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Kikkerland Farm Animal Butt Magnets, Set of 6 (MG26)

  • Kikkerland Farm Animal Butt Magnets, Set of 6 (MG26)
  • Kikkerland Farm Animal Butt Magnets, Set of 6 (MG26)
  • Kikkerland Farm Animal Butt Magnets, Set of 6 (MG26)

Kikkerland Farm Animal Butt Magnets, Set of 6 (MG26)

NZ$ 158.00 NZ$ 95.00 Save: NZ$ 63.00
NZ$ 95.00 NZ$ 158.00 You save: NZ$ 63.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Hilarious farm animal butt magnets
  • Set of 6 strong magnets
  • Includes horse, rooster, pig, bull, cow and sheep butts
  • Ideal for posting notes and photos on your fridge or other magnetic surface
  • Measures approximately 1.5 x 1.5 x 0.75-inches
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Customer Reviews

Butt nothing! If you own a cat, then you are very familiar with it's butt! For my cat, it is a personal source of pride and must be shown directly and as closely to my face as possible whenever the opportunity arises. So when I saw these, I knew it was a must have. They are more decorative than functional so if you're thinking about hanging stuff off the tail, keep it light. The magnets are strong enough that I can hold some coupons under them but that's about it. But they look really cool on the fridge and I get a little smirk whenever I go to the fridge now. 5#TeamCatButts I cannot describe how much I love these cat butt magnets; they are beyond words.Aside from the ones for myself, I bought a set of these for my friends, my ex-roommate, and sister. They all love them. Even their friends love them! My sister told me later, "I had a party and we lost two of them!" ...Okay, so maybe that isn't a good thing, but the point is - everyone loves these and the love of cat butts deserves to be spread! (But really, who goes to someone's house for a party and just decides, "I want the calico cat butt. It is mine now." I mean, really?)Some details: These are made of pretty decent plastic, much like those safari animals for kids that are always getting spray-painted gold on a Pinterest. Speaking of safari animals, Kikkerland sells their butts too but they're not as cool. The painting job on these are nice; you can tell what breed they are so I don't know what more you expect from magnets. And pleasant surprise, if you look closely you can actually see they have anuses. I've included a close up photo for reference.These really do make great gifts, gag gift or not, and they are WAY better than the other 2D cat butt magnets here on Amazon (which my sister also has, but no one stole any of those). Believe it or not, I wanted to buy more of these ones for Christmas and they were out of stock! Just goes to show how in-demand they are, so don't hesitate if you think you want them.Point being, if I had to choose one set of the many magnets that litter my fridge, it would be these.Make the right choice: Choose Cat Butts. 5I feel satisfied. Like I'm allowing a bit of me to ... Sometimes you need to laugh. I keep my house respectable I have area rugs, and nick nacks, and pictures of my kids on the walls. My house screams a mature adult lives here. The thing is that I'm not a mature adult. I'm a 31-year-old Mom to three and I need to break free from packing lunches and paying bills. I need to allow my whimsical side to show.So, I bought Cat But Magnets. When I open my refrigerator and see these magnets, I feel satisfied. Like I'm allowing a bit of me to shine through all the mature adultyness that I have to display on a day-to-day basis. Thank you, kitty butt magnets! 5Cat Butts Make You Happy What do you get for someone who has everything? Cat butt magnets, of course! A little boy who lives down the street simply cannot figure these things out - he has spent lots of time looking for the rest of the cats. He opens the fridge door - even trying to "trick" it and just closing it far enough to make the light go off, and quickly pulls the little magnets off the fridge, trying to see where the rest of the cat goes when just the butts remain. Although I'm a little worried about what this may be doing to his psyche long term, it's provided countless hours of entertainment for those watching his search.Cute magnets of various colors and assorted tails. The magnets aren't freakishly strong or anything, but they do hold the butts up and are strong enough to hold a piece of paper. These are much better than boring round, silver magnets and add a great touch of character to any metal surface you decide to add them to. I will definitely order more of these as little gifts - everyone who sees them, smiles. 5Not bad enough to be funny, not good enough to enjoy I saw cat butt magnets at work and thought hey, I never make kitschy junk purchases, but I know someone who would love these. So I searched Amazon, found the same stock image on dozens of products, and picked any cheap one with Prime next day shipping.What arrived kind of resembled what I was expecting, but they're clearly inferior knock offs. The paint is comically bad, like flourescent orange with polka dots bad, which is made worse by the fact that you can't even tell most of these are supposed to be cats. I didn't tell the recipient what I'd ordered, and she guessed they were terriers maybe, but definitely dogs.Kind of a bust, we agreed, but oh well, at least we got some good magnets out of it, right? Well, the ones I based the spur purchase on had recessed wells for the magnets that came to within 1-2mm of the circumference and were mostly flush. It made a nice big surface to hold things. These are smaller, hot glued off center, and protrude entirely, and they barely hold themselves to the fridge, let alone our list of pet supplies. Sigh.All in all, pretty worthless. We're keeping them because it's not worth returning, but buyer beware - the extra dollar or two you save shows in spades. 2Elegance at its finest. Prepare to laugh at the expense of whatever you will hold up with these cat butt magnets. Whether it be a picture of your younger siblings, or a reminder from your significant other, a cat butt will hold it steady upon your desired steel appliance. Strong neodymium magnets clench the cat butts firmly against the surface to hold your daughter's best artwork with ease.Watch in awe as your know-it-all cousin explains to you the breeds of the butts by the arc of the tail.Onlookers will stare with wonder at the end of a cat they see most when in contact with the real thing. Thinking to themselves what an amazing and intelligent person you must be.Do not hesitate to buy these fine displays of a feline posterior. Molded from the finest plastics money can buy, they will likely last 9 lifetimes. 5Totally adorable. HOWEVER Totally adorable. HOWEVER, the lion has full genitalia. How do I know? Because that's what my teenage son immediately looked for (and showed his siblings), and now will not stop talking about. Actually, he would like for me to clarify that he was looking for the anus, because he felt it would be a rip-off for butt magnets to not have anuses. And they don't have anuses, btw. As anuses have never been a sticking point for me when it comes to my refrigerator magnets, I give them a 5. 5Cute cute cute! My boyfriend bought these as a gift, however when he realisws they would arrive after the Holidays, we decided to keep them for ourselves. (We're huge animal people, but we have a fat, yet lovable cat, so anything with cats appeals to us)They are a bit small, however these cat bums are so stinkin cute! Super happy with them and the different breeds of bums (lol!) 4Ugly Knockoffs I have bought the *real* cat butt magnets before and the ones I received are cheap knockoffs. A couple are painted bright orange, the tortoiseshell cat just has a few black spots painted on it. There are bare spots missing paint on some of the paws. They were wrapped in plastic and placed in a little cardboard box as opposed to the display packaging they normally come in. I wanted to give them as a gift but I would be embarrassed to try to pass this off as a gift. They are being returned. 1Cute, but lacking in solid construction. These are hilarious magnets, but two out of the four became unusable. That's because one arrived without a magnet attached, and one fell off the board onto my tile floor and broke into several pieces. Also, the magnets are not very strong and a couple of them are required to hold up a piece of paper. Still, they're hilarious and look very realistic, and I'm glad I made the purchase. 3
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