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Kom Kom No.21 Superior Quality Stainless Steel Chefs Knife, 8 Inches Thailand Product

  • Kom Kom No.21 Superior Quality Stainless Steel Chefs Knife, 8 Inches Thailand Product

Kom Kom No.21 Superior Quality Stainless Steel Chefs Knife, 8 Inches Thailand Product

NZ$ 158.00 NZ$ 95.00 Save: NZ$ 63.00
NZ$ 95.00 NZ$ 158.00 You save: NZ$ 63.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Kom Kom No.21 superior quality stainless steel chefs knife
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Customer Reviews

Just what I was looking for I recently came back from serving a Vipassana meditation course in Massachusetts. There was a wonderful Cambodian woman, Kim, serving with me in the kitchen. She used a knife like this for most everything. As soon as I came home I found a knife just like it on Amazon. It was from Thailand, rather than Cambodia, but it looked good and the price was right so I ordered it. It took quite a while to arrive (the slow boat from Thailand), but I was patient. And my patience paid off. I love the knife, it feels great in my hand, and now it's become my go-to knife for just about any time I need to cut something. Highly recommended. 5Bought in 2015 I bought this in 2015 when I moved cross-country, just to have something to use until my stuff arrived. It is still one of my three kitchen knives (this, a very nice Wusthof, and a value Wusthof). It cuts stuff. It works as a bench scraper. I throw it in the dishwasher. It's my "grab" knife, the one I grab when I want to cut something I don't want to ding a nicer blade on. It cleans easy. I don't use it to hack up meat bones, just slice meat, veg, cheese, cut up quesadillas, basically general purpose stuff where cleaning a nicer blade would be a hassle. Incredible value for the $10. 5High Value/Utility Ratio I really enjoy these Thai style cooking knives. What makes them unique is the thin lightweight blade which is very sharp. The large flat blade face is useful, as another reviewer pointed out, for smashing garlic, as well as for scooping chopped things to transfer to the stove. The knife is large but surprisingly light and accurate. I find this general blade shape to be the most overall useful kitchen knife you can have. It performs most jobs adequately and many jobs exceptionally. I particularly like it for slicing and carefully cutting vegetables. It's also good for slicing fish, decent at cutting raw meat, and the thin but tall blade makes it surprisingly good at slicing fresh baked bread (does not crush the bread and holds a straight line).For those who use and abuse the venerable 8" Kiwi Chef knife of the same style I'd like to compare the two below:I got this to accompany my Kiwi 8" knifes. Like this knife, they are extremely affordable yet sharp. This has a full tang (kiwi uses half tang) and appears to be incrementally better in quality. The Kiwi knives do NOT hold an edge for long and you should be prepared to sharpen once a week if regularly used. I don't mind that, but would prefer a more durable edge. So far, the Kom Kom appears to hold it's edge longer though I've only been using it for a couple weeks now. The Kom Kom, while light, is significantly heavier than the Kiwi. I find this, paradoxically, to reduce hand fatigue. The reason being is that the Kiwi is so light that you must push it through your food which can really wear your hand out after a while. The shape and weight of the Kom Kom knife allows a more relaxed cleaving type of cut. Another difference is in the angle of the blade from top to bottom. The Kiwi has a more concave shape meaning that food at the top of the blade can escape completely being cut completely through in exchange for very good cutting performance from the back half of the blade. The Kom Kom knife is still rounded in this manner but less so and tends to cut better along the entire length of the blade. The Kiwi knife is better for some items like soft cheeses, or times when you need maneuverability more than cutting power..it's piercing point is thinner as well and easier for stabbing and splitting pumpkins and squashes.If all you've tried so far is European or Japanese style chef knives, you should give these a shot. For the price you really can't go wrong. 5Surprisingly good for the price I bought this because I wanted to try a Thai-style knife without spending a lot of money. I didn t expect much, but I m surprised how much I like it it s replaced my more expensive blades for rough chopping and everyday use. My complaints are barely quibbles: I d like a fatter handle for my large hands, and the blade is slightly more flexible than I m used to. Neither affects my use of the knife, and I d buy it again in a second. 4Very good knife for the price I'm a big fan of Kiwi/Kom Kom blades. They're cheap, hold an edge, and resharpen easily. This is despite them being a fairly cheap product. Biggest difference that I can see of a Kom Kom over a plain-Jane Kiwi is the full-tang. Construction appears to be a fairly cheap wood grip riveted to a punched steel-blank. Then ground to a good factory edge.If you're a home-kitchen hack like me, these will do you fine. And if you trash it, which I haven't yet, you don't really care. They're cheap. If you're a pro, I'd say it would work in a pinch if you're buying your own knives. But you might want a higher end blade in the long-term. 5Best value knife! I've enjoyed mid range Japanese knives (approx $60+) and attracted by the reviews the Kiwi knives were getting, thought I'd give the Kom Kom a try. Great sharpness, holds an edge, sharpens well and it's well made. I don't have to worry about damaging the knife due to its price. Now my go-to knife and my Japanese knives languish in the drawer. 5All that, and a Unicorn on the blade!! Total Thai Magic This thing is a really great!A totally different style of knife than I'm used to- it's a thin blade that slices through things with the least amount of resistance that I've ever experienced. For example, I was slicing an avocado, ringing around the pit to pop it in half and remove the pit. I was thinking 'this thing isn't that sharp..'. When I opened the avocado, the PIT was cut in half too!! Just holding it in my hand, not a ton of pressure. Effing cool.Thin style, but stout enough for just about anything. (except bones, duh.) I used it on some giant starchy sweet potatoes and it did wonderfully. Basically, it's my new go to kitchen knife.Plus, it has a UNICORN on the blade!!!For cheap.With Cool Thai style.Sooo.. pretty much a total win. Definitely recommended.ps- I ordered this first so haven't compared to the kiwi brand. I've heard this is just barely stouter. Gotta say tho, really I like the curved handle, and thicker part by the blade on this one. 5Razor sharp knife, great price I got this for my wife after reading about some reviews in foodie mags about Chefs loving to but Kom-Kom products because of the great price, and stellar sharpness. They weren't kidding, I can give testament to that sharpness. We are big fans of butternut squash, but for anyone that has cut it before, you know the skin and flesh making cutting it a chore. We constantly sharpened our knives, and not junkers mind you, to make sure they were sharp enough to not slip during cutting. They still struggled with Mr Butternut Squash. Not anymore, this thing went through it like butter. I love this knife, there is absolutely nothing it won't cut through. I typically use this for veggies, but we have used it for meats as well when we are trying to cut through chicken, steak, pork and other stuff for stir fry or similar setups. I'd highly recommend this knife, it is inexpensive and handles great. 5Great knife and deal What a great knife for the deal when I saw it I made me feel like I was in a Thiland cart food vendor. Of course it's because these are used everywhere or something very similar. The knife is super sharp as sharp as my Masahiro knife but not yet sure how well it will keep but seems as though it will do well with sharpening but none needed brand new. Light in the hand a bit lighter then my Japanese chefs knife but very manageable and pretty well balanced I am used to Japanese knifes so used to not a broadsword of a German knife. So I love this and will be used regularly 5i am still happy with this knife although my knife arrived with the very tip, the point, bent in, i am still happy with this knife. it is sharp, but not as sharp as everyone says, i think i was just expecting more from all the ranting and raving. the blade is very thin, which definitely help cut well. it is, comfortable in my hand, and works great for all the prep work i do. ive used it for a few days now and am able to get see thru thin veg. not so great for meats. handle is also cheap and the finish is already going away, have the wood getting rough, although i have only hand washed this=. anyway, i like it, im happy. i would buy it again, for the price you cannot go wrong. 4
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