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Norpro Taco Press (2)

  • Norpro Taco Press (2)

Norpro Taco Press (2)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Pack of 2
  • Use to mold tortillas into crisp, fried taco shells
  • Mold measures 4-1/4 inches in diameter
  • L-shaped handle rests on fryer rim to protect hand from hot oil
  • Made of chromed steel, with stay-cool rubberized plastic handle grips, Hand washing
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Customer Reviews

this thing is worthless. cant put taco press on ... this thing is worthless. cant put taco press on a skillet with oil because one of the angles is not right. it touches the side of skillet so you cannot fry one side of your tortilla.you can fry it perpendicular, and to the left, but to the right you cannot, unless you have a shallow edge skillet 1Not perfect, but does the job with some modifications.Well, this will kinda get you decent taco shells, but you need to know the limitations.- The "V" is way too wide which will make the shells too wide. Take a hammer on a hard surface and tap them a little bit to close the "V". If you went too far, just pull them apart with your hands.- This is designed to try to fry the shells sideways, nice idea but the bends could be deeper. Because of the shape and size of the shells, you will need a deep amount of oil to try to get an even fry. I used a wok and even then, lots of oil. A deep skillet or pan won't work because of the next point.- Because it is frying shells sideways, you probably won't be able to get the top side fried completely or evenly because the bends aren't long enough to completely immerse your shells, even with a deep amount of oil. My suggestion is to fry the shell till it keeps its shape and then pop it out if the tool and flip it upside down in your oil.Otherwise, it is easier than trying to fry shells w/ out using this tool (I don't see anything except the multi-deep fryer type as am alternative anyways), but not perfect.I tried posting a pic of frying them in a deep wok, but it never posted I guess.3DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. The degree at which ...DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. The degree at which the steel mold is set is wrong and will not produce a proper taco shell. You can see in the picture I took myself showing the mold and a tortilla, that the shell ends are way too far away from one another. In the second picture I provide, taken from [...], the shell sides are less than 2.5 inches from one another. When I did further searches online I saw many different company names on the same product. I do not know who is the main manufacturer but I purchased this from NORPRO. I am a Chef by trade and I didn't even need to use this product to know it's not molded properly.1loved it.I couldn't decide between 4 and 5 stars because as it comes it is too wide for a good taco. My husband bent them in and then they worked perfectly. I went with 5 because that was such a minor fix for what I got. I was making tacos for a family reunion and need about 150 shells. I bought two and with my deep fat fryer I was able to get them all done by using two in a little over an hour. I was so nice to have good shells and not have to resort to buying the pre made ones at the store.5Overall great, needs a better shaped wedgeOverall, it's a great product. I made delicious tacos, and it has never been easier!My one real complaint is the angle is WAY too wide. The manufacturer needs to make it more narrow starting around half way up. Give it a curve instead of a straight (huge) angle.The next complaint is specifically for deep frying, I'm going to have to bend the handle to make it so it fits. They would need to make a different model for deep fryers, I think this one is more for regular pots, with LOTS of oil in them. I have a 2 liter fryer, and I would need a lot more oil to be able to completely submerge the tortilla. A lot more oil, or a different shaped handle.4Worthless These tongs are completely worthless. They are too small for the small tortillas, they're not formed right to create a taco shape (almost flat), and the handles are shaped wrong to allow you to dip into a deep-fat fryer.I had high hopes and was completely let down. 1Not for Pan FryingI thought these would be so cool. Unfortunately, If you aren't using a deep frier to cook taco shells (who does that in a home?) these are useless. the way they are formed you can only put them in the pan in one direction. If you try to reverse the tortilla so you can cook the other side, too bad it is stuck and will rip. Pretty much a useless waste of money if you pan-fry tortillias as I do. You may think why would I even consider these. Well, my wife used to do all the cooking but she passed away so I'm learning. Frying Taco Shells takes a knack I have yet to master. Ow, strike two for these things, they rusted during the first washing!2useful but awkward in a shallow panThis is an improvement over the fork-and-tongs method I was using before. Unfortunately, it has some design issues. As others have noted, the angle is too wide (open) for a normal taco shape. Additionally, and more importantly, when frying in shallow oil in a pan, only one side of the taco can be immersed because the handle blocks you from immersing the other side. You would need to use a deep pot (wasting a lot of oil) to be able to immerse both sides in the oil. I ended up taking the shell out of the tool to fry the second side. This has the added advantage that the shell tends to close up some as you fry the second side, making a more normal shape. But you are still back to fork-and-tongs style for half the task. The sad thing is that this defect could have been eliminated by making the handle come up straight between the two sides, rather than angled off in the direction of one side. (I guess this was to allow hanging the tool on the lip of a fryer, but it seems that would work just as well if it were symmetrical.) Bottom line: I will continue to use it, as it does give better shaped shells with a little less effort than fork-and-tongs. Just disappointed at how awkward it is to fry the second side in a normal shallow pan.3Since then they are great. I have already used them 4 times and ...As the tongs came there was a problem. They are way too wide. The have maybe a 60 degree angle. It took some pounding for about 5 minutes but I finally bent the tongs to an angle about the same as a taco bell taco shell of maybe 20 degree angle. Since then they are great. I have already used them 4 times and am heating up the fryer for another batch right now. The bottom of the shell is perfectly rounded. I do recommend if you use a deep fat fryer that you cook with the bottom pointed to the sky. The edges of the shell tend to bend upwards while frying and if you do top of shell upward it can bend slightly inward around the tongs making you have to pry the shell off. Cooking upside down does not seem to have this problem.I would have given a 5 stars except I did have to bend the tongs closer. I am not sure why they were made so wide. Maybe for some other dish that comes in that shape. The only other recommendation I would have to the maker of the tongs is to make them about a 1/2 inch higher per side. They fit a 5 inch tortilla perfectly and would not have the problem with removing regardless how you cooked the shell, but most of those I find in the store are 6 inches.I live alone so buying shells by the dozen is just not reasonable. This lets me fix as I want and need. It only takes about 15 seconds per shell to cook them. I use sunflower oil so I can set my fryer to max heat (it goes up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit) without smoking or chance of fire.4Cheese shellsI like to make taco shells out of cheese. You should try it, it's amazing. Melt a tortilla-sized blob of cheese on a griddle until brown, flip. I got this tools to make them the right shape- before I had just laid them on an edge and let gravity work, but I needed a cart-filler for shipping and this did the trick. They work great for my purposes, although they are somewhat difficult to open, it holds the "tortilla" in place while it shapes. It only took a few seconds for me.4Good product, but still have to do some work to make the shellsI have tried rolling tinfoil and putting it between the shell while cooking. This product is good, but I was hoping that I could let the taco cook in the oil without having to flip the shell. The design makes it so that you can only cook one side at a time unless I use a lot of oil, which I do not want to use. I looked for videos or pictures on the best way to use it, but haven't really found anything useful. I do like that the shell has a wide opening, but it is still a taco shell when done. I would like to be able to chop/prepare ingredients while the taco shell is cooking, but I still have to hold the handle or try to prop against the pan handle.3Can't cook easilyI bought this as a gift for my mother. It was very disappointing because you can only cook one side of the shell! The way the contraption is made doesn't allow you to easily dip both sides in a regular pan. The idea that you are going to flip it over or turn it around mid cook in insane. The tool is hot from oil and the shell is hot too. Cannot use unless you are literally submerging into a giant fryer which most people who don't have a commercial kitchen don't have.1
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