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Miracle Blanket Swaddle Wrap for Newborn Infant Baby, Blue and Grey Stripes

  • Miracle Blanket Swaddle Wrap for Newborn Infant Baby, Blue and Grey Stripes

Miracle Blanket Swaddle Wrap for Newborn Infant Baby, Blue and Grey Stripes

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Help your baby go to sleep within minutes and for longer durations
  • Calms crying and fussiness for ALL babies
  • Helps keep babies on their back as recommended by the AAP
  • Recommended for newborn infants up to 14 weeks
  • Prevents twitching, startling, facial scratches, and even the strongest babies stay swaddled during sleep
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Customer Reviews

Life saverMy son has a horrible moro, or startle reflex. We werent shown how to swaddle in the hospital, and from our attempts my son would always seem to judo-kick himself out of the swaddles. He wasnt sleeping for more than 30 minutes at a time from waking himself up flailing his arms and legs and we didnt see any light at the end of the tunnel. Then one day I was looking online and came across these miracle blankets and thought I'd give it a try. My son is now a great sleeper and will sleep 12 hours EVERY NIGHT. When I'm putting him in his blankets at nap and bed time he actually smiles and seems as though he knows hes about to go "night night". I cant say enough about the miracle blanket.5I slept, finally!!! Great! I slept, finally!!! We swaddled our newborn for a few days after coming home from the hospital. The baby seemed to hate it, so we stopped. Big mistake. He'd wake up every 30 mins to an hour. And never slept during the day. (I'm breastfeeding) After 2 months my husband suggested we try swaddling again. I didn't think it would work, but I needed to sleep! That first night my baby slept for 5 hours straight!! He's 3.5 months now and is up to 7.5 hours! When he was born I purchased 2 miracle blankets and 2 summer infant swaddleme's. I noticed discussions on which was best. I think they are both great. I use the Miracle Blanket for nighttime. Nice long sleeps. And the Swaddleme's for naps during the day. Short sleeps. He's more likely to wake up during the day, so it's nice that the swaddleme's wrap quickly. And they seem to be a bit lighter since there's less material wrapped around the baby. But my baby will break out of the swaddleme's at night, he needs the extra wrap material of the Miracle blanket. 5After trying every swaddle product out there..I've tried them all- every size shape and fabric, classic receiving blanket in every technique shown via YouTube video or by word of mouth.. every sleep sack, zip up, fold over.. anything that promised sleep. FINALLY I came across this product and I can sit in my bed and write this review within minutes of putting my son down- something that took almost 6 weeks from birth to do successfully. I give partial credit to the rock and play we finally bought but we had previous swaddles in there and it wasn't as good. Look no further, order in every color, and watch the bags fade from your eyes. I want to hug the people who made this, it will be the gift I give to all mothers and their Houdini babies.5BEST PURCHASE OF MY LIFEI would pay $1000 for this blanket if that was the price. We brought a preemie home from the NICU and sleep wasn t happening for 3 months. It was awful. She would cry and cry and cry. We learned to swaddle from the best NICU nurses and trust me, we are good at it, but our baby would break our swaddle and the nurses. We tried everything before our pediatrician tried this blanket. We tried Hall sacks, the Swaddle Up, everything. Her first two nights in this blanket she fought sleep and we actually gave up. Our pediatrician told us to try one more time and after that 3rd day, BOOM. She loved it and sleep became a regular thing. She started sleeping hours at a time and within a month could sleep 9 pm to 7 am if you let her. I m eternally grateful for this blanket.5These are the best swaddlesI don't want to get your hopes too high. If your kid has trouble sleeping, it probably won't change overnight. But these actually work, and when you are so sleep-deprived that you want to cry, any little bit helps. I highly recommend buying one of these and trying it out.We were good about swaddling in the beginning but then we kinda let it go. When our son was still waking up every 2 hours at 6 weeks old, we tried again, and it really helped. Point is, if you've given up on swaddling, maybe try it again.Anyway, as my son got older, he would wriggle out of his swaddles at night. The zippered ones were great when he was tiny because they were so easy to use, but you need stronger stuff as they get older. The Miracle Blanket is the ONLY swaddle that could hold him. It really was a life saver.We give every new parent a Miracle Blanket and The Happiest Baby on the Block DVD (better and quicker than the book). Here's the feedback we've gotten in just the last couple of weeks:From my brother-in-law, and new parent to twins: OMG, we LOVE those swaddle blankets you got us!!! We just got around to trying them out yesterday and the babies (and we!) slept so well last night!!! Thank you so much. We're planning on buying 4 more.From my husband's friend: We had our girl on Friday and brought her home yesterday. Last night she kept breaking out of her swaddles like they were wet TP. The one you gave us was the only one that would hold her so she could sleep. You guys totally saved the day. We just ordered a second.5Can t Break Out Of This One!This is our 6th swaddle including hospital blankets, and though we re only on our second night this has SO much promise. We ve used the ergobaby (our son could break out of it-and the material didn t seem particularly