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Nordic Pure 20x20x1 Pleated Pure Carbon Odor Reduction AC Furnace Air Filters 3 Pack

  • Nordic Pure 20x20x1 Pleated Pure Carbon Odor Reduction AC Furnace Air Filters 3 Pack
  • Nordic Pure 20x20x1 Pleated Pure Carbon Odor Reduction AC Furnace Air Filters 3 Pack
  • Nordic Pure 20x20x1 Pleated Pure Carbon Odor Reduction AC Furnace Air Filters 3 Pack
  • Nordic Pure 20x20x1 Pleated Pure Carbon Odor Reduction AC Furnace Air Filters 3 Pack
  • Nordic Pure 20x20x1 Pleated Pure Carbon Odor Reduction AC Furnace Air Filters 3 Pack

Nordic Pure 20x20x1 Pleated Pure Carbon Odor Reduction AC Furnace Air Filters 3 Pack

NZ$ 536.00 NZ$ 322.00 Save: NZ$ 214.00
NZ$ 322.00 NZ$ 536.00 You save: NZ$ 214.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Nominal Size: 20 x 20 x 1, Actual Size: 19 1/2 x 19 1/2 x 3/4 (19.5 x 19.5 x 0.75)
  • Absorbs odors, VOCs and captures airborne particles from your indoor air.
  • Improved pleated media provides 3 times the carbon media vs flat panel carbon filters.
  • No messy, loose carbon particles with our carbon infused media.
  • Made in the USA
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Customer Reviews

