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PanSaver EZ Clean Multiuse Cooking Bags and Slow Cooker Liners, 25 Count

  • PanSaver EZ Clean Multiuse Cooking Bags and Slow Cooker Liners, 25 Count
  • PanSaver EZ Clean Multiuse Cooking Bags and Slow Cooker Liners, 25 Count
  • PanSaver EZ Clean Multiuse Cooking Bags and Slow Cooker Liners, 25 Count
  • PanSaver EZ Clean Multiuse Cooking Bags and Slow Cooker Liners, 25 Count

PanSaver EZ Clean Multiuse Cooking Bags and Slow Cooker Liners, 25 Count

NZ$ 118.00 NZ$ 71.00 Save: NZ$ 47.00
NZ$ 71.00 NZ$ 118.00 You save: NZ$ 47.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • NO MORE SCRUBBING: These liners will eliminate scrubbing or soaking from your slow cooker cleaning routine
  • PATENTED PANSAVER FIT: Our PanSaver contour-bottom fit conforms to the bottom of the slow cooker
  • DURABLE LINERS: PanSaver liners are designed to be 12.5% thicker than the average slow cooker liner
  • MORE FUN WITH FAMILY: PanSaver cuts down on the mess and hassle of cooking, so you can have more fun
  • SIZE INFO: Fits 3- to 6-quart slow cookers, 9" x 13" oven dishes, or standard roasting pans
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Customer Reviews

