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Lightkiwi Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lighting 4 Panel Kit, 12 Inches Each, Cool White (6000K), 12 Watt, 24VDC, Dimmer Switch & All Accessories Included, Low Profile, Sturdy Aluminum Body, UL Listed

  • Lightkiwi Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lighting 4 Panel Kit, 12 Inches Each, Cool White (6000K), 12 Watt, 24VDC, Dimmer Switch & All Accessories Included, Low Profile, Sturdy Aluminum Body, UL Listed
  • Lightkiwi Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lighting 4 Panel Kit, 12 Inches Each, Cool White (6000K), 12 Watt, 24VDC, Dimmer Switch & All Accessories Included, Low Profile, Sturdy Aluminum Body, UL Listed
  • Lightkiwi Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lighting 4 Panel Kit, 12 Inches Each, Cool White (6000K), 12 Watt, 24VDC, Dimmer Switch & All Accessories Included, Low Profile, Sturdy Aluminum Body, UL Listed
  • Lightkiwi Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lighting 4 Panel Kit, 12 Inches Each, Cool White (6000K), 12 Watt, 24VDC, Dimmer Switch & All Accessories Included, Low Profile, Sturdy Aluminum Body, UL Listed
  • Lightkiwi Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lighting 4 Panel Kit, 12 Inches Each, Cool White (6000K), 12 Watt, 24VDC, Dimmer Switch & All Accessories Included, Low Profile, Sturdy Aluminum Body, UL Listed
  • Lightkiwi Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lighting 4 Panel Kit, 12 Inches Each, Cool White (6000K), 12 Watt, 24VDC, Dimmer Switch & All Accessories Included, Low Profile, Sturdy Aluminum Body, UL Listed
  • Lightkiwi Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lighting 4 Panel Kit, 12 Inches Each, Cool White (6000K), 12 Watt, 24VDC, Dimmer Switch & All Accessories Included, Low Profile, Sturdy Aluminum Body, UL Listed
  • Lightkiwi Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lighting 4 Panel Kit, 12 Inches Each, Cool White (6000K), 12 Watt, 24VDC, Dimmer Switch & All Accessories Included, Low Profile, Sturdy Aluminum Body, UL Listed
  • Lightkiwi Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lighting 4 Panel Kit, 12 Inches Each, Cool White (6000K), 12 Watt, 24VDC, Dimmer Switch & All Accessories Included, Low Profile, Sturdy Aluminum Body, UL Listed

Lightkiwi Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lighting 4 Panel Kit, 12 Inches Each, Cool White (6000K), 12 Watt, 24VDC, Dimmer Switch & All Accessories Included, Low Profile, Sturdy Aluminum Body, UL Listed

NZ$ 374.00 NZ$ 224.40 Save: NZ$ 149.60
NZ$ 224.40 NZ$ 374.00 You save: NZ$ 149.60



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  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE LIGHTING QUALITY: We focus on the Quality of Lighting the most. Lightkiwi LED under cabinet lighting kit dramatically improve the appearance of items exposed to the lighting by allowing colors to appear clear, vivid and distinguishable all while consuming significantly less energy. Experience continuous 0% - 100% Flicker-Free dimming with our inline electric dimmer switch.
  • EXPANDABLE: Lightkiwi modular LED under cabinet lighting kit can expand the configuration by using a power supply with higher wattage. Lightkiwi modular LED under cabinet lighting panel is designed to expand without overburdening the product.
  • HARDWIRED: Lightkiwi Hardwire Kit (optional) provides the highest quality lighting to adjust the dimming with a wall dimmer switch. Depending on the type of wall dimmer switch, smart features such as wireless, Alexa, and Google Home are available. For a more luxurious and professional atmosphere, try the Lightkiwi Hardwire Kit.
  • CERTIFICATION: UL-LISTED qualified, ROHS, and Meets T24 Requirements. Most states will not allow electricians or homeowners to install LED lighting products that have not been tested by a certification laboratory. This UL LISTED LED Panels and Power Supply meets all regulatory requirements. The UL CERTIFICATION is an indication of a superior quality product that has passed numerous tests before getting its approval.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: 3 YEAR WARRANTY. Reduce re-installation frequency. Lifespan over 35,000 hours. Easy Installation; You won't need an engineering degree to install your new under cabinet lighting. One of the highest standard under cabinet lighting kit on the market; Preferred by most contractors and electricians. Excellent Performance; Guaranteed to have adhered the most demanding quality control procedures. Industry Recommended Low Voltage: 24VDC.
