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Pentel Retractable Gel Pens, Metal Tip, .7mm, Black Ink (PENBL407AA)

  • Pentel Retractable Gel Pens, Metal Tip, .7mm, Black Ink (PENBL407AA)
  • Pentel Retractable Gel Pens, Metal Tip, .7mm, Black Ink (PENBL407AA)
  • Pentel Retractable Gel Pens, Metal Tip, .7mm, Black Ink (PENBL407AA)
  • Pentel Retractable Gel Pens, Metal Tip, .7mm, Black Ink (PENBL407AA)

Pentel Retractable Gel Pens, Metal Tip, .7mm, Black Ink (PENBL407AA)

NZ$ 122.00 NZ$ 74.00 Save: NZ$ 48.00
NZ$ 74.00 NZ$ 122.00 You save: NZ$ 48.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Exquisitely designed with an aluminum alloy barrel for those who want to make a statement
  • High performance ink technology combines the best qualities of liquid and gel ink for a super-smooth writing experience
  • Experience greater writing control with the distinctive, textured grip
  • A great gift for any occasion
  • 0.7mm metal tip writes medium lines
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Customer Reviews

I probably need help. Mental help.Ok, so I'm a freak. OCD. Controlling. Totally unacceptable in mixed company. And I've got a thing about pens. At one time I had such a huge pen collection that I actually considered using the old ones to make one of those dioramas made from different colored pens that you see on the internet to get rid of them all but my wife helpfully reminded me that was on the other side of the invisible line that separates "eccentric" from "flat out bat nuts crazy". So I threw them all away.I threw them away because I found the disposable version of these pens about that time. Shortly thereafter I found these metal chassis pens from Pentel that allow you to slip the ink insert into. I had a couple of these for a few years and lost one. Oh dear lord you should have seen the looks I got from the guys in the office while I executed imaginary search warrants on their desks, briefcases and cars to figure out which one of them had stolen my pen.After working through my initial loss and first few stages of grief, I came out to Amazon to figure out if the shells were still available. They were. I ordered a few. When I say "a few", I mean a lot. More than I needed. Probably damaged the Amazon inventory stock numbers. I'm well on the way to making a new diorama that resembles something Lego Batman would create. The new ones work as well as the old ones. The only negative is that Pentel doesn't make a blue version of this so I can clearly see which of the two pens are the ones I use for daily work (black) and the one I use to sign the legal papers my wife has whipped up to commit me when the diorama of Batman is completed.Seriously - great pens. 5Nice pen, buy from a store or another seller!Packaging was terrible and not eligible for return. Pen is scratched and now has sticky residue all over the barrel after removing the silly worn out barcode sticker. Pen came with no packaging or packing slip. No blister pack or similar packaging that it would come in if purchased at a store. Now to find some Goo Gone.. Buy elsewhere.Pen is good, clicky aspect maybe not as great as I could have hoped but still a nice metal version of the Energel. 3Beautiful Pen!I love these pens! They are very durable. The only things to watch out for: The clicker cap can become unscrewed and lost. I secured mine with superglue when I first open it. The bottom of the barrel can also become unscrewed if you're not careful. Also when I got mine, the plastic protector for keeping the ink in until use had been removed and there was some ink leakage in the box. But I would still order it again. Beautiful Pen!! 5Why oh why must it leak so badly?This pen is damn near perfect. I've been using EnerGel pens exclusively for my job for years. I prefer the all alloy ones without the rubber finger pad because I can put them in or pull them out of my pocket without any resistance. In all the time I've used them I have had to replace many ink cartridges. Unfortunately most of the time I replace them it's not because the last one ran out of ink. It's one of two problems. One, the "smooth" writing ability just quits. Ink skips, and it acts as if it's empty when it's not. The other problem is the unpredictable LEAKS. There seems to be nothing to cause them, and they just happen out of the blue. When these ink refills leak, they keep leaking and it gets everywhere. As someone else mentioned, it gets all over the hands before you even realize it's leaking. Pentel, if you could fix this problem you'd have the perfect pen. 4Can't do much better for the price.The weight in the hand is very nice, it feels like a durable professional pen that will last. The metal is a bit cheap looking, a little too much chrome in places where a nice matt would look cleaner.The grip is well designed, it keeps your fingers in place while not feeling stickyThe pen button feels a little rough, you can feel the spring on metal scraping as you push the button down. It also makes a bit of noise while pushing it down. Compared to a standard plastic bic push pen its much louder.When resting the pen in your hand and tapping your index finger against the lower portion of the barrel (the finger grip area) you can hear a metal banning sound as though the insides are not tight. This sound makes the pen feel poorly made.Then pen flows nicely across the paper with a very liquid feel to it. Holding the pen in one spot for a period of time does not create an increasingly large ink spot.The ink does not bleed through to the other side of standard paper, which is good.Over it is a great pen and beats anything in the price range. 4Nice pen to use for daily taskFor the price it writes easy and smoothly. Feels good in my hand. Small percentage of reviewers have noted that their pens have leaked ink which ruined whatever clothing they were wearing so as a precaution I will use at my desk only and not wear it with me.As for material, well, it is less than $10 so some parts are made of plastic. Good for daily use pen to be discarded if it break. 