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OsoCozy - Prefolds Unbleached Cloth Diapers, Size 2(15-30 lbs), 6 Count - Soft, Absorbent and Durable 100% Indian Cotton Natural Baby Diapers - Highest Quality & Best-Selling Cloth Diapers Sold Online

  • OsoCozy - Prefolds Unbleached Cloth Diapers, Size 2(15-30 lbs), 6 Count - Soft, Absorbent and Durable 100% Indian Cotton Natural Baby Diapers - Highest Quality & Best-Selling Cloth Diapers Sold Online
  • OsoCozy - Prefolds Unbleached Cloth Diapers, Size 2(15-30 lbs), 6 Count - Soft, Absorbent and Durable 100% Indian Cotton Natural Baby Diapers - Highest Quality & Best-Selling Cloth Diapers Sold Online
  • OsoCozy - Prefolds Unbleached Cloth Diapers, Size 2(15-30 lbs), 6 Count - Soft, Absorbent and Durable 100% Indian Cotton Natural Baby Diapers - Highest Quality & Best-Selling Cloth Diapers Sold Online
  • OsoCozy - Prefolds Unbleached Cloth Diapers, Size 2(15-30 lbs), 6 Count - Soft, Absorbent and Durable 100% Indian Cotton Natural Baby Diapers - Highest Quality & Best-Selling Cloth Diapers Sold Online
  • OsoCozy - Prefolds Unbleached Cloth Diapers, Size 2(15-30 lbs), 6 Count - Soft, Absorbent and Durable 100% Indian Cotton Natural Baby Diapers - Highest Quality & Best-Selling Cloth Diapers Sold Online
  • OsoCozy - Prefolds Unbleached Cloth Diapers, Size 2(15-30 lbs), 6 Count - Soft, Absorbent and Durable 100% Indian Cotton Natural Baby Diapers - Highest Quality & Best-Selling Cloth Diapers Sold Online

OsoCozy - Prefolds Unbleached Cloth Diapers, Size 2(15-30 lbs), 6 Count - Soft, Absorbent and Durable 100% Indian Cotton Natural Baby Diapers - Highest Quality & Best-Selling Cloth Diapers Sold Online

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • BEST NATURAL DIAPERS - The internets best-selling prefold cloth diaper has earned its place for good reasons - meet OsoCozy Prefolds Unbleached Cloth Diapers, the softest, most absorbent and durable natural diapers for babies.
  • SIZED FOR BABIES - OsoCozy Prefolds Unbleached Cloth Diapers, Size 2 fit babies from 15-30 lbs and are generally used with diaper covers or plastic pants. One order contains 6 prefold cloth diapers. Each measures 14 x 22 prior to washing, and will shrink down approximately 5-10%.
  • HIGHLY ABSORBENT - OsoCozy Prefolds Unbleached Cloth Diapers are 4x8x4, with the middle panel having eight layers of absorbency and outer panels with four layers, offering plenty of absorbency and durability.
  • SOFT FOR BABY - Made of pure, 100% unbleached Indian cotton in a lint-free thick gauze weave, for superior softness and strength. Wash and dry these unbleached diapers 2-3 times prior to use to remove natural cotton oils and ensure optimal feel and absorbency.
  • DIAPER SERVICE QUALITY - Dont settle for less than the best for your baby. OsoCozy Prefolds Unbleached Cloth Diapers are Diaper Service Quality (DSQ), letting you give the best, quality care to your little one.
