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Maglite XL200 LED 3-Cell AAA Flashlight Tactical Pack, Black

  • Maglite XL200 LED 3-Cell AAA Flashlight Tactical Pack, Black
  • Maglite XL200 LED 3-Cell AAA Flashlight Tactical Pack, Black
  • Maglite XL200 LED 3-Cell AAA Flashlight Tactical Pack, Black
  • Maglite XL200 LED 3-Cell AAA Flashlight Tactical Pack, Black
  • Maglite XL200 LED 3-Cell AAA Flashlight Tactical Pack, Black
  • Maglite XL200 LED 3-Cell AAA Flashlight Tactical Pack, Black
  • Maglite XL200 LED 3-Cell AAA Flashlight Tactical Pack, Black
  • Maglite XL200 LED 3-Cell AAA Flashlight Tactical Pack, Black

Maglite XL200 LED 3-Cell AAA Flashlight Tactical Pack, Black

NZ$ 252.00 NZ$ 152.00 Save: NZ$ 100.00
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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Tactile knurl grip
  • Beam Distance, 138 m
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Customer Reviews

Unreliable! I bought this XL200 thinking it would be better than the XL50 I bought a year ago... no such luck.The light worked for a week, then stopped. There is an issue somewhere between the switch on the tail of the flashlight body, the battery, or the LED itself. Either way, this issue has plagued the XL200 as well as the XL50, and neither of these flashlights are reliable. My XL200 works sometimes. my XL50 doesn't work at all!Fortunately I have no emotional loyalty to any manufacturer. I will search for another flashlight based on positive reviews, and pitch my two Maglites in the trash.My advice: don't waste your money on this flashlight. There are so many alternatives on Amazon...Maglite folks, if you're reading this, quality and reliability is everything. Nobody cares about your brand name. Fix your broken product. 2Of 3 I've had, all have failed within 2 years I wanted to like these, bought 3 of them. After 2 years all have failed. I can't explain it, but I have another half dozen lights of the same size, etc., all of which are more powerful and more versatile, but I liked these to clamp onto my AR and a tactical shotgun. For some reason these things just die. Batteries are also more prone to corrode in them, and I use the same exact batteries, Duracels, in all my flashlights. When batteries go bad in these, they corrode the light in some way that kills them. May make no sense, but I'll never buy another one, and I've had Maglites all my life without problems until I started trying to use these. I can't find another brand that fails like these. 1Great, flexible, light. I had the three setting XL 50 before this (still have it, gave it to one of the kids). The settings on the XL 50 are one click to turn on, two quick clicks to go to "dim" mode and three quick clicks to go to "blink" mode. Then another click to turn off. I sometimes prefer the simplicity of that flashlight over the "smart" switch that this XL-200 has. On this unit, you click and hold to adjust the intensity of the light. Quick clicks take you to a different "mode" of which there are five. A hold on the last click will let you adjust the intensity of that mode, so overall you have 5 modes each with an intensity.Once you get used to this, it's easy enough, but kids would have a harder time with it. It's bright enough, though I don't see a huge difference between it and the xl 50. Still, it is a great light so far, and it has a lifetime warranty. I have always liked MAG products. I know there are cheaper alternatives out there, but they just don't feel right. 5Though, resistant and dimmable... efeen awesome!!! Love it!!! I'm a Maintenance tech and work indoors where only artificial light is available, I love the fact that the intensity of the light can be dimmed from the highest to the lowest range just by holding the flashlight horizontally holding with the on/off button pressed and twisting my hand. Is so convenient opposite to some they only have two or three light intensity steps. This is very useful when working inside a machine where is dark and have the mechanism I'm working on very close to my face and low intensity light is necessary, keep in mind that there is flashlights with higher light intensity on the market but to work indoors this one has more than plenty of light, also have used outdoors helping direct traffic during and accident on the highway while raining using the strobe mode for like about an hour and I was confident incoming vehicles were able to see me. This flashlight is water tight and have dropped it lots of times and works every time. I have used for about an hour of continuously without having to replace the batteries. Is a good thing the light looses intensity as the batteries charge diminishes, is a good indicator that batteries need to be replaced. The ON/OFF button is in the back so is very difficult to accidentally turn it on while in the holster or pocket. I have put it in the holster by mistake while is ON and drained the batteries, my fault. I had a handmade holster that failed (that's how I lost it my first one), this time bought the Maglite XL Series Holster Black and my spare flashlight fits like a glove. I order me one more flashlight and holster and give it to my wife to carry on her purse. Maglite really hit it out of the park with this flashlight!!! 5Kills your battery On the surface this is a wonderful flashlight. It is easy to adjust the brightness; it can be very bright; it has a lock-out feature that prevents it from being turned on accidentally in a pack; it works on easily obtained batteries; and it is light and compact for its capabilities. I thought these were the best flashlights ever and bought them for gifts and my friends liked them very much. I even bought one for each of my hiking and running packs. That way I would always have on if caught out after sunset. However, it turns out that after a year or less the batteries are dead in all of my flashlights of this type even if they have never been used. Since this flashlight has a lock-out feature, I am sure they did not accidentally get turned on. The electronics must have some current leakage that kills the batteries. This makes these flashlights useless as emergency flashlights unless you store the batteries separately. I have other flashlights that sit for years and years in a drawer or pack with the batteries in them so they are ready to go if I need them and all of them work just fine even after many years. This is what I expect from a good flashlight--it should not kill the batteries if they are left in the flashlight. These flashlights have killed so many batteries and cannot be trusted if I need them unexpectedly so I have come to feel they are at best a waste of money. A one star review is more than these flashlights deserve. 