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Melitta USA Inc 627402 White Wrap Coffee Filter 40 Filters

  • Melitta USA Inc 627402 White Wrap Coffee Filter 40 Filters
  • Melitta USA Inc 627402 White Wrap Coffee Filter 40 Filters
  • Melitta USA Inc 627402 White Wrap Coffee Filter 40 Filters
  • Melitta USA Inc 627402 White Wrap Coffee Filter 40 Filters
  • Melitta USA Inc 627402 White Wrap Coffee Filter 40 Filters
  • Melitta USA Inc 627402 White Wrap Coffee Filter 40 Filters
  • Melitta USA Inc 627402 White Wrap Coffee Filter 40 Filters

Melitta USA Inc 627402 White Wrap Coffee Filter 40 Filters

NZ$ 124.00 NZ$ 75.00 Save: NZ$ 49.00
NZ$ 75.00 NZ$ 124.00 You save: NZ$ 49.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Wrap around paper coffee filters
  • 40 Per box
  • Fits all styles and makes of percolator
  • Fine particle paper for a well filtered coffee
  • Size: 9-1/8'' x 9-1/2''
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Customer Reviews

Great for percolators if you do not like grounds in your coffeeGREAT filters!! A little tricky to learn to use (takes a little time to fill with coffee grounds then fold over to keep the grounds in) but once I got the hang of it, I like the way that my percolated coffee is no longer filled with grounds near the bottom of the pot! Essential equipment for a percolator! Like this much better than the flat disk type that just fit in the bottom or the "permanent" ones that do not quite fit. Just be patient in filling and folding, and you will be rewarded with ground-free coffee!5The best option for percolators to make coffee ground-free piping hot coffee! While percolators have fallen out of favor, we love ours. These filters work so much better than the paper discs that let grounds though. While a bit more work to set up, the results are worth it when you have a delicious and piping hot cup of delicious tasting coffee. I'd prefer unbleached but the price is far higher so we buy these whites for now. 5Melitta USA Inc 627402 White Wrap Coffee Filter This white wrap coffee filter is a MUST if you have a percolator, whether electric or stove-top. I love coffee made in the percolator, but do NOT like the coffee grounds. I have used the Melitta round discs, even two at a time (bottom-coffee-top) to try to keep the grounds from coming out of the basket. It just didn't do the trick. These white wrap coffee filters absolutely do the job! They take a little "finesse" to use at first, but once you get the hang of it, you'll never go back! Just wish they were available locally, as well. This price was the better of other offers. 5Exactly what I needed!I use a 20-cup percolator for making coffee when camping with a group, but grounds always seemed to end up in the pot. I've experimented with grind coarseness, heat management, different (pricier!) percolators, etc.,but always ended up with chewy coffee. These filters solve that problem, and allow me to use coffee ground for use in a drip machine.I will say that the coffee does seem to need to brew a little longer to reach the desired strength, since the grounds aren't in as intimate contact with the water. But I'll trade a couple minutes for coffee I don't need to strain through my teeth any day!5Good idea, but doesn't work Sorry, but the water doesn't get through the material. 3Good Idea! At first, I was a bit puzzled as to just how to fit these babies into the filter basket because one does need patience to pull that off but now that I've used them for awhile, I really like the way all the grounds stay put in the filter and not in my coffee. 5They work great in our old percolator coffee pot Hard to find product in my area. They work great in our old percolator coffee pot. 5Must be an origami expert! Save yourself a ton of time and simply use a round drip coffee filter. They are about 20 times cheaper and simple to use. Theses are like folding origami, which is not what I want to be doing at 5AM. 1Where have these been all my life?!These are the best invention ever! I use a percolater, and I grind my own beans. Sometimes I grind the beans too fine, and I am not a fan of the sludge that ends up in the bottom of the pot. I used to use the plain disk shaped filters that only cover the bottom. Thes ones work great in my Farberware percolater but in my new Capresso one, grinds overflow the basket EVERY time. With these filters, it wraps the grinds up like a handy little diaper , or a coffee ground burrito . LOL they keep it all contained and there s no real cleanup. 5 stars. These rule.5At some point you have to believe a complaintIt really is a shame I can t return this item I m totally dissatisfied with it because the paper is not large enough to cover The coffee grounds when you line up the holes all five of them they re such spaces in the overlapping that the coffee grounds fall right out the hole and the middle tears very flimsy paper to thin I thought to have better control over it I wet the paper made it worse easier to tear my solution get rid of the paper when the coffee is done put it through cloth filter you won t have any grounds in your coffee I had read a review where someone was having problems lining up the holes but it s the gaps in the paper once they re all lined up plus it s really cheap paper do not buy this product because you cannot return it if you re not satisfied 1Amazing!! Finally something that works! OMG!!! Finally camp percolated coffee without grounds!!!! Love these so much!!! Definitely worth the money if you are going camping! 