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Master Lock Python Trail Camera Adjustable Camouflage Cable Locks 8418KA-2 CAMO

  • Master Lock Python Trail Camera Adjustable Camouflage Cable Locks 8418KA-2 CAMO

Master Lock Python Trail Camera Adjustable Camouflage Cable Locks 8418KA-2 CAMO

NZ$ 228.00 NZ$ 136.80 Save: NZ$ 91.20
NZ$ 136.80 NZ$ 228.00 You save: NZ$ 91.20



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Two (2) Camouflage Cable Locks all keyed the same. One key opens both locks.
  • If wanting a quantity of 4 or 8 cable locks keyed alike please purchase either the 4-pack Search: 8418KA-4 CAMO or ASIN - B00L716XKW, or an 8-pack available on Amazon. Search: 8418KA-8 CAMO 8-pack or ASIN - B00L716XKW.
  • Cut resistant 5/16" (8mm) braided steel cable. Patented locking mechanism holds cable secure at any position from 1' (30cm) to 6' (1.8m) for infinite locking positions.
  • Tiedown convenience - cinches tight for improved security and no "flapping" within pickup bed or on trailer.
  • Weather Tough aluminum alloy lock, cylinder shutter and vinyl coated cable
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Customer Reviews

Just the right size to fit and secure my trail cameras.The python cable lock do a great job of fitting my trail cameras and keeping them locked up from the average thieving low-lifes. I did lose a camera to a thief about 8 years ago, and it did have a python cable lock securing it to a good sized tree. Am pretty sure they either had a cutting tool or bolt cutters. These aren't entirely thief-proof, but then again nothing really is. They do stop the unprepared thief, though. I like the fact that all the locks in this 4-pack are keyed the same. Each lock comes with 2 keys, so you end up with 8 keys total. Good stuff!5These work great and it would take a great deal of work ... These work great and it would take a great deal of work to steal the trail camera you have locked around a tree with these. Most likely someone would have to return with cutting tools to steal a camera with this protection. And for a bear...I would guess impossible for him to get your camera off a tree, if it is in a security box and has this cable locked around it. Most security boxes now have holes big enough to use these cable locks and most are made till the cable goes through both the camera and box. Great product. 5Great for a ton of different usesThese locks are great for a ton of different uses. Obviously most people use them for game cameras, and they work great for that, but if you have kayaks with a locking point, you can use these to lock them into your truck/trailer (or to each other if needed), they can be used as bike locks, for tree stands, grill locks, ladder locks, or as another review showed - through multiple locker doors instead of individual padlocks. Very durable and long lasting. If you plan to leave them outside a very long time (read: multiple years) use a PTFE/Teflon-based lubricant (found in any hardware store) to be safe. Remember, if you want to get multiple locks all keyed together, the easiest is to buy them all at once in a multi-pack (from 2 to 16 can be bought at same time). If you already bought a pair and want to add more locks (keyed the same as your existing ones), take your key number and contact a hardware store that sells Masterlock products - many of them can order more Python locks with that specific key number. As you can expect, you may pay more since it would be a special order, but it solves your problem. That is also why I mentioned ordering one of the larger packs if you see yourself needing multiple locks in the future.5These things are awesome!I use these for all my trail cameras in high theft areas and they are awesome! Only downside is having to have different keys for different locks but I number mine and its not that bad. I also use these to lock down stuff on my deck like propane tanks and my smoker since I live in an area where theft might happen. You can't go wrong with these awesome locks! I wish I had these years ago when I lived with my kayak on my truck!5Excellent Trail Cam ProtectionThese cables are the best for trail cam enthusiasts. I really appreciate the fact I can buy multiple units that are keyed the same. When I m out in the woods trying to manage multiple cameras and it s nice not having to fumble around with multiple keys. For large trees I m able to connect 2 or more for additional length. So why use a cable? First off, the obvious, they are a theft deterrent. Sometimes I have my cameras set up in more urban areas where there s a high likelihood people can come across them. The second reason is damage from the animals. We have bears as well as large elk that have been know to destroy cameras checking them out or even playing with them. These are camo colored so blend in well which is great.5Will deter but won't prevent theftThese will do the job