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Loveuing Kitchen Oven Gloves - Silicone and Cotton Double-Layer Heat Resistant Oven Mitts/BBQ Gloves/Grill Gloves - Perfect for Baking and Grilling - 1 Pair (XL-XXXL, Blue)

  • Loveuing Kitchen Oven Gloves - Silicone and Cotton Double-Layer Heat Resistant Oven Mitts/BBQ Gloves/Grill Gloves - Perfect for Baking and Grilling - 1 Pair (XL-XXXL, Blue)
  • Loveuing Kitchen Oven Gloves - Silicone and Cotton Double-Layer Heat Resistant Oven Mitts/BBQ Gloves/Grill Gloves - Perfect for Baking and Grilling - 1 Pair (XL-XXXL, Blue)
  • Loveuing Kitchen Oven Gloves - Silicone and Cotton Double-Layer Heat Resistant Oven Mitts/BBQ Gloves/Grill Gloves - Perfect for Baking and Grilling - 1 Pair (XL-XXXL, Blue)

Loveuing Kitchen Oven Gloves - Silicone and Cotton Double-Layer Heat Resistant Oven Mitts/BBQ Gloves/Grill Gloves - Perfect for Baking and Grilling - 1 Pair (XL-XXXL, Blue)

NZ$ 150.00 NZ$ 90.00 Save: NZ$ 60.00
NZ$ 90.00 NZ$ 150.00 You save: NZ$ 60.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • PREMIUM DESIGN, DOUBLE PROTECTION AND COMFORTABLE: Five fingers silicone gloves with soft jersey cotton liner inside. Silicone outer is heat and water proof and an inner cotton lining for maximum comfort. Double protect your entire hands from heat compared to normal oven gloves.( from -40 to 500 F )
  • 100% PURE FOOD GRADE SILICONE: We are professional to offer the food grade silicone! Allow safe movement of hot foods directly with a strong grip. High quality cotton inside make you more comfortable and doesn't feel plastic like or sweaty! It is also also easy to wear on and off
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL AND USEFUL KITCHEN TOOL OR BBQ ACCESSORIES: LoveU. heat resistant gloves let you safely and comfortably when you are Cooking, BBQing, Boiling water, Pickling, Opening Cans/Jars or other household tasks. It is resistant to heat?oil?water and stain while protect your hands.
  • EASY TO CLEAN AND LOOK AS GOOD AS NEW: Simply toss them in the dishwasher or wash on your hands with warm soapy water! LoveU. BBQ Gloves look as good as new after a run in the dishwasher.
  • OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE We ship fast from Amazon warehouses all around USA to make sure you can receive timely. Perfect for last minute gifts to he/she who you want to protect. They fit generally hands. If you're not COMPLETELY SATISFIED with our product, you will get a COMPLETE REFUND. You will in love with these LoveU. Oven Mitts.
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Customer Reviews