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Customer Reviews

Ab-so-lutely high-end fabulous - Lightkiwi scores with this easy-to-install set!This is the neatest and most simple kit imaginable. I was up and running with under cabinet lighting in a little over an hour and it looks professionally done and is wonderful!!!For starters, I had an electrical socket inside the cabinet over my microwave which made this hidden installation completely possible. With that, and a few carefully placed 3/8" holes (to fit the ends of the cords through), I wired all the cabinets in my kitchen - even the lone cabinet on the other side of the window. While I was waiting for the kit to arrive, I thought through how I'd install - so it was a breeze when it arrived. The splitter made it possible to send the lights in two directions; very handy.The light to the right of the microwave is on its own cord. The lights to the left of the microwave are all strung together with the 3' cords. I bought a 12' cord additionally to string up through the cabinets on either side of the sink, and sent the cord over the window trim. The cords are very petite, and actually stuffed down between the wall and the trim for most of the length of the window. I can't see the wires, and it's awesome to have light all the way around my kitchen.Like another reviewer, I ran the cords down the front corner of the cabinet. I simply moved the shelves forward to secure the cords exactly how I wanted them and so I could keep them from drooping or sliding. You don't even know they are there. Again, they are super petite. And you don't see the holes I drilled, because they too are hidden by the framing of the cabinet and are in the front corner.When I turned the corner with the lights, I simply drilled a hole in the bottom frame of the cabinets so the wire wouldn't have to tuck underneath and be in view. I stuffed the extra wire up into the space between the cabinets and you wouldn't know it's there.The dimmer that came with the set is okay. It isn't the smoothest operation, but it does the job. The dimmer setting stays when you turn the lights on/off. I have it resting on top of my microwave. I covered the red power LED indicator light with electrical tape, because I don't want to see it shining up there. But I can reach up on top of the microwave and turn on/off or dim the lights. It's simple. I'll wait and see if I want to buy the remote control unit so I can hide everything in the cabinet above the microwave. I may just add a magnet to the back of this dimmer to secure it to the top of the microwave housing. We'll see. However, the remote is affordable, too - so I'll probably end up buying that eventually.I will say this about installation - it is easy to drill the holes, easy to run the wires, but putting the brackets up was my biggest challenge. You must have a strong set of tiny phillips screw drivers - the kind you use to fix your glasses. You will not be able to use a dollar store plastic set - you'll never get the screws into the wood - even with pre-drilling - without breaking your screwdrivers. So go get a metal set of tiny screwdrivers (thankful I had a set). Then, you will HAVE to pre-drill the holes... again, it's awkward screwing these tiny screws in with a tiny screwdriver. You don't have much tork, and they are tiny. You're destined to drop them a few times - and lucky if you don't lose them. Fortunately, they give you two extra screws with each light... so you can afford to lose some.When thinking about how the lights clip into the brackets, I felt it was important to out a small space between the front edge of the cabinet and the bracket - that way I could flex the bracket to get the light out should I need to. So, when I hung the brackets, I used a chip clip where I was going to install the bracket to give it about 1/4" space from the front of the cabinet. I set the bracket against the chip clip and predrilled a hole through the screw hole in the bracket. I put a piece of tape on my drill bit to the depth I needed to drill - so I wouldn't end up pre-drilling into a box of cereal above. This worked really well.Once pre-drilled, you can then fight to hold the bracket, tiny screw, and tiny screwdriver (tiny... it's all tiny) to put the brackets up (2 per light). You'll get the hang of it after the first couple and it'll be easy to finish the rest. I have a blister on my finger from gripping the tiny screwdriver so tightly - thankfully I wasn't doing a huge kitchen!!!And then there was light! I ordered "warm" - but these really aren't particularly warm. It looks more like natural light. However, the dimmer is a wonderful feature and they don't have to be super duper bright if you don't want them to be. I'll get used to it not being a super warm tone like the lights over my stove. And yes, if you stare at them, you will notice the super fast "LED flicker" - so just don't stare and you probably won't notice. And some people may not ever notice... it is NOT a deal breaker... and you get it with a lot of LED lights.Lightkiwi put together a super awesome set. Super easy to install with just a drill, two drill bits, some tape, and a tiny screwdriver (tiny). They plug together like a headphone set goes into an ipod. So easy!! If you've got a plug in an upper cabinet, you are all set. They are beautiful, I'm thrilled, and I'll be recommending these to everyone I know!5Great!Needed