightmare of a stuck bolt. 2Awesome, removed rounded oil drain bolt easily TLDR: Extracted a rounded bolt with ease, add me to the list of believersLike some of the reviewers have mentioned, I was too a skeptic when it came this set. But in the end, it worked wonderfully and now I'm a believer.I had a rounded oil drain bolt (thanks Wal-Mart) on my Honda Accord that TWO car shops could not get out. When I looked it myself, they did a number on it and it probably made it worse than it was with Vise grips, wrenches, etc. I'm not an amateur in the garage so I decided to take care of it myself...if you want it done, do it yourself, right? I wasn't going to pay a shop to remove the oil pan to get the bolt off from the inside.Did some research and picked up the base set of these bolt extractors that had the size of my bolt I need to take off. With a rubber mallet, I tapped the extractor onto the bolt, attached a ratchet, then put a bit of elbow grease into and it came loose. I was surprised on how well it bit into the rounded bolt. It didn't even slip at all. Even with the torque I applied to get that rounded bolt off, the Bolt Extractor I used still looked in great condition especially where the grooves dig into the rounded bolt.Make sure you know what size set to get! Worth the purchase and definitely nice to have on hand in case another time calls for it. 5Working on 10+ year old cars? You need these! When working on cars which are over 10 years old, you need these bolt extractors. You will face many nuts and bolts which have rusted, corroded, or even been painted in place. These extractors will grab hold and gently remove them without destroying any surrounding metal.They paid for themselves the first time I used them (removing a stuck, broken engine bolt). In that extreme case, I put the extractors right on the threads of the broken bolt. Their razor grip dug in allowing me to apply gentle yet significant torque to extract the bolt without wrecking the threaded hole in the engine.Be sure to also get Irwin 394002, the other half of this set with its less common sizes. That sets fills the blank half of the case which comes with this one. You never know what size you'll need, so have them all. 5Look at the pictures and see how bad the nut was and undamaged Irwin extractor Tools make the man right? Well the right tools get the job done that's for sure. Have you ever had one of those bolts or nuts that just will not come off? I have been working on a transmission removal and had a final down pipe exhaust bolt near the header that just stripped out. I had tried all the trick: penetrating oil, mapp gas heat, beating on the edge of it to free it up. I bought a set of Irvin Bolt-grip spiral bolt extractor and it did the trick! A 350 ft lb impact wrench still did not budge it, but a breaker bar with one foot extension gave it freedom and it came right out. Look at the pictures and see how bad the nut was and undamaged Irwin extractor. This is a worthy investment for any mechanic. 5Zeroe drama, worked as advertised. After explosively twisting off the tip of a Snap-On T50 inner torx socket andtwisting the splines on another T50 socket on a cylindrical headedgrade 10.9 heavy chassis bolt (what BMW jokingly calls a fillisterheaded screw) I needed something to break this bolt loose. Theinner shoulders for the torx bit were destroyed and Vise grips anda pipe wrench just couldn't get a good bite on it. I tapped an extractoron with a rubber mallet, attached a breaker bar and it backed the "screw"out without any drama ... a bolt head that wasn't just rounded off butconstructed that way. These extractors saved me a trip to the welder tohave a hex nut welded to the top of the "screw". They may not workfor every messed up nut or bolt head but they were worth every penny in this case. 5it worked Bought these for a really stuck drain plug. I had rounded it off with wrenches and vise grips, (see pic), and that thing was burned on there.I tried these alone, but the head was now in between sizes, and I didn't have much room to hammer it on straight.I finally heated it for 20-30 seconds with the socket on as best I could and it moved.Probably could have heated with the vise grips on it but they were just slipping off, so I don't know.Good enough investment for me. 5
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