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Kohler GP30420 Seal Kit for Kitchen Faucets with Bearings, O-Rings and Lube, Small, Black & White

  • Kohler GP30420 Seal Kit for Kitchen Faucets with Bearings, O-Rings and Lube, Small, Black & White
  • Kohler GP30420 Seal Kit for Kitchen Faucets with Bearings, O-Rings and Lube, Small, Black & White

Kohler GP30420 Seal Kit for Kitchen Faucets with Bearings, O-Rings and Lube, Small, Black & White

NZ$ 106.00 NZ$ 63.60 Save: NZ$ 42.40
NZ$ 63.60 NZ$ 106.00 You save: NZ$ 42.40



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Repair kit for single-control kitchen faucets
  • Easily fits and this is easy to install
  • Made in United States
  • Kohler Genuine Part. Assures a long lasting seal to help prevent leaks
  • Repair Kit for Single Control Kitchen Faucets
  • Use when replacing valves. Used to lube O-rings, washers and seals
  • Kohler Genuine Part
  • Repair Kit for Single Control Kitchen Faucets
  • Use when replacing valves
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Customer Reviews

Better than what came with the faucet originally - allows for much better flow control. I had to look at YouTube videos to understand how to disassemble the faucet to get to the seals and O-rings. It is basically dead simple and easy to do yourself and can save yourself a lot versus having a plumbing outfit come and do it. In fact, these work better than what was originally there. Before, I could not get the faucet to come on with just a trickle. The first time you got water, it was a pretty good blast, which made it difficult when you are trying to add just a little water to canned cat food in a small bowl. Once I replaced the faucet with this new kit, the faucet control is much better and more refined, and I can now get the kind of water flow control I would expect. I don't know why these parts made such a difference but the whole thing now works better then when it was brand new, which was just about 4 years ago. (So yes, apparently these parts don't last long and you are expected to have to replace them every few years). 5Short Term Kohler Faucet Fix This valve and the "O" rings that fit the same Kohler faucet should be sold together and so I will rate them together. The faucet needs this valve and O rings replaced about once a year. Kohler will send you the parts, free, in about two weeks. But if your faucet is really leaking bad you can get the parts quicker from Amazon, at a reasonable cost. The reason for the three star rating is that these parts wear out in less than a year and then you feel like you are in the cast of Groundhogs Day. 3No more leaks! This stopped the leaking around the base of the faucet. I have had this Kohler single handle kitchen faucet (K-10412 CP) for 5 years.About a year ago we would notice some water seeping out the base as well as it was difficult to pivot the spigot between the double sinks. The water seepage got worse so I ordered this kit. Kohler maintenance video says this job should only take 15 mins. It would have, but I could not lift the faucet base straight out, it took several heaves and twists to get it to come off (another sign of failed O-rings according to Kohler).since I had the faucet housing out I cleaned any deposits inside the housing and on the base. Lubricated the O-rings and interior parts with the food grade grease that comes with the kit. Grease these parts generously.put it all together and no more leaks!BTW: Kohler has a lifttime warranty on the cartridge. They will ship you a free replacement provided you have the original receipt. 1.800.4.KOHLER 4Kohlers are guaranteed for life! Saved the day for me! Funny story: bought these to refurb our Kohler kitchen faucet which had become almost impossible to swivel. After I received the kit I tried to disassemble the faucet. NOT! The faucet refused to come apart - now way, no how! Apparently due to a build-up of corrosion and scale I became quite concerned because a new one of these sells for $250 + at the local big box.Out of frustration I called Kohler customer service to see if they had any advice on getting my faucet apart? After explaining my predicament, the lady asked how old the fauce was. I told her our house was built in 2006. To my shock and amazement, she stated that Kohlers are guaranteed for life and that she would ship me a brand new fauce free of charge!! Wow! How can you beat that? 5Good quality, but does not fit as advertised for the Forte faucet model The Amazon page for the product states, "Repair kit for [Kohler] single-control kitchen faucets."As I selected for purchase a replacement valve for a Kohler Forte single-control kitchen faucet, Amazon referred me to the page for the GP30420 O-RIng Seat Kit. On the web site, the kit's bearings and o-rings looked right.This kit does NOT fit a Kohler Forte single-control kitchen faucet manufactured circa 2012--not even close. The parts are a few millimeters (~3/16") too narrow in diameter and the cross sections are not the same as the original o-ring and bushing.I did use the grease from the kit after cleaning my Kohler Forte kitchen faucet and replacing the valve. So what I spent on a mostly useless (to me) o-ring/bearing replacement kit was not a complete waste of money.By the way, the so-called installation instructions from Kohler are a joke.On the bright side, Amazon sent the kit using US mail instead of UPS. So I received the kit about 11:20 AM, while the valve sent using UPS arrived more than nine hours later at 7:58 PM. 3Easy fix. Easy replacement after 14+ years of use... last two being a bit leaky. Twenty minute job. Make sure you cover sink drains before starting. Heavy calcium deposits made removal of retainer nut/cap a pain, albeit a brief one with the help of an appropriate plumbers monkey wrench. 4Instlled and working well. Keep Faucet information and repair will be made much easier. The part numbers are crucial in getting the proper part. Often the styles change and equivalents can be difficult to select if you lack the original part # to begin the trace. O-rings and "bearing" rings can be critical to leak avoidance. There are lots of O-rings to choose from. 5THIS is the key to fixing your leaky faucet. Allow me to repeat what others have said: If you have a leaky faucet, THIS is likely the problem. I replaced the faucet cartridge and that did NOT solve the problem until I added these O-rings. Other reviewers have offered good instructions on how to do this. It's only a 10-15 minute job if you follow instructions. I'm NOT a plumber nor mechanically inclined. You can do this. 5Kohler GP30420 O-Ring Seal and Bearing Kit for Single Control Faucets This O-ring seal and bearing kit was a perfect fit for the Kohler K-10412 single control faucet in our kitchen sink. Replacement was fairly simple and the faucet now works like new again with no binding or water weeping out from around the spout as it had before replacement. 4Easy Repair This is the second set of O ring kits that I purchased for my kitchen faucet on the leaking repair. Very easy to replace and can save hundreds of dollars along with hassle. I am glad that I found the issue and went on the leap of faith to do it. Usually, the leaking can be caused by the failure of cartidge, diveter, or the O-Rings. In both times, it was the O Rings in my faucet which is also the cheapest part among these 3 possible replacment parts. They were simply worn off.Although I believe it is mostly Kohler faucet's design issue, this quick and cheap fix is the way to go if you have already got one installed and not planning to place the whole faucet set. From my first repair, it lasts around 3 years or so. I probably will keep this set of faucet and just replace the parts until the faucet is totally beyond rescue. Until then, I am glad at least Kohler has this kit for the solution. 5
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