Amazing!! I don't know how I've lived without these liners. I just recently replaced the inside of my crock because some mac and cheese has gotten stuck on the side and no matter what I did to try and clean it, it would not come off. Well today I tried the dreaded mac and cheese again but with these liners and it was amazing! I was a little nervous at first as I have never used (or even heard of them) until a couple weeks ago. However, what would've gotten stuck on the side of the crock, instead got stuck on the sides of the liner. Cleanup was a breeze, I just threw the liner out and my crockpot was sparkly clean on the inside. I no longer have to live in fear of ruining the ceramic insert on the crockpot and I can make mac and cheese again! 5An Absolute Must For Any Slow Cooker I've heard and read about these liners and always thought they were just so much advertising. So after really burning on a wicked "Crock Pot Ring" with some spaghetti sauce I ordered the PanSaver Multi-Use Cooking Bags. They went into the crock with no problems at all. The excess simply folded over the sides. (Should fit my 7 qt Crock Pot with no problem). I cooked a 2 pound meat loaf in a 3 1/2 qt slow cooker for 7 hours on low. I wondered about taking it out of the pot. It just lifted right out! No mess at all. I did not even have to rinse the crock out let alone scrub for 1/2 hour getting the ring off. I poked several holes in the bottom to drain the juices and let it set for 1/2 hour. One of the best meat loafs I have ever made and with no after cooing clean up I am a happy camper. I highly recommend these liners. 5The best! These make using my slow cooker so much easier. I admit to being lazy, but I also live in an apartment with a small sink and I have a big cooker. It's unwieldy and difficult to wash the ceramic insert and I'm so afraid of dropping it. These liners solve that problem.Food cooks just fine in them, and cleanup is as easy as lifting out the bag, tying it off, and dropping it into the garbage. If there is a lot of liquid, I'll pour it off first. If needed, I'll stuff it into a ziploc bag and freeze the whole thing until trash day. That prevents odors in the kitchen garbage can.I'm on my third box of these and have never had one leak or break. I can honestly say that I use my crockpot a lot more often because of these liners. 5Want MORE... Use Two Bags for Two Meals at Once First, this is my second order of the PANSAVER slow cooker liners. I was introduced to liners through the Vine program when they offered the Reynolds brand liners. The Reynold's liners are good and are made of a different sort of plastic. These are a bit stiffer but every bit as effective and much much more affordable. Thus I am ordering these again.I love liners for the easy clean up AND transfer. Clean up is sort of obvious. If you don't bake on sauce on the slow cookers surface then there is nothing to have to scrub off. You just wipe clean to ease you conscience.By transfer I mean that when I want to store the food I pick up the entire bag and put it inside of my tupperware container. And guess what... the tupperware stays cleaner. I just put the top on and store in the bag.NOW FOR SHARINGI'm silly but rather giddy over the fact that I found out that you can use two of these bags in the crockpot at the same time.At our house we have some who like BBQ beef and some who prefer BBQ chicken. Well, I've found I can make both at the same time. I put beef in one bag and chicken in another and cook them side by side in the crockpot --the bags keeping the flavors separate.The only concession I made was to reduce the amount of meat in each bag just a bit so that the cooking time would remain the same. It worked perfectly. This should work great for couples and smaller families as you can cook two days meals at once. Or two crockpot faves at once for a more delightful meal.Recommend. These work great. 5I like these pot liners I like these pot liners. They are way cheaper than the options at the store which cost a dollar a piece. They are quite large. My slow cooker is only 4 quarts so there is quite a bit of extra plastic. My complaint is that somehow this does not leave my crock pot totally clean. The liner kind of sticks to the bottom and walls of the crock pot a little. But overall they do a good job of keeping most of the mess contained.I've used them to make pot roast, pulled pork, chicken and veggies. You get a lot more of these for the price (25) than at the store (4). They come in a quite long thin cardboard package. It is easy enough to store but it might not fit properly in a regular drawer.The bags are pretty strong. I have never had a leak sprung that was not intentionally made (poke a hole to drain)I have never tried to use them for storage in the refrigerator or freezer so I can't speak to that. The box comes with some twist ties, but I have never used those. 4Why use a liner that leaks? You get what you pay for. These bags do NOT have watertight seals. Liquid leaks into the slow cooker whiles using. Very disappointing when the sole purpose for using a liner is to keep the food out of the inner pot. Initially I thought the heat from the slow cooker was degrading the bag. Imagine my surprise when I added the ingredients and lifted the bag out of the crockpot and liquid dripped from the bottom corner of the bag. Every liner in the package I bought leaked into the slow cooker BEFORE I even turned on the crock pot to cook the food. The Reynolds branded liners work much better and keep the liquid inside the liner even though they cost more. 1Not worth the money The saying you get what you pay for applies to these. I was very disappointed with these bags. I read through many of the reviews and thought I would give these a try but when I still had to scrub the crockpots because the bags leaked I was put out! Any of the foods that had any fat in them didn't work at all. They may work for steaming foods but keeping your crockpots clean it's an absolute NO! If you are using them for more then 6 hours they don't work. I won't buy these again and will go back to buying the generic from the local store that actually worked. First product on Amazon that I've bought and totally regretted! 1Quality slow cooker bags for a fraction of name-brand price. Update: About 10 bags later and I still give these 5 stars. No problems at all. I stand by my original review.*******************************These bags are great!I've now used about 4 of these bags, on both high and low settings. Here is what you need to know:1. Despite the photo, you can use these with oval shaped cookers. I hesitated to buy because the cooker in the photo was round and I dug and dug through reviews to see if oval is okay. The bags are long and rectangular, so they are great for all shapes of crock pots.2. The plastic is sturdy. Is it as thick as the name brand bags? Nope. Has that caused any problems? Nope. I've cooked a greasy meat loaf and orange chicken (with tons of liquid), a squash dish, and a chili, bag hasn't leaked once. No melt marks or near-fails or anything. Just nice, strong bags. Even lifted the heavy meatloaf by the bag with zero problems.3. People have mentioned a smell, I detect no smell at all. I wonder if people's pots are old or low quality and overhearing? The bag has been pressed up firm against the sides of our pot, no smell at all.Don't hesitate to buy these bags. They are a much better price than the name brand bags and do the job just as well. 5Just pennies to save time on clean up..... I actually had never heard of these bags. We went to a relatives house for dinner two weeks ago and they use multiple crock pots almost everyday as they have a big family. Their crock pots are not dishwasher safe, so to save time they use these bags. They told us that they always make sure to have these bags around to save time. I think they chose Reynolds bags because they buy them at the local stores. I have two crock pots and a huge slow cooker. They are all dishwasher safe expect for one. We use our pots maybe once a week at most. I found the bags were very expensive at the local stores and they only have them in 10 count. I felt this was too expensive for us. I did read the reviews and check prices on Amazon and I decided it was worth a try. The things we have been making lately require scrubbing before we put the pot in the dishwasher. I tried spraying the pot with Pam but it still needed to be scrubbed. After reading the questions I measured our big slow cooker and thought that these bags would fit all of my pots. I used the bag for the first time in the crock pot this week. I also left it to cook on low as one review said to never use these bags on high. I have to say that these bags are going to change my life! No scrubbing ever again. The bags were perfect and did not tear or stick to the sides as some have suggested. The pot is perfectly clean! I will order these again and make sure they are around for Christmas dinner to make the clean up super fast and easy. I told my relative the price of these bags and she could not believe it. She said she has never seen them that cheap anywhere. If I was to use one bag a week for the whole year, I would only really need to purchase these twice a year. That makes it pennies per bag! I would also say that we thought that the food was juicier than normal with these bags. The food did not dry out as fast as just leaving it in the pot overnight. Thanks again Amazon!!!! 5Made me fall in love again My slowcooker and I met online which is becoming much more common nowadays so we didn't feel embarrassed when telling our friends. I was so excited to find her when her online profile matched so much of what I was looking for in a slow cooker. After a few dates though our relationship began to decline quickly and i just didn't know how to respond. I think it all started when I began to feel betrayed by my slow cooker when it came to clean up time. I would yell at her in a state of rage saying "I used you because I was too busy to slave over a stove all day! Why do you repay me with slaving over a soapy sink all night!" This just made her shut down and give me the silent treatment.These were trying times for our relationship and to be honest, it resulted in a lot more shelf time for my slow cooker. After some time, our friends encouraged us to seek help. After some counseling our therapist Dr. Google recommended we use protection to see if we could rekindle that spark we used to have. Well I am happy to tell you that our love life has sprung anew! The meals that she knows I like still turn out just like they used to but this time once dinner is over all I have to do is lift out the bag and toss it in the trash. We haven't had a broken bag yet but even if we did cleanup would still be a synch!If anyone else is struggling with their relationship, we simply couldn't recommend this product enough! Happy cooking! 5
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