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Best and most affordable option for newborns says a first time cloth diapererLove love love these. My only complaint is that they come up a tad high on my baby so I've had to fold them down which created extra bulk. However, they are my favorite me this of cloth as we started on this journey with our first baby. I use them as trifolds in covers now that he is too big to snappi them on. I plan to keep using them as inserts for as long as I can. They are so inexpensive and wonderful! They do keep the baby a little moist though so I like to rotate in a pocket diaper or AIO or a different insert each day to mix things up. Also my kid wakes up every 1-2 hours so I've never tested them for more than 4 hours but I don't think this would be a good option for a heavy wetter if you are lucky enough to get a newborn that sleeps overnight. 5Durable and Well MadeUPDATE: So I finally found a website that posts the actual names, sizing and pricing for OsoCozy diapers, through their company. I was able to determine that size "medium" is actually a size between the "Size 1" and "Size 2", sold here on Amazon. I've attached a screen shot of the chart and here is a link to the mediums on Amazon:http://www.amazon.com/OsoCozy-Indian-Cotton-Prefold-Diapers/dp/B0084H09FC/ref=sr_1_1_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1460400328&sr=8-1&keywords=osocozy+medium(*The whole "4X6X4" and "4X8X4" thing kept throwing me off... but I guess it has to deal with thread count or fabric layering)=========================================================================================================I think that "Arizona KK" wrote the most helpful review for these diapers, with the exception of the measurements I got from them:After washing, I measured:Size 1: 10.75X14 inchesSize 2: 14X20.25 inchesThere does seem to be a HUGE difference between Size 1 & 2... When I've tried to see if baby is ready for the size 2's yet, he looks like he's drowning in them... Like they are big enough for a 2 YEAR old or something...!I'll just say that I really like these diapers and that I'm getting good use out of them... so far (they are made REALLY durable)!It's kind of amazing to see how baby grows in these diapers. When we brought our little one home from the hospital 2 months ago, the size 1 diapers were just a little large for him, but now his little Buddha belly and chubby thighs are starting to make it more difficult to cinch together. ;-) We will have to start using the next size up sooner than later... although (-again-) the size 2 OsoCozy diapers I bought (and have already washed a couple times) seem MUCH bigger to me than the size 1's we are currently in. Not sure if I ordered wrong (-like maybe there's another size in between these two that I missed) or perhaps I just need to wash them a couple more times..? (-Though I somehow don't think they will shrink much smaller than they already did after the first couple washes) :-/ ????? -Back to the research board! 5Love, love, love!I absolutely love these diapers. I have 18x size one for my newborn. Being new to cloth diapering I experimented with different brands and types. These by far are the best for breastfeeding babies. I learned to jelly roll the diapers to contain runny poop. You tube has folding tutorials. I use them mostly with flip and best bottom diaper covers. They wash nicely, are soft and versatile. They whiten nicely in the sun. At night we double them with a best bottom liner. My baby sleeps 11 hours at night and no leaks!! We wash them every 3 days and they still look brand new. We will continue to order these organic diapers through diapering. They also work well as burp rags. 5A must-have for cloth diapering!I bought these cloth diapers when I was getting lost in the huge cloth diaper market as a first-time mom. Anyhow, after I saw those good reviews, I decided to give this a shot. Usually I prewash new cloth stuff for my family, so this better works out coz i wouldn't be able to return them after washing. In a word, these diapers are the BEST! If you are rushing to go to bed because preparing for your newborn has worn you out, then you can stop here and place the order. But if you just start the cloth diapers hunting, feel free to continue reading my experience:I ordered the infant size, instead of use it alone as a cloth diaper as instructed on the package, I use it as an insert with a shell. And here comes the reasons why I love