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Maglite ML300LX LED 2-Cell D Flashlight, Matte Black

  • Maglite ML300LX LED 2-Cell D Flashlight, Matte Black
  • Maglite ML300LX LED 2-Cell D Flashlight, Matte Black
  • Maglite ML300LX LED 2-Cell D Flashlight, Matte Black
  • Maglite ML300LX LED 2-Cell D Flashlight, Matte Black
  • Maglite ML300LX LED 2-Cell D Flashlight, Matte Black
  • Maglite ML300LX LED 2-Cell D Flashlight, Matte Black
  • Maglite ML300LX LED 2-Cell D Flashlight, Matte Black

Maglite ML300LX LED 2-Cell D Flashlight, Matte Black

NZ$ 330.00 NZ$ 198.00 Save: NZ$ 132.00
NZ$ 198.00 NZ$ 330.00 You save: NZ$ 132.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Multi mode electroinic switch. Momentary, Full Power, Low Power, ECO and Stobe
  • Beam Distance, 366 m
  • Advanced focus system (adjusts from spot to flood with less than 1/4 turn of the head)
  • Activity Based Function Sets include General, Outdoor, Law Enforcement and Tactical
  • Runtime: High = 6.5 hrs; Low = 20hrs; ECO = 69 hrs
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Customer Reviews

It's like a stick full of sunshine at the push of a button.I work for a transit agency and I work a lot of early morning and late night shifts, we are required to do a walk around our busses before leaving the yard and I find it helpful to use my Maglite for such occasions. I went from a tired older two cell incandescent Mag to this one, man WHAT A DIFFERENCE! The adjustable beam makes it even more handy to go from inside lighting (spot beam for me) to outside lighting (flood beam, for exterior inspections). Not to mention the three cell is easier to hold and the newer designs grip pattern is perfect for its design. Five stars from me, I'll be use this for a long time I'm sure. The heavy duty quality is still there without the worry of the bulb burning out on you also.5Excellent choice for a long term power outage or general family useOK, I just got this flashlight a few days ago so I don't have any long term experience with it. But as a flashaholic I have a lot of knowledge about flashlights in general (after collecting at least 50 high end flashlights including Surefire, Fenix, Nitecore, Olight, etc). You get the picture. This Maglite would be an excellent choice for a family flashlight or for a long term power outage scenario. I wanted this light specifically because it uses D cell batteries. You can find those batteries anywhere (which isn't true of 18650 batteries, RCR-123's, various IMR batteries, etc.). Plus D cells are relatively cheap and they pack a lot of amps into one battery which means your light will last a long time before you need to replace the batteries. This light excels at throw and it has a pretty decent spill as well. Even on the eco mode the throw is impressive. The throw to spill ratio is adjustable by twisting the head but there isn't a huge amount of variance by doing this. I just keep my light on maximum throw since that is the way I am using it right now. But it's nice to know I can increase the spill if necessary. Going from high to low ("eco" mode) takes a little practice. The light comes on in high and you have to click the switch quickly to go through the modes. If you are too slow your second click will turn the light off. This just takes a little practice and it's not really a big issue. You can configure the light a couple of different ways. I didn't need the strobe feature so I just left the light with the default factory settings. If you decide to buy this light let me make a couple of other recommendations: I bought a couple of low discharge 8,000 mAh NiMh D cells to go with this light. Be sure to get NiMh batteries with a low discharge rate because low discharge high amperage batteries are supposed to hold 80% of their power over one year of storage. You should also consider getting a battery charger that has both AC and DC charging capabilities. That's important if you want to be able to charge your flashlight from your car battery if the power goes out for a long period of time. I also recommend you buy a battery tester (usually less than $10), and last but not least - the Maglite accessory kit. The accessory kit has a mounting bracket, anti-roll collar, and some lenses. The anti-roll collar may be important if you are careless with your light. This flashlight is only rated for a 1 meter fall so it might survive a roll off your kitchen counter but not much higher than that. The accessory kit is cheap and you will not regret spending the money. Overall I think this is an excellent flashlight for general use and a very good item for preppers or anyone wanting a flashlight with a long battery life. Get this light - you won't be disappointed.5Very nice flashlight but a few suggestionsI bought the ML300L and the ML300LX. The metal gets way too cold to hold and likely too hot in the Summer. The power button is black and blends in with the black flashlight. You can't see the power button in the dark.I wrote the below message to Maglite as suggestions.Three suggestions.. I own a ML300L and a ML300LX flashlight.They are nice flashlights, but a have a couple of suggestions for Winter and Summer use.