is you're looking to slow down or deter a thief, but they won't prevent someone who is determined enough. They're well made, but like most other reviews have stated, the keys are the Achilles' heel here. They're very poor quality, and I'm sure it's just a matter of time before one breaks off. They also don't remove from the lock easily, and you have to find the 'sweet spot' by wiggling them around a bit, then they will eventually come out. Going to see if I can get brass keys made at Home Depot to prevent this from happening.3Good qualityOverall a good product. A bit more expensive than I would ve liked to pay. Bought these for some moultrie cellular cameras that were a bit pricey themselves. They work well for XA7000 (ATT or Verizon) trailcameras. Haven t tried them on anything else but they are designed well, sturdy and simple to use. Keeps an honest person away from stealing your camera but it won t keep a thief if they really want it.4High quality deterrent So this is my second set of these. Cable is a bit larger diameter than the last set I bought. That s great for security but I think it may be too fat for some models of game cams so check the specs and that of your camera so no surprises. Sometimes the locking mechanism is a little tough to release the cable and that s out of the box. May be a bit challenging after sitting in the field for 9 months but we will see. 5It locks truck boxes! Lock your truck box with it. 'Cause the manufacturers of lower end cool looking truck boxes like mine won't engineer a latch that locks on both sides. Thanks to Master Lock my contents is safer than before. At least that is what I would like to think. #nohasp 5I own ten...enough said.I own 10 of these so I obviously like them. If you know in advance how many you will need, you can get them keyed alike. But if like me...you add cameras as budget allows, you just have to tote a key ring when you want to move them. Must have the lock turned with the key to insert and adjust the cable. At times I have put the camera on a mount as the tree was leaning but was still able to use the cable for security.In most instances, I just secure the camera with the cable. I NEVER use the camera straps provided whether I can use a cable or not. The straps are a loud sign to any woods savvy person that, "Hey, I have a camera located here." I will buy more of these if I procure more cameras that have the slots to use one.5Keeps honest people honestHere is the bottom line on these cable locks: they won't keep a thief from stealing my expensive trail cameras but will keep regular folks from stealing them. I needed these thinner cables to use with my transmitting Bushnell bear boxes because the holes drilled in the boxes for cables are too small to fit the larger Python cables I use for the boxes on my non-transmitting cameras. These cables wouldn't even require bolt cutters to slice them in half; wire cutters could do the job. At least you need bolt cutters for thicker cables. But, my transmitting cameras have not been stolen so this Python canble lock is good enough to deter theft, so far.4Locks for the honestI purchased these to secure things such as my trail cameras, my tree stand, and a little more security for my spare tire on my trailer. By no fault of the locks, the cable does not fit through the holes on my trail cams, so that idea was out. The other two ideas will still work. However, while installing the locks, I came across the fact that the pivot point on the cable appeared plastic. I was hoping that the plastic was just a coating, but I don't think it is. It scratches like plastic, sounds like plastic, light weight like plastic, so I'm going with plastic. It doesn't matter how well any other part is built. It can only be as strong as the weakest point. I'll still use them where I can, but it goes back to the saying that "locks are to keep honest people honest", they won't stop a thief.3Key is not steel or brass and breaks. New blank is brass. Read for recommended lubricantsI had a key snap off in an older Python lock that had been undisturbed on the tree for at least a couple years. Master Lock is going to replace it as a courtesy. However, the broken key appeared to be aluminum or a similar metal, not steel or brass. I had another Python and took its "aluminum" key to a locksmith. He used blank "ILCO 1092VA" that was brass and made a better key. Take your Python with you to the locksmith. It took him a little burnishing to get the key to work perfectly in the lock. In the future, I will operate the locks on my Pythons at least every 6 months and possibly every time I take out the trail camera.Master Lock recommended NOT using WD-40, silicone or graphite. They strongly recommended a PTFE/Teflon-based lubricant such as Dupont Teflon Multi-use lube. FYI you can cut the Python cable with small bolt cutters.4
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