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OHTO Super Promecha Drafting Pencil, 0.9mm (PM-1509P)

  • OHTO Super Promecha Drafting Pencil, 0.9mm (PM-1509P)
  • OHTO Super Promecha Drafting Pencil, 0.9mm (PM-1509P)
  • OHTO Super Promecha Drafting Pencil, 0.9mm (PM-1509P)
  • OHTO Super Promecha Drafting Pencil, 0.9mm (PM-1509P)
  • OHTO Super Promecha Drafting Pencil, 0.9mm (PM-1509P)
  • OHTO Super Promecha Drafting Pencil, 0.9mm (PM-1509P)
  • OHTO Super Promecha Drafting Pencil, 0.9mm (PM-1509P)
  • OHTO Super Promecha Drafting Pencil, 0.9mm (PM-1509P)
  • OHTO Super Promecha Drafting Pencil, 0.9mm (PM-1509P)

OHTO Super Promecha Drafting Pencil, 0.9mm (PM-1509P)

NZ$ 152.00 NZ$ 91.20 Save: NZ$ 60.80
NZ$ 91.20 NZ$ 152.00 You save: NZ$ 60.80



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • All metal barrel, knurled metal grip, adjustable lead sleeve, removable clip, eraser under the cap
  • The lead feed adjustment dial on the barrel allows you to adjust the length of the lead feed from 0.2 mm to 2 mm
  • The 4 mm retractable sleeve protects the lead and makes this a great pencil for template work
  • Textured metal grip provides precise writing control; slim hexagon-shaped metal barrel is easy to hold while writing or drawing
  • Lead Size : 0.9mm
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Customer Reviews

