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Mommy's Helper Inflatable Bath Tub Froggie Collection, White/Green, 6-24 Months

  • Mommy's Helper Inflatable Bath Tub Froggie Collection, White/Green, 6-24 Months
  • Mommy's Helper Inflatable Bath Tub Froggie Collection, White/Green, 6-24 Months
  • Mommy's Helper Inflatable Bath Tub Froggie Collection, White/Green, 6-24 Months
  • Mommy's Helper Inflatable Bath Tub Froggie Collection, White/Green, 6-24 Months
  • Mommy's Helper Inflatable Bath Tub Froggie Collection, White/Green, 6-24 Months

Mommy's Helper Inflatable Bath Tub Froggie Collection, White/Green, 6-24 Months

NZ$ 126.00 NZ$ 76.00 Save: NZ$ 50.00
NZ$ 76.00 NZ$ 126.00 You save: NZ$ 50.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Adorable froggie design
  • Materials 100% Phthlate free
  • Allows you to bathe baby in a safe, padded space
  • Saddle horn keeps baby from sliding down in tub
  • Inflatable. Prevents slipping
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Customer Reviews

Perfect for traveling! I did a lot of research on inflatable bath tubs before deciding on this one and I do not regret my decision! I took my 6 month old to Europe this summer for 2 weeks and knew I would be in hotels...some of which had tubs and some which did not. This little inflatable tub worked like a charm! It does take a little bit of lung capacity to inflate it, but my daughter loves kicking her legs in it and the pommel/crotch inflatable portion helped keep her from squirming around too much! It is also nice that that portion is optional to inflate, so now that she's older I don't need to inflate that portion. After her bath I would just flip it upside down and let it dry over night and reuse the next day! 5Good transition tub before moving to a standard tub. Love this tub!!! Cute and safe with enough room for some small toys. Easy to drain even with rheumatoid arthritis in my hands. My little girl is 11.5 months and about 21 lbs. Her little tush fits snuggly behind the post and keeps her from sliding around, though she doesn't try to move around too much. She does want to drink the water, so it makes it easier to control that. One piece of advice: be careful if your baby wants to lean too far out to grab a tossed toy...the whole tub wants to tip. Ours hasn't, but it's given me a small start once or twice. :) 5Fantastic solution for toddlers My son had outgrown his infant bathtub at 9 months and needed something bigger (he's a 90+ percentile kid), but I wasn't quite ready to just sit him in the big bathtub yet. He was still a sometimes unstable sitter and I wanted us both to be able to enjoy his bathtime without worrying about him slipping or falling over. This froggie tub fits perfectly in the big bathtub, takes up about half the length of the tub, and leaves very little room on the sides of the tub - so the froggie tub itself sits snugly and doesn't move around in the big tub. I like the saddle horn and that it's not quite in the middle, it's slightly offset. It was too tight of a fit to sit him on the smaller side of the horn, but it works perfectly to sit him on the larger side of the tub, and the horn keeps him from sliding forward if he leans back, so the saddle horn is positioned so you can use it for a long time, first on the smaller side with a smaller baby, then put them on the other side of the saddle horn as they get bigger. The tub has a release plug on the bottom but I never use it - the tub is small enough that I can just lift it up and dump the water out by turning it upside down in the tub when we're done with bathtime. The only slight negative is that it was a little tedious getting the thing aired up the first time, but it's stayed inflated for 3+ months and I've never had to add air since it was first inflated. Plus, the froggie print is cute! :) 5Best purchase ever We use this in multiple places and multiple things. I also love the fact that the horn is separate so when my Lil guy no longer needs it we can deflate it. It fits perfectly in our single sink so my back gets a rest. Not to mention how easy it is to deflate and blow up makes it great for travel. Will be buying this for baby shower gifts. 5It was great for traveling with our 6-month-old twins It was great for traveling with our 6-month-old twins. Durable, easy to inflate, and deep enough to get the job done. The thing that's not clear from the description (I should have ready the question / answer section instead) - is that your baby really, really needs to be able to sit up by herself. That's why it indicates "6-months" as the minimum age. Ours can sit with assistance but not alone. This made for a very precarious and slippery situation. I was hoping that the saddle horn would help keep them sitting like our normal baby tub does. However, this tub forces them to sit up tall with the horn, and the sides are kind of spongy when inflated, so they were kind of leaning around a bit. It was fine once I got a hand on them (one at a time, didn't put both in the tub, not enough room), but I was hoping to be able to use both hands for washing. This will be great once they can sit up though! 