them:a) they are so so soft and comfy, and it only gets better after using and washing. My mom has been helping me to take care of the baby and she keeps telling me how much she loves these diapers and they are way much better than what she had to use on us back then. I usually don't really care how great the description is because I only trust my experience. And this one passes my test, baby never had a rash with this diaper, that explains a lot about the quality of the material.b) they are not white. Yes this is important. When you have to deal with baby's explosive yellowish poop, you would appreciate this non-white diaper because they are easier to clean than the white cloth. even though there is a little residue, you won't be able to tell. You might think white cloth diapers are prettier than these, but the thing is you use them to hold baby's pee and poop, being more useful is more important.c) they become less bulky as your baby grows bigger. During the first few weeks, it does look a little bulky on the baby because I had to fold most of the part to fit the tiny baby. But as the baby grows bigger, I can fold it less and less. Even though it's only infant size, I don't see a problem using it as an insert at later stage. Again, my experience is based on using it as an insert. The instructions on the package show you how to use it as a diaper by itself, but I think it makes a lot more sense to use it as an insert with an waterproof shell.d) they are more affordable than other inserts, at least those similar quality ones. And for the long run, using cloth diaper is going to save you lots of bucks. A bonus for this one is that you can buy the infant size one and use it as insert for the entire stage. Whereas a lot of other cloth diaper inserts come with two sizes, which means you need to spend double the money.e) they are thick and absorbent. The biggest concern about using cloth diaper is the leakage. With this one, even though the diaper is soaking wet, it doesn't leak on baby's pants. While it's gonna be another story with the poop, if your baby has frequent and small bowel movement, this should be fine, but if your baby has infrequent and explosive bowel movement, get ready to change the entire outfit and have fun! To have a better sense of how absorbent these diapers are, I did a test with this one and the thirsties 50% hemp and 50% cotton insert, it turns out that this one is a big winner because it can go about twice the time than the other one before it gets soaked.f) It's not complicated at all to do the cleaning. When I was still pregnant and thought of doing the cloth diaper, I was like I would never hand wash those smelly diapers!! So in the first week I put the dirty diapers under running tap water and asked my husband to wring out them and hang them up. Originally the plan was to accumulate a three-day cloth diapers before we put them in the washer coz we want to save the laundry cost. But it was not the best idea to let dirty diapers to line dry because it becomes harder to clean. Fine, let's do hand wash. First step is to soak them with hot water to get rid of the smell, then leave them in some draft baby detergent water, a few hours later, hand rinse and twist them then hang them up line dry. The more you do the easier it gets. And now I become a mom who hand washes baby diapers. If it involves bowel movement, the work is a little more, but still easy. Just put them in a basin, use the running tap water to wash out the poop particles, dump the water in the toilet bowel, then repeat the steps as described above. I saw some products like diaper sprinkler online, but I like keeping things simple and it worked out just fine.In a sum, these are a great buy for parents who do cloth diapers, and a great product for babies who may or may not be sensitive to disposable diapers, too.Thanks for reading and have fun with diaper changing and cleaning. 