Superb Precision PencilSince other reviewers have already covered the Ohto Super Promencha's features in detail, I'll limit my review to my personal observations and to points not previously mentioned/expounded upon.I purchased the 0.3mm model, but found the HB lead furnished with this pencil to produce a heavier line than that of other 0.3mm pencils I own. A change of lead solved the issue easily enough.The Super Promecha is 5-5/8" long (not including the retractable pipe/lead guide) with enough heft to feel comfortable, but not so heavy as to produce premature fatigue.The lead-type indicator in the cap was a big selling-point for me, as I usually use H, B or 2B lead ... but never the usual HB.This feature is the very reason I purchased several Vario pencils (Faber-Castell) when they debuted years ago. Prior to that I'd have to print little labels with the lead-type and tape them to my mechanical pencils.It's very well balanced, typical of Japanese-designed/made writing instruments (I own at least two dozen, most purchased in Japan, others via Amazon).Upon picking the pencil up, it just seems to fall right into place and rests comfortably in either hand (I'm ambidextrous).The knurled metal grip is large enough to allow for comfortable extended periods of writing.While the instruction leaflet included with the Super Promecha is indeed written only in Japanese, I had no trouble following the diagrams and was able to set-up the pencil to my personal preferences in a matter of minutes.A plastic (rather flimsy) carrying sleeve is also included.Prior to receiving this pencil, I favoured my Uni Kuru Toga (High grade) & Faber-Castell Vario...However, the Ohto Super Promecha has become my everyday go-to mechanical pencil.I have already placed an order for another 0.3mm, as well as 0.5 and 0.7mm models.If you're in need of a precision, well-built/designed mechanical pencil, you won't go wrong with the Ohto Super Promecha (Japanese import).-C.C., Amazon Prime Reviewer 5Broke in 2 weeks, no returns/refunds allowed.My son loved the look and feel of this pen when we bought it for him two weeks ago, but with limited use, it became bent in the middle and later easily snapped in half when he took it out of his backpack. We sought to replace/return but were told it s not returnable. For the price, expected better quality, but greatest disappointed is in return policy. 1Effin AwesomeI ordered this pencil along with some Pentel Graphgear 1000's... I had assumed upon ordering that this would be the one that sits in my bag 90% of the time. However, I LOVE this pencil. that is not to say it is without its faults.It makes a lot of excess noise when I use it. A jiggily clicky sound?I highly recommend this pencil to anyone who had previously thought they had the best mechanical pencil out there. 5Not the Greatest Thing Since Night BaseballThis pencil has a few idiosyncrasies that keep it from being great.It's heavy, which personally I like, but the weight is concentrated at the tip. I'd prefer it to be a little more evenly distributed.The knurled grip is too subtle, so there's not a lot of "grippiness" there.The adjustable lead guide pipe is an interesting feature but it only feels locked in at full extension. At intermediate lengths it feels like it could slip while writing.And the last annoying thing is the eraser cap/lead grade indicator. I prefer softer leads but the indicator goes only to "B". But I can live with that. What's really bugging me is that the cap does not fit tightly enough. No, I don't think it would ever just fall out on its own, but if you occasionally "fidget" with your writing implements, it wiggles around and that loose feeling is disturbing.I really like the way this pencil looks there's a lot going on there but these annoyances keep it from being #1 in my rotation. 3Awesome PencilThis is my new favorite sketch pencil. This thing is loaded with features and performs as expected. Had mine for 6 months now and have had no problems with it. Was a little worried to order based on the other reviews. I definitely wasn't disappointed. One thing to know is that the twist on the barrel has some burrs from manufacturing. Just be gentle with it the first couple of days and they will work themselves out. The lead selector at the top works better than most pencils I have had and stays in place while writing. The button has a nice solid click like my rOtrings. The balance and weight are just perfect (I bought it because it was tip heavy). The lead tube is plastic but I'm pretty sure all the internals are metal. The only cons I can think of are: the lead advance button is a little small and is hard to turn, the center section might be weak as other reviewers have mentioned (you probably don't want to buy a pencil like this and shove it in your pocket anyway), and in the even of an internal jamb this thing would be hard to disassemble. All I can say is buy this pencil, if you are a sketch artist like me or a draftsman this will serve you well. I plan to buy the other sizes soon. 5My Issue: the Plastic Lead Reservoir Tube and sunken erasersDisappointed. My gripe with this pencil - and most other mechanical pencils - is that the lead reservoir tube is plastic. Therefore every time you use or adjust the eraser the aluminum eraser holder (the metal band that goes around the eraser) ends up expanding the plastic. Eventually the eraser will not sit correctly: it will sink into the plastic lead reservoir tube and (1) become too deep to use and (2) unable to be removed. Sure, you can just use a little bit of paper between the aluminum eraser holder and the eraser, but that is just a short-term solution as the plastic lead reservoir will continue to expand. The Pentel Graph Gear 1000 uses a metal tube so this is not an issue, but they have a different weakness that I have described in that review. Will continue to look for a good mechanical pencil that will last years and not break the bank. 2Upgrade from vanillaIt's a promecha with an upgrade. the best part of this pencil is I can adjust the length of the lead that i need when i draw/write. I hated that with most mechanical pencils I have to adjust the lead a bit because the pencil releases too much and I risk breaking my 4h lead. I've ordered another one and I hope it arrives soon. 5Packed full of features, but could be slightly betterThis pencil is packed full of features, but could use a few slight tweaks. The checking on the grip is way too smooth and kills the joy in using this pencil. Also the click could be nicer. Otherwise, this is a very nice pencil with very useful features. The retracting and customizable length lead sleeve is handy and the amount of variation in setting the lead advance travel is also very precise (love that feature). The lead grade indicator is a nice quality piece (similar to the Staedtler 925 85 series), which I love. Overall great pencil - would be world class if it weren't for the smooth grip and lackluster click. 4Customizable, but be carefulThe customizing options are so nice, but the quality of the knurled grip wasn't quite so nice, be careful as there are only two thin bars connecting the top half and the bottom half, one false move and this bends in two, weakening or breaking the pencil ... "be careful" is not something you'd do automatically and not something you'd get to figure out for next time. 4Beat the Pentel Graphgear 1000 imoI didn't expect to like this as much as I did. The customizability of the pencil is a huge bonus (like adjusting the amount of lead that comes out with each click) and the lead shaft is more stable than the pentel graphgear (which I previously thought was unbeatable). I like that it is weighted more toward the base of the pencil, rather than throughout the pencil. 5
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