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Norpro 18-Inch Aluminum Magnetic Knife Bar

  • Norpro 18-Inch Aluminum Magnetic Knife Bar
  • Norpro 18-Inch Aluminum Magnetic Knife Bar
  • Norpro 18-Inch Aluminum Magnetic Knife Bar
  • Norpro 18-Inch Aluminum Magnetic Knife Bar
  • Norpro 18-Inch Aluminum Magnetic Knife Bar

Norpro 18-Inch Aluminum Magnetic Knife Bar

NZ$ 138.00 NZ$ 83.00 Save: NZ$ 55.00
NZ$ 83.00 NZ$ 138.00 You save: NZ$ 55.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Our beautiful magnetic knife bars grip securely, yet easily releases knives, kitchen gadgets and tools. A compact, convenient and practical holder looks gorgeous in all decor, while keeping you feel organized and efficient. Perfect for the kitchen, workshop or garage.
  • Protect your knife blades from damage by not jamming them into drawers and knife blocks.
  • Features permanent extra strength magnetism.
  • Installs easily with screws included.
  • Extended length to hold more while still compact enough to conveniently fit in any nook.
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Customer Reviews

Great knife bar...you CAN mount to tile or other hard surfaces...read on... Bought this knife holder in 2015 and just finally got around to putting it up. The reason? I didn't feel like drilling through my tile backsplash to install it. So it sat. Until a few days ago, when I was on the Sugru glue site and they showed how Sugru could be used to mount things in the shower like a soap caddy. I figured, well, if Sugru can hold something like that to tile, maybe it could hold the knife bar. I wrote Sugru customer service and asked them if Sugru could be used to mount the Norpro knife bar and included a link to the Amazon page. The woman from Sugru customer service, Katie, went to the link I sent, checked out the specs, and wrote back and told me that Sugru can hold a total of 4 pounds and would definitely work in this capacity. So I gave it a try.MOUNTING: I first put the Norpro on the wall, leveled, it and with a pencil, marked the ends of the knife holder. Then I used a thin smear of the Sugru on the tile (sort of as a primer) and then used a fairly thick amount (1/8") of the Sugru to coat the back of the black mounting brackets that come with the Norpro. I then adhered the mounting brackets to the wall, being really careful to follow the template I had drawn on the wall. I used painters tape to hold the brackets to the wall while they dried--not necessary, but why not. 24 hours later, the glue had dried, creating a strong bond between the plastic mounting brackets and the wall tile. I then fed one end of the Norpro knife bar onto one of the mounting brackets and using a rubber mallet, tapped the other end of the knife holder onto the other mounting bracket. Works like a charm!There is no need to drill into tile to mount this knife holder if you have some Sugru!As for the Norpro--it looks great on my kitchen backsplash with our knives on it and has removed the big knife block from our countertop. Win/Win! 5The bar I received does hold heavy items but the back is hollow making installation difficult. I won the magnet lottery: My 9 ounce 8" chef's knife clings perfectly to this magnetic bar. No matter where I place the knife, the knife won't budge. That's wonderful.But (isn't there always a but?) the back is hollow. I need a flat back to attach to my granite wall. I intend to use industrial Velcro. When the weather improves I'll cut a slice of plywood and epoxy the plywood to fill the back of the magnet bar. I currently have a magnetic knife holder attached to the wall with Velcro but the magnets are too weak to hold the 8" knife.Finding the right knife magnet bar has turned into a multi-month nuisance. 3Mounting is an issue. Pros:-The magnets are a good length and quite strong. Easily able to hold up more than would spatially fit along the length.-No visible screwsCons:-To hide the screws, the mounting system is somewhat involved. It's quite difficult to mount. If the screws are too tight, you the side pieces might not fit. Or worse, you might peel paint off the wall with friction. If not tight enough, it gets wobbly. Even with the screws as tight as I can get without peeling the paint on my walls, the whole bar wobbles in the whatever direction you move the knife. 3Happy Cooking!! Fantastic piece of kitchen appliance. Instead of making holes and screwing in the screws that come with it, I used strong command strips instead. I used the ones that can hold 12 lbs. Two on each end running parallel with the strip and then placed it on the wall. It can hold all my major knives. I have two Victorinox knives Victorinox Swiss Army 8-Inch Fibrox Straight Edge Chef's Knifeand a colored set from Cusisinart Cuisinart Advantage 12-Piece Knife Set, Bright. Both of which I also highly recommend. 