(1) The metal handle/tube is very cold in the Winter. It would be nice if it had some kind of rubberized coating. Really, you can't hold onto the flashlight without gloves in cold weather. The metal is waaay too cold. I imagine in a hot climate the metal may be too hot to hold.(2) A rubber sleeve or some kind of insulation could fit over the barrel handle tube and open at the end to access batteries.(3) At night or just in the dark, you can't see the power button (Black Flashlight). I have to feel for it. The power button should be glow in the dark or white painted, etc for easy access.4Best Maglite yet!I've only had this light for a few days. At first I wasn't crazy about the matte finish but now I'm convinced this is best next step for Maglite. The grip is solid feeling feeling in your hands and overall the light is typical Maglite quality.Im sure the led and some other parts are sourced from overseas (as there is not any US suppliers), but there are real Americans in Ontario California who are building these high quality flashlights. Maglite has not sold out like so many other US companies have.A lot of the cheaper flashlight companies inflate the lumens, battery life etc. Maglite is very honest with their numbers. I can't wait to see what they do next! I own many Maglites and will continue to support them as long as the quality remains high and they employ Americans!5Runtime GraphsIf you thought you were going to get 524 lumens CONTINUOUSLY for the entire runtime (on high), that's not going to happen. However, in all fairness to Maglite, most flashlights manufacturers will throttle down to lower brightness levels over the complete runtime - which keeps the TOTAL runtime longer and keeps the light's temperature from getting too hot.Be aware that Maglite is using the ANSI-FL-1 standard for runtimes, that allows the runtime to be defined as the time it takes for the light to reach 10% of initial brightness (lumens).Attached PHOTO 1 shows how the light throttles down gradually during the first hour and settles around 260 lumens. Using ANSI FL-1, I got about 1.4 hours longer than Maglite's listed runtime.Note that Maglite has an interesting spike in brightness (about 40 seconds after turn-on) that lasts only seconds. It would appear that this is what Maglite is using to claim it can reach 524 lumens - but it only lasts seconds.Attached PHOTO 2 shows the runtime on low (134 lumens). Here we see a stable output for over 21 hours. My runtime (per ANSI-FL1) was about an hour longer than Maglite's listed runtime.Certainly Maglite's listed runtimes are accurate - if using ANSI-FL1.Lumens values on the graphs are derived from Maglite's listed spec. I can't measure lumens, that takes a very expensive integrating sphere. The light meter data logger was a REED Instruments SD-1128.5Maglites are fantastic!Ok, I am happy to give this ML300XL 5 Stars. The light was not all that I expected it to be, but it still rates 5 in my book.I have had Maglites for decades. I recently passed down my 3D incandescent light from when I delivered pizzas in the late 80's to my 11 year-old son. I have an AA MiniMag and a 3D 2nd Gen LED as well. I always appreciate how beefy the lights are.This ML300XL intrigued me, so I put it in my wish list for awhile. Around Christmas for a short period of time I saw that the price dropped to $34, which was interesting because the 2D version of this same light was still at $44. Figuring it was a mistake that would soon be corrected, I bought it.Shipping was super fast with Prime. Packaging was fine. Put brand new Energizers in, and tested it out. Light is very bright, no question about that. Very happy with brightness level on full power. It has 4 different modes to choose from, each mode having a certain set of 3 light settings. I chose General, so I have Full Power/Med Power/Strobe. Works best for me.Build quality is fantastic. Love the new grip pattern. Love Maglites. Made in USA using quality materials.ONLY thing that I was bummed about is that it is a lighter version of previous 3D cells. The material is not the strong and heavy aluminum body that I am used to. To me, this 3D light is the same size as their older 3C lights. I would like to see them get back to a thicker body but with the same technology in it. Many people buy Maglites for the beefy metal body.Fantastic