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OXO Good Grips Jar Spatula

  • OXO Good Grips Jar Spatula
  • OXO Good Grips Jar Spatula
  • OXO Good Grips Jar Spatula

OXO Good Grips Jar Spatula

NZ$ 136.00 NZ$ 81.60 Save: NZ$ 54.40
NZ$ 81.60 NZ$ 136.00 You save: NZ$ 54.40



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Jar Spatula is perfect for reaching into jars of peanut butter, mayonnaise and more
  • Silicone covered spatula head and neck for easy cleaning
  • Heat-resistant up to 600F, and won't discolor, warp, or melt
  • Safe for coated or non-stick cookware and bakeware
  • Soft, comfortable, non-slip grip and dishwasher safe
  • Recommended by America's Test Kitchen
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Customer Reviews

Very easily damaged and not comfortable to holdI'm not impressed with this spatula. I wanted a long handled narrow spatula to reach into my blender. The material that this one is made of is very soft but not very flexible if that makes any sense. This is my second (and last) one. The spatula is full of small cuts just from touching the blender blades with the blender not running, yet it is inflexible such that it will not get into the corner of the blender jar. I also find the thick handle uncomfortable to hold. It gets generally good reviews so it must just be me. Maybe for a mayo jar it would be fine, but then so is my $2 spatula.2SPECIFIC PURPOSE!I made my purchased based upon other OXO products I own and I made another GREAT purchase. I purchased this to specifically use in jars of mayonnaise, mustard, jelly, and peanut butter. It works excellent for all of these items. It is long and narrow and helps get ALL of the food product out of the container. No more wasting what I pay for anymore. No more food on the knuckles trying to scrap the container clean with a butter knife. YUCKY! It will pay for itself very quickly. Although the above was my initial reason for making this purchase, Since this tool is heat resistant up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, I found it very useful to me while baking for drizzling melted chocolate over cookies, cakes and candies. It is also great for frosting cupcakes. It is always great when an alternative use for an item is found. It makes the item more valuable to me in the kitchen.5Correct length and narrow for jar openingsCorrect length and narrow for jar openings. Backside is slightly curved and GREAT for smoothing out what you dollop on whatever you're about to consume. EASY cleanup. Great for cook outs when there are lots of condiments. And in THAT case, I'd probably buy 3 or 4 of these. I have a dishwasher but don't use it. These hand wash beautifully and dry (by air) rather quickly or conventionally with a cloth of course. I bought two ... just in case ... and that was a wise decision. I am single and still find use for using both at the same time. YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED if you purchase these. I love 'em. Quite fashionable if you're into that kinda thing in your kitchen and easily stored.5Disappointed! NEW design is horrible!Disappointed! NEW design is horrible! The scraping sides are too thick, the tip is straight instead of curved and worst of all it's too stiff to conform to the bumps in the bottom of some jars and the curves around the neck. I owned several of the OLD design and they were perfect for the intended purpose. They effortlessly scraped jars clean from top to bottom. The only down side to the old design was the scraping edge was thinner, therefore more delicate and could be easily cut or nicked on blender blades or sharp edges of cans but they worked. I'm sure that's why the new design has thicker sides but it cancels out the functionality. I ended up using these for cooking - stirring scrambled eggs, etc. I didn't need cooking spatulas, I needed jar scrapers that work. I won't be buying anymore of these unless Oxo redesigns these again and gets it right.1Great productThis is fabulous for cleaning out jars and the Vitamix. It cleaned out almond paste from the Vitamix grain container! Before I discovered this spatula, cleaning out that container, was almost impossible! Since I received this, I haven't used my other spatulas. I just bought another one to give away.5Perfect [updated Dec. 6th]Perfect size spatula for jars, tomato paste cans, and clearing the blender. Comfortable and easy to use. Cleans up well in the dishwasher.December 6th edit: I just found another great use for this spatula. It's the best tool for stirring a new jar of peanut butter before refrigerating it (to keep it from separating). I buy organic peanut butter (Kirkland), which doesn't separate much, but still needs stirring. This spatula, which has a very slight spoon-like curve and a long firm handle, affords the best scoop-and-stir leverage of anything I've ever tried.5love this spatula! bought it for my vitamix and i love it!!!!long thin handle, tip is firm but thin and has some but not too much give to do its job!i have bought and donated many a spatula or just dealt with it until i found another to try. in fact i have an xox two piece set that i'm totally meh about but i love love love this xox jar spatula! 5It really is no better than any other flexible spatula so do not buy ...Reaches way down into a nearly empty jar but it could be a bit more flexible and rounded on the end to get into the curves at the bottom of containers. It really is no better than any other flexible spatula so do not buy it if you already have a flexible spatula in this length.4Stress cracks in spatula... And no longer sanitary.2-1/2 yrs of 'easy' home use, stowed in a drawer. Occasionally D/W cleaned, mostly hand cleaned.Not used for high heat cooking. Mostly PB or mayo jar removal. Occasional tuna salad mixing.I have many OXO kitchen products, none failed this early in their life cycle. There are multiple cracks at the neck of the handle... and at least one in the 'spoon' itself. Making the spatula un-sanitary.I have been a loyal OXO buyer for decades, because the extra money spent had been worth it. The positive reviews herein helped guide me to this product purchase... In my case, I am doubtful that OXO is a long term 'buy' anymore.1Wouldn't call it a spatulaIt's not really a spatula but rather a plastic stick. There is no give in the "spatula" part at all, so the only thing it is good for is mixing something just like a wooden spoon. It is so stiff, it can't properly even clean the sides of the jar and cleaning the corners on the bottom is out of the question. After this one, I ordered a "OXO Good Grips Silicone Spatula" hoping the wider blade would be better. Same story. No flexibility whatsoever. Now both of them are residing in a craft/household box and maybe I could use for something else in the future.UPDATE: Several months later had to throw both away. Couldn't even use them for any other purposes because they get dirty from 'nothing'. Despite sitting in a clean box with household items, the plastic/silicone (or whatever it is) attracts every tiny speck of dust and lint and has to be constantly washed just to be able to hold it.1Great jar scraperThis is a very handy scraper to have in my arsenal. I find that having a variety of spatulas is best; each job in the kitchen seems to pair better with a different task. This is great for scraping out jars. Sometimes I prefer the slight concave scoop to this spatula, and othertimes the straighter edge of my other jar spatula. This is long enough to get into most jars. It's rigid enough, which I've found is pretty much essential to scraping out jars. It's going to be too big to easily scrape out a teensy-weensy ramekin, but for most things, it works well. And of course, because it's Oxo, the quality is great!5
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