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OXO Good Grips Covered Ice Cube Tray

  • OXO Good Grips Covered Ice Cube Tray
  • OXO Good Grips Covered Ice Cube Tray
  • OXO Good Grips Covered Ice Cube Tray
  • OXO Good Grips Covered Ice Cube Tray
  • OXO Good Grips Covered Ice Cube Tray
  • OXO Good Grips Covered Ice Cube Tray
  • OXO Good Grips Covered Ice Cube Tray

OXO Good Grips Covered Ice Cube Tray

NZ$ 150.00 NZ$ 90.00 Save: NZ$ 60.00
NZ$ 90.00 NZ$ 150.00 You save: NZ$ 60.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Cover allows release of as many ice cubes as you want
  • Cover lets you stack more Trays or other items on top
  • Cover keeps ice cubes from absorbing freezer odors
  • Innovative rounded ice cube shape releases easily
  • Dishwasher safe, BPA free
  • The OXO Better Guarantee: If you experience an issue with your OXO product, get in touch with us for a repair or replacement. Were grateful for the opportunity to learn from your experience, and well make it better
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Customer Reviews

Annoying and difficult to use Hard to empty. . Annoying. Frost sticks on the underside of the blue top. Top can be hard to remove. Frost and ice remain after the ice cubes are emptied. You must wait a while, or waste water while rinsing off the tray and top. Sometimes a pain to put the top back on.. Recommendation: Buy Rubbermaid ice cube tray instead: white, stackable, no top to fight with. Also cheaper. 1Amazingly Easy To Use and Convenient to Store Ice Cube Trays These are the best Ice Cube trays that I have ever used. They fill easily enough and then are covered so that foreign things don't end up in your ice and more importantly so that they can be stacked. However, my favorite feature is the ease at which all of the cubes just release from the ice tray when you are ready to use them. You can remove a few or all with a small twist of the tray. The secret is the smooth surface of the tray compartments which prevent the cubes from adhering to the tray's surface (no more banging or holding the tray under hot water). The tray is easy to clean with warm water and ready to reuse again. We keep three trays stacked in our freezer and bring the most frozen to the top while allowing the bottom newly filled tray to freeze. These trays are so easy to use that you won't be sorry to have it as an addition to your freezer. 5OXO does it again I thought....how much better than regular ice cube trays could these be? I thought....no ice cube tray could really make it easy to get ice cubes out the tray without feeling like you're breaking the entire plastic contraption. I was wrong.One quick little snap, and most of the ice cubes some out very easily. If they don't, all you have to do is press firmly with your thumb on one side of the ice cube and it will pop out 100% of the time. And, the lids are a very nice feature. They actually work as they are supposed to...they make it easy to transport the trays from the sink to the freezer without spilling and make it easy to stack the trays. They also make it easy to dump out exactly how many ice cubes you want.Time and again, OXO takes everyday kitchen items and just makes them a little better. It's like they find the very thing that pisses me off about general kitchen items not working well and just find a way to fix it. Love this brand. 5Great Baby Food Holders We decided to use these in order to freeze baby food into ice cubes. These have worked out perfectly. The lids make sure that nothing can get into the food, and they DO NOT STAIN. It is amazing! Carrots or Beets or you name it, nothing has stained them. They always clean right up with soap and water! 5Better than a regular ice cube tray It's better than a regular ice cube tray:Pros:More sturdy - Didn't crack when I tried to take the cubes out (unlike my last batch of ice cube trays)The cubes are shaped better (not as deep/square, more like "restaurant" ice - Personal preference I guess)Cubes fall out easier - less twisting of the trayCover makes it easier to stack trays on top (and keeps stuff from falling into ice)You can kind of selectively choose cubes to remove, while leaving the rest in the tray using the lid (though it isn't perfect)Cons:Cover is kind of tricky to operate - spilled water a couple times trying to close the cover before putting it in freezer.There seems to be more extra ice pieces that form in addition to the ice cubes but nothing majorOverall, I gave it 3 stars because it's a good, solid ice cube tray - I would give a "standard" tray 1 star because they're terribleMy choice:I bought two different OXO ice cube trays. Despite costing more, get this one: OXO Good Grips No Spill Ice Cube Tray, Blue It's worth it!It has all the pros of this one but leaves less extra ice and also allows you to "seal" the cubes into the tray. The water won't leak out if you tilt/turn it while putting it into the freezer! So you can overfill the tray then just squeeze the excess water out using the silicone lid! Perfect cubes and no spills! 3Thanks OXO! This is INGENIOUS. How have I never seen this product before! It is SO much easier to get the ice cubes out of the way since you can literally twist the to get the ice cubes to pop out. This also keeps your ice cubes tasting like ice cubes - there is a top to the tray that keeps food / smells away from your water / ice. It's GREAT. We went back and ended up with a total of 3 in our freezer. Thanks OXO!!! 5BEST EVER but expensive I love, Love, LOVE this covered ice tray! So easy to stack other items on top of, without having to worry about it ruining your ice. Very easy to fill, and I love how easy it is to get just one or two cubes out, at a time, without worrying about the rest of the cubes spilling out, and being wasted on the floor or counter. Wish I had found it sooner!The only thing that I do not like is the price, which I think is really steep. However, it IS extremely sturdy, very thick yet flexible enough to release the ice without the tray, itself, cracking.In all, high quality product that performs exactly as advertised, and if the price were to drop a bit, I would definitely order more.Being on a fixed budget, $4.99 for one tray, or $14.99 for two trays, will leave this wonder on my Wish List until I win the lottery! 5Easy to get ice out- great shape I've tried numerous ice cube trays with high ratings on Amazon trying to find one that is easy to use (get the cubes out without melting, breaking or cursing). This one takes the cake. The lid isn't necessary and is probably the weakest part of the tray, but is a nice feature if you want to stack multiples in your freezer. The shape of the cube is rounded, like a smile, and like the cubes you normally get out of a built-in ice maker. I think that's what makes them so easy to get out. I hardly have to twist the tray for them to slide out. Highly recommend, would be willing to pay much more for the tray just because of how functional it is, but love that it's less than $5. 5Perfect for older freezers! Nice! We vacationed at a cabin and the freezer smelled stale. So the lid on this tray saved the day. They are the standard size ice cubes that we have at home. I use them to fill my Thermo bottle and they fit fine. If you have the same freezer issue, I'd say buy it. These cubes are smaller than the old standard size and they won't fit the Insulated bottles! 5Simply above average This ice cube maker in my opinion is definitely better than the one I currently have which not only does not have a tray cover but also is shaped squarely as so removing the ice cubes involved a lot of twisting. With the OXO tray, removing the ice cubes is a breeze. A good twist is still needed but the cubes easily come right off.There is one problem with this tray that irritates me a bit and that is the sliding cover. I honestly don't know if this happens to all ice cube makers with trays or not but what happens is that when you take the tray out from the freezer, sliding the cover off takes some work. Now when I say "work" I'm not talking to the point of you having to break a sweat but more like having to use some force. You would think the cover would slide off easily but because bits of ice gets frozen along the tracks, sliding the tray out takes just a bit more effort than I would have imagined. Not a deal breaker but what also gets to me is the sound. When you do this, you're literally crushing those tiny bits of ice as you slide the tray out and therefore, it does produce the "crushing ice sound". 3
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