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Mechanix Wear MPT-72-009 - M-Pact Coyote Tactical Gloves (Medium, Brown)

  • Mechanix Wear MPT-72-009 - M-Pact Coyote Tactical Gloves (Medium, Brown)
  • Mechanix Wear MPT-72-009 - M-Pact Coyote Tactical Gloves (Medium, Brown)
  • Mechanix Wear MPT-72-009 - M-Pact Coyote Tactical Gloves (Medium, Brown)
  • Mechanix Wear MPT-72-009 - M-Pact Coyote Tactical Gloves (Medium, Brown)
  • Mechanix Wear MPT-72-009 - M-Pact Coyote Tactical Gloves (Medium, Brown)
  • Mechanix Wear MPT-72-009 - M-Pact Coyote Tactical Gloves (Medium, Brown)
  • Mechanix Wear MPT-72-009 - M-Pact Coyote Tactical Gloves (Medium, Brown)
  • Mechanix Wear MPT-72-009 - M-Pact Coyote Tactical Gloves (Medium, Brown)

Mechanix Wear MPT-72-009 - M-Pact Coyote Tactical Gloves (Medium, Brown)

NZ$ 180.00 NZ$ 108.00 Save: NZ$ 72.00
NZ$ 108.00 NZ$ 180.00 You save: NZ$ 72.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) knuckle guard and finger guards protect against impact.
  • Dual-layer internal fingertip reinforcement provides added durability.
  • D3O palm padding absorbs and dissipates high-impact energy through the palm.
  • Nylon web loop provides convenient storage.
  • Machine washable.
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Customer Reviews

Awesome Gloves!!!For me, the title says it all--these are awesome gloves. We started using Mechanix Wear gloves in Iraq, because the issue nomex gloves couldn't stand up to the use & abuse we put them through (we were convoy escort, so we were always working on our vehicles & 50 cals). At that time, Mechanix Wear geared their gloves to the civilian market, so we had to buy the black gloves, and use sharpie marker to color in the white logos. Still, we had to hide the gloves from the Sergeants-Major, who would go into convulsions if they saw us using non-issue gloves...Anyhow, most of us brought our Mechanix gloves home at the end of our tour, because they were still in good shape. Now that the company is producing a more 'tactical' style glove, I bought a pair, and love them as much as the originals (plus the new ones don't smell like Iraq). A few points about the Mechanix Wear M-Pact gloves:* Love the coyote brown tan color; works just as well with civilian clothes as with a military uniform.* The rubber finger & knuckle guards provide great protection, but are segmented so you can still flex your fingers.* The black rubber on the palms and fingers is 'grippy,' I can put away & take my car keys out of my pants pocket without taking off the gloves. The same feature helps with magazine changes, as well as working in the garage with tools.* The logo is also coyote tan, so it blends in with the glove...No need for a sharpie marker.* The price point is fantastic; I can get a pair for the garage, and one each for my hiking kit and for each car trunk.5Looks good for now, I will update in a month after i put them to good use.Ok i just received this Item. At first glance they look top quality for being a 25$ pair of gloves. I am aware that the value of a dollar varies from person to person based on income and cash available. That being said, i believe for 25$ these are very reasonably priced considering they go for more on their website.Quality also varies form person to person, so i am basing my opinion off of a few pairs i have bought in the past. I use gloves in agriculture work that requires lots of repetitive movement that wears down gloves in certain areas. I also use light and basic tools and minor maintenance.In the past my go to glove were a pair of " Memphis C900WWM General Purpose Multi-Task Glove ". A great pair of gloves for 10-15$. They would typically last me a season ( 3 months ). Which is very good considering how much i used the gloves. A normal person could go a year without replacing, maybe more. The stiching on the Memphis C900WWM Held up very nice considering i payed 10$ for them ( medium ) or 15$ ( large ).This year i decided to try out a new glove so i bought the Mechanix Wear M-Pact. I can wear a size Large glove but i found that going down to a size medium helps them fit very snug. However i would not recommend you go down in size unless you are sure you can fit in a medium glove. For me, a medium glove ends right at my wrist. Which to me is perfect, my fingers fit snug and it feels secure.If i were to get a Large in this glove i don't believe it would feel as tactile and snug as i believe a glove should feel. The medium is very comfortable for me, the rubber padding is like a squishy but sturdy foam plastic type of material. It's not hard but its solid if that make sense. It seems as thought everything on this glove was done right.These gloves look really cool and feel really comfortable so finding your right size is very important, at least for me it is as i need to have fast movement in my fingers and i can't use bulky gloves. These gloves are not as bulky as they may seem in video reviews ( probably because everyone tends to get Large )****-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------********I will update in a month after i have used these, I will also be buying a pair in black.