5Cost-effective AND diapering-effective! PLUS HOW-TOI'm a first-time mom to a 9-week old; I began using a cloth diapering system of OsoCozy unbleached cotton prefolds and primarily Thirsties waterproof covers at around 3 weeks. I had the help and support of friends using the same or similar system. Hopefully this review helps you! I've included links at the bottom of the review for supplies we're using.PROS:1. Cost-effective. My math suggests that with middle of the road disposable diapers (e.g Up&Up we'd be spending $55 a week in disposables). It's been plenty to have 36 prefolds in the current size and 5-7 waterproof covers. I've found some of each in awesome shape used in online marketplaces. Especially if you get one-size covers, even switching sizes a few times in prefolds will save big bucks over the long term, especially if used with multiple kids.2. Minimize blowouts of breastfed baby poop! We've had more issues with blowout diapers in disposables. TIP: even if you use a disposable diaper, snap on a waterproof cover on top to contain the mess! The combo of a prefold, especially the jelly roll fold (pictured) with a cover leads to very rare blowouts. If anything has ever gotten out, it's been minimal - no up-the-back poo-plosions!3. Takes up way less space than all-in-ones (AIO's) or pocket diapers. I have 36 prefolds and 7 covers that fit with a bit of room to spare in a drawer that could BARELY hold 12 pocket diapers.4. Fast and easy once you get the hang of it.CONS:1. Must be prepped before use. Initially I skimped on this part, running through a few consecutive wash cycles without drying - we had lots of leaks until I was advised by a friend to go back and try again. Throw these in with your other laundry (wash AND machine dry) for a total of 7-8 wash cycles to fluff these up and bring up to their full absorbency. TIP: have your next size up before your child will fit into them to give you time to prep the next size.2. A bit of a learning curve. The combination of skimping on the prep step and my own cluelessness lead to lots of pee leaks initially for us. A tutorial photo from a friend made a HUGE difference - I've included on here with the jelly roll fold. Stick with it! My husband and several other supportive people have offered to learn our system to pick up diaper changes too, and they got the hang of it in just a few changes.SUPPLIES YOU'LL NEED1. 24-36 prefolds in current size. Our daughter is 2 months and still in the newborn size - probably weighs around 11 Lbs now and I think we've got another few weeks yet in this size. Initially I tried her in size 1, they were WAY too big for an 8 Lb 3 week old.2. 5-7 waterproof covers - we like Thirsties for the double gusseted legs and snap/hook and look options. I also have a one size Rumparooz cover that's good too.3. Area to change.4. Wipes. TIP: if you're already doing diaper laundry, go ahead and use a stash of washcloths for wipes. You might even be able to skip the wipe altogether and use the diaper itself to wipe! Often this is what I do.5. Snappis to hold the prefold together - buying a pack of 5 is PLENTY.6. System for holding diapers between washes. We have a few different wet bags, and I've found that the largest one from Teamoy is great. Make sure you have a few smaller ones in your diaper bag for changes on-the-go!7. Effective laundry detergent (go for fragrance free for sensitive skin).6. OPTIONAL (but recommended) - cloth diaper friendly diaper cream. Our daughter has very sensitive skin and is prone to diaper rash. I've learned that petroleum-based creams should NOT be used with cloth diapers of any kind (most national brands: A&D, Desitin, etc.). If your babe has a rash needing more power, Burt's Bee's max strength zinc oxide diaper rash ointment is petroleum free. I've found that using the Motherlove Diaper Balm between every change has kept her bottom smooth and rash-free. If you're using creams of any kind, ALL of which will be oil-based, you'll want to make sure you're using the full amount of effective detergent in a hot water wash to remove the creams from the diapers to prevent absorbency problems, since water and oil don't mix.HOW TO USE (see photo: jelly roll fold - excellent for breastfed baby poop!)1. Lay a fresh prefold flat beneath your baby, long side parallel to baby's spine, before removing the dirty diaper (cover or prefold). If the prefold fits long on your baby, fold down the top a bit (under her back) - this will help hold in poop! Line up the top with the narrowest part of baby's waist.2. Remove the dirty diaper (prefold and cover) and wipe, apply diaper cream.3. Roll side farthest from you on a diagonal until the bottom edge is rolled to the midpoint, partway up the roll just TOUCHES YOUR BABY'S THIGHS, and the top edge (under baby's hips) lays flat. If the roll doesn't touch baby's thighs you'll have a hard time getting the diaper snug around baby's legs. If you roll too much, cheek will be exposed and make it easier for poop to get out.4. Pull the rolled far end snugly up between baby's legs. UNROLL