light, and a steal at $34...5My 3, D-cell 'DL' Maglite is brighter than my new 3, D-cell 'ML300LX'So, what a surprise this AM when I took my older 3-cell DL LED maglite, and compared it to the new ML300LX. My older DL has a tighter focused beam than the ML (see photo, ML on the left, DL, right). Also, at roughly 100 yards, I did a side by side comparison between the two and found my older DL was comparable in brightness as the ML (the ML did have a larger field of view, though). I believe the DL is rated at slightly less than 200 lumens and the ML and slightly more than 600. The ML had new batteries (Duracell) and my DL had the same batteries but from last summer. After comparing the two flashlights, I checked the batteries with my voltmeter. The new ML had batteries that were all at 1.54 volts and the DL's were at 1.40 volts - this was puzzling too.Will I return the ML, probably not. It still provides all the light I need for use around our property. I do like having the eco option to conserve battery, and switching between the various functions is easy (I probably won't need them, but they are there if I do).Bottom line, I like Maglite and I'm not in a competition for the brightest flashlight. I like the overall style and the on/off button has a nice solid feel to it. I'm hoping it's as durable as my other Maglites, but some of the other reviews found here have me a bit concerned about that too. Maybe someone can explain how <200 Lumens can be as bright as >600 lumens?UPDATE: Sent my first ML300LX back, and the second one is as faulty as the first. I must be the unluckiest person who has ever purchased this flashlight. Both have been extremely disappointing. Both preformed as advertised for a total of about 1 hour's time. After that, the light is of average brightness and does not cycle thru its different brightness settings. When I called support they told me the problem I had with the first (returned) ML300LX was "old batteries" (because they had an expiration date of 2024). They said batteries that expire on or after 2027 would be the best bet. So, that's what I used on the second one: brand new Duracell batteries that are best by 2027 - and again, the light failed miserably after about an hour of use, exactly as the first. For me this is the last straw...1Awesome Maglite!!!I was a little skeptical about buying this one because of the mixed reviews, but I decided what the heck! . I hope the photos will be helpful while you read the rest of my review.First impressions: Awesome Maglite! Feels just as heavy duty as the old ones and looks amazing! It s real bright, a bit brighter than my old 3-D Cell LED Maglite and the button feels up to date and not springy, but I actually like the spring feeling button on the older versions, but the new one is just as nice. This new one is a bit shorter than the old one and the head of the flashlight is a bit different too. Taking it apart was a new bit for me, slightly different design, but keeping the toughness.New features: I like the capability of choosing a lower light setting, but it does take a little playing around to get used to the button switching(it s like the toy sonic screwdrivers lol). Some questioned the strength in the head because of the plastic gear inside, but it doesn t seem to be a weak spot much at all. Though when opening the flashlight out of the package, I would suggest taking it apart just in case to make sure the plastic ring is bottomed out so when you put it back together, the head will adjust normally(the gear teeth touch the bottom of the reflector and there s an edge inside the head that bottoms out with the edge under the plastic gear which limits how far you can twist the head). Oh and you have to unscrew the top cap of the head first then pop the bottom half off and slide it off the flashlight, then when putting it together, you will have to slide the bottom half of the head up the flashlight then slightly pop it in to completely close it together and screw the top cap back on. When the light is on, the head doesn t adjust the same way that the old one does, but it s easy and shorter in the twisting. The battery end cap is different, so there s no swapping parts with the old ones. It s a new Maglite nearly all together, but it s great!Overall: It s a Maglite! I currently have no cons to bring out. The biggest pro in my opinion, is that it s a bit lighter than the old one and brighter, which is a big thumbs up for me! Great job!! It s a perfect piece in my Maglite collection!!!5Maglite blew me awayWow, Maglite blew me away with this one.I work in law enforcement and can say that this flashlight is built to last. The grip portion of the light is cut in a pattern which gives the user a little extra grip.The grip is also more narrow