4We LOVE this bathtub We LOVE this bathtub. We had such a hard time finding an infant tub. The usual infant tubs are so hard and the way they are angled, our baby girl couldn't really use it once she started to be able to sit up around 3 months old, but she was wayyyy too small for the real bathtub at that point. So glad we found this inflatable tub. We feel so much safer with her in it since she can't hit her head on anything, and the little hump in the middle makes it so she won't slide down. Now she can splash around in the tub and play with her toys and it doesn't have to be such an enormous ordeal for us. UPDATE: We've had this for 8 months now, we've only blown it up once. It hasn't leaked at all. Baby girl is now 11 months old and it's still perfect for her. 5Best Tub EVER! Best Tub EVER! Between the 2 kids, I have tried at least 5 different kinds of baby tubs/slings/seats, and nothing seems to last or to work for a baby beyond infancy. The price point on this made me decide to give it a shot, and I am SO thankful I did! Inflated in no time, and the vinyl is very thick and durable. The pommel that help keep a wobbly sitter upright is ingenious. The drain plug is large, which allows for speedy draining, but really, the tub isn't so large that I couldn't just tip it over and dump it out. I even used it to let my son sit in the living room floor and keep his toys within arms reach. I plan on taking this camping with us on all future trips because it is just so convenient. It is definitely going to be my Go-To Baby Shower Gift from now on!! 5better than expected I ordered this item since I need a way to bath my 6 month old child, he has outgrown his plastic baby tub and we don't have a tub, only a shower.I was initially skeptical, but he loves sitting in it and is reasonably stable because of the horn.Initially I received this item, blew it up and used it twice, but the air leaked out the valves (was very unsafe with baby in the tub). After 2 uses trying to blow it up, I asked for a return/replacement. . .I received the replacement item within 3 days and have had no problem with this one. I must have just gotten a defective one at first. . .I like that my baby can sit with water up to his belly and splash and play, but still has a soft cushion should he topple towards the side and he is able to stabilize himself on the sides and not slide all the way under. Like all baths, requires constant supervision, but I don't need to hold him continuously and can use both hands to wash him or play while he sits.Easy to clean, just rinse off and let dry upside down. Haven't tried deflating and re inflating it. . .seems fairly durable and expect it to last till he outgrows it. 4Makes bathtime SO much easier! My baby is in the in between stage of trying to sit up but slumping over. This tub is perfect for him. The middle section between his legs keeps him from falling over, and the tub is so cushy that he can lean back comfortably so I can rinse his hair without getting water in his eyes. The tub is inexpensive, small and easy to store and lightweight so that when bathtime is over you can just dump the water out. We LOVE this tub. It s made bathtime so much easier! 5Best thing ever! Soooo if you have a little one who is to big for the infant baths (likes to sit up and move around) but to little for the regular bath without anything..then this bath is a must! I for the life of me cannot find the bath chairs with the suction cups on the bottom like I had for my middle child.. Luckily I ran across this on Amazon.. Its the greatest thing ever let me tell ya.. Its super thick so I forsee it being hard to pop.. It has a huge drain hole so it doesn't take forever to let all the water out.. Plus it has a "saddle horn" that fits right in between LO's legs so they dont constantly slip and slide all over. You also have the option of leaving that deflated when they are older and they can more confidently while keeping their upper bodies above water... Best part its only 14$!Its also super packable since you can deflate it and fold it up... And it would work great in the summer for a LO with older siblings who cant control themselves in the bigger pools lol. 5
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