the edges to cover your baby's hip flexors (the rolls will still be in place around baby's bottom and groin). I had big problems until I figured this step out.5. Pull the back flap from the side farthest from you over the top and secure the snappi on that side. Pull the snappi over your baby and secure the back flap over the top on the side closest to you. THEN pull the prefold up between your baby's legs and pull the snappi down to secure between baby's legs. Your goal is to keep the prefold snug around baby's thighs and waist, cheeks covered.6. Secure a waterproof cover around the prefold so it's comfortably snug around baby's waist and thighs. MAKE SURE the prefold is completely contained inside the cover at both the legs and the waist. Any exposed prefold will cause urine to wick out and leak!WASHING:1. Breastfed babies not yet on solid food have entirely water-soluble, slightly sweet-smelling, liquidy poop. You do NOT need to scrape this off or spray or soak your diapers to remove this before the wash. Wet AND dirty diapers can go together into the wet bag or other container for holding soiled diapers before washing. When baby is on solids you'll want to use liners OR scrape poop into the toilet OR a diaper sprayer to remove poop before washing. Wash about every other day to prevent odors and to keep your load from getting too big.2. Put all diapers, covers, washcloths, and your wet bag in the washing machine with the full amount of effective detergent (we use Tide Free & Gentle NOT Free & Clear, which has fewer cleaning agents) for your load size - make sure to use enough water to get your diapers clean! Use a hot water, heavy duty cycle. An extra rinse step at the end can help ensure all detergent is removed and prevent buildup.3. Dry. Honestly I just throw my prefolds in the dryer - you'll still see poop stains, but an effective wash cycle and detergent removes all odor. Make sure you hang wet bags and covers to dry to keep their waterproof coatings intact. If you're bothered by poop stains, a bit of sun exposure will take care of those in a jiffy.4. Reuse!LINKS:1. OsoCozy prefolds newborn size: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003AJHDQW/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&th=12. Thirsties waterproof covers hook and loop, size 1https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07K71N3KR/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s01?ie=UTF8&th=13. Thirsties waterproof covers snap, size 1https://www.amazon.com/Thirsties-Cloth-Diaper-Closure-Birdie/dp/B01M5ILEPW/ref=pd_bxgy_img_2/147-6819263-0169924?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B01M5ILEPW&pd_rd_r=0e8a1ac8-7475-4940-9ae5-956b437dde45&pd_rd_w=nLUYR&pd_rd_wg=39VtP&pf_rd_p=a2006322-0bc0-4db9-a08e-d168c18ce6f0&pf_rd_r=QDDN4VMN6T08CMKG99X5&refRID=QDDN4VMN6T08CMKG99X5&th=14. Rumparooz waterproof diaper cover snap, one sizehttps://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00CQ9UUK8?colid=1I0LVTC3CPO0Y&coliid=I285L3Z5MO73BZ&ref=br_ADD_TO_CART_title_link5. Snappishttps://www.amazon.com/Original-5-pack-Snappi-Diaper-Fasteners/dp/B004YWKWJO6. Burt's Bees 40% zinc oxide diaper rash ointment (for treating diaper rash in cloth)https://www.amazon.com/Burts-Bees-Baby-Diaper-Ointment/dp/B01379IL6U/ref=sr_1_2_sspa?crid=25S5TXF763LEF&keywords=burt%27s%2Bbees%2Bdiaper%2Brash%2Bointment&qid=1564147048&s=gateway&sprefix=burt%27s%2Bbees%2Bdiaper%2Caps%2C159&sr=8-2-spons&th=17. Motherlove Diaper Balm (at every change)https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000GLK6K2/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=18. Large wet bag (buy 2 so you have one when the other's in the wash).https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01M8G1VW1/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&th=19. 2 small wet bags for the diaper bag. 2 zippered compartments are awesome - 1 for clothes/burp cloths, one for diapers.https://www.amazon.com/ALVABABY-Waterproof-Reusable-Zippered-Swimsuits/dp/B075CYYJCK/ref=pd_rhf_ee_s_vtp_ses_clicks_shared_0_6/147-6819263-0169924?