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Liberty Glove Duraskin - T2010W Nitrile Industrial Glove, Powder Free, Disposable, 4 mil Thickness, Large, Blue (Box of 100)

  • Liberty Glove  Duraskin - T2010W Nitrile Industrial Glove, Powder Free, Disposable, 4 mil Thickness, Large, Blue (Box of 100)

Liberty Glove Duraskin - T2010W Nitrile Industrial Glove, Powder Free, Disposable, 4 mil Thickness, Large, Blue (Box of 100)

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NZ$ 71.00 NZ$ 118.00 You save: NZ$ 47.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Disposable standard industrial grade glove
  • Powder-free
  • Gloves are textured finish
  • Large size
  • 4 mil thickness
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Customer Reviews

Horrible.....just horible. These were by far the worst gloves I have EVER used! I bought these because they were the least expensive but in the long run they cost me more than ANY other type. They came to me with this discoloration as shown in photos. All of them has it and it's kind of hard consistency. It does not stretch where the discoloration is and breaks very easy. I have always work small gloves as I have the smallest hands of anyone I know but because they don't stretch and tear easy I could not get them on without breaking five pairs first. Idk if the encountered heat on the way to my house idk if they are defective but beware because these are awful and not worth two cents. 1The investment in this is much better than investing in pumice soap and spending a ridiculous ... I use these gloves for just about every purpose imaginable when doing chores around the house and anything involving car related repair. Just about anything that involves chemicals.Most often I m using this for changing oil and other maintenance work under the engine that would end up drying my hands or getting myself filthy. For other more involved car work, I like to put these on and tend to use a few pairs as they tear, but it s still better than getting stuff like brake or carburetor cleaner on your hands since that stuff is awful to the human body.The investment in this is much better than investing in pumice soap and spending a ridiculous amount of time scrubbing dirt or oil out of your skin with the residual smell that you have to deal with for hours or days afterwards not to mention the dryness caused by coming into contact with bad chemicals.Keep in mind these aren t sterile for medical use but for everything else around the house involving chemicals or keeping grime out of the folds of your skin, this is the perfect resource.Size is perfect for large hands and the coating inside makes them easy to take on or off. My wife likes it too whenever she s cleaning around the house and needs a pair for normal cleaning around the house. This plus a few sets of facial masks is perfect if you re serious about getting stuff done whether it s at home or around the garage. 5Complete GARBAGE. What a complete waste of money. These gloves tear if you look at them wrong (regardless of having the correct size.) If the box is opened, you come back a couple days later and they're all brittle and discolored and completely worthlessness. They're an exercise in frustration. DO NOT BUY THESE. They're total garbage. (Literally. I'm throwing out the whole box after ripping nearly a dozen trying to delicately get just a single one on my hand.) 1Nice quality and fit. Absolutely perfect. Cleaners are too harsh for my hands and since I have been wearing these, my skin is looking much better and my nails don't split! They fit well and don't tear easily. I was scrubbing in a crack with my fingernail on my cars leather seats and they held up well. I ordered small and they fit well without being tight and without having floppy fingertips. My hands are about 6 1/2 inches from base to tip and 3 1/2 inches wide and I wear a size 6 1/2 ring (if that's helpful to anyone :) 5These are the only gloves for me I have eczema and frequent handwashing really aggravates my skin. I spent months looking for a suitable glove that I can use in the kitchen for both food prep and other applications. Some gloves are too loose and food or water gets inside. Others rip easily. Some provide no protection and or smell weird or don't allow for precise grips with the fingers. But now that I found these Liberty Nitrile Industrial Gloves, they are the only glove I will use. They provide solid protection in the kitchen. I keep a box on my kitchen counter and use them for food prep--they hold up great when handling animal proteins and fats. I also keep a box in the pantry for when it's time to mop and clean. I have even used them in the garage for light garden and cleaning applications. I WOULD BUY THEM BY THE CRATE IF I COULD! Highly recommended. 5Poor consistency in sizing and many were torn right out of the box They fit a little large for me. Most nitrile gloves that I buy as a size large fit me perfectly. This are pretty loose, but not so much that they're unusable. They're about as tough as I'd expect but nothing spectacular.Update: Since the original review above (where I gave it 4 stars), I felt the need to downgrade this product to 1 star. I originally bought two boxes, both sized large. I just finished the first box and opened the second to find that these are significantly smaller than the others. I verified both boxes are marked large, but the first box fit like an XL or XXL even and the second box fits like a medium.Additionally, about 10% of the gloves in the first box (about 10 out of the 100) had the ring at the wrist torn off. This was not something I did. It was right out of the box. Due to the obvious lack of quality control in both sizing and manufacturing, I can no longer recommend these gloves. 1Was shipped old or damaged gloves. Not usable. I purchased 2 boxes of gloves. One size XL and one size S. I have had no issues with the XL box of gloves. The S box of gloves has problems. The gloves on the top of the box were OK. Once you got though the top layer of gloves the ones deeper down are discolored and not flexible. They are almost impossible to put on without tearing them. Not at all what you want. I would recommend carefully inspecting the ENTIRE box of gloves you receive so you can return them if you have a problem. The LOT number on the box with problems is 26181-324021560BCZA 1I Actually Auto-Reorder These I am a clean person. However, the trash, the inside of my vacuum, the underside of my motorcycle's engine, and other places in this world are not clean. So I wear gloves.These have been better than most in that they have a great amount of grip, are a little more durable than other 4mil gloves I've used, and aren't flesh-toned. They don't smell weird or have any residue on them and they fit my hands. Some days I wish they were black, some days I'm glad they're blue.They're body-safe and good for odd times in the bedroom, taxidermy, or cleaning the bathroom at your local pub.And, they're the only thing I actually auto-order on Amazon because I use them and like them. 5These Gloves are Very Useful!! I use these Duraskin gloves around the house for dirty jobs like cleaning the bathroom or doing yard work. The are a good quality for the money. They do tear easily with garden work but then again they are not garden gloves. I use them when dying my hair because they are thicker than the gloves that come with the hair dye. I also have worn these gloves when painting the living room. I am a 5'1" female and bought the large. They fit me just fine. My husband wore these gloves to change the tire and they fit him as well. These gloves are powder free and come in a box of 100 gloves (50 pair). If this review was helpful to you in any way, please let me know by clicking on helpful. Thank you so much!! :) 4Good for around the house uses Measure your hand to determine your glove size.First, measure from tip of middle finger to wristthenmeasure circumference around palm, from base of index finger, around hand, back to base of index fingerTake the largest measurement to determine your glove size.My hand measures approximately 7 3/8" on the largest measurement. I purchased these, and they fit perfectly. I looked up sizing charts and the unisex glove charts I found correlate a size 7.5 to a small. The chart also says 8=M, 9=L 9.5=XL 10=XXL 11=XXXL I don't know if these correlate to all of the Liberty Nitrile gloves, but the small does.So far, I love these gloves. I've never had nitrile gloves before, but these are perfect for chores and when working with messy stuff (caulk, caulk remover). I was concerned that I would puncture them easily, however I've snagged them on corners and they snap right back without breaking.These fit like a glove, literally, but will stretch out a bit with use. Make sure your hands are COMPLETELY dry before trying to put these on or you're in for a wrestling match. 5
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