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Non-Sterile Graduated Plastic Medicine Cups, 100 Count

  • Non-Sterile Graduated Plastic Medicine Cups, 100 Count

Non-Sterile Graduated Plastic Medicine Cups, 100 Count

NZ$ 102.00 NZ$ 62.00 Save: NZ$ 40.00
NZ$ 62.00 NZ$ 102.00 You save: NZ$ 40.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Disposable 1 oz. Medicine Cups
  • Plastic, 1 oz.
  • 1 Pack containing 100 Medicine Cups.
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Customer Reviews

Not as Pictured!!!!! Very ThinNot the same cups as pictured. I received cups with a large lip on the top.. disappointed... if i wanted cups with lips i would have ordered cups with lips. Very Thin 1Not what I ordered.Have ordered these cups many times before w no issues. This last order is not what's pictured or described. What I got were super thin, flimsy, and did not have correct measurements (only had ML/CC marked). I prefer the durability and OZ/Dram markings of the other cups. Will be contacting customer service. These were also not sent by this seller but some other seller called VetMed. 2... were not the same the first time they were perfect a solid cup with crisp clear markings on the ...i went back to my orders in 2014 when i first ordered them and clicked on buy again and when i received them they were not the same the first time they were perfect a solid cup with crisp clear markings on the inside great for accurate measuring two part epoxy for which u need even amounts to work properly so when the new order came in the cups i got this time were flimsy and couldn't read the the markings the pics showed a totally different cup had to send back there are other ones out there with the same pics and don't know which one because i bought another set and they were a little better but still not what i want i don't understand it look at my cup that was first ordered then look at the pics from other shops they look like the same with style,markings,type of cup but when u receive it they are different ????? ps getting tired off having to return them. how many will i have to order to get what i want all this for a disposable cup 1Good, but flimsyI bought these to use for mixing two-part epoxy, which I use to coat thread wraps on fishing rods, as well as heads and bodies for flies I tie. I needed something that had graduated marks so I could mix the parts in the correct proportions. They work fine for that. I like that the marks are molded in and not printed, which could rub off. I dinged it a star because they are very flimsy, and through the process of vigorously mixing epoxy, I have cracked a few. They are not like the ones you get when you buy medicine. I would not buy these for my kids to take medicine from. But for less than a nickel apiece, I can afford to mix a batch of epoxy, and then throw away the cup. I think next time I'll look for something a little more durable. 4If you don't mind different cup styles and different measurement markings, you'll love these cups!I love the convenience of individual medicine cups. I use these cups for measuring cough syrup, liquid antacids, and rice vinegar. Most of the time these cups are used on a daily basis in our household. After years of "reinfecting" other family members when someone had a cold or a bad cough by rewashing the cups included with cough syrup, we've switched to the disposable cups. I love the disposable cups, but this Amazon listing is a DISASTER!Wrong information on the Amazon item page:Item weight-the item weight is listed at 17.2 poundsActual weight-You only get 100 cups, they don't way anywhere near that muchModel number-listed as DYND80000Actual model number-you never know which variety of cups you'll receive: DYND70000, DYND80000, or DYND90000Product features-lists item as 50 pack/case, 50 tubes/case, and 5,000 each/caseActual quantity-100 cupsMeasurements-lists item as having: 1-8 drams, 1/8-1 fluid ounce, 1-2 tablespoons, and 2.5-30 mL and ccActual measurements-depends on which cup you receiveI wish Amazon would make three separate listings for the three separate types of Medline brand cups being sold on this page. There are three unique types of cups with three unique measurement intervals and they should not be grouped together. I wish Amazon would get their act together on this one, because it's frustrating as a consumer.I have received three different model numbers of cups from this listing. I have purchased this listing 10 times between April 3, 2015 and June 1, 2017. The three different model numbers of cups I have received are: DYND70000, DYND80000, and DYND90000. I wouldn't mind it if the cups were comparable, but they aren't. The cups are completely different among the three types. Some of the cups have lips on them, some do not. The cups without the lip are superior to the cups with a lip. The cups without the lip are crystal clear while the cups with a lip are foggy. Unfortunately I only have two of the three kinds right now, so it's hard to say which one is which at this point (since no model number was