then the maglites of old. It is only slightly larger than the d cell batteries themselves. I got a black one and it is very sharp looking. The lights are also searialized so if you and a coworker have the same light you can tell which one belongs to you.The flashlight is phenomenal as far as operations are concerned. The on off switch is easy to access and feels like it's heavily constructed as well. First push and the highest setting is activated. Multiple pushes accesses medium and low output mode. With no exaggeration, the low output is a bright as some of my other lights. I also believe this light can be programmed to have a strobe mode as well. This is the brightest flashlight I have ever owned. It would work well at home, on the job, on the boat or any other situation you can find yourself in.I defiantly give this light 5 stars and would recommend it to anyone not afraid to spend 50 dollars and a tool that most certainly will last a long time5Industrial quality. Bright lilght. As with all Maglite flashlights, this one delivers. High quality, very bright and long lasting LED light. 3 Settings allows you to deliver just the right amount of light for the task. I live in a neighborhood without street lights and I use this when I take my dog for a walk in the evening. Really lights up the path and lets everyone know we're out there. Fortunately, I haven't had to use it as a weapon as many have suggested, but with the weight of the 3 batteries, I'm sure it could do some real damage to anyone who tried to mess with me :) 5Not the same quality as older Maglite'sI have owned a pile of MAG-LITE's over the past 30 years of various sizes because they make quality products here in the USA.This light is by far the best of the bunch !I got the Urban Gray and really like the color. The light seems to be no bigger diameter than older C cell MAG-LITE's I own and is significantly lighter than older D cell lights.I'm hoping the durability hasn't suffered by making it lighter , only time will tell...Update-I am changing my review from 5 stars to 3 stars , here is why...At first glance the ML300LX MAG-LITE is awesome. It is bright and is smaller diameter than older D cell's. I really like the grip pattern and multi function electronic switch and the fact that it's LED.I wish that you could program it specifically for the functions you want instead of having to settle for 1 of 4 choices. I would prefer momentary on , hi and low , so had to settle on one of the 4 options.It should also have had the 4 function options engraved on the flashlight , so you have the instructions available and can quickly switch to another mode without having to cycle through them one by one to find what you may need at a later time.I can live with this and did not change my review for this reason.Here is the huge downside and why I'm lowering my rating of this flashlight to 3 stars-I ordered the replacement glass lens for this light so I'm not dealing with scratches on the polycarbonate lens when cleaning dust and dirt off of it.When I unscrewed the lens to replace it , and saw how the reflector and spot/flood assembly was designed , it made me sick!The assembly is made of cheap plastic with cheap plastic gears that zoom in and out as you rotate the head its 1/4 turn.It won't take much for these plastic gears to become stripped out , losing the ability to change between spot and flood.Another con -The head of the flashlight IS NOT THREADED AND DOES NOT ATTACH TO THE BODY OF THE FLASHLIGHT BY BEING SCREWED ON !Don't take my word for it , see for yourself by doing the following.Unscrew the lens and remove the plastic reflector assembly by pulling it straight out from the flashlight.Then push down on the head and it will slide straight down the body of the light.The only thing keeping the head of the flashlight on is the plastic reflector being held in place by having the lens assembly screwed on.Because the head of the light isn't actually attached to the body , the only thing that keeps water out is a rubber O ring.Use this light to club someone in an emergency and the plastic reflector will likely break and the flashlight will fall apart.I'm extremely disappointed !For 50+ bucks and from a company like MAG-LITE , I would have expected way more !I'd rather pay a few bucks more for quality than to pay a lot for something that has a serious design flaw and likely won't last.I have now purchased several of these flashlights and DO NOT regret it. I really like the light overall but recognize that they have weaknesses and likely would not remain watertight if submerged in a puddle.If my review was helpful for you then please take the time to click on the "helpful" button below.Thanks !3
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