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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Protect the warranty on KOHLER products, always look for the KOHLER GENUINE PARTS logo
  • 2 in. flapper with a float used in various 1.6 GPF two piece toilets
  • Also used in KALLISTA toilets
  • Compatible with the following KOHLER Models: Wellworth 3114, 3407, 3420, 3421, 3422, 3423, 3428, 3432, 3433, 3438, 3458, 3481, 3558, 11450, 11470, Revival 3455, 3555, Iron Works 3456, 3463, Kathryn 3484, Portrait 3591, 3490, Epernay 14178 EP, 14247 EP, Alouette 14247, 3491, English Trellis 142
  • Devonshire 3457, Revival 3555, Memoirs 3452, 3462, Crimson Topaz 14231, Close Reach 14231 SB, Memoirs 3426, 3439, Folio 3445, 3448, 3449, 3454, 3419, Wellington 3446, Loon Lite 14210, Fleur 3447, Folio 3445, 3448, 3449, 3454, 3419, Confidante 355
  • Kohler Genuine Part
  • Fit's various two piece toilets
  • Blue with float
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Customer Reviews

I've tried countless others, but always come back to OEM Kohler!We have four Kohler toilets in our house, all identical elongated. We use a mild chemical bowl cleaner (a Kaboom Scrub Free! Toilet Cleaning System and refill it with Leisure Time 45425 Brominating Tablets, 1-1/2-Pound for hot tubs and spas, and over the course of a few years, this begins to warp at the rim of the flapper. I've tried every brand of flapper imaginable when replacing them, but I always come back to OEM Kohler. They're so good, I buy 6 at a time to keep on hand because every 6mos or so, I need to replace one (on one of four toilets) and when your toilet starts to run in the middle of the night, who wants to wait several days for Amazon to deliver a replacement?When you replace yours, MAKE SURE YOU KEEP THE OLD ONE. You'll want to ensure the new chain is the exact length of the one you're replacing and that the foam float is in the exact position as the old. To do that, I actually count the little beads on the chain between the flapper and float, and again between the float and the hook. I make the necessary adjustments, then use wire or side cutters to shorten the overall length of the chain. In the past, when I've NOT done this, it's only caused headaches. When I make the replacement look exactly like the one that came with the original toilet 15 years ago, I'm a happy camper.5Worse than the old, original flapper. Leaks over twice as fast.Hard to believe but the new one leaks even faster than the old one. It shouldn't leak at all. This is the model specified on the sticker under the tank lid on my toilet. Confirmed this in email with Kohler. This is dark blue and very flexible rubber compared to a light blue somewhat rigid rubber on the old one. This is also a bit larger in overall diameter and the length of the pivot arm is slightly longer than the original. Seemed like both of these differences should make it work better. But it does not. At first I thought that the issue was that the unit I received was in a package that was somewhat crushed/crumpled causing it to not lie completely flat. But out of the package for several days and it flattened out. So I don't think that is it. I am very disappointed. I have checked for all other possible causes including letting the tank slowly empty via the leak until it stopped. It stopped just below the lowest edge of the flapper. So this is not due to a bad gasket between the flush valve assembly and the ceramic. Not sure what I will do next. Try to return it, I guess, and use some other brand. Sheesh! Edit: bought and installed a Fluidmaster adjustable flapper with rigid frame. Worked first time and no leakage at all. I will avoid any highly flexible flapper like this Kohler in the future.1Does the job but takes time to install--works for Kohler Wellworth toiletThe original flapper had gotten hard and maybe even shrunk a bit so it was constantly leaking slightly after about 14 years. This is very pliable and larger diameter than the old one (good). It is however hard to install and the directions are inadequate. They tell you to shorten the chain to match the old one. This is necessary but pretty difficult to do. The fastener at the top is very stiff and hard to work. After getting it in place the flushes were very short and maybe only a cup or so instead of 1.5 gallons. It turns out you also have to move the marshmallow like float to match the position of the old one as well. They do tell you how to do this but the directions are confusing and even inaccurate. I think they got up and down confused. You have to get some duckbill pliers and slide off the plastic disks on the top and bottom of the float and then slide them back at the proper link. Not as difficult as shortening the chain, but you may have to do it several times to get the volume of the flush right. It would help to start by positioning the float the same as the previous one, but they tell you to do it by trial and error instead after it has been installed. The factory setting is way off. You pretty much have to take the whole thing out for each adjustment. I do like that is has a bead chain which will not tangle and shorten like a link chain. I've done many of these over the years as a handyman, and this was by far the most difficult. It is probably because of the requirement for these newer toilets to have an accurate flush volume to meet regulations. I'm not sure how well this will hold up. The flapper seems pretty flimsy. I tried to find a Korky brand flapper for this toilet but couldn't. I've had good luck with that brand.3Model numbers questions SOLVED!Bought this directly from Home Depot store because I NEEDED