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B075CYYJCK&pd_rd_r=f24c311c-0d0f-4b78-8935-5b8ce5f98837&pd_rd_w=BKlYL&pd_rd_wg=5pL6Y&pf_rd_p=fc133098-0fe0-425e-be82-4e2e411bf8ca&pf_rd_r=MMYV1NBCV8YASMHF9SD8&refRID=MMYV1NBCV8YASMHF9SD8&th=110. Tide Free & Gentle detergenthttps://www.amazon.com/Tide-Gentle-Laundry-Detergent-Packaging/dp/B000Q63IC0/ref=asc_df_B000Q63IC0/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=309832782859&hvpos=1o1&hvnetw=g&hvrand=11894736248743253154&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9019064&hvtargid=aud-643565131866:pla-568057206656&psc=1&tag=&ref=&adgrpid=70155173188&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvadid=309832782859&hvpos=1o1&hvnetw=g&hvrand=11894736248743253154&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9019064&hvtargid=aud-643565131866:pla-56805720665611. washclothshttps://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06XCYGWH2/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=112. BONUS swim diapers - these have been great. Started using them at 6 weeks!https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07D6K1J8X?colid=1I0LVTC3CPO0Y&coliid=I1WI3U34T7E5VH&ref=br_ADD_TO_CART_title_link&th=1 5These are great for early stages!We used these prefolds until bub was about 7 months. After that, he squirmed and flipped so much that it was difficult to manage a 2 piece diaper. I received one pack at the baby shower, then found myself coming back to purchase more (we have a total of 5 packs, which enabled us to wash about every 3 days). They launder well, and have held up nicely over the months that they have been in use. The sizing is perfect... we received another brand's "one-size" prefolds with the purchase of their covers, but felt that there was just an overwhelming amount of fabric for an 8-15 pound baby, so we switched to using these. They are easy to use, and super soft after coming out of the dryer. (They hold a bit of crunch if they are hung to dry.) As long as you are using a cover, no fastener is required. 5Great budget diaperingThis review is for size 2. I never thought I'd end up preferring prefolds over pocket diapers but I do. My son is now 1 year old. I found that prefolds are the most consistently reliable- no leaks, rarely a blow out. Particularity in the first few months these fit him the best.Just a few quick notes:-I did use size 2 from 15 pounds. It looks a little funny, and you do have to fold over a lot of extra material but I did it. The extra material is actually helpful because babies are drinking so much at that point. Up until 6-9 months he could go 3-4 hours in this if he didn't poop. Now at 12 months I need to change this diaper every 2-3 hours. I'm a stay at home mom and I've gotten used to it. It helps that I know how much money I've saved.-I really like being to use any detergent I want, nothing special.(yes I know some people do anyway but I haven't found it necessary) I wash every 3 days. I do a quick rinse, then the regular hot wash with extra rinse. And I have an top loading HE machine that barely uses any water, which i don't recommend buying. However it does manage to get my ozocozy diapers clean. I use Purex mountain green OR All free and clear. We switched to All because my son has mild eczema. I never needed to strip or do any special to get these smelling fresh.-I use a Snappi with a large Thirsties velcro cover over this prefold. I hate fiddling with the snap covers that a lot of people seem to like.-These prefolds never squeeze out pee as long as you change it within reasonable time. (This has happened with microfiber insert that come with pocket diapers). They feel soft and warm when wet. My son seems as comfortable in these as a disposable.-We did use a disposable at night for the first few months because these regular cotton prefolds couldn't keep him dry enough for 8+ hours. I wouldn't expect them to though. Now once he was 9 months I switched him to pocket diapers at night with a hemp soaker in it. This works. Let just say again though, the one size pocket diapers didn't fit him well until 6-9 months. The pocket diapers were leaking up until this point and I got tired of it. If it weren't for the osocozy prefolds I would have given up and gone to disposables all day when he was a newborn.- Overall, the ozocosy cotton prefold rocks and kept me cloth diapering. If I had totally invested in one size pockets it would have been a disaster. I really suggest trying these for a few weeks if your thinking about it and only getting 3-4 pockets as a comparison. 