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Pentel EnerGel-X Retractable Liquid Gel Pen (1.0mm) Metal Tip, Blue Ink, Box of 12 (BL110-C)

  • Pentel EnerGel-X Retractable Liquid Gel Pen (1.0mm) Metal Tip, Blue Ink, Box of 12 (BL110-C)
  • Pentel EnerGel-X Retractable Liquid Gel Pen (1.0mm) Metal Tip, Blue Ink, Box of 12 (BL110-C)
  • Pentel EnerGel-X Retractable Liquid Gel Pen (1.0mm) Metal Tip, Blue Ink, Box of 12 (BL110-C)
  • Pentel EnerGel-X Retractable Liquid Gel Pen (1.0mm) Metal Tip, Blue Ink, Box of 12 (BL110-C)
  • Pentel EnerGel-X Retractable Liquid Gel Pen (1.0mm) Metal Tip, Blue Ink, Box of 12 (BL110-C)
  • Pentel EnerGel-X Retractable Liquid Gel Pen (1.0mm) Metal Tip, Blue Ink, Box of 12 (BL110-C)
  • Pentel EnerGel-X Retractable Liquid Gel Pen (1.0mm) Metal Tip, Blue Ink, Box of 12 (BL110-C)
  • Pentel EnerGel-X Retractable Liquid Gel Pen (1.0mm) Metal Tip, Blue Ink, Box of 12 (BL110-C)

Pentel EnerGel-X Retractable Liquid Gel Pen (1.0mm) Metal Tip, Blue Ink, Box of 12 (BL110-C)

NZ$ 138.00 NZ$ 83.00 Save: NZ$ 55.00
NZ$ 83.00 NZ$ 138.00 You save: NZ$ 55.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Secure Payments

  • 14 Days Return

  • High performance ink technology combines the best qualities of liquid and gel ink for a super-smooth writing experience
  • Liquid gel ink dries so fast even left handed writers love it - no smears, no smudges, no globs
  • EnerGel ink writes more smoothly than the leading brand* (*Internally tested to be smoother writing than the leading gel pen on standard writing paper)
  • Latex-free grip for maximum comfort and control
  • 1.0mm metal tip writes bold lines
  • PACKAGE ONLY: Remove plastic tip cover before using
  • Refillable with any color EnerGel refill
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
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Customer Reviews