to see the package to make sure it would fit. Not sure why they don't list the model numbers that this replacement part works for but I thought I'd share this with all of you. Perhaps you will be able to fix your tank faster. Mine was losing too much water as it was! I paid $8 for it and fixed it within 10 minutes. I had to adjust the chain length and used a wire cutter.Currently the part #GP85160 replaces the following FLAPPER Model replacement numbers: 81217, 81268, 83539, 84225, 84631, 85145, 1006958 & 1079948. I found that particular info on a sticker under my Kohler lid.You can also use the model number from your toilet. My toilet model number was etched INSIDE the TANK on the upper right rear wall.Toilet Models: Highine: 4620 & 3427. Leighton: 4628, 3486, 3651. Pinoir: 4609, 3465, 3485, 3482-83. Kathryn: 4403 & 3484. Devonshire: 4619 & 3457.Iron Works: 4401, 3456, 3463. Serif: 4608, 3468, 3464, 3444, 3461. Memoirs: 4454, 4464, 3429, 3439, 3452, 3462, 14231. Revival: 4445, 3455, 3555, 14239-41.Folio: 4447, 3445, 3448-49, 3454, 3419. Wellworth: 4512, 3414, 3407, 3420-23, 3428, 3432-33, 3438, 3458, 3481, 3558, 11450, 11470.Portrait: 4590, 4807, 3490, 3591, 14178-79, 14247, 14249. Couture: 4591, 3471-72, 3477-80, 14214,14239. Confidente: 3556-57.Also, STERLING Riverton: 404552I did double check my numbers, but please crosscheck by using the replacement part number with either the model number listed or the photo of the back of the package that I provided. Looks like toilet info and models can and may be added in the future, so keep that in mind. Hope this helps!5Replaced fill valve top for 20 year old Kohler toilet The ball chain broke on one of our toilets, a Kohler that is about 20 years old. I tried using some replacement ball chain bits, but when one portion was changed another just broke. So in the end I found this guy and ordered it since it was so cheap.The original plug seemed to be more durable: it was made out of hard plastic and had some soft plastic/rubber trim in various places. It looked like it would probably seal better (even though a flexible plug like this would would probably adapt to any imperfections under the weight of the water above it) & the way it attached to the flush valve was different, but it worked in the end.The part comes with plenty of extra chain, just need to measure it to the length that you need and adjust the hook.The flush volume float is held in place/adjusts the same way as the old one, but the float itself is much larger and seems nicer (unless the old one has just deteriorated over time....).All in all the best part of the new one, other than the nicer float, are the hooks. Both ends can be adjusted easily unlike the original which makes installing it easy (and maybe repairing it easy in the future).For less the $9 can t go wrong 5Works on Kohler 4620-DAI have one of the discontinued model from Kohler (4620-DA) and when the toilet started running a leak, I had to change the flapper.There are generic 2" ones with high ratings, but I wanted to play it safe and go with genuine part. This one is tagged and sold as the genuine part from manufacturer and not even available on their website.Package arrived in time. The included chain is longer than you will need. I wonder what model fits that long a chain. Be ready with a wire cutter or pliers to shorten it.Installation was easy- stop water flow --> flush --> remove old flapper --> cut chain and set float to same length as existing flapper (very important step) --> put new flapper in --> test flush.Was done installing and leak stopped in under 5 minutes. Worth ordering spares and stocking in case they stop carrying it.5Buy these - not the one size fits all - if you have a Kohler toilet I bought these to replace the Korky ones that the previous owner had installed on the toilets. The Korky's never quite worked properly. Not only did they not seal tightly, the allowed for a "full flush" each time you pushed the handle.These Kohler flappers have a float on the chain that allow for different degrees of water release. A quick push and it's plenty to clear the toilet. If you have a lot of ..... well... you know.... , hold the handle down longer and you get a larger release of water. Hold it down completely and you'll yet even more water (as in drain the tank).There's something to be said for buying OEM components. This is a classic example of the "one size fits none" theory in practice if you use aftermarket components. 5Fixed 3 of my kohler toilets for slow leaks from the flapper. Worked perfectly!Fixed 3 of my kohler toilets for slow leaks from the flapper. Worked perfectly!Here's how I installed them:1. Pull lid and shut off water.2. Flush all water from the tank3. Remove old flapper, chain and float and set aside4. Install new flapper on bottom5. adjust flat to match old position by puling the black disks horizontally from the chain5. Trim top of chain to remove any slop from the handle, a 1/4" or slight wiggle is fine. Chain shouldn't have tension on it.6. Fill with water and test flush. Fine tune chain or float if required. I had to do 3 more adjustments for perfect flush every time.NOTE: The float towards the bottom of the chain means more water per flush and higher is less. (my floats were 4-6 beads from bottom)Thats it!5Does not flush completely no matter how the extra "float" is adjusted.The label inside my Kohler toilet tank listed this part number (GP85160), even though the toilet had a flapper without a float. I assumed Kohler had updated the part to improve it by adding a float. It is NOT an improvement. Even with the float placed as far down the chain as possible to keep the valve