1Has LOCK OUT feature! I don't understand why they don't advertise the BEST feature of this flashlight. The Lock-out feature.I previously had the XL100 model, which was great but not the brightest. Before I bought this model, which is much brighter, I wanted to make sure it still has the lock-out feature. Basically, when off, you hold the flashlight with the button to the ground, hold the button while flipping the flash light so the button is facing the sky and let go. This puts the flashlight into lock-out mode, which means it will not turn on until you do the process again. This is FANTASTIC for saving batteries. I only end up changing batteries maybe once or twice a year because my flashlight isn't turning on in my pocket, or tool belt, or bag and draining the batteries.I like the quick-click feature over the 100's angle to select different modes (which is really difficult in the dark).The XL100 served me very well until I lost it, and I have no doubt the brighter XL200 will serve me even better. With the brightness, I can easily point out things to workers on a ceiling 22ft away in a fully lit room. Maglite definitely holds up to its name with this one. 5Alkaline Batteries Not a Good Idea Good light for the price...does lots of cool stuff and the awfully bright. But I had both of mine die from leaking batteries. Not 'no-name' junk batteries, but brand-new Duracell and Energizer alkaline batteries that had been in the device for less than 5 months.So yeah, I have had expensive gear wiped out by BOTH major battery manufacturers (Energizer and Duracell). Makes no difference. FWIW, all major battery mfgr's warranty their batteries against leakage, and every bit of gear that has been destroyed has been paid for (usually after an annoying bit of runaround) by both Duracell and the annoying bunny guys. I bought another one of these lights and ALL I will use in it are lithium batteries (which cannot leak). Only drawback of lithium are cost and that they aren't happy in the glovebox of a hot car (reduces lifespan considerably).Maglite ought to include a warning, that they strongly recommend lithium or NiMH (rechargeable) batteries. 3Very solid and dependable The difference between the Maglite XL200 LED 3-Cell AAA Flashlight and the comparable imported competitors is like night and day: There is a substance and feel to the Maglite that is distinctly lacking in the imports, and I've been through many of these in the last several years. I fully expect the XL200 to last for a decade or more, and after that I probably won't be needing flashlights of any kind.At first, I was rather cool to the multiple modes of operation, but I have grown to depend upon the "Nite Lite" mode (three quick clicks) when I am walking the dog around the yard in the middle of the night: If the lamp is held still, the light dims slowly which is perfect when I'm waiting for the dog to decide what and where her business will be be; when she is through, a flick of the wrist brings the light to full output and I can easily navigate the treacheries of the suburban backyard and get back to the backdoor where the pup is waiting for me...I heartily recommend this flashlight, despite that fact that it costs as much as several of the imports, because, unlike the imports, the Maglite will not fail just when you need it, and that is what a flashlight should be...I also like the fact that it is manufactured in the United States, because, although I am retired now, I have always made my living with my hands - and more than a little bit of brains - as a theatrical stagehand. Stagehands spend their working lives in the dark and know the importance of a good reliable flashlight 5Best flashlight I have ever owned I have owned many maglites over the years, from the small pocket ones, to the large tactical style lights. They have all been incredibly durable and performed very well. I have replaced the bulbs occasionally because after time the halogen ones would dim, the light would become very yellow, and they would be more or less useless even with full charge batteries. And after losing my small halogen maglite that I use for hunting I decided to try one of the new XL led lights.All I can say is WOW! This is easily the best and brightest flashlight I have ever owned. My primary use was for a hunting light - walking to and from my stand or blood trailing. For night-time blood trailing this light is AMAZING. It is effectively a small spotlight and really makes blood "pop". Small, lightweight, and easy on/off. The strobe feature and dim feature can be hit or miss to activate it seems like, but I do not use those that often. The only thing I wish it came with was maybe a clip? I see they now sell a model with one but it was not available at the time of purchase.The construction is typical maglite quality - very durable and sturdy, no loose parts. Does not feel cheap. I have had the same set of 3 AAA batteries last 2 years before having to replace.Any I was so impressed with the performance of this flashlight that I bought another to keep in the house. We had the power go out a few weeks go and I turned the flashlight on, aimed it at the ceiling, and it pretty much lit up the whole room! It kept us out of the dark for a few hours until power was restored.This year I bought one for my FIL for xmas (shhh don't tell) because as we were blood trailing a nice buck he kept commenting how nice my flashlight was compared to his old bulky baton maglite that wasn't even half as bright! We found the buck (partly thanks to this flashlight) but point taken and now he's getting a nice stocking stuffer.Do yourself a favor and buy one! You wont regret it! 5Great Light that is Reliable. I went with the US made Maglite after poor performance from Fenix and Browning LED flashlights. This is a nice size, very bright, and has features not found on a light in this price range. I have had a 3D cell Maglite for 20+ years. I should have started with them when looking for an EDC light for home and on the road. I will buy one for my wife and grown kids.Update: After 6 months it started draining the batteries in a couple of days with no light being on. I will send it back to Maglite and see if they can repair the unit. Disappointed.Update 6/13/16 - I was flying into Ontario Airport and decided to take my defective XL200 to the Maglite plant in Ontario. The warranty people took the flashlight, diagnosed the problem and did a "no charge" repair while I waited 20 minutes. Great service. The printed circuit board in the light was defective. I appreciate the great service.Update 3/121/18 - The old light still drained the batteries. Warranty at Mag-Lite traded my wonky light for a new one. I have used it 5 days a week for the past six months with ZERO issues. The same set of batteries that were in the light when I got it from Mag-Lite Warranty. This one is the light I wanted. I will update further if anything changes, but I don't expect it to fail. 5
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