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National Tree Company Artificial Christmas Tree | Includes Stand | Dunhill Fir - 6 ft

  • National Tree Company Artificial Christmas Tree | Includes Stand | Dunhill Fir - 6 ft
  • National Tree Company Artificial Christmas Tree | Includes Stand | Dunhill Fir - 6 ft
  • National Tree Company Artificial Christmas Tree | Includes Stand | Dunhill Fir - 6 ft
  • National Tree Company Artificial Christmas Tree | Includes Stand | Dunhill Fir - 6 ft
  • National Tree Company Artificial Christmas Tree | Includes Stand | Dunhill Fir - 6 ft
  • National Tree Company Artificial Christmas Tree | Includes Stand | Dunhill Fir - 6 ft

National Tree Company Artificial Christmas Tree | Includes Stand | Dunhill Fir - 6 ft

NZ$ 1,316.00 NZ$ 790.00 Save: NZ$ 526.00
NZ$ 790.00 NZ$ 1,316.00 You save: NZ$ 526.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • NATURAL LIFELIKE APPEAL: Our artificial branches look ultra-realistic and lifelike. With 1,430 individually crafted branch tips, this full bodied tree is as charming as the real thing.
  • SIMPLE SETUP AND STORAGE: Convenient hinged branches allow for easy setup and disassembly.
  • LASTING DURABILITY: Built to endure many holidays with its sturdy metal base, our time-tested needles are also fire resistant and non-allergenic.
  • IDEAL SIZING: Tree stands 6 feet tall and 46 inches in diameter at the base. For its most lush and full form, plan on taking 45-60 minutes to shape the tree.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: National Tree Company is a USA-based family owned and operated business established 60 years ago. Our friendly USA customer service staff will assist with product and parts' questions.
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Customer Reviews