on the cups I received, and I only found out they were different by calling Medline).DYND70000-these cups only have milliliter markings, and do not have any other markings on them.DYND80000-these cups have the most markings: 1-8 drams, 1/8-1 fluid ounce, 1-2 tablespoons, 2.5-40 milliliters and cc'sDYND90000-these cups only have milliliter and cc markingsIf you need a specific type of measurement, I recommend that you purchase these medicine cups from somewhere else. I end up pulling up a conversion calculator on Google, and writing down the intervals I needed, but it's confusing to keep track of the changes. Additionally, these cups are bulk cups that have been repackaged. This might be a problem if you are expecting a pristine package of brand new cups. You never know who is repackaging these or where, which can be concerning.The biggest problem I have with the different cups is that some are really, really thin, and others are really, really thick. I love the ones without the lip, they are durable and the sides don't try to collapse in when the cups are filled to the brim with cough syrup. The cloudy cups on the other hand have slides that bend in slightly when you pick the cup up and it's filled to the top. This is so frustrating, and I've spilled liquids more times than I wish to count.For now, I have no choice but to keep ordering these, as everywhere else wants either a lot more money or you have to buy thousands at a time, which I don't have room to store. But I really wish Amazon would clean up this listing. This would be a five star rating if Amazon would clean up this product page. 3It was actually annoying enough to me that I went searching for an ...These cups "stick" together when stacked. It is virtually impossible to remove only the top cup from the stack with just one hand. Seriously, try it. You will see that these little cups stick together and you can't help but picking up 5 or 6 at a time, seperating off the top cup and then putting the rest on the stack. It was actually annoying enough to me that I went searching for an alternative that didn't have this same "feature".I recommend the following brand as an alternative...100 MaxEeze Care Disposable Graduated Plastic Medicine Cups, 1 OZlink...https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0190UKGL8/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1This MaxEeze brand does not stick together when stacked. I can easily remove one cup at a time without this unwanted little first-world problem! 2You don't get the ones picturedI'd been looking for the clear, easily readable, harder plastic cups shown in the photo. What you get is the very thin, soft, matte finish cups that are harder to read. Not worth returning them, but they should at least change the photo to show what they are actually selling. I don't know if anyone has the nicer ones anymore. Someone figured out how to make them more cheaply and figured no one cares about the difference. I care. 2False listing - Buy at your own risk!As of Oct 2019, the product listing for these medicine cups shows a photo with the following units of measure: cc/ml, fl oz, and tsp/tbsp AND under the "product listing" portion of the page, it describes that these cups include these 3 sets of measurements.I received two separate orders of cups with ONLY the cc/ml measurements. I need fl oz and tsp/tbsp, so these cups are useless to me for measuring liquids.A closer look at the reviews shows that many people had similar problems. If you order these, be prepared to NOT get what you think you are ordering.Also, these medicine cups are very thin and flimsy-feeling. It's hard to believe they are manufactured by Medline. 1Worth every penny!I have 4 children who love nothing more than to infect one another with their germs. We spread the love a lot up in here. I would end up with 20 little cups in my sink by the end of a strep flavored day. A friend suggested these, I added to cart and received them the next day... it was like I could hear the angels singing when I opened the amazon box. 6 bottles of antibiotics later, I am STILL singing the praises of these cups. Buy them. Do yourself the favor. Use that extra energy you would be using to hand wash a bajillion little medicine cups to lysol down the doorknobs and keep those germinators from spreading any more love. 5works well for epoxy resin mixingI bought these cups for making epoxy resin. They work very well. They are fairly thin which makes mixing the resin a little challenging because it's easy to spill. But on the other hand, you can compress them easily to make a pouring "spout" to pour the resin out. The only thing I don't like is the markings on the cup are on the inside and are raised up slightly. So the inside surface of the cup isn't smooth. For resin mixing I'd really prefer to have the markings on the outside. However thus far, it hasn't caused me any problems with mixing. Since they were cheap, I don't bother trying to clean out the cups after use, I just throw them out 4
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