comfortable), woombie (never fit him, he s fat and even at 9 lbs his neck was too big even though the woombie is supposed to go to 13 lbs), swaddleme (stretches easily, fit not consistent, he could break out after moving around and stretching out for a few hours), halo swaddle (broke out so easily and pushed up over his face-didn t even use for a full night because this was so alarming), and of course he broke out of the hospital blankets...but not this. He was in it all night last night without breaking out, again for naps today, and he s in it right now. Yes, it s a bit more difficult to use than the others mentioned...and no, you can t change a diaper in it. BUT if you have a baby who can break out of others (ours is only 8 weeks old, so it s not like he s too big to swaddle) try this one. I was reluctant to spend more money but he s too little to stop swaddling and his safety is too priority...so glad I bought this and after a couple more trial nights I ll be buying a couple more in case of accidents etc. Thank you for making this-eases my mind!5Love it!I was pregnant, trying to figure out what swaddles I wanted to try so i was reading different blogs on Pinterest and this was on a few different ones so I decided to give it a try... I absolutely love it! It wasn't exactly what I expected when i first received it (i didnt read any info just bought based off rave reviews on Pinterest) but once I got to use it with my son oh I absolutely love it! No Velcro no zipper or buttons... So you lay baby down and tuck the feet in to the bottom like a sleeping bag, there are 2 smaller panels for each arm, then the outer right panel is small-medium length & outer left panel extra long... So you wrap it all up & the left 1 wraps around a few times so you don't have to worry about it coming lose or falling apart & you can tuck it in somewhere on the wrap (also can fit all different size babies bc of this) my baby boy can be super wiggly but this holds him perfectly even with no velcro or anything like that! But, he is also very calm & more relaxed when using this so not super wiggly when in this & sleeps like an angel with it! The fabric is so nice & soft. I did end up buying a couple Halos they were on sale at babiesrus so I bought a couple extras to have because my son really loves to be swaddled as much as possible so needed a couple more but this swaddle is really so worth the price & I like it even more than the Halos! It's held up just fine in the wash & i have Prime & it arrived in a couple days. Yes definitley recommend this over anything else.5Truly a miracle!I was an epic failure at swaddling with a receiving blanket, so I ended up buying this one after a month of rough nights with my first son. He cried at first while I would put him in it, but within a few minutes he would calm down, get drowsy, and then zonk out. After a while, all I had to do was get his arms wrapped and he would fall asleep. (No, it did not mean he slept miraculously through the night. He still woke up to nurse every few hours, but there was no more battle to go back to sleep.) I ended up sending the blanket to my cousin after my son outgrew it so she could use it with her baby, but when I got pregnant again 2 years later, this was at the top of my need list. And my other son has been just the same- it s like instant sleep when I swaddle him. He ll kind of fuss while I m putting him in it, but then his eyes get all drowsy and he sinks happily into sleep. In fact, when it s the evening and he s ready to go down for the night, he will squirm and fuss until I swaddle him.. then he goes out like a light. Like I said, this swaddle is not the mystical key to your baby miraculously sleeping through the night. But it is the key to making figuring out the challenges of baby sleep routines a heckuvalot easier.5Improved quality of sleepI am very happy with this swaddle blanket! I ordered this to use on my previously un-swaddle-able 7 week old. The first time I put it on he cried in protest but quickly settled down. Since then, no problem when using it.As much as he used to hate being swaddled, he seems to appreciate this. This swaddle keeps his arms at his side (no startling awake and no hitting himself in the face!) and also keeps him warm. The cotton material is smooth and the way it wraps around provides some extra layers of warmth.I don't know that this has made him sleep longer periods of time, but it has definitely improved his quality of sleep. It has helped with naps as well as overnights. It was worth the purchase, and after a few days, I bought another one.5Stick with velcro swaddlesNot a fan of this swaddle. We were using the velcro swaddles but he was growing out of the small sizes we had so we decided to try this one. I was not a fan. It wrapped around once and then the swaddle ended just shy of being able to sit underneath him to hold tight through the night. I was too nervous he would break out and it would suffocate him. Also, it's hard to wrap without getting wrinkles in the fabric in the back and the wrinkles would dig right into baby's back while they're laying flat.2Great idea for a blanket, but I prefer Halo's designThese are great BUT I'd recommend the Halo swaddlers because honestly the amount you have to wrap this swaddle is just a pain in the real world. I got these with my first, replaced them eventually with Halos, forgot I did that and got these again for my second baby. Ugh, pregnancy brain. It took one night with my newborn baby to remember the annoyance and order the Halo ones.That aside, these really are wonderful blankets! The built in swaddle is a must-have! There is just a lot of fabric on these ones, and middle of the night diaper changes felt like I was undressing a mummy every time.4
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