4The best just got better!Okay, so they took my FAVORITE pen in the whole world, and then they made it better?? The Pentel Energel pens deliver super smooth writing with vivid pigment, and the size of the barrel fits perfectly in the hand. When I found out they made a slightly "fancier" barrel with the aluminum alloy, I about flipped my lid. These pens are solid, and they still deliver the beautiful ink and smooth writing experience that I've grown to love. The fact that they're refillable is awesome too -- I'm not spending $8 on a single pen that I would otherwise have to toss out. Looks sleek and stylish, very appropriate for my job as an accountant, but allows me to throw my personal style into the mix on my desk without being too flashy. 5A pen snob's perfect tool.I really love how this pen looks. The pen comes with a 0.7 liquid gel ink. I prefer 0.5 or lower so I do not have to wait to avpid smudges. Overall, I really enjoy the look and feel of it. I also bought 0.3 refills so I can replace it with a finer needle tip. 5Best Pen I've Used & Very Professional AppearanceThis is hands-down the best pen I've ever used!!!! I originally purchased it to use on interviews and loved it so much that I purchased a second one (plus a few packs of ink refills) for daily use. After letting my boyfriend try this pen, he also purchased a few of them because he loved it.**PRO's:1) Professional Appearance- The combination of the brushed & polished silver colors (aluminum) gives a sleek, sophisticated appearance without looking "flashy."- The pen's logo is very discreetly placed and almost unnoticeable from a few feet away.- Its barrel has a standard diameter and fits perfectly in the pen slot of my padfolio (I had originally purchased a different pen that had a larger diameter that greatly hinder the ability of my padfolio to close).2) Comfort & Design- The pen has a very comfortable grip that also prevents the pen from slipping in your hand (even after applying lotion on your hands).- The pocket clip adheres tightly to the body of the pen, which ensures that the pen will stay put in your pocket/padfolio.- The pocket clip is also smooth on the underside and does not leave any scratches or marks behind when you slide the pen in and out of a padfolio.- The retractable tip is easy to engage/disengage, and when engaged, the tip actually stays in the erect/outward position rather than sliding in and out of the pen's barrel/body - I particularly like this feature because it doesn't make any noise as you move the pen around (which is surprisingly annoying and distracting for me, especially during an interview when I'm already nervous and trying to concentrate).- The aluminum body gives a good weight to the pen without being too heavy/overbearing, as well.3) Smooth, Consistent Writing & Does Not Smear- I exclusively buy gel ink pens, because I love the bold color the gel ink has compared to ballpoint pens. Unlike many gel pens I've used in the past, I have never had any issues with inconsistent ink flow while writing with this particular pen (I've used almost a whole ink cartridge of one pen and about half of my second pen's ink cartridge).- I am right-handed and have never had issues with gel ink smearing as I write, but my boyfriend is left-handed and would not previously purchase gel pens for this reason. However, the ink in this pen dries so quickly that he has had no issues with the ink smearing/smudging. In addition to standard paper (i.e., legal pad, copy paper, etc), I also tested this pen by writing in a few of my textbooks, which have a more glossy finish and tend to smear much more easily in my experience. The ink does take a few more seconds to dry on the textbook pages (so my boyfriend does not use this pen in his books) but the drying time is still substantially less compared to other gel pens I've used (mainly Pilot Precise V5 RT pens).**CON's:- The only "con" I can come up with thus far is that the price has increased on Amazon since I originally purchased my first pen (it was $4.85 when I purchased). However, I still think that even at the current price ($6.83 at the time of this review), this pen is an absolute bargain.Overall, I cannot say enough wonderful things about this pen, and I am thrilled with both of my purchases (as is my boyfriend with his purchases of this pen). I would VERY highly recommend this product to others!!!!! 5FOUND SOLUTION TO THE NOISE!!! #AMAZONPRIMEFORSTUDENTSI wrote a review for this product when I first got it, and now my views have changed dramatically. I'm not a great person to review things, it either is or it isn't with me; when I first got the pen, with the metal tip, I loved the way it wrote, not as good as the energel pearl, black and white ones, but very good. So it turns out they have a needle tip, that made a huge difference. The reason I gave one of my favorite pens a poor review, is because it made so much noise; like a lot of noise. It was distracting me from doing charts it rattled so much. So i read on Amazon, you could use the V5-V7 refills for it in the needle point. I bought the 12 pack from Amazon the other day, #PRIME, they arrived today, my pen is working better than ever, and NO NOISE!!! So these "limited Energels" can take the V5 refills. My package just says "Pentel, Refill for Energel 0.7 needle tip. It doesn't specify which Energel. So from the looks, and my own experience, I believe they will fit all the energels. So now I have 3 of the Chrome Barrel, and one Black and Silver, and three pearls, Black and White edition, (I started with those). And everyone ask me where to get the black and white pearls, and all I now is my local Huge Department Store that sells everything, always has the 2 packs in stock for $3.47. So they are not that hard to find in the Carolina's. Good Luck, Energels really are the best pens to write with. I have owned every pen you could name, and Energels are hands down the smoothest, most consitant, great lines, just an awesome line of pens. Will never go back to the competition. . 5
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