***********Update*************These are probably the only glove i will buy from now on, they are very comfortable and fit snug on my hands, i can wear a large but i prefer to wear a medium to give the gloves that extra snug feel. I used this gloves intensely and they held up very well. I can't really say anything bad about them. They feel great, they look awesome and they hold up better than other gloves i have bought in the past.They look really nice in person and i am going to buy a future pair because i lost 1 glove. The material is high quality and for 25$ its an amazing deal. These are like 35+ dollars anywhere else. I really recommend getting these gloves if you work in any type of manual labor position. Especially if you handle tools and equipment.5Not designed for hard work!Thought these would last longer. My husband used these gloves for 24 hours (8 times - 3 hours each) splitting wood with a wood splitter and got holes in the fingers and thumb space. Was hoping for something more. Design needs reinforcement in the fingers and thumb area.2Look awesome, fail just outside of return windowI really loved the look of these gloves and was pretty excited to start using them for my bootcamp style workouts as well for work. Let's just say I didn't put these things through the wringer or anything but the quality is terrible. I use them for 2-3 45 minute workouts a week. Nothing crazy to wear them down, just a protective layer for my hands to be in the woods, lift blocks/brick/tires, etc. I use them in my manufacturing shop (not in there full time) as well but again, not crazy wear and tear.Within a few weeks the rubber on the right knuckle just peeled away from the material and split. About a week later, both middle finger tip seams came apart exposing my finger tips (I wasn't excessively flipping double birds or anything so I don't think that would cause it). Then, the grip pad seams on the palms just below the fingers came out and started to give way. The material on the left thumb print also faded away.Of course, the first issue started the day after the return window closed. Overall I am very disappointed with the quality of glove based on the price and advertising of being the higher quality product line for Mechanix. I would love if these had worked out because they look cool and tough but they are not up to the task.2One of only two brands of impact gloves worth considering.There's little question that Mechanix Wear gloves are some of the most overrated, overpriced work gloves on the market today. Still, as Impact gloves go, Mechanix Mpact and Ironclad's Impact gloves are the only ones I've tested (also tried Kobalt, Hardy, and a number of other virtually generic brands that I can't even recall the name of) that are worth considering. Obviously, they're not going to be as comfortable as a glove that doesn't have an outer rubber shell. But I really can't imagine an impact-style glove with greater flexibility. Ironclad's are a little more comfortable. In fact, from day one they where like a well broken-in pair of gloves, largely do to the attention Ironclad gives to the interior seams, which Mechanix Wear doesn't seem to think is as important. But of all the Mechanix Wear styles I've tried, their Tactical Mpact line is their most comfortably stitched inside and they'll narrow the gap between the Ironclads after some use, in terms of comfort.Mechanix touts both greater breathability and more absorbent rubber than Ironclad. Your hands will still sweat on a hot humid day though. And the rubber is more spongy over the fingers. Ironclads rubber is closer to what mechanix uses on the wrist. Ironclad seems to be a better fit too. Though, as with all gloves you have to pay attention to actual sizes. Mechanix size medium is a size 9, where Ironclad considers size 9 a large.As you can see in the pictures Mechanix isn't as meticulous about color coordination as Ironclad. Each different material used in their glove varies in shade, slightly or even dramatically, in case of the rubber. That's all a matter of subjective preference. I think the different shades of coyote brown give the Mechanix gloves more character myself. Mechanix might have a slight advantage over Ironclad for shooting firearms, due to the texturing on the tip of the index finger, if not for Ironclad's better sense of dexterity, due to more attention being paid to the inside finger seams.As you can see in the pictures Mechanix palm pads also offer more coverage of your palms. However, I've since bought some more Ironclad gloves that I presume to be newer, which also have larger palm pads.Mechanix also has pretty admiral customer support - which might be the cause of the rather steep pricing. This is the second time I've had to exchange a pair of gloves through them. The pair I ordered from amazon came with a badly stitched seam - there was already a 1/4 separation where the stitching had pulled loose, been cut, or something. Which, for my application, once a seam blows, the whole grows bigger, fast. Rather than penalize amazon with return shipping for what was a factory defect that the manufacturer should be accountable for, I contacted Mechanix Wear instead. The manufacturer promptly sent me another pair and a prepaid return label to send back the defective pair.Ultimately, I prefer Ironclad for their slightly better fit and more comfortably stitched interior seams. Even though they're similarly as overpriced as Mechanix, at least on amazon. But Mechanix comes in a close enough second that I'd definitely buy them again, when on sale. If not on sale, I'd likely just go with whichever is cheaper at the time.For those looking for an Impact glove designed more ruggedly for work, Mechanix Genuine Leather Mpact model is probably the best I've found. But it requires a LOT of break-in before it fits as comfortably. Which, by the time it's broken-in, it won't be very pretty. So, if you're just after looks, more than function, the tactical version is the one you want.4Good qualityNice fit. Wish they were made with an option for a bit thicker.4The quality and design has degraded over two years This design of glove by this particular company was never the best design nor was it composed of the highest quality materials, but you can't expect that type of stuff for a glove that costs this much. I have pretty long and slender hands for a guy so the gloves feel short at the cuffs and tight at my longest fingertips. I use these gloves for carpentry, keeping warm in the snowy muuntains, mountain biking and doing basic tasks like carrying firewood or chopping firewood. I expect these clothes so last for about another two years of my current use, it would be nice if they are made with higher-quality materials and how does design that accommodated my longer fingertips and hands. I like the rubberized bits especially, I just wish they could have been designed in a way that didn't restrict movement in your hands, but I don't see how that's possible. Overall they're pretty decent gloves and what I would expect for the price. 3The seams rip Look nice, but aren't really made for anything other than holding a rifle. I bought these for moving styrofoam boxes, and after the 1st week, the seam on the palm by my thumb came apart. Getting a 2nd pair sent, we'll see how those go. 1These Really Do Protect From Impactupdate July, 2019: I have used these regularly for six months now, working with an angle grinder, chopping wood, and bushwhacking. They are holding up well, have protected my hands from injury several times and fit very comfortably. I bought both a Large and a Medium pair. I like both sizes. It seems the size of my hands are between a medium and a large. The one aspect that I like the most about these gloves is that they are comfortable to wear for hours at a time. Both pair that I received are the original Mechanix Wear gloves.I got the medium and it fit perfectly for all fingers. No extra material and yet not restraining in the least. They allow me a good deal of dexterity while providing protection.Next I gave them the hammer test. I had watched a video describing the protection provided by the padding and wanted to give it a fair test. So I took a Stanley Mallet and whacked across my knuckles and fingers for 20 strikes. I could feel the impact but no pain, no bruising. This suggests that when I am working around the camp or bushwhacking I won't be tearing up or bruising my hands.The stitching looks good. My hands move freely while wearing the gloves. The impact protection works. What's not to like.5Best Work Gloves Ever![...]Toughness: 9/10 Fingers!These gloves can take a lot of abuse. I ve had one of the original pairs for over 2 years. I recently had to finally replace them, and that s only because I lost them. It was a sad day for sure.I m in the military and specifically a support unit, so gloves are critical to everything I do there. These took all the abuse of fixing motors, spilt fluids, handling rough surfaces, throwing weapons, around, etc. The only reason they don t get a 10 is that the velcro on the wrist strap started to separate from the strap after about a year of use. Super glue fixed it, but it s an imperfection and I want to be honest.Weight: 10/10 Fingers!These things only way 5.6 ounces. That s barely a third of a pound. When you wear them they almost feel like nothing is there, which is exactly what you want with a pair of gloves, and for those who have to haul a lot of gear around, they essentially add nothing to your load out.Warmth: 5/10 FingersThis is the only true problem I ve found with these gloves but that doesn t stop them from being the best work gloves around. They do stop biting wind and provide some basic warmth, but they aren t cold weather gloves. Which during the summer is a great advantage to them. But during the winter you need a little something more. I use these Under Armour Liners with mine and they become super toasty. Another advantage to using those liners is that they keep the tactile feedback strong and don t add a lot of weight. But they will work with standard issue Army wool glove liners too.Looks: 10/10 Fingers!As stated, I m in the military and need a pair of gloves that work with the uniform, and these fit the bill perfectly, but they do come in black and other standard colors so you don t have to go super tactical with them if that s not your thing. Another reason I think these are the best work gloves in the looks department is that they don t have the hard knuckle cover a lot of tacticool gloves do. I ve worn those style of gloves before and hate them. They just never fit right and sometimes when wearing them I feel like I m trying to hard to look like I m in the special forces. These gloves give you the protection of the hard knuckles with a soft rubber protector but don t sacrifice the look or feel that those hard knuckle gloves do.Tactile Feedback: 8/10 Fingers!This one is hard to grade, because in the end all gloves take away some of the natural feeling of your hands. Part of that is sizing, and if you get the right size on these gloves they will fit your hand and give you pretty