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Luxury Tea Infuser, Loose Leaf, Herbal Scoop, Strainer, Crimson Red

  • Luxury Tea Infuser, Loose Leaf, Herbal Scoop, Strainer, Crimson Red
  • Luxury Tea Infuser, Loose Leaf, Herbal Scoop, Strainer, Crimson Red
  • Luxury Tea Infuser, Loose Leaf, Herbal Scoop, Strainer, Crimson Red
  • Luxury Tea Infuser, Loose Leaf, Herbal Scoop, Strainer, Crimson Red
  • Luxury Tea Infuser, Loose Leaf, Herbal Scoop, Strainer, Crimson Red
  • Luxury Tea Infuser, Loose Leaf, Herbal Scoop, Strainer, Crimson Red

Luxury Tea Infuser, Loose Leaf, Herbal Scoop, Strainer, Crimson Red

NZ$ 144.00 NZ$ 87.00 Save: NZ$ 57.00
NZ$ 87.00 NZ$ 144.00 You save: NZ$ 57.00



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The Perfect Tea Infuser Is Finally Here! If you're tired of low quality infusers that don't do the job, you're in luck. The Sweet Leaf Tea Infuser will brew your cup to perfection! Over 400 5 Star Reviewers Agree! That's why it's a #1 Rated Best-Seller! Well-designed: Clever functionality, cute and fun to use! Easy to clean: Toss used leaves, place in dish-washer or hand-wash, rust-free! Safe to use: FDA-Approved, BPA-free and food-safe! You can give the gift of this Genuine Flourish & Thrive product to yourself or a friend with complete confidence. We're so sure you'll love it, that we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty. Scroll up to see our other beautiful color options!
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Pretty good. It didn't occur to me to take into account the diameter of this infuser with the opening of some of my thermoses. My favorite are the Zojurushi because it stays hot the longest and has the best locking mechanism for putting thermos in the car or in your purse. It did get stuck in my Zojurushi SM-KHE48AG but I was able to get it out. Otherwise the top and bottom of the infuser stays together and does not fall apart getting carried or sloshed around like I feared. Easy to clean, I have been handwashing but it looks like it would be fine in the dishwasher as the silicone is thick. Maybe if the metal part becomes squashed it would be a problem fitting the two parts together. Also comes with a handy wresting pad for the infuser to rest on if you like to take your infuser out. 4Lovely and easy to clean and use. This is a very nice infuser. I have had many but this I really love. I do like the silicone, I wasn't sure about it before I ordered it, but it is very nice and doesn't get hot.Teas are tricky... this type of infuser is for large particles, the cheaper lower quality teas are ground finer and will escape the vessel. Higher quality teas look a little like tiny pieces of stick. I have used loose teas for some time now, and have found that spending a little more for quality tea pays off every time I pour a cup!I plan on ordering more of these for my office, and they will definitely make it into some Christmas gift baskets too!!! 5So many perks for such a small item. I actually like this product better than my mug infuser. Since I don't drink very fine teas, this worked great for me. This product, unlike my mug infuser, didn't leave all the sediment at the bottom of my cup and allowed the tea to seep properly. You can pretty much figure out your seep time because the tea color (if any) starts to show after the recommended seep time. That was cool to me.The infuser does float in the mug but that didn't bother me either, just remove it before you drink (which should be done after the recommended seep time) and enjoy!The seller and the company are great.Likes:*It filters my loose tea as promised (I don't drink very fine teas)*Tea color (if any) starts to show prominently at recommended seep time.*I don't have to clean up before I drink since it has a tray that keeps my desk clean*I can travel with it (I can't really travel with my mug infuser since it's so bulky)*There are a lot of perks that come with this item*I supported a family owned business that made me feel like I was the only one who purchased this item.Dislikes:*Some of the reviews on here are negative, which I don't understand.*Please note ALL of the places on the product packaging, in the description, in the reviews and comments say NOT FOR FINE TEAS. (I don't know how much clearer it can be stated but yet the bad reviews come because of people using fine teas.) 5I love these infusers I love these infusers!I got the pink and purple combo pack and they are great! I use them almost daily and haven't had any issues with them. I wanted an infuser that wouldn't get get ruined if it accidentally fell down the drain (it has happened to me 3 times before, we grind them) the leaf top is tall enough to keep it visible even if it does fall down the drain.Also to my surprise this infuser doesn't sink when using a taller cup (I use the dual walled tumblers a lot for iced tea). It floats near the top and I can grab it with no chance of burning myself from the hot water. 5cute and functional i am new to using loose leaf teas, and this is the first infuser i have purchased. i know i have nothing for comparison, but i really love this little infuser! it is so easy to fill and clean out, and it makes great tea! it looks like it will hold up well too. i have been using it 2 or 3 times daily, and i'm very pleased! yes, my fav loose tea has many small particles so i end up with a few tiny bits in my tea. so what? it settles to the bottom quickly, and i just don't drink that last little sip. i think that is going to happen with anything other than a bag, so if it is an issue for you, it might be best to avoid loose teas. for those who don't mind, i would definitely recommend this item. it is a keeper! 