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Morphsuits Arachnomania Kids Spider Monster Fancy Dress Up Costume Size Small

  • Morphsuits Arachnomania Kids Spider Monster Fancy Dress Up Costume Size Small
  • Morphsuits Arachnomania Kids Spider Monster Fancy Dress Up Costume Size Small
  • Morphsuits Arachnomania Kids Spider Monster Fancy Dress Up Costume Size Small
  • Morphsuits Arachnomania Kids Spider Monster Fancy Dress Up Costume Size Small
  • Morphsuits Arachnomania Kids Spider Monster Fancy Dress Up Costume Size Small

Morphsuits Arachnomania Kids Spider Monster Fancy Dress Up Costume Size Small

NZ$ 180.00 NZ$ 108.00 Save: NZ$ 72.00
NZ$ 108.00 NZ$ 180.00 You save: NZ$ 72.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • OFFICIAL MORPH MONSTER COSTUME: The Arachnomania Kids Monster Morphsuit, tapping into peoples fear of spiders
  • SIZES THAT FIT: This Morphsuit comes in size Small 3-35 (91cm - 104cm). Fits ages 6 - 8 years.
  • GREAT FOR GIVING EVERYONE THE HEEBIES: The Arachnomania costume is perfect for Halloween parties and ensuring even the bravest of your friends become an arachnophobe
  • HIGH QUALITY ARACHNOMANIA COSTUME: All our Kids Morphsuits are CE tested, and have a quick release velcro hood for easy removal. Our high quality material means a 4-way stretch, with a strong zip and re-enforced stitching at stress points to make sure this Arachnamania Kids Monster Morphsuit lasts more than one wear. Hand wash in cold water, air dry and you're good to go again
  • MORPH COSTUMES: From Morphsuits, the world's most popular costume brand which you can see through, breathe through and drink through. 1.3 million Facebook followers cannot be wrong; over 2 million costumes sold.
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Customer Reviews