5Nice quality, easy installation. I was a bit hesitant to order this after reading some reviews that said it was hard to install properly/evenly. I had visions of a wobbly knife rack, but decided to order it anyway.Well, here's how NOT to have a wobbly knife rack (and it's Norpro's fault for not including any instructions whatsoever): the black plastic parts at each end which eventually hold the screws, COME OUT! Yes, they slide out from the back of the bar. So what you should do is remove those plastic end pieces, measure the correct distance and put the screws into the wall, then slide those plastic pieces around the screws, and snap the magnetic bar back on.That's what I wound up doing, and the bar is perfectly mounted on the wall- not at all wobbly or loose.The product itself is nice, heavy quality, and a good length. Totally happy with it, and would buy it again. 5Excellent utility magnetic bar This magnetic knife bar is great for many other uses as well as knives. I chose this one over the sleeker more decorative stainless steel bar because I thought the exposed magnets would be stronger than the covered bar design. This is exactly what I needed to hang over my dog grooming table to provide easy access to scissors, stripping knives and blades. The strong magnets hold everything securely and put an end to scissors being pushed off the table to their demise. This bar would work just as well for hanging tools in a workshop. It's easy to install with the two screws provided and also includes drywall anchors. If I was to put a knife bar in my kitchen, I would definitely get the sleeker looking one, but this the perfect utility bar. 5Solid magnetic knife holder It's does what it's supposed to do: hold knives securely. I'm glad I got an 18 inch one instead of a shorter one, so that there's a good amount of space between each knife. The magnets are strong enough to hold the knives securely, but easy enough to take them off the holder. This was almost the top-rated holder according to American's Test Kitchen, but they dinged it for not being easy to install. I disagree. You measure, level, and drill two holes. The wall anchors work pretty well, then all you have to do is to adjust how much the screws are turned in to get a snug fit against the wall. It took ten minutes from unboxing to hanging my knives. 5Plastic ends come apart easily and drops the whole bar! I just installed these into my drywall with two screws mounted exactly 17" apart. Took off the black ends to slide the bar into place. After some trial and error screw tightening I was able to get it to securely hold with no wiggle room. Then I put up my knives, 2 chefs, 2 smaller knives, kitchen shears and a Chinese cleaver. Then I tried to pull off a heavier knife and must have had some slight horizontal motion because one of the black ends popped off, dropping the whole block with my precious Wusthof dropping behind the oven! The "V" shape of the black ends wedging against the screws is just a terrible design susceptible to any horizontal motion when pulling off a knife (esp. when doing things fast in the kitchen) and I'm lucky my super sharp knife didn't slice off a toe. Avoid avoid avoid! 1Performs as expected. Holds our knives well, we always know where they are and which ones are clean. The installation took a little effort but they are secure and it looks great. They'll only come off if we repaint. I say they because we actually have 3 now - 2 for kitchen knives and shears kept adjacent to the stove under some cabinets where we slice, and 1 vertically on the way to the dining area where we keep steak knives and another shears. We keep the knives at 45 degrees on the vertical bar for easier grabbing. We have a wall lid holder on the same compact wall so the handles would go to the edge of the wall if we didn't cant them.I'd buy again, and I've recommended to family. I'm sure some of its competitors are adequate; however, I like that this one can be mounted and unmounted with relative ease. 5Frees up counter space. My handy dandy husband installed this nicely on my kitchen wall since I wanted to try it out to make counter space. I hoped to get rid of at least one of my two knife blocks that took up so much space. I thought I'd need to buy a second knife bar if I liked it to replace both knife blocks. This one knife bar was able to hold all of the knives except for the steak knives, which I decided ahead of time to just put in the silverware drawer, and one knife that turned out not to be a good quality steel after all since it couldn't stick to the magnets. I removed both knife blocks and my counter looks so clutter free there now! I'm very happy I bought this. The only problem is that our walls are cheaper and thinner than regular drywall, and so we can't use the tools that help keep the screws tightly in place. It's holding up well though...we just have to be careful to not jerk the knives off too quickly, which we should be careful about anyway. We plan to remodel the kitchen soon anyway, so no problems long term. 5
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