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Mr. LongArm 3204 Pro-Pole Extension Pole 2-to-4 Foot

  • Mr. LongArm 3204 Pro-Pole Extension Pole 2-to-4 Foot
  • Mr. LongArm 3204 Pro-Pole Extension Pole 2-to-4 Foot
  • Mr. LongArm 3204 Pro-Pole Extension Pole 2-to-4 Foot
  • Mr. LongArm 3204 Pro-Pole Extension Pole 2-to-4 Foot

Mr. LongArm 3204 Pro-Pole Extension Pole 2-to-4 Foot

NZ$ 142.00 NZ$ 86.00 Save: NZ$ 56.00
NZ$ 86.00 NZ$ 142.00 You save: NZ$ 56.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Extends 2 - 4 feet
  • Fluted handle design for comfortable grip
  • External chuck and collet makes a secure locking device
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Customer Reviews

GREAT long reach tool, but does not replace the twist and reach roller for your standard ceiling job. I'm probably less than thrilled with this due to my own poor judgement... but for 'in a house' use; other than very high or vaulted ceilings... this is too big. That said, I don't have to extend it to easily work on 8 foot ceilings which probably means that it will last forever. I have a bad shoulder and still insist on doing all the painting at our address, and this is a SUPER tool for keeping your arms below shoulder height!!I used a twist and reach roller handle for 5-10 years and broke it applying a light texture in primer, at the longest extension. So, I decided to try something like this. We DO have vaulted ceilings in my living room and this will work pretty well for that assuming I don't have to apply an extreme amount of pressure to the roller. So for a LONG reach this is a great tool, for the average person wanting to roll an average ceiling, this is too big... I can see having both roller tools in my painting arsenal... and would not even consider giving this back, but I do need to buy another twist and reach roller... this is not a replacement. 4Spiders beware I love this pole. I have very high ceilings in my home and the cobwebs and dust were impossible to reach. This pole is lightweight, but sturdy and rigid enough to be able to solidly reach the high nooks and crannies. The extension feature is very simple and solid. I can easily retract it for closer work and in a moment have it extended fully for the high spots. As such, I extend and retract many times as a I go through the house, which is so convenient. I have used extension mechanism which were hard to turn and felt like they might break any moment, so I was afraid to use the mechanism too often. This one works beautifully. I am so pleased with this item every time I use it. I remember back to having to climb up on furniture with my floppy drug store duster arm and I feel incredibly grateful to be using this pole. 5Great...until it broke after 2 usesThe product works very well but unfortunately the threaded piece had a structurally weak part and broke after only a couple of uses when I accidentally dropped it.2Used to hold hornet spray cansThe pole worked perfectly. It is not strictly rigid at its extended length, but I did not expect it to be. A pole light enough to handle easily is not going to be rock-solid at 12'.I asked the manufacturer if I could purchase a couple of acme-thread inserts for future use, knowing the plastic part will break at some point in time. They sent me two of them free of charge. That was a welcome surprise.I put some teflon spray on the pole and locking mechanism to prevent the lock-up some have reported. That part of the assembly also worked perfectly. In a years time that may be a different story, but with the teflon application, I doubt it.4Really Well Made I really love this and it has made my gutter-cleaning life so much easier. At the longest extension the pole does bend a bit but it is very strong. And the best part is that once you lock it into place it STAYS locked unlike so many other things that come loose over time. It is fantastic. I also got the brush attachment (not well made) and the swivel arm attachment (not well made). These latter two items are critical for the success of gutter cleaning so I was disappointed when they both wore out after only one use. 5Difficult to loosen/tighten to shorten/lengthen the poleI'm finding it very hard to get the collar to loosen and tighten when I want to extend or shorten the pole. The inner red collar has thick spokes of sorts, that the black outer collar tightens against. I try to hold the bottom of the pole with my feet to get it to stay still enough while I'm trying to loosen or tighten the black collar. It almost needs two people to do it. The amount of strength required overpowers the ability to keep the rest of the pole still. It's not designed well, and I dread having to lengthen or shorten it, so I don't use it as much as I might. I ended up leaving it in the long position between uses, rather than being able to shorten it and put it away, which is why I got it.2I bought this to use with a Carrand 93111 Car ...I bought this to use with a Carrand 93111 Car Quad 10" Brush Head only because it shows up as Frequently Bought Together, the issue I have is that it doesn't fit the Carrand 93111 Car Quad 10" Brush Head. Seems to be well made so I ended up keeping it going to use it to paint.3Good but not as sturdy as you may needOverall, this is a good pole - does the job. I have one caveat though: I used it to wash the windows along the back of my house using this pole and the LongArm washer/squeegee attachment. Cleaning windows requires some pressure against the window, especially for the squeegee or else it doesn't get clean. I had bought this pole with the reach I needed in mind, so I used it at full extension. The pole at full length with moderate pressure feels a little wobbly and bows along its length. This may become a bigger issue over time. Your use may not match mine, so fair warning.4Accomplished the job just fine.I bought this pole for use in painting some patches of paint that had been rubbed off on the eaves of my roof when I had a large oak tree cut down. Also bought the paint brush holder that screws into the pole, and the two combined worked very well and accomplished the job. The pole is fairly light weight, and extended far enough to reach my roof edge. The pole was sturdy enough that there wasn't any bending or flexing while extended. (I got the pole with the longest reach.) For the peak portion of my roof line where the pole needed to reach the furthest point, I used a ladder. Very pleased with this purchase!5So Many Uses, You will Love this Extension PoleI purchased this extension pole together with a Stauber Best Bulb Changer Kit.PROS:This is quality all the way.Easy to use.Easy to extend.Sturdy materials and great workmanship on this product.Many uses (change light bulbs on 12 foot ceiling, wash windows, clean the soffits on outside of house, good for paint rollers).The top is a universal size and will fit most attachments.CONS: None.I had a few other cheap extension poles which were cheaply made by big name brand companies. They are now in the recycle bin. This extension pole will last a lifetime. I'm go glad I purchased it and highly recommend.5Disappointed in poor qualitypole end broke off (where plastic thread and metal pole meet) after a few uses. was not abused in use in any way. very disappointed1Thread Ends are weak and unusable if broken.The handle itself is durable enough, however, after 10 minutes when I washing my RV, the threads attaching the brush just snapped with the brush coming off. There is a definite weakness here. This part should have been made out of solid aluminum or stainless steel. I do not reccommend this item.1I have found it to be useful for many conventional and unconventional purposes.I'm very happy with this purchase. I have found it to be useful for many conventional and unconventional purposes. I bought it for changing light bulbs. I've used it for said light bulbs. I've also used it for spider webs, dislodging broken limbs from trees, threading twine through a bat house 17ft high, and generally harassing my cat by tapping on second story windows. With a new house, I've had to buy endless tool lately. I must say, this has been one of the stand-outs as a necessary item.I've also had no trouble with the lengthening or shortening and the tightener holding it in place. Great product.5
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