Great price, small modification recommended.The price is great but yes, other reviews are correct about the small size of these Nordic Pure filters. The filters are slightly smaller than competitors that I've been using for years. This is not a big deal but it does mean these filters rattle around inside the return air vent whenever the a/c blower kicks on or off. The rattling bothered me enough that I bought a roll of 3/8 inch sticky weather stripping for about $4 and placed eight small squares inside the frame of the return vent. The weather stripping now keeps the Nordic Pure filter centered inside the return vent and it doesn't rattle anymore. It was a pretty easy fix, so as long as you have time/patience, I'd still recommend these filters.4Learn about the ratings! MERV is the standard, dont be fooled with other vendors!Dont know about everyones location and price for 3M filters at their local Home Depot or Lowes. Those are really expensive at my location for a single filter, ranging upwards of $20 per filter. With these NP MERV12 filters, I get better quality at a discounted price for the 6 pack lasting me over 1 year of filter replacements. Dont be fooled between MPR vs MERV, you may have ever heard of FPR.TL;DR - MERV is the standard rating one should look at, MPR is 3M proprietary, FPR is Home Depot proprietary.MERV Rating (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value): MERV Rating is the primary rating system used in the industry, both domestically and internationally. Established by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers, MERV rates a filter s ability to capture and hold particles and pollutants.MPR (Micro-Particle Performance Rating): MPR Rating is a rating system developed by 3M. It rates the manufacturer s filters and their ability to capture airborne particles smaller than 1 micron.FPR (Filter Performance Rating): FPR Rating is a rating system developed by The Home Depot for brands sold through their stores, including Honeywell. It utilizes a color code and number scale (4 to 10) that closely resembles the MERV rating.Do your due diligence and research what level of filtering is best for you and your family. This is all dependent on allergies, pets, mold, etc etc. The higher the MERV rating the better (16+ is considered HEPA filter quality). Forget the proprietary MPR and FPR ratings, stick with the standard MERV and you wont regret Nordic Pure's quality of filters.5Finally have found an AWESOME filter at a GREAT price They arrived in perfect condition in a nice thick box suitable for keeping filters from getting harmed. The filters are really great quality and the price here on amazon was too good to believe. I was confused at first when looking at the product description. I am used to going to stores and seeing the MPR rating (brands like filtrete use this) Did some research on what Merv was- found out it is the actual rating that the pros use and is the industry standard. I read that a merv 8 is really good for the average home. You have allergies, pets, odors, etc- you might want a higher number. I have really bad allergies so I want the better. Well, in a store I pay a lot for that higher mpr number (like a rating of 1000+) I hate buying the really cheap ones because I worry about all the stuff blowing around my house, but I have 4 kids so I am on a budget. Enter these awesome filters. I got 6 for $34 with my free shipping (prime). I would pay that for 2 easily- but I got SIX for that price! Plus, these are better than the expensive ones in store and block more of the stuff you don't want floating in your system. I did notice that the description of the actual measurements shows that they are a little (1/4 inch) shorter than a standard 20x20 that you buy in the store, but I measured and made sure it would still work and is great for me- and the product description does state the actual measurements so that shouldn't be a surprise. Glad I took the chance on these and am really glad I won't have to go shopping around for filters anymore! 5These filters do the job just fineThese filters work fit just fine in my application, air intake on my furnace, and they filter out ANY particle down to a certain micron size (Mirv 12 is down to 3 microns). Common sense says the smaller the micron size you are trying to filter the more restrictive the airflow is going to be REGARDLESS OF BRAND, come on guys if the air flow even slightly restricted then no actual filtering is going on (with in reason).The fact that they are slightly less expensive makes it less painful to change the filters frequently. I live in Maine and put a new filter in in the fall and then when the snow starts to flow I increase the filter changes to once a month. I am retired so a dollar saved ...do I really have to say anything, and I see no reason to pay extra for a brand name when I can find a less expensive filter that does the same thing.5Manufacturer says no way to tell their various grades of filters from each otherNordic Pure Air Conditioner Filteri am shocked at youll! nordic pure has just told me they have no way of telling what filter is what because they are not labeled. i kid you not. so why are youll happy with them? you dont even know if you got what you ordered (the more expensive better one you paid for or a cheaper low quality one).1THESE ARE NOT 20X20X1! Actual size smaller, horrible fit!I have ordered these before 2-3 years ago sometime. They were fine worked good. So, in need of new filters again I ordered a new box of 6. What I recieved is not what I had ordered previously. What showed up before was 20x20x1. This time what showed up was labeled "20x20x1 actual size 19.5x19.5x3/4." Not sure if they are doing a bait and switch or just removing a little material here and there to cheat customers. But dont sell me one thing labled at one size to have a different actual size printed on it when it shows up. Just to hold these in (so I can get by for a month) I had to extreamyly bend all of the retaining clips just to try and hold these in. One of the clips broke off. So now (in fear of breaking more retaining clips and having to replace the entire filter holder in the celing) I'm going to have to go find different filters before I need to change them again. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.1Works great for diy air purifierMy husband and I watched a video where a doctor from the University of Michigan's Sinus center tested an $800 machine against a homemade air purifier using a filter and a box fan and they performed almost equally (the $800 fan filtered out particles slightly better). After seeing the results and doing some research, we decided to purchase these filters and a box fan to make our own air filter. We basically duct taped (or you can zip tie) the filter to the front of the box fan and it filters the same way as a more expensive unit. Aesthetically, it looks terrible, but performance-wise it is amazing. I can definitely tell a difference walking from our living room into our bedroom.5Was looking for a quality replacement for 3M furnace filtersWhen you compare these furnace filters to the cost of other brands with similar features, these are by far cheaper with these figuring out to be around $15 each and I was tired of paying upwards of $20 for the allergen and pet dander filters that 3M has. While I don't know how well these work yet because we haven't been running the heat or the air since receiving them, but if I can go 3 months or more before having to replace them like I always had to with the 3M filters then these just gained that much more value. We will find out though since we just turned the air on today May 31st, so I will definitely be updating this review in the future.Now my first impression of these filters when I opened the box to install a filter was that these filters have some very good quality to them. They are more sturdy than other brands I have used including the high dollar 3M filters. I have never seen a filter that uses the cross support structure on both sides of the filters which should make these much easier to remove from the furnace when I need to replace them. Something else I noticed today that I'm not sure if it's because of these filters vs the 3M or the fact that our A/C unit fan motor was replaced, but compared to last year when we finally turned on the air our house has cooled off in about an hour the temp dropped from 86 down to 72. In the past this would take anywhere from 6-12 hours.Pros: will add after I have to replace the first filterCons: will add after I have to replace the first filter5"Thank you" -my lungs Wow! At first I thought "a filter is a filter" I'll just buy a three pack from the big box store for a few bucks. But after researching what MERV ratings are, thought I'd give these highly MERV filters a shot this year. So far, my lungs are thanking me. It's springtime in the south and pollen has everyone congested. Except when they come into the house. Suddenly our sinuses get a break. 5Stay away, restricted are flow will break your furnaceI change my filter ever two months. I was buying expensive brand name allergy filters at the hardware store and it was costing me $90 a year. They worked great but were expensive. I decided to try these since they were 1/3 the price.A few months after buying these my furnace blower died. It s an older furnace, but not that old. We had it replaced with a generic blower. A few months later it started short cycling and then eventually died. I had it replaced with an OEM motor. A few months later it started short cycling. Two separate HVAC companies said it was restricted airflow and both bid to install an additional return. They both said it would not be the filter since it s MERV 8 and would allow for sufficient flow. We had a new return installed. A few weeks later the motor completely died and the main board overheated and died. At this point multiple HVAC companies recommended a new furnace since it could be so many things. And a board and blower is almost the same price as a new furnace. Within a month of having a new furnace installed it started short cycling. Then I found a few reviews here that stated the filters had horrible airflow and figured it all out. I put in a MERV 11 filter from another company and we have drastically grater airflow.With a brand new NP MERV 8 it was taking 1 hour and 15 minutes to increase the house temp by 4 degrees F. With another brands MERV 11 allergy filter it takes about 20 minutes with the same outside temperature.End of the day, buying these filters instead of brand name filters to save $60 dollars a year ended up costing me over $5,000 in furnace repairs.1UselessI bought this pack of six based on the great reviews and MERV 12 rating. Prior to using these I always bought the Honeywell filters packaged also under the Home Depot name. The Honeywell MERV 10 filters would always be gdark grey within 45 days of use. My filters are located in the hall ceiling in the intake for the heating system. (Yes there is even a huge filter system just below the furnace in the garage). Even in the summer the Honeywell filters would be grey as the intake is near the whole house fan. The electrostatic properties were amazing.So I bought these Nordic Pure filters thinking they will do an even better job. Nope. Sixty days after changing them out and using the furnace daily all winter these things are as white as snow.Lesson learned. Don't buy.1Good product, great price.These are very good filters at a great price. I change them every 2 months, so the 6 pack gives me a good year supply. Someone asked about the strength of these filters, so I tossed some weights on it to find out. Almost no deformation at 10 lbs and maybe a quarter inch at 25 when placing weight on middle of filter supported on edges.5
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