What you pull out of the box is very different from the finished product. Be brave! Take a big breath as you open the box and think "Are you kidding me?" An overwhelming number of reviews say this is a surprisingly lifelike tree and they love the purchase. I could not agree more; however, when you open the box you would swear a couple of ferrets got tangled in a mass of green plastic tinsel, were shoved in a box to fight it out and ultimately shipped to your door. Relax. Pull the two tangled and verdant masses out of the box and set aside about 30 minutes to engage in what a previous post coined as "fluffing" the tree. Don't get discouraged initially because it really feels like an ongepotchket; just keep fluffing! After 30 minutes of allowing your holiday muse bend and arrange the branches you will be amazed at the finished product. From a foot away... it looks a little plastic. From five feet away you can easily be fooled. With lights and decorations affixed and from fifteen feet away, you would swear it is a nicely shaped real tree. And, you will wonder where the ferrets went. My mother in law -- "The Skeptic" -- ordered one as soon as the lights came on. 5Gorgeous tree for a GREAT price! This tree was an amazing bargain! It's the first time I've had an artificial tree in my 37 years and was very hesitant/bummed not to have a real tree. My husband now has physical limitations due to cervical spine surgery and can only lift up to 18-20lbs, so getting a real tree is just too difficult for us.The tree arrived in box that I was able to move on my own (not sure how heavy it was but I'd say a maximum of 40lbs, probably less. The tree is in three pieces inside the box and goes together very easily and quickly. Each branch folds down and that is quite easy.The time-consuming part is "fluffing" each branch. How much time this will take you depends on how you want your tree to look and how anal-retentive you are. I worked on this for close to three hours. Even though it took a long time, I was thrilled with the result. This tree is beautiful. It looks incredibly real. In fact, I've forgotten several times that it isn't real and everyone that has come to our house assumed it was real.One tip I read in someone else's review that was invaluable: wear work gloves or gardening gloves when you fluff the branches. It's a very scratchy material (feels like a real tree does after it's been in your house for about six weeks) and will scratch up your arms pretty badly if you don't wear gloves.The other really nice thing is that you can adjust branches as you hang your ornaments. So if you need a little more room or need a branch to curve more to one side or whatever, you can easily make that adjustment on the fly while you are decorating.And finally, this tree is not pre-lit. I intentionally purchased one that did not have lights because I've read many things about what a pain it is when the lights stop functioning on a pre-lit tree. We put 600 lights on this tree and it was pretty much perfect.Overall, I thought this tree was a fantastic purchase for the price. We considered getting the National tree that also feels real but I didn't order in enough time for it to get here when we wanted to put up our tree so we went with this one. In the end I'm glad because this is a beautiful tree and it was a couple hundred dollars less than the "feel real" version.Photo was taken in the daytime so it doesn't do the tree real justice, but it'll give you an idea. 5Very nice unlit tree! After having to throw out my pre-lit tree due to the lights failing, I was determined to find an unlit tree to use in my family room. This one was the size I was looking for and seemed to look very nice and full.To be honest, i was worried when I first opened the box and started setting up the tree. The metal base was nice and sturdy but it looked very sparse compared to the on line picture. It came in two parts and was very easy to set up in the base and the hinged branches also allowed for easy set up.However, in order to make the tree look nice and full a lot of time is needed to really fluff out the branches. If you take the time to do this you won't be disappointed! It turned out very nice and full. My only criticism is I think a few more branches on the very bottom layer would have made a world of difference which is why I gave this a 4 star rather than 5. 4Great tree!!! I rarely write reviews but felt compelled to do so here. And I buy the tons of stuff off Amazon.I've bought live trees for the past 8 years, but after a couple years of purchasing trees that seemed to start shedding needles instantly, I decided 2016 would be a test year. Friends were shocked when I declared I would get an artificial tree, because I'm pretty hardcore Christmas and real trees. I declared I was sure my test would fail, and I'd be buying a real tree within a week.Welp, you've probably surmised by my five star rating I've been converted. I've had family in my house (also hardcore Christmas and real tree people) and several others and they've all asked about my tree, and have been surprised when I tell them it's artificial because it looks so real. In fact, if I put pictures of my real trees the past 8 years next to this one, you really can't see the difference.Finally, I really like the fact you can get it non pre-lit and put your own lights on it.Great product. I have recommended to all my friends who have asked about it. And if you want the smell of a real tree check out on Amazon balsam cedar scented icicles. 5I am so loving this tree!! We have never had a fake tree, but this year we just didn't want to deal with everything that comes from a real tree, after a lot of research, I decided on this one, because lets be honest, the price is pretty good for a 7.5 tall tree. I didn't know what to expect, but knew that 'fluffing' would have to happen before the tree looked like a tree...I am so happy and excited I decided on this one. It's huge, and you can not tell it isn't a real tree. I am very impressed with how it turned out. I like how each layer is hinged, making it easier to fluff. I just tied the upper layers up, worked on the layer beneath, and then I'd move up, and repeat the process. I also did the bottom layer, removed it from the pole insert, inserted the second level, fluffed, removed from the pole insert, and then put the sections in place. It made fluffing so much easier. I just held the top section in my hands to fluff before putting it on the top of the pole. 5As good as any real tree I have ever seen. This tree was exactly what we wanted. It came out of the box and was set up in 5 minutes. We spent about 2 hours spreading out the branches. Once it was decorated it looked as real as any real tree I have ever seen. If it lasts us more than 4 years we will save money on buying real 10 ft trees. And there won t be any disposal hassle. 5Very full, but also very scratchy! Wear gloves. Very full, easy-to-put-together Christmas tree. I did not listen to the other reviewers when they said to wear gloves, but I SHOULD have, because this is the pokiest, pointiest, scratchiest tree I've ever assembled. I grew up with fake Christmas trees, so I'm no stranger to the occasional scratch from a piece of metal, but even the "needles" on this tree are very stiff and scratchy. Still, the look is very nice. It's actually pretty wide even at the top, which I like. Our ceiling is a tad low for the 7.5 ft tree, but I just bent the tallest branch down and it fits just fine. We'll see what happens when we try to put the star on, though! ;)The needles are that flat plastic (see attached photo), so they don't look all that real up close, but once all the decorations are on it you won't even notice. I'm very happy with the purchase. For the price I am extremely satisfied. Bought it on Prime and it arrived in two days. It definitely beats our old tree! 5Great tree for the price. Great tree for the price. Looks better than the ones the big box stores sell for three times the cost. Each of the lower limbs is split into three branches that spread out to make the tree very full looking. Took about 30-45 minutes to completely set up and fluff the branches. One word of warning, the tips are pretty sharp and I ended up with a few scratches on my hands and arms. Tree arrived well packaged but probably won't be able to get it back into the same box after the season has ended without a bit of a struggle. 5Beautiful Unlit Tree This was our first year to have an artificial tree. We did a lot of research beforehand and decided on this 10ft unlit tree so we wouldn't run into any lighting issues with a pre lit tree. It took a good 12 days to arrive even with Amazon Prime due to the weight of the tree. It took two minutes to put the tree together and a few hours to fluff it just right but it is gorgeous when you finish. It looks very real. A neat feature is each branch has a hidden thick wire look towards the end of each branch end which holds your heavy ornaments without bending the branch. You would never notice they are there just looking at the tree but when you fluff it you'll see them all. Neat design idea for the heavy ornaments. The only thing we would have loved to have seen was a heavier branch at the very top. We couldn't use our tree topper as the very top branch bent too easily with weight. Also we bought the tree in November then it dropped almost $100 in price after it shipped in early December and Amazon would not refund the difference even though we had not received the tree yet. You have to refuse the freight shipment, send it back to Amazon and resend a new one to get the price shown online. 5Not even decorated yet, but in LOVE. I could not be any happier with this tree. I decided to start the season early so I can have that special time to watch Rudolph and Frosty a thousand times with my 8 year old while he still thinks mom is cool. Two little branches fell off...but they are made to be bendable so thirty seconds of twisting and problem solved. My neighbor's friend thought I had a real tree in my window already. Score on realism! WATCH the video on their website for shaping. The top is a bit harder to get just right..but that's what decorations are for. The "needles" are even as pokey as a real tree. You will NOT regret this purchase. 5
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