5Great absorption in a versatile productWhen choosing to cloth diaper I was initially st a loss as to how I would use by diaper rewards from the registry. I decided to purchase several packs of these prefolds and I am glad we did!We enjoy using these when we need a break from diaper covers and want to give the baby bum some breathing room. Sometimes I just plop her on top of it, but recently have been using a snappi to secure as baby is too mobile. It holds a lot of liquid and we throw in the wash with the rest of the cloth diapers. They dry easily in the sun or in the dryer. Make sure to wash and dry several times before use for maximum absorption.We use the small ones for stuffing pocket diapers, burp cloths and emergency changing pad.We got them in small and medium. Pictured is an 18lb baby in the medium (green trim). 5Repeat Buyer!We're cloth diapering our 2nd child and we used the size 1 of the OsoCozy unbleached prefolds with our first and was super happy with them. Thus since some had been sanctioned to rags (4+ years between kids), we needed to partially replenish our diapering stock. Thus we ordered another dozen of the size 1. From 4+ years ago to now, there is a difference between the size but we're actually happy with that as they are actually larger than the size 1's from back in 2012. Since our 2nd baby is large in weight and height for age, we'll be sizing up a lot sooner than we had to with our first child. With that, we didn't have much fluff "bulk" early on so if you have a little one, you'll likely have some extra fluff for some time due to folding down, etc. I should note that we actually do using a snappi with these and don't do a trifold as we've never had luck with not getting a mess all over the cover with that fold. If you did use the trifold, I can see where the use of these could be extended. We also use these with the Thirsties Duo Snap Wraps (size 1) and they fit well.I would certainly purchase again (as we did!) 5REAL Sizing & Pricing Ref !!Price & Sizing Ref (Oct-2013)===========================> Half dozen pack with Free Shipping:Size1 12 x 16 = $11 @$1.8 each >> 10.5 x 12.5 after shrinksSize2 14 x 22 = $19 @$3.2 each >> 11 x 17.5 after shrinks> One dozen pack with Free Shipping:Preemie 9.5 x 13 (2x6x2) = $13 @$1.1 eachInfant 12 x 16 (4x8x4) = $26 @$2.2 each >> 10.5 x 12.5 after shrinksRegular: 14.5 x 21 (4x6x4)= $27 @$2.3 each >> 11.5 x 16.5 after shrinksPremium 14.5 x 22 (4x8x4) = $30 @$2.5 each >> 11.5 x 17.5 after shrinksToddler: 17.5 x 23 (4x8x4)= $42 @$3.5 eachWe purchased the Size 1 but the diapers shrink a lot after we been washing/drying for 3 weeks. The actual size is now 11" x 14" inches vs the original size suppose to be 12" x 16". BTW, It does not mention the layer (eg: 4x6x4, 4x8x4...etc.) I can only guess that it is the 4x6x4 version. Oh well...BTW, if this is your first baby, I recommend ordering Three Size1 6-pack (total 18 diaper). We have 2 dozen of size1 and it became too small for our 2-month old boy. We just ordered 2 dozen of Premium size, hopefully it last (will update here). BTW, the quality between Premium and Regular are the same but Premium is a bit larger.I'm very happy with the quality of these diapers. The problem is the shipping cost go up and down. In the past 2 months I have seen Free Shipping twice for all sizes. Then the rest of the time cost $10 or plus per dozen(ridiculously high). Finally I was lucky to order it with free shipping today. I'm putting down the price and size diff below for those who has time to wait for price drop. Of course if you are in a hurry, get it now. Cloth diaper will save parent a fortune. We once changed 24 diapers a day for our baby, he is always clean and happy. That worth every penny to us. 4
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  • To return or exchange any items, please email us at info@homeloft.nz, clearly mentioning your order number and our customer support team will guide you on the process.
  • To be eligible for return, products must be in the exact condition you received them in. All packaging material must be undamaged and unused with the price tags intact.
  • Orders can be cancelled before dispatch. If the order has already been dispatched, cancellation fees might be charged.
  • Due to the nature of the products that we sell, we will not be able to replace or refund unwanted items if they have been opened or any seals are broken.
  • The refund will not include the import duties or the cost of delivery or return postage.
  • If your refund is approved, then it will automatically be credited to the original method of payment, within 7-10 days.
  • HomeLoft reserves the right to alter and enforce this Return and Refund Policy at any time without having to serve a prior notice to users.

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