open, the flapper loses buoyancy sooner and closes prematurely - so it does not give a full flush. Given that it is already a low flow 1.6 gallon tank, the flow is insufficient. You cannot remove the float, because the ball part of the flapper has a vent hole to keep it from holding air for buoyancy. I hate to complain about such a small purchase, but they took something simple and made it more complex and less efficient. My advice, buy the flapper without the float and without the extra vent hole (GP87449) for the same price.2Great and worthwhile concept, tricky and time consuming to install.The flapper part of the Kohler GP85160 seems to last several years before it stops conforming to the hole it is supposed to securely plug. When it first needed replacement (we have 4 toilets), it was done by my usual plumber. He replaced the flapper with a non-Kohler model that lacked the float. I noticed that the toilet flushed differently--when flushed, all the water in the tank came out. With the float, you can adjust how much water comes out when you flush. If you flush quickly, a small amount of water is used. If you hold down the flush lever, depending on how long you hold it down, more water will be used, and if you hold it down long enough the entire tankful of water will empty. In the picture you notice there is a length of chain on either side of the pale blue float. Depending on how much water you want to release with a quick flush, you adjust the length of the chain on either side of the pale blue float. If you have only a short section of chain between the flapper and the float, a lot of water will be released with a quick flush. If you have a long section of chain between the flapper and the float, less water will be released with a quick flush. If you need a better flush, just hold down the lever until you see the desired results in the bowl. It is tricky and time-consuming to adjust the chain to the correct length on either side. If the overall length of the chain is too long, the flush lever will be loose. If the overall length of the chain is too short, the flapper will not seal properly. Once you have adjusted the chains to your liking, the next time you need to replace the flapper, you can reuse the pale blue float and its chains, because it's the flapper that deteriorates.5Random seal failures due to change in hook design waste water and risk catastrophic overflowThe product works fine about 98% of the time, but occasionally the closed hook will rotate and jam in a position so that the flapper does not seal and the water keeps running. Should this happen when the toilet plugs up, which is also an occasional problem, the results would be catastrophic.The item shown has an open hook, but what is delivered has a closed one. When the lever is pressed, the hook can rotate and slide in the slot on the lever arm into a position where it jams. The first photo shows such a jam, though I set this one up manually to illustrate the problem. The second shows that the chain has no excess slack.This happens in spite of the fact that I have removed all slack in the chain as instructed by Kohler. My temporary work around is to the a fishing weight to the connector between the chain and the hook to force that end to stay down.The product should not perform this way. Prior versions of this worked reliably.1How To Fix New Toilet Flapper From Having To Hold HandleThe GP85160 replaces a number of Kohler flapper models but you have to hold the handle down to have it work as well as the previous models did. It's because Kohler made this replacement model enough larger (if you hold the new one on top of the old one it's easy to see) that there is too much additional water pressure on it to work the same way. It's likely designed to use even less water than their old flappers, but since circa 2000 1.6 gallon toilets don't flush that well anyway, further reducing the water automatically (unless you stand there and hold the handle down) stinks and in the end ends up using more water since most users will hold the handle down longer than they really need to. And as shown in the one photo, even after being fixed to flush properly again, the tank is still approximately 1/2 full of water after flushing so it is not using a lot of water to get the job done right.As far as the "fixes" mentioned by others, removing most of the slack from the chain and setting the foam float low is needed to help any flapper operate properly (it's how my old flapper was also set-up) so they didn't do it. I also tried covering the hole on the side of the bulb as recommended by others even though on my other two toilets with the old flappers, the side hole lets air bubbles escape and they function properly. It didn't make a noticeable improvement.What did work first time like a charm was my last resort: cutting the new flapper down in size to be much closer to the diameter of the old flapper. I would guess that many people don't have Fiskars RazorSharp sissors at home, but they made trimming the silicone used for the new flapper very easy and having a pair (or something similarly as sharp) around the house is very useful. As the photo shows, it was far from a good looking trim-job, but it did the trick.I also took the cover off the bulb hole (as the water in the bulb drains faster thereby reducing the weight of the bulb and allowing it to be raised more easily), and as mentioned, it flushed just like the old flapper. Obviously you've got to be careful not to over-cut the new flapper or you'll be back to a leaking toilet, but a minute of careful cutting and you'll be good to go.3
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