some extra light in the kitchen and theses fill the bill perfectly! I hid the transformer and junction in the range hood so they're out of sight. The Power in LED on the control switch is REALLY bright. Also the long screws are too brittle (broke two) and the light mounting clip screws are a bit too long (protruded up through the cabinet about 1/8") Nothing the dremel couldn't fix.5Exactly what I was looking forI just installed these lights, so this is just an initial impression. I may update it in a year or so when I have some long term experience with the lights.The packaging is about as tight as possible, which means that you'll probably have to cut the boxes apart to get the lights and hardware out. I did, anyway. There are no instructions in the boxes, which is no big deal except that the dimmer is the trick you'll have to figure out on your own. The dimmer goes in series with the lights and there is a female connector at the bottom of the dimmer control for the system's output. So, the circuit goes from the power supply to the dimmer to the first light in the group or to the modular connector (if you are not putting all three lights in a series string. Otherwise, the installation is pretty simple. Lightkiwi includes metal clips and double-sticky tape (one or the other) for mounting the lights and controls. The 3' interconnect cables are probably longer than most of us need. I installed my lights under some modular kitchen cabinets and stuffed the extra cable in the spaces between the cabinets.Operation is simple and predictable. Some folks complained that if they removed power from the wall wart they lost their dimmer settings. I didn't have that experience. However, my power supply will stay plugged in normally. For typical under-the-counter use, my wife and I found that a very low setting was perfect for the 20" height from our cabinet bottoms to the counter top. Full-on is great for exposing every flaw in your kitchen or surgery. It is VERY bright.4Great product, high quality, lots of light.These things are truly amazing. I've been using halogen under cabinet lights for about 4 years in my workshop and I was getting tired of replacing the bulbs every few months, they always seemed to be out right in the section that I was working in. I had a total of 12 lights that gave off a relatively bright yellow light and a ton of heat. One of them started melting recently and I decided to upgrade.I realize that these aren't cheap, but I have to say I am impressed with the quality. The light is at least 3x brighter than the old halogen lights and it is linear light, not spot lights, so they are perfect for long stretches of counter. After installation (more on that later) I had them running for about 2 hours and they were cool to the touch. The light is bright white, but not 'blue' light. I think I may actually use the dimmer (which works really well) to tone them down a bit.My only complaint with the whole setup was the mounting hardware. The screws were tiny and the metal was soft as butter. I hopelessly stripped about 1/3 of them but with some pliers and a few obscenities I was able to get all the brackets installed. I am still giving the product a 5 star rating thought because of the obviously high build quality of the lights and the brightness factor.I would highly recommend these lightbars.5These are excellent for under cabinet lighting These are excellent for under cabinet lighting. I spread four light bars over eight linear feet of under cabinet. They were easy to install and provide a warm yet bright light in work areas. By using the dimmer you can reduce the light produced to night-light level. With the exception of a screwdriver, this kit provides everything that you need. Other size kits are available, from one to 12 light bars, as well as component parts and extension wiring. I'm very pleased with this purchase and highly recommend it. 5Good quality LED lighting strips for Cabinet LightingExperience has taught me that you almost always get what you pay for. That's why the $62.99 that I paid for this item seems like a right price for the product. Although time will tell (especially the case with LED products), the components that make up this complete kit seem to be well made. Everything worked right out of the package with very little fuss. I highly recommend pre-drilling the holes for the screws, since I snapped the first one off while trying to screw one into oak without a pilot hole. Lesson learned, and all the rest went in fine. There are a few minor things that kept this from earning 5 stars a totally rave review. You should know that I'm pickier about lighting products than the average consumer, because that's how I earn a living. None of these problems was severe enough for me to regret the purchase. In fact, I would definitely buy this again. Having said that, onward with my critique.1) The people who put the package together seemed to think their product would be better with a biblical quote about lighting on the package. While this doesn't detract from the way the product works, I don't like to mix commerce with religion. I might have found it cute if it said "Let there be lights!" (Consider that phrase trade-marked and owned by me, if you want to use it.)2) I had to drill pilot holes for the tiny screws that mount the light bars because the metal was too weak to go in all the way without snapping. While you may get