5Simple 8" x 9" rectangular paper filter with a hole punched in the center and at each corner.Simple 8" x 9" rectangular paper filter with a hole punched in the center and at each corner.Pros1) Better than the 3.5" disc filters, in that these filter wraps prevent all grounds from entering bottom of the peculator.2) No need to hassle with wiping the inside of the peculator parts from coffee residue after brewing. All coffee residue when using these filter wraps remains within the wrap filter media, unlike the 3.5" disc filters.Cons1) The wrap filters are likely more expensive than the 3.5" disc filters.2) These wrap filters are finicky, as these large rectangular paper filters do not readily seat within the round peculator baskets without a little assistance wetting. Round 3.5" disc filters readily seat within the peculator basket with far less effort!2) The optional 3.5" disc filters are likely more than adequate, and let the loose grounds settle in the pot before pouring or serving.TIPSInsert the square filter within the main peculator basket center hub without trying to seat the filter into the outer perimeter of the basket. Rinse the paper filter under the faucet with water, allowing the water to aide in seating the paper filter along the perimeter of the peculator basket while intermittently using your finger to guide the wet paper filter. Add a couple of spoon fulls of coffee grounds to the filter in the basket. Wrap the loose filter punched holes of the filter (for which are still likely mostly dry) down onto the center hub of the peculator basket, trying at the same time to make a cup for puddling the hot water over the grounds. Add more water from the faucet to ensure there is a puddling effect, so that water drains through the coffee grounds rather than draining out on the side of the basket.If you are on a tight budget, probably best to save these wrap filters when having or serving guests, or for your evening (decaffeinated) coffee or loose tea. For morning and daytime coffee, or coffee for yourself, just use the cheaper 3.5" disc filters as the 3.5" disc filters are more than adequate.4Try again Not very good. The picture makes it look like they have grommets to keep everything aligned, they do not. The paper quality is very good but the folding design along with the way a percolator works means that the grounds will most likely escape anyway. It was much easier to just use the bare percolator and rinse it out. 2Tis OK, yes. Yes? Good.Tis OK. What can be said about coffee filters? Other than it filters or it doesn't filter, and to what degree it filters, right? So, yes, these things filter my stovetop non-electric old fashioned perk coffee pot. But, and I do say "but" w/ some reservation because they do work, but some unfiltered coffee from the coffee filter filters through. Got it? Good. Tis not a tongue-twister like "Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers . . . " which is why tis OK not fantastically excellent, mm-K? Good.4A must for Perculator coffe pots. I love perked coffee, but not the grounds left in the pot. These filters solve that problem very nicely. They are a pain to fit in the basket and a pain in the pocketbook, but I will put up with those inconveniences in order to get that "just right" cup of coffee that I like so much each morning. Be sure to order in a timely fashion because shipping took longer than expected. 4Only paper for me.I tried a reuseable basket. Too small to fit my percolator basket. Water does not cover grounds properly. I am a coffee snob. Those coffee houses and donut shops won't do. My specific taste is cheaper. I prefer a brand that's been around for decades longer. I don't get it at the clown place with the arches. I won't pay more then a buck or two for a pot. I want it at home. From a percolator. Without seeing, hearing or any human contact. Alone I want to be. Paper provides better taste. Water evenly covers the grounds. No grounds in my cup. Easy clean up. Pick basket up and dump. No mess. No fuss. Pleasurable experience.5They do work at keeping grounds in the basketThese are like a necessary evil to me. I need them because they completely envelope the grounds, but I really dislike having to find the little cutouts and get them on the stem right. Seems so simple until I push the filter down into the basket and that sort of scrunches the filter up so after putting in the grounds I have to hunt and find the cutouts and then try and fit them on the stem without ripping them more and sometimes there is an opening in between everything and if I try to smoosh everything down, the pot just doesn't perk as well. I guess I am suffocating the grounds by doing that.Imagine that - a learning curve on using paper filters with cut outs :)They do work and if done right :) there are no grounds to mess with outside of the basket or at the bottom of the pot. It does take more time to do it than using no filter at all or just using one of the 3" diameter filters that sit on the bottom of the basket. I use them at night to get the coffee pot ready for the morning. I would not want to deal with them after just getting up and trying to see, let alone get them in the basket right!One thing is for sure - Melitta is my go-to brand for whatever it might be! Quality!4Good quality.Perfect for my Presto 12 cup electric percolator (MODEL/stock # 02811) which I also highly recommend. Keeps grounds from getting into coffee pot.Which was the ONLY complaint I have got to say about the presto percolator. Grounds did not bother me but another member of household.5They are NOT ROUND! They DON'T FIT! They're NOT RETURNABLE!I consider this a $9 short course in Buyer Beware. Shame on Melitta for misrepresenting this product. The photo on the label depicts them as round, so they should fit right into your percolator basket. NOPE on both counts. They are NOT round and they do NOT easily fit into the basket. They're SQUARE. Maybe if you're an expert at paper folding you can do this and not make a mess. I skipped class that day so I fumbled with it, made a mess, and wound up with MORE grounds in my coffee than when I used NO filter at all. The capper: They are NOT returnable!1
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