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Parent Units Fridge Guard, Clear

  • Parent Units Fridge Guard, Clear
  • Parent Units Fridge Guard, Clear

Parent Units Fridge Guard, Clear

NZ$ 106.00 NZ$ 64.00 Save: NZ$ 42.00
NZ$ 64.00 NZ$ 106.00 You save: NZ$ 42.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Country of origin is United States
  • Item Package Weight: 0.15 lb
  • Model Number: 08880
  • Item Package Dimensions: 16.51cm L x 8.382cm W x 2.286cm H
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Customer Reviews

working well to keep a smart dog out!My adopted Basset Hound came to me knowing how to open a refrigerator and take her pick of the contents - not a good thing to let your dog do! This lock attached easily, is easy to use, and keeps the dog out of the people-food. I can open it with one hand, though you do need a whole hand free and can no longer open the fridge with a hip, foot, or elbow when putting things away. I've forgotten it's there and banged the fridge open dozens of times already, and the guard shows no signs of breaking or of the adhesive moving. For the price, I definitely recommend this product for keeping dogs out of your fridge.One note - you can install it so there's some "play," which allows the fridge to open a little but makes it easier to unhook the guard and might make it easier for a determined toddler to break it by yanking the door multiple times. Or you can install it as in the directions so it's tight and holds the fridge sealed against any pull, but that requires more work to open it (you have to push the door in past the hook and then unlatch it). I have it loosely installed, but for kids, I can see wanting it tight. Maybe that's why some of the reviewers have different experiences with the same latch. 5Works great and looks greatI was tired of broken eggs, cheese everywhere, and the "fridger door" (as my 2 year old son say's) open all the time. I was very careful to clean the area of the fridge door with alcohol first and then let the adhesive set overnight without opening the door. I bet that is the key to getting the unit to work properly. I've only had it a month, but there is no stress in the plastic yet. My son simply stopped trying to open the "fridger." I was lucky for that; I am sure some kids just work really hard to pry it open. I forgot about the lock a couple times and pulled the door really hard myself, but it still didn't budge. I expect it to last several more months if not more. For the price; I'll be okay with that because I like how this particular latch works and looks. It closes itself when I close the fridge. Some people may have a different fridge door that causes it to work differently or break easier, but I'm glad I tried it. I'm going to add a picture of it on my fridge too for other people to reference. I had a hard time figuring exactly where to put it, but the way it is seems perfect. 5Works well against my 2 year old.Being in the military and every house appliance is different, we recently moved to a new house. Our almost 2 year old figured he was able to open our new fridge much easier than the old one and get out whatever he can get out before the parents come into sight to stop him. So i found this product, read the reviews, and took the chance and order it. Was pretty easy to put on and it worked. We as parents just had to get use to it, lol. Our almost 2 year old is unable to open the fridge and hasn't ripped off yet, its been a month to 2 months now. I love it. Sadly my 3 year old figured it out after several weeks, he kinda yanks the hinge down so I'm afraid it will give out after couple more months, but we will see. I highly recommend it for parents with younger children, 2 and under (or a young 3 year old). 4Keeps the freezer closedI bought this to keep the freezer from popping open when the fridge door is closed. It's done a great job of doing that. No more finding the door wide open and the freezer thawed out. 5Really like the look and feel, We've broken two so far and I'm back again.We just broke our second one on the refrigerator side. The freezer side is still holding, which gets less usage. We have them mounted on top. I think someone (could be me, but it's not) is occasionally pushing to hard. I haven't found anything better yet so I'm back for a replacement again. The adhesive holds GREAT! Just be sure to clean the area and let it dry thoroughly before applying and let it dry overnight after application. My four year old pulls VERY hard and it holds great (repeatedly yanking on both sides at once is a better description); It's when you push up on it to open it that it breaks (I highly recommend mounting it on top, or your little ones WILL break it. You can see from the picture the skinny part of the large piece that breaks, once one side breaks it still holds up to the yanking until the second side gets broken by somebody opening it. 3Extrememly effective, though it broke after 4 monthsAlthough this product broke on me after four months (it snapped in half) I liked it enough that I ordered another one.PROS:Never failed to stop a child from entering the fridge (after the first week he rarely tried to open it, though he still tries)Clear (many visitors didn't notice it was there, until the door wouldn't open)Easy to use (one-handed open; no hands needed to relock)CONS:Price (it's a little high, even when shipping is accounted for)Broke after 4 months (as stated, it snapped in half...probably from normal stresses on the polymer; it could probably be fabricated from a more pliant material and be as effective)Again, though, I was happy enough with it to buy another. 