your LEDs from China, perhaps the hardware needs to come from somewhere else.3) While the LEDs look fine on stationary objects, they are pulsed in a way that looks stroboscopic in things are moving fast under their light. This may be due to the way the dimmer modulates the intensity, or part of the manufacturer's strategy to pump more light out of the LEDs. In any case, the best LED systems don't have this problem, but remember the reasonable price of this item. There are ways that LED manufacturers can get around these problems, but the solution may have been too costly for this price point item. You probably won't notice it without flicking your fingers rapidly under the light. Under most conditions, you will never see a flicker (which is good enough).4) The controller, which has 3 buttons (On/Off, Brighten, Dim) works fine, so long as that's how you intend to control the lights. You can set the intensity to the desired level, turn off the light with the on/off button, and it will come back on at the preset level. BUT if you unplug or interrupt the power with a switched outlet, you have to turn it on from scratch (using the supplied controller) and reset the desired intensity. This makes it less useful in an application where you have it on a switched outlet with other lights.5) The color was acceptable in the "warm white" version that I got. This is fine for a cabinet or for under-cabinet lighting in a kitchen, but don't use it for your makeup mirror. For those who care about such things, the Color Rendering Index is probably in the mid 70s.Those were the only criticisms that I have for the product. On the whole, this is a nice product that's well worth the price.Note: I posted some "user images" for the cabinet lighting project that I used these for. You may be able to see these on the main product page.I have the LEDs dimmed down quite a bit, since they are very bright at full intensity. If you do the same, you will probably find that they should last even longer, since they run cooler at lower power.4Great Product at Super Price!I recently moved from a house with hardwired under cabinet lighting into a condo that had none, and quickly found out how necessary having good lighting is! The last thing I wanted to do was to hire an electrician to install lighting, but I also didn't want to see cords hanging down from under the cabinets or have to plug each light in individually. Lightkiwi to the rescue! I was able to install them on two separate sides of my kitchen and only have one power cord running from the lights to an outlet. On the other side of the kitchen, the sections of cabinets I wanted to light are divided by a microwave that has a cabinet with an outlet over it. So, the power supply cord is in that cabinet, along with all the excess cord. I drilled from that cabinet into the cabinets on each side and then down through the bottom shelf to run the cords. I used Command cord keepers and decorating hooks to keep all the wires out of sight. The dimmers are installed under the cabinets next to the lights, so you need to know where they are to use them, but that's not a problem for me. The lights themselves are very slimline and attractive and give off a great deal of light with no heat! I'm extremely happy with this product and LOVE how my kitchen looks now!5Great workbench lightI got these lights to install on my 2x4basics 90164 Workbench and Shelving Storage System. With the price, I wasn't honestly expecting much, but I have to say I am absolutely thrilled with these lights, and they have worked out extremely well for my workbench.In addition to the 3 light bars themselves, you get 6 metal mounting clips (2 per light) and screws. You install the clips wherever you want the lights, then you snap the lights into the brackets by inserting one edge at an angle, then pushing down the other edge into the bracket to snap it in. Getting the lights in is easy, whereas getting the lights out requires you to do some minor prying with a flat-head screwdriver. I like this, personally, because there's really no chance of the lights becoming detached by accident.Each light has a plug on each end, and in addition to the brackets, you also get two ways of daisy-chaining the lights together - cables or plugs. With the cables, you can put a good amount of distance between the light bars, whereas with the plugs the three light bars attach together into essentially one long light bar. Either way, after you've strung the lights together, you attach the switch/dimmer, then you attach the power cable to the dimmer and plug it into an outlet. There is also some kind of junction box (the black box at the bottom of the product picture), but I didn't use it.The lights themselves have a pleasing, somewhat warm color temperature, not quite as warm as an incandescent, but not stark white or even blue like early generation LED's or fluorescent lights. Clearly the lights are designed to be used as indirect lighting, as looking at the LED's directly is blinding when at full brightness, though they were perfect for illuminating my workbench from above. The dimmer works well and also has a nice subtle feature wherein the lights don't snap on at 100% when turned on but dim up from 0 up to 100% over something like 1 second, and dim back down from 100% to 0 when turned off. The switch/dimmer has a red always-on LED that is fairly bright so the switch can be found in