RUNS SMALL...........read the reviews Please read the reviews on this. My 6 year old wanted this morph suit. He wanted to be "SCARY" this year. This was about as scary as I wanted to get. Just an FYI.............the reviews are right. This suit runs small. My son is 46 inches tall and 55 pounds and I got him the size 10/12. It's a little long in the arms and legs but fits him well through his torso and hips and he is a slender boy. Runs SMALL. I can't emphasize this enough. I'm glad I read the reviews. It gets 4 stars for running so small and because of the morphsuit detail on the butt. 4Perfectly spooky! This was an amazing costume and my son loved it. Had no issues breathing or seeing and the overall spookiness was fantastic.Son: 5 years old, 41 inches and 36 pounds and the Small was a perfect fit but he didn t wear clothes under it. There s a bit of room for an extra inch or two and probably 5-10 pounds, it would just be very snug instead of just snug.The logo across the bottom is annoying but not a deal breaker. Good overall quality and my son has worn it about 20 x to play in. He needs help getting it on and off but it s not a big deal for us since he then wears it for a long time. 5Great costume I don't like that it advertises that you can drink through the mask. I don't get the thought process behind that. Yes, you CAN, but then you have a wet costume on your face and a darker fabric from where you drank. And of course you can only drink something colorless or you'd get that color tinged into the costume. But the costume itself is great... my son loves these 3rd skin costumes. Last year he was a crash test dummy and it was a huge hit when he would pose like one. Word of advice... the head is always a really tight fit... we stuff ours with towels or a ball or some such item to try to stretch it out a bit before Halloween so it's not squishing his nose into his face. 4Head Turning Costume My son got TONS of compliments! Shipment was lightening speed. My son is 5'6" and the adult sizes were gone so I had to get the Youth Large and it stretched to fit him. He is slender though and it was skin tight. I saw many negative reviews about the letters across the butt being huge. They must have listened to the feedback because the letters were pretty small, even being stretched to the max. 5Logo on butt The suit itself was great, my son loved it and got a lot of compliments, however I find it very misleading that they photoshopped out the Morphsuits logo in their pictures. I scanned all the descriptions and none of them mentioned anything about the logo and it was obviously excluded from the pictures on purpose so people wouldn't be put off by it. FYI, it is right across the butt, it can be removed with nail polish remover and a lot of scrubbing but it wasn't TOO painfully obvious so I left it alone on my son's suit, I just think it's extremely dishonest that they intentionally tried to deceive customers. 3Definitely buy bigger than you think Bought the size up and it still fit snug on my 7yo boy. He loved it and got many compliments. The logo on the bum was off-putting at first, but really wasn t an issue on the night. The coolness factor cancelled it out. The mask has to be pretty tight for them to be able to see through it, so don t be surprised if you find they are taking it off after a few minutes due to nose pressing discomfort. Still a cool costume. 4Great costume quality, but watch out for LOGO painted across the back My six year old LOVES this Zombie costume, but I personally am a little disappointed in two things. 1. They branded the costume with "MORPHSUITS" in white across the low back/butt region (see picture) -- WHY would you do that on a costume?? Or if you are going to do it, at least use a color that blends with the costume. and 2. They claim you can see and drink through the costume. When outside in daylight, yes my kid can sort of see through it, but when he is in the house in the evenings running around it is much harder for him to see - not sure how this will work on Halloween night. And last but not least, a comment on the size... Again, my kid is 6, relatively normal height for a 6 year old - I ordered the small and it fits him great (It is skin tight on his skinny frame (see picture), but this is exactly what he wanted). Other notes: the costume zips up from the butt to the neck line, then has a Velcro closure for the head portion (see pic). The velcro closure on the head portion is superb! It is strong holding, but still easy to open. I would be giving a 4 Star review if they didn't feel the need to stick a giant logo on the back (that was just tacky in my opinion) and 5 stars if the material at the eyes was a little thinner and easier to see through 3My son had a great Halloween and experienced no issues with the suit Costume fit exactly as expected and was of decent quality for the price. My son had a great Halloween and experienced no issues with the suit. If you live in a cooler climate you will definitely want thermal underwear or some other layer under this as it offers no insulation or protection from the cold. The only reason it did not get 5 stars is that the company chose to put their logo across the entire bottom of the suit (like ladies jogging pants that have sayings like "Juicy" on them for example. That prominent, it stands out). My son did not mind but I paid for the costume, I should not have to advertise for the manufacturer. 4I don't know who Zalgo is, but black is very slimming... This is a really well done costume. There IS the ridiculously misplaced logo/writing across the butt area but honestly, it mostly blends in with the black stripes. Really, I wouldn't forgo this outfit just b/c of it and you shouldn't either.Also of note, the eyes are fairly hard to see out of but hey, this is a Halloween costume, man! It's not supposed to be simple and easy, it's supposed to just look cool...and that it does. Worst case, you could poke some small/medium holes here and there in the white of the eyes and your kiddo will be fine without ruining the look at all. Our boy-Zalgo wears glasses, as it were, and has said that he'll be fine. He's a trooper, he is.In MY day, we walked uphill both ways in search of candy with green and black make-up sweating down our faces and itchy wigs serving up instant rashes and Alicia's weird uncle supervising/ogling us from behind. TMI? I know...this is just how I review. Bear with me.Our boy is also on the small side but we followed previous advice and also ordered a size up and it fits like a glove...er, costume. A costume glove....a glove costume? That might be neat. Anyway, he's JUST under 48" and the Large is perfect. See, you read this far and actually got a useful bit of info! I still have no idea who Zalgo is. 5Runs small, beware, order up. Medium 8-10 years fit my 8 year old (who is tall and lean) in a really tight way. My son was so excited to be Slenderman but our Halloween was almost ruined by how tight the mask specifically was. It was very snug on his body but the face was the problem area. His nose was smooshed and his eyelashes were sticking through the mask and making it impossible to open and close his eyes comfortably and soon his vision clouded. His hair was on the long side so I convinced him that cutting his hair would free up space in the mask. He didn't want to cut his hair but went along with it because this costume meant more to him. Giving him a really short cut (almost a buzz cut) didn't improve matters like we'd hoped. We tried to use thin swim goggles underneath to give his eyes space but then he couldn't see through his costume anymore. In the end, he had the ingenuity to suggest cutting the mask part off the costume, and I let him. After we took pictures of full costumes, he was willing to trick or treat completely without the mask portion. I'm so relieved he was pleased with that as a solution and it didn't ruin his Halloween. It was a great compromise for his comfort. If he weren't so patient and gracious this could have been a real disaster. 2
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