4Works well, but too easy to breakI have mixed feelings about this fridge lock. It seems to work pretty well as designed, and i had no problems with the adhesive as so many other people did. It's also easy enough for kindergarten-age kids to figure out; my 5-year old can get into the fridge with no problem. However, I have a couple of issues with it.1) It's not easy to open one-handed. I can do it, but I have very large hands. I don't think my wife can. Also, to do it I have to use the non-intuitive hand: i.e. the fridge opens on the left side but I have to use my right hand to get the lock open one-handed. I've gotten so used to this, though, that I barely even think about it anymore.2) It's not the most durable lock. A determined 2-year old can break the long plastic pieces with enough determination by bending them backwards (assuming the fridge door is already open). My middle child, who turned 3 last month, broke the top "tine" about 6 months ago, which was easily fixed with some duct tape; but this weekend he broke the bottom "tine" and now the lock has reduced function (even with more duct tape applied to both tines). I'm going to have to replace it. Originally I was going to get the same fridge lock, but then I came online and realized that I've only had this lock for about 12 months (not the 24 months I originally thought). Seems like I should get more than a year's use out of this product.All in all I can't say I dislike the product; it's been very effective keeping our kids out of the fridge. But I also feel like it didn't last long enough to get a 4- or 5-star rating. I guess what is boils down to is: make this purchase with your eyes wide open. It works, but like everything else these days it's not high-quality and has a limited life. 3Works until your kids figure it outWe bought this because my autistic son started to enjoy getting up at 2 or 3 in the morning, and was flushing anything liquid from the fridge down the toilet. Yep, both expensive and gross.So, these took a couple of seconds to install (just make sure to line them up before adhering, so that you can actually open your fridge and/or get the lock to catch).And, they worked until my son got tall enough to reach them and figured out how to open it up. While I'm glad to see he's developing cognitively, I'm back to sleeping with one ear open for the sound of the fridge cracking open . . . :)[BTW, we haven't removed them yet, so I can't tell you if they leave a mark]Update: we bought a second one, and the two keep my son thwarted, he can't get both open and open the fridge.As to some of the contrary reviews, you have to let the adhesive adhere! After that, it is a strong bond.Also, we had on the freezer that broke; the adhesive took a bit to get off but came off without at mark.All in all, an excellent product. 5Eh...I originally bought this because my refrigerator door wouldn't stay closed (crappy apartment, cheap fridge) and we were constantly ruining food because of it. Install was simple (with the exception that I put the latch on a little further back than I would have preferred and now we really have to push the door closed really hard for it to latch - be careful with that one!), and it's working great. I've had it on for about a month now and it shows no sign of falling off (as some other reviewers said) - it is SOLID. It takes a little while to get used to, but any door latch would.Update 4/19/12 - the adhesive isn't so great, and the arm broke. Not that great... but if you don't mind changing it every 4-6 months then it's fine! 3It Gets the Job Done OkayAfter reading all of the reviews I wasn't expecting very much from this latch. However, my 2-year-old will not stay out of the fridge and something needed to be done.I read all of the ways people have described this latch breaking. So I played around with it and if you install the hook so that the latch just BARELY clears it you'll be fine. if you space the hook in too far the door will have enough play for your child to just yank on it back and forth and popping off the hook or latch. If you place the hook past the latch and thus have to pull it out and over the hook you'll break it in time. The way I've done it, you just barely need to push the latch over with your thumb while opening the door. There isn't any stress on the latch and it's not obvious to your curious and observant toddler as to how it works. So far I've not had any problems with it.Just follow the instructions that are included for prepping the surface, and install it just before bed so it has all night to set up and you should be alright.UPDATE 08/10/13: We've had pretty good success with this latch. I've had to replace it twice though. My mom just can't get the concept and she's ripped two latches off by yanking back on them too far.This week, however, was the end of the line. Our daughter has finally gotten big enough that in her frustration she just reached up and ripped it off. She held it up for my wife and triumphantly cried "TAH DAH!", so it's back to pleading with her for us.A great product while it lasts though. 4
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