A Pilot G2 will easily give me two shifts of writingThese pens write a little more smoothly than the Pilot G2, but they last half as long, or less. I do a ton of hand written charting at work, and one of these is empty at the end of an 8 hour shift. A Pilot G2 will easily give me two shifts of writing, and often get all or most of the way through a 3rd shift. If you're a low volume user, and you want a pen that's smooth and fast drying these are great. As a heavy user, I'll take the slightly less smooth writing and slightly slower drying ink of the Pilot G2 to get its much longer writing life per pen. Also, why is it less expensive to buy a box of 12 whole pens, than to buy a box of 12 refills? 3Black. Bold. Battlestar Galactica.These are so incredible to write with. If you love bold pens, this is the pen you've been looking for. It's the boldest 1.0mm pen I've ever seen. It puts the Pilot G2 1.0mm and Schmidt 888 Broad to shame. And it is so buttery smooth; It glides across paper. Going from a Pilot G2 to this is the same difference as going from a crappy ballpoint to the Pilot G2, If you can wrap your mind around that analogy. I've replaced all of my G2 compatible pens with this refill. And get this: These refills will work in a Pilot G2 body. Whaaaaat? Not that you would want to, because these pen bodies are great too. The knock is large and has a very satisfying click. 5Love!It's hard to find these pens in 0.5mm tip with all these beautiful colors. Pentel Energel in 0.5mm are my favorite writing pens. Trust me. If you are a pen freak and love fine point pens, you need to try these. 5Bad batchBought these pens before from a different seller before and they were excellent. This time bought on open box from Warehouse Deals trying to save a few bucks, and apparently, there was a reason why someone has returned these pens. None of them worked right, they were all either from a defective batch, a counterfeit or super old. Struggled with the first one hoping that it will start writing better when it gets through the dried up ink in the thin part of the cartridge, and thus missed the return period. Eventually, had to toss the whole box. 1After trying many gel pens, I like these the best, by far!In the past 10+ years I have tried every gel pen I could get my hands on and these pens are the best I have tried so far. Here's why.What I like:- They write smoothly on most paper I've used them on. These pens do not feel scratchy or skip like other gel pens I've used.- The ink lasts a long time and never seems to dry up.- Smearing is always a problem with gel pens, but I rarely get smearing with these. I'm not saying it can't or won't happen though.- I like to use black pens and the color on these is a dark black, not a grayish color like other pens.- The case of the pens, even though made of plastic, are of good quality. The fit of the rubber part is grippy and comfortable.- The price of these were about $1 a pen and previously I found them on sale for $1.33 (half off at $4.00 for 3) at one of the local office supply stores, so the price was right.What I didn't like:- First time I received these pens they came in a box, like in the picture, and all appeared to be in NEW condition. The second order I received came wrapped up in a rubber band and some of the protective plastic tips were off of half of them, making me wonder if these pens were used or not. I didn't contact the seller to send them back as I didn't want the hassle of sending them back.I have literally tried every gel pen I could get my hands on and I like these the best so far. I would recommend just getting a couple to try out first before going for the multipak. 5Pentel EnerGel-X Set of 8 Retractable Medium Point Liquid Color Gel PensBright, deep, gorgeous colors and a smooth writing experience make this set of eight medium point retractable pens just about perfect. The pens have a soft non-latex grip so they are comfortable to hold and the gel ink dries almost on contact so no smearing. Gel is superior because it is so smooth when gliding over the paper and it has reliable coverage always even -- with no variance in the intensity of the color.If unaware, the tip of each pen has a tiny plastic cover so remove it before attempting to write. I have been using them for over a month and will definitely replace with more when the time comes. The product does not disappoint. 5Great ink pens but flimsy plastic**update* 5 stars to 4** After only three months of pretty light use, FOUR of the pen's side pieces (that you attach to your shirt) have broken clean off. Now they're pretty useless, for my purposes, as I cant attach them anywhere.I am very picky about pens but I love these! The .5mm may be too small for some but I think it allows you to write in smaller places and make finer lines. These pens shadow a bit on college ruled but not so much that it would inhibit you from using the back page. They also don't smear too much. I wrote out "smear test" and wiped across with my finger (somewhat heavily) immediately after finishing the question marks and it hardly moved at all. Not enough to bother me anyway. I also love that the actual pens are fairly neat looking, without large barcodes or brand names across the barrels. These colors are true to live and easy to read (even the orange and pink). I will have to see how long they last with daily use but for now, I would buy them again!! 41.0 mm is very bold lineFirst of all, the ink in this pen is silky smooth and the overall writing experience is great.My main critique is that the 1.0 mm tip is extremely bold. I am used to a Uniball Jetstream 1.0 mm, which is what I was hoping this pen would be like in terms of line weight. The line this pen puts down is much bolder than the Jetstream or other 1.0 pens I've used. I think that is attributable to the less viscous ink.I actually ordered the 0.7 mm pens after getting the 1.0 pens because I found the 1.0 to be too bold for normal note taking and cursive writing. It's great for signatures though or anytime you aren't trying to write on college ruled paper. 4Very nice pens that lay down a smooth line of ink that's not too thin, not to thick, with virtually no smearing.These pens do make a bold line, but it's not overly bold or sloppy. It's a bold rather than fat line.I bought a box of these with the 0.7mm points first, but they weren't quite as smooth as I wanted, so I followed-up with a box of the 1.0mm points. (Both blue ink, BTW, so no difference is attributable to a difference in ink formulations.) The 1.0mm pens lay down a nice smooth line, and the extra width of the point seems to allow the pen - and the user - to take full advantage of the smooth and free-flowing qualities of a gel pen.I'm left handed but don't drag my hand across the ink as I write, but I did test for smearing, and on regular paper I get no smearing. The only way I can get smearing is if I pull a finger immediately behind the pen, in which case I get a small smudge on my finger but no smear on the paper.I haven't had these long enough to say how long a pen will last, but as they do have a relatively wide point it's probably a fair guess that they won't last overly long. As others have noted, they arrive with a tiny bead of plastic on the tip, so there are no issues with drying prior to receipt.If it's not obvious, I really like these pens! 5Love these pensI'm a teacher and need tons of red pens to grade. Love these pens! It writes smoothly, and I haven't had any issues with the ink being blotchy or clumping. I also compared this with the EnerGel Deluxe RTX (more $$) if you look at the photos. One picture, I took apart the two pens, the other picture, is both put together. As you can see, both inks are the SAME. The only difference is the slightly better, weightier construction of the EnerGel Deluxe RTX. If you like the ink, this EnerGel-X is a great deal, as the ink is the same. But if you want a slightly (and I really mean slight) better construction with the Deluxe (metallic parts to the barrel of the pen, and where you push down to click), you can go with the Deluxe. These are really light and comfortable with the grip, although I tend to light slightly heavier pens when I write. Can't go wrong with these though. I didn't think these were any less quality than what you can get at the local office supply store. I would highly recommend! 5
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