5This Dude Loves His Tea Infuser and Is Not Ashamed to Admit It. For starters, I'm a dude. I'm a dude who likes coffee, tea and whiskey. (Not in any particular order.)I prefer a loose leaf tea infuser that is perfect for those single cups and this cute (yeah, I said 'cute'), little device does the trick. For me, it's all about functionality. My former tea infuser wasn't as functional as this. The design of that one was fun because it mocked a guy sitting in a hot tub when you hung it over the edge of your cup. Someone in my office liked it so much that they took it upon themselves to swipe it right off my desk. It really didn't bother me because I thought it was difficult to fill with loose leaf teas and you had to have the right cup for it to sit properly.So, I was in the market for a new single cup tea infuser and my search led me to this Sweet Leaf tea infuser. The reviews were very favorable and educational. I thought the design was too feminine but that didn't deter me from purchasing it because I needed something that was easy to fill, easy to clean, and would sit properly in my cup. This tea infuser succeeds in fulfilling my needs.I've also read some reviews where others complained about the tea infuser doesn't infuse, but rather floats. I will have to say this- I've never had any problems with my tea infuser not sinking into the hot water. It doesn't need to sink to the bottom to be effective, it only needs to be under water for a mere five minutes.Anyways, this dude is happy with his tea infuser. It does the job for me. 5Very cute infuser that does the job I bought this to go with my Mikasa Daylight teacups - it's a lot more neon green than the cup designs, but I still like it because it carries on the spring leaf theme. The silicone makes it easy to open and clean, while it grips the metal infuser well so it won't open unexpectedly. I use it almost daily, so I usually just rinse it with hot water - washing it with soap once a week. I love the little tray that goes with it.I would compare the infuser and the dome of the silicone size to an egg, so it holds a lot of leaves if you're steeping it in a 16 oz mug. The only reason I gave it 4 stars (see below for update) is because some of the leaves - depending on how small they are - fall through the holes of the infuser before you add hot water. This has happened with Earl Grey and a few black tea blends in particular. The holes are just big enough that you could put a pushpin through them. This is pretty minor issue, but it could limit the variety of tea I use with it. The bigger the leaves the better.Update 6/03/2014: I just wanted to mention that I was able to minimize the leaf-leakage in tea by simply pouring the water in the cup first, gently placing the infuser in, and letting it float and sink to the bottom of the cup on its own. I literally just tried it with a fine black tea I combined with cardamon cinnamon tea - with lots of fine bits - and virtually nothing unwanted leaked out. As the leaves and herbs moisten and expand in the infuser, the little bits will be more apt to stay inside. I still use this infuser almost everyday and love it, so I bumped it up to 5 stars. 5Adorable and Works great! I bought an infuser device at whole foods that said "fits most mugs", well...it only fit 1 out of the 10 I had in the house, so I looked online for this little thing.It holds the tea in well, and even serves as a little stirrer before you take it out. The cutest part...it even comes with a little drip tray so that you can take it out and leave it to the side and it doesn't make a mess.This company also has AMAZING customer service. Through some confusion on my part, I had questions about their product and they were very helpful and were very prompt in their response. Turns out I was an idiot and was asking them about a different product that I ordered from somewhere else...but needless to say, they were still really nice and helpful. 100% recommend this product. 5The positives are it floats nicely, is made of quality materials The positives are it floats nicely, is made of quality materials, and is easy to clean. The holes are super big for tea. I am not sure exactly what tea you are using if you can use loose leaf tea in this without ending up with a mess in your cup. I have found no teas that I own that work in this at all. I would not buy this product again. It might work for you if you grow your own herbs and make your own herbal teas, perhaps. 2Cute and Functional Cute and functional tea infusers. I purchased the 4-pack for $16.99 and they have been good gift accessories in addition to personal use. The balls let a small amount of sediment out when using very fine tea leaves, but it is minimal. I knock it for being messy to open and empty compared to my OXO Good Grips Twisting Tea Ball. If I did not have it for comparison my review would likely be 5 stars. Overall I would purchase again for myself or other tea lovers. 4
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