the dark. The only criticism I have of the kit is that this LED could have been a bit dimmer, but that's a very minor complaint.I got the Lightkiwi Motion Detector for Under Cabinet Lighting [Item# G3635] to go with this kit, and it was easy to add to the daisy chain, replacing the switch/dimmer, though eventually I went back to the switch because the motion sensor didn't keep the light on long enough for my tastes inbetween sensed motion.Overall, couldn't be happier with the kit. Very reasonable price, flexible installation, nice dimmer, and great quality lights. Highly recommended.12/10/13 addendum: Seven months later, the lights are still going strong. I liked the kit so much that I purchased two more, one to light up a hall closet and another to light up a laundry nook. I used the aforementioned motion detector in the laundry nook, and it is working great there.5Great lighting I would recommend for anyoneI wanted under cabinet lighting but didn't want to spend $300 at menards for a setup. I bought 2 sets from kiwi, a 6' extension connector and some some and strip hooks for hiding the wires. Well, 45min later I had everything installed and working. Looks great and works great. The dim-able switch is perfect for setting the light you want. I have it set at about 40-50% and it's perfect. I have 4 lights in the picture. The other 2 will go under my other double wide cabinet.Very satisfied with purchase and now after posting the pics on Facebook about 4-5 friends want to buy for their kitchens. I plan on getting a setup for the closet too and maybe gun safe. GO KIWI!!!5Great light for the money, but a little busy looking with reflective countersI have been looking for a LED replacement for my 2 year LED lights for over a year now. My previous lights were great, but expensive and didn't last anywhere near as long as they should have. These lights are a fraction of the price. They are relatively easy to install if you don't have a bad back. I suggest you pre-drill for the screws and use a drill stop to make sure you don't go through your cabinet. Also, make sure you use a high quality smaller screw driver. At first I used a what I thought was a good set, but the screws would rip. I then found my higher quality set and it was a night and day difference. These screws are very soft.I have two complaints. One, I wish they had a 18" solution or a 6" solution as well. I had a couple cabinets that I could not illuminate as much as I would have like given the size limitations. Secondly, I found these lights have a ton of LEDs, which makes it very busy looking if you have reflective granite counters. My previous LED lights had less LEDs, but stronger lumens making it less busy looking. At first I was really annoyed with it, but I have gotten more used to it. Look at my pictures if you want to see what I am talking about. It's probably not a deal killer, but I would definitely have purchased another light fixture if it solved this problem as long as it wasn't 2-3x the price.4Easily adapted to hardwired install After removing the existing fluorescent fixtures under my cabinets I soldered the solid wires that came out of the wall to the power cord (which I also cut to the right length) leading into the power supply. I've attached the power supply to the underside surface of the cabinet with some double-sided foam tape and it's holding up fine for the time being.The dimmer controllers don't seem to remember their state after power to them is cut (via the wall switch), so I didn't use them. That's fine, as we wanted full brightness (which exceeds that of our old fluorescent lights slightly) anyway.The mounting screws that came with the mounting brackets (and also the dimmer module) are tiny and after I broke the first two despite drilling pilot holes and being as gentle with I could using a non-power screwdriver, I replaced them with 1/2" #5 flat-head wood screws.(See accompanying photo in product photo gallery.) 4Great kit! I'm ordering more!! I bought these to use under the cabinets in our new home. I've been looking for LED panels for a while, bought a few and my wife was not happy with the blue color of many LED lights. This particular kit has the 3000 Kelvin "warm" LED lights. They are not as warm as incandescent bulbs, but not too far. They are a pleasing color and the wife approves.Installation was a breeze. The 3 panel (12in) LED kit comes with everything you need; Mounting brackets, screws, power supply, inline dimmer, 3ft connection cables and a 4-way splitter. For my application, I didn't use the splitter, just daisy chained each of the LED panels and hid the wires by drilling small holes between each cabinet so the wires are completely out of sight. It looks really slick and only took about an hour to install 4 of them (I ordered one additional 12" panel). The 3 panel kit comes with a 12W power supply, which is capable of handling 4 of the panels, so I'm at the max as each panel consumes 3W.The dimmer is variable, so there are multiple levels of brightness. At the highest level, it is bright enough to see in the middle of the day (in our kitchen). The lowest setting is really low, adds just a very little light at night.We are very happy with the purchase and will be buying more in the near future. These are highly recommended!I have a video review of my installation and how they turned out.5
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