Heat Resist GlovesI really like these oven gloves. Taken dishes out of the oven & carried to the table, I never felt any heat through the gloves & I had a good grip on the dish. My hands are small, so with the cotton insert being smaller they fit perfect. The only draw back is with large hands the inside of the gloves are way to small. I bought 2 pair, they are everything that are advertised about them, I have to admit I was reluctant about buying them but the gloves are perfect for me.5they really Work as describedThese things are great!!! I bought a pair my son too! You can reach rught into boiling water and pick up corn or potatoes!! They are much more easy to control hot casserole dishes and lids than traditional pot holders. I would recommend these to everyone! Very easy to clean too.5Perfect oven I have only has four little while now and I could not ask for a better oven mitt these gloves are perfect. I never yet feel the heat through the gloves while getting something out of the oven. I am pleased with these and totally recommend them.5I PUT THESE TO THE ULTIMATE TEST...I have had the orange non-lined gloves for years. For some reason, the heat would come through onto my fingertips. Ummmm...that defeated the purpose. I finally bought these and I LOVE THEM!! Tonight I seasoned two cast iron frying pans, a cast iron wok and a cast iron griddle. With the gloves, I was easily able to move the oven rack, even after the oven was 375 degrees hot. After my cast iron-ware baked for 10 minutes, I turned up the heat to 450 degrees. I easily got all four pieces turned over on the oven racks and turned the oven off to let them cool off. Now THAT'S a true test of how heat-proof they are! I also love how, unlike a hot pad, they protect my wrists as well.5Perfect Fit!Arthritis has caused my hands to weaken and I was getting easily burned trying to remove bakeware from the oven. These gloves fit perfectly, come high enough up my arms and are totally heat proof. They grip strongly and have made baking safe and easy.5Second Pair - Large I have slightly larger than normal hands. I gave my first pair to a friend, and got a second pair that are "large" size. My friend is happy with the first pair.The only thing I don't love about these is the color. It clashes with just about everything. :-)I love being able to handle hot stuff with a reliable grip. And I love that if something spills on them, they wash off easily, unlike traditional oven mits. And I love that these are lined with cloth, unlike some other silicon gloves that feel yucky and are hard to pull on/off because they don't have a lining.Oh, the other thing I'm not so keen on... The packaging clearly says LoveU on it, so the guys at the mail room accused me of buying sex toys. :-) 4Easy on and off heat protection!These are the best. I use them for the oven, grill, and smoker. Handling hot meat is no longer an issue.Previously, I purchased ones without the lining from another manufacturer and they were difficult to get on or off, and they did not protect my hands from the heat as well as these do.Cleanup is a breeze since you can use HOT water and a little Dawn dish soap.I'll be buying more soon.5They don t protect your hands from heat.I m sorry for the three star review but if truth be told I should give this product less. I love the concept of the gloves but unfortunately they didn t meet the expectations promised. As stated they are a little snug when you first use them but that wasn t the issue. Product states they can be used on pans in oven up to 425 degrees. I baked cookies at 350 and when I took the pan out to move to the counter only a few feet away, my thumb and one finger got too hot to hold. I almost dropped the pan and cookies. It didn t burn enough to leave blisters but if the oven had been any hotter that may have happened. I m glad I found out they don t hold up to the high heat before I used them on something that requires a higher temperature.I really wish they worked as promised.3Love the LoveU Oven Mitts The oven gloves we had before were good, but over time they began to wear then and lose its touch and felt the heat immediately! At one point, you couldn't hold onto the pan. We have tried these new mitts and they are wonderful! They're not only for grabbing pots or pans, we've used them to tear up whole chickens, move a turkey from a pan. They are great mitts and will eventually buy another pair! 5Love LoveU Mitts I love my LoveU oven mitts!I always seemed to burn the top of my hand on the top wire rack when pulling things out of the oven when I used hotpads.The first set of oven mitts I ordered from Amazon were a different brand, and HUGE! I have small hands. Then I ordered the small size in these and they work great. The glove looks big, but when I put my fingers all the way into the glove, I can grasp things easily. They keep the heat away and they're comfortable for me. 5Not great.First of all, if you think you're buying these vs. regular oven mitts because of increased dexterity, know that you really only get SLIGHTLY increase dexterity here vs. regular oven mitts. They don't fit well, the fingers are large, and it is very difficult to pick up anything small.Also, at one point I took my hand out and the lining came out, inside-out, with it. I stuffed it back in, but I could never get it quite right again. The lining is bunched up in the tips of the fingers, and nothing I've tried has fixed it so far.This makes the already bad dexterity even worse.I mean they work. If you need something to hold hot stuff with, get them. But if you're expecting better dexterity vs. the oven mitts you already have... don't get your hopes up. A little better, but not much.2Good product. These are very nice little oven mitts. It's nice to have something gripping that will hold glass and not burn me. However, that being said, I subtracted one star because they are not long enough to cover parts of the forearm that generally are subjected to the "oops, that was the top of the oven" factor. If they were about three inches longer, they would work great. I do have to add that mine do not have the black sleeve on them, they are just the blue mitts as shown. I still like them a whole lot. 4 LOVE them! I have medium sized hands, fingers are slightly wider apart than mine, but who am I kidding? I'm not wearing these for fashion or comfort...I just want to not burn myself, which my husband can tell you about my pro skills when it comes to me and cooking. He usually makes fun of me cause I scream F#$* at least once a day while cooking. I've hit a record lately with my decrease in F-bombs! My husband and my 3 year old thank you and your wonderful mitts!5You will love these gloves!I've never been able to use oven mittens because they're all so big that my small hands "swim" in them, preventing me from getting a good grip on the item I'm removing from the oven. So I thought I was stuck with pot holders and burns on my knuckles forever...till I found these gloves. When I opened the box and saw them for the first time, my reaction was "What the heck have I bought???? These things are so big I could get both hand and at least one foot in each one!" But then I got them out, put one on and realized that the fingers and thumbs are just the right size ..that it's because the gloves are long enough to cover most of my forearms that they appeared to be too big. OMG...FINALLY no more burned knuckles and wrists...and I can actually get a good grip on a heavy casserole dish...they're perfect! Plus, anything that gets on them just rinses off in running water...wipe dry with a dish towel and put them back into the drawer. I love these gloves and I can't imagine why everyone who buys them wouldn't love them too!5Love the gloves At last, a pair of oven gloves that keep the heat off, are easy to keep clean and protect my entire hand and wrist. I've tried so many mitts and gloves only to experience limited heat protection. Not so with these gloves. Hot roaster? No problem. Searing broiler pan? No issue. Brushed you hand against the oven grate? Chill. Great product and you get a pair. 5
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