much full function of the fingers. The biggest drawback though is that these are not touchscreen compatible and in the world we live in today that is a crucial feature for a lot of people.Miscellaneous: 9/10 Fingers!These gloves have several extra features that help make them pretty nice. The palm is padded with a thin but soft layer of foam, and cut from some pretty tough leather. The top is a thick mesh that provides both protections and breathability. There s a pad on the inside of the pointer finger that prevents common blisters. As mentioned before it uses a thick rubber pad over the knuckles to provide protection, and it s cut in just the right places to provide maximum flexibility. The wrist strap is made from the same rubber and is not coming off the glove. However, the velcro which is sewn to the rubber did come off on my last pair after about a year of use. Another negative is that while they provide some basic protection when wet, you don t want to let these get soaked. If you do make sure to let them air dry as soon as possible and you ll be alright. Otherwise the gloves will begin to wear out at an accelerated pace.Price: 10/10 Fingers!Relative to other similar types of gloves, these are dirt cheap. Similar gloves from Oakley can cost around $80. These are normally around $25 meaning you re saving nearly 70% when you buy these gloves. Which also means you an afford to grab more than one pair and keep a set in the toolbox as well as with your shooting kit.OVERALL SCORE: 8.7/10 Fingers!Now I hear what you re saying. If it s 8.7 out of 10, how can they be the best work gloves ever? Well first, anything can improve, and second very rarely do you find the absolute perfect product. Compromises often have to made in the name of price, design, engineering limitations, etc. In my humble opinion these gloves find the perfect balance between all of those factors, and really only fall short in a couple minor aspects that can be remedied fairly quickly.5Fake Pair I received a counterfeit pair. Unlike an authentic pair, the ones I got have some small things that are off along with a strong cheap rubber smell. The padding on the lower palm is a single connected piece instead of two separate pieces. The top rubber protection doesn't extend (the panhandle hockey stick L shape close to the thumb). The markings on the rubber are a star shape instead of the full circles on a real pair. There is rubber padding on top of the index finger instead of a softer padding. The color of the palm padding and stitching seem much more darker compared to others I have seen. The letters are also off when you look at them. The M is wider and the A is capitalized instead of being lower case. The C has more angling at the opening and there is a dash between M and P when the gloves I have seen don't have it. I have thought if these may be an older updated pair, but older videos I have watched don't show them as looking anything like the ones I got. 1What happened? They changed sizes! XXL don't fit anymore. Even in the Camo! AUGH!These were my GO TO gloves! I'm so upset. Just ordered a few pair and now they don't fit. The XXLs aren't even close to the same size they were before. (and no my hands didn't gain weight or get bigger). I've been using this brand religiously and and exclusive for over 10 years. These are the only things that would fit my size 14 hands. Get the XXL. Normally Wonderful gloves. I couldn't even get them on my hand. :(I got the 4X in XXL and that was the only one to fit.Got all the colors to match the different mountain and road biking outfits. Great for work gloves and really last.I put some in my son's car care kit and an extra pair for he and his friend who move furniture on the side.1Superb protection/dexterity balance, so-so durability Bought a pair for residential demolition & deconstruction in hot & humid conditions (80 /80%). This pair has about 200 hours on them.Comfort & Dexterity: 9/10. Never felt compelled to remove them, except due to heat/sweat or to pick up small trim nails, on tasks ranging from sledging concrete to freehanding a circular saw. No pinching or bunching except at the fingertips. Size L with 9 hands.Protection & Durability: 7/10. These aren t $300 motorcycling gloves, but I expected more. The pleather palm side held up admirably to daily interaction with nails, blades, broken concrete, sweat, mold, and bleach. However, the knuckle guards and palm pads could be improved. The knuckle guards are merely glued to the glove mesh (fail), and the palm pads are stitched on with cheap thread (why not dyneema??).Summary: This is what Wolverine would wear if he didn t have claws... and could heal his garments. If you re deploying to a place without Prime shipping though, or your life depends on what you can do with your hands, order at least two pair. 4IT IS A D SAPPOINTMENT!It is a disapointment! 2 years ago i have bought a pair of these gloves from military px in kaiser slautern Germany they were awesome they were genuine leather.I still use them. I though that they gonna be same but when i open the package see that my new gloves are replica they arent genuine leather. I have trust amazon's quality because there are lots of replicas on chinese sites and half price but, i got a replica gloves with double price. I dont know what can i do but i highly recomend that dont pay anything for this1
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