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OPTP Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll, Firm

  • OPTP Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll, Firm
  • OPTP Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll, Firm
  • OPTP Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll, Firm
  • OPTP Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll, Firm
  • OPTP Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll, Firm

OPTP Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll, Firm

NZ$ 202.00 NZ$ 122.00 Save: NZ$ 80.00
NZ$ 122.00 NZ$ 202.00 You save: NZ$ 80.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Trusted and authentic: Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll for back pain relief; the top-selling lumbar cushions and recommended choice of physical therapists, chiropractors, and back pain professionals around the world
  • Superior construction: High-quality, long-lasting foam with non-wrinkle, moisture-wicking, 100% polyester removable cover
  • Versatile use: Can be attached to office chairs, vehicle and plane seats; built-in strap fastens securely to most chair backs or around the waist
  • Professional support: Design ensures proper spine alignment and posture while sitting, providing comfortable back pain relief for the lumbar (low back) region
  • Measures approximately 11" L x 4.75" diameter
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Customer Reviews

Finally, the lumbar relief I need all rolled up in this amazing product..............I have been suffering with chronic lower back pain for years. One wrong move and my back suddenly goes into spasm making it very painfully difficult to walk straight or function. Tried various creams but they didn't really relieve the pain so I could function resorting to use of ice, bed rest and heating pad. After finding the Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll-Firm, it has become my buddy going everywhere I do and believe me it truly works in giving me the lower lumbar relief needed and be able to sit in comfort. It is small and compact taking the pressure off the lumbar area allowing sore back to heal and prevent further injury and soreness. So easy to travel with; great for car, office, home anywhere. Very well made and wouldn't part with it. 5Good for the price, but I must readjust the straps a lot.I m only giving it 4 stars because I found the straps hard to adjust. I wish a velcro type strap were there instead of the plastic pieces. I have to readjust with each use. The roll itself is a nice size and shape. I use mine in my car and home and my back pain has decreased. 4I will never be without itA MUST for lower back pain. Even if it feels weird at first it eliminates my pain and I never ever drive without one. They are stationed all around my house now. I am of slight frame and build but the firm one is still the best! 5A must for anyone with a spinal issueI just had an L5-S1 fusion. I'm currently in physical therapy working on my posture and conditioning my spine for when I go back to work. My PT recommended this product. It works WONDERS for my pain. I still have pain, but if I reposition this when I'm sitting or driving it helps tremendously. I love baseball and I went to my first baseball game today since surgery. The roundness of this made it keep wanting to be up too high on my back because of the curve of the stadium seat. I'm going to get this in the D-roll for baseball games. This one is perfect for the car and any other chair I've used. My PT told me to get one for home and one for work...looks like I'll be getting the D-shaped one for my baseball bag. You can even put the strap around your torso if you don't mind walking around with it. I could care less what I look like, so long as I can alleviate my pain. I do a lot of up and down at work and I foresee myself having to wear it rather than adjusting it every time I sit down. I absolutely love this device and I'm so glad I bought it. 5Shorter in Length than Expected.Shorter in Length than Expected...and not quite as firm but definitely works.Pros:-Helps with posture.-Easy to "install" on most chairs, fit on a big, black office chair.Cons;-The string that is attached to it seems flimsy and not long lasting.-The roll does not stay put, it flops down and needs readjustment too often.Overall, I recommend if you're needing some lumbar support but there are better ones out there. 4OPTP Original McKenzie Lumbar RollI bought this to support my lower back while driving. However I m not a big person but 11 inches is too small of a pillow, it needed to be bigger to cover the whole back area so the size of the pillow right now causes pain on the ribs on the back. It s unfortunate because the pillows design and materials are good but the size is just too short if the manufacture would fix this this will be a great back support pillow. 3PAIN RELIEFI am in physical therapy due to spinal stenosis The PT suggested I purchase 2 McKenzie Rolls. One for the car & one for the chair I use for the PC. They seem to help with the pain. RDF 5Thank you for curing my back problem!There are so many of these lumbar support pillows on the market that I feel very lucky that I hit on the perfect one for me! My lower back bothers me off and on and when I had to take a day off of work because I could not pull my pants on and off without pain, I set out to find some relief. I was rolling up a towel or blanket and stuffing it behind my back before I got this roll, so you might try that first to see if that is where you pain is and you get relief this way. The standard was out of stock, so I ordered the firm and it is rather hard, but the directions say that it should be and that is might even cause pain in another part of your back when you first start using this one as this roll somehow realigns the back. I think it should be harder rather than softer. I don't know the science behind it, but after two days with this roll, the pain in my lower back was completely gone and has stayed away! I will not be without this roll ever. I have another one on order for my desk chair at work. The one I have at home I have to carry from my recliner to my desk chair, so I will probably order even another one. At under $20 and free shipping as it comes directly from the manufacturer, you can afford to have more than one of these back savers. I would recommend the firm if you are a taller or heavier person, and the standard if you don't want a real firm support or if you are a smaller build person. Thank you to everyone who provided a review on this product that allowed me to purchase something that would help me. 5A bit too firmThis one is kind of on ,e since they offer 2 different styles and I chose the "firm" option. That being said, this log has about as much give as one of those fake fireplace logs! It's about the same size and is a 4.5 inch diameter piece of very unforgiving foam. You have to have it in exactly the right position or it becomes very uncomfortable. I wish I would have gone for a more formed or softer support. Oh well, I guess I can't say they didn't warn me! 3Product has changedI have used the McKenzie Lumbar Rolls for many years, and they have been lifesavers for me. I use them at home, at the office, going out to eat, and especially for air travel. Without lumbar support, I get into back trouble, and this is the best lumbar support I have found.However, the product has changed. The traditional roll is the one pictured at the top of the product page in which the belt is attached through reinforced slits in the roll's cover. These traditional rolls last for a very long time, and the cover and belt outlast the firmness of the foam. The new rolls are made out of different material, and the belts are sewn into the seam at each end of the zipper. These seams rip out in a few months, well before the foam has begun to soften, and the belt becomes useless. I'll try to add a photo above to show what I mean.I hope that the designers and manufacturers will notice this problem and come up with a remedy. As I said, I depend on these rolls. Since I am forced sometimes to carry them in public, they have to look good and not ratty.By the way, I have found one workaround. I slip my torn roll into a small, light nylon briefcase just wide enough for the roll, and I leave it zipped in there. I carry the briefcase to a meeting or a dinner, and I just slip the briefcase behind my back, and then I have the support I need, and no one sees the torn roll--or any roll at all.(By the way Amazon, this is not a toy.) 1
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