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Perfect Pod EZ 1.0 Reusable K-Cup filter, Brown

  • Perfect Pod EZ 1.0 Reusable K-Cup filter, Brown
  • Perfect Pod EZ 1.0 Reusable K-Cup filter, Brown
  • Perfect Pod EZ 1.0 Reusable K-Cup filter, Brown
  • Perfect Pod EZ 1.0 Reusable K-Cup filter, Brown

Perfect Pod EZ 1.0 Reusable K-Cup filter, Brown

NZ$ 104.00 NZ$ 63.00 Save: NZ$ 41.00
NZ$ 63.00 NZ$ 104.00 You save: NZ$ 41.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Refillable reusable cup for use in K Cup coffee makers, Keurig 1.0 compatible
  • 5 EZ Cup paper filters included. Requires EZ Cup paper filters, sold separately
  • Uses paper filters for a cleaner cup of coffee with less sediment and coffee oils
  • Use your own coffee and save money vs pre-filled K Cups
  • Patented tamping spring compacts the coffee in the cup for better extraction and coffee flavor
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Customer Reviews

UPDATE TO not made well My original review below still is correct BUT..... customer service from EZ Cup reached out to me and apologized and explained that although it should work with my brewer there have been problems. They replaced the EZ Cup with another product (a 4 pack!). Love a company that stands behind its products and makes customer satisfaction a priority!!!!(Original review) I've had trouble with this EZ Cup since I purchased it. The spring on the inside keeps popping out and I have to fight with it for every cup of coffee. It also does not fit the newer Keurig machines as well as it fit the older ones. I'm throwing away and will find another way. The EZ Cups I've purchased in the past did not have the same problems 1The best option yet for our Keurig Brewers! Just bought a few of these along with the paper filters. I've been refilling and reusing the regular k-cups and although cost effective and environmentally responsible, a big mess. The biggest issue I had with refilling was that it was a pain and it was a bit messy. I could also only get a few good uses before the filter deteriorated.Now here comes these new EZ-Cups! These are simple to use. Throw in a filter, add your favorite roast, snap on the lid and brew. There is a spring and a tamper built into the EZ-Cup so that when you snap on the lid the coffee gets tamped/compressed a bit so that the hot water flows through uniformly. The best part is that the cleanup up is a breeze! Open the lid to the EZ-Cup and toss the filter and used grounds. Ready for the next cup! No mess and I think very convenient. Brew quality is excellent as you can choose your own favorites and control how much coffee to use. These just work!Great idea! 5One defective out of four ordered First let me say, in general, these are great little devices that allow you to brew the coffee you like and save $ vs buying K-cups and you don't have to feel guilty about the fact that the K-cups are not biodegradable. This was the 4th EZ-Cup I've purchased. The first 3 came in a box that included a sample of filters. This one was loose in a mailer, which I thought was weird. Went to use it the first time and the lid would not "snap" on and stay on. If you don't get the lid to snap on these, you will have water flow thru the side and grounds come pouring out. It's a real mess to clean up. Returned/refunded. 1I think the concept it good and if you do not drink strong coffee I try to be honest when i submit these reviews because i rely on other reviews before i purchase an item. I think the concept it good and if you do not drink strong coffee this will be just fine for you, however i like my coffee strong and i always use dark roast coffee and what i have found so far is i can not get enough coffee in the filter and holder to make a good cup of coffee. I have noticed after it makes coffee the spring is pushed down close to the base to allow for expansion i guess, if there was a good way to get this spring smaller to allow more coffee to be put into filter i think that would help . As it stands now i will not be using this the way it was designed, the filters are good i have no issues with that. Perhaps there is enough room in the machine to hold a larger ez cup ? 3WOW!...... WAY OVERPRICED! I purchased the EZ Cup and a box of filters a few weeks ago. The EZ Cup system will make a decent cup of coffee as long as you use good quality, fine grind coffee and follow the simple instructions. No problem there. It's not rocket science.But my big complaint is the cost of the EZ CUP device.....$13.25 plus shipping...WOW!As a retired plastics engineer I can't believe the % markup on this thing....it's gotta be HUGE!It's true that the plastic injection molding tools are expensive to fabricate and maintain, but really! over $13.00 for this flimsy little plastic cup that costs pennies to produce???I'm all for making a fair profit on an item that does what it's supposed to do....... but really???I'll give it 3 stars. I would have said 5 stars except for the excessive price.UPDATE.....My EZ CUP Pod fell apart (spring assembly)after several uses, so now the bottom of my pod is wide open. It makes no difference....it still works fine with no change in standard filter filling procedure. So basically the spring assembly is totally unnecessary....worthless, I should say.And as long as the snap cap holds the filter (filled with coffee) securely in the pod, it still makes a good cup of coffee in the Keurig brewer. I guess they added the useless spring assembly so they could charge $13.00 for it. 3Great little gadget This little gadget is great. It works exactly as advertised. I purchased two so that I can quickly make coffee for myself and my husband. I'm glad I did because the holder is very hot immediately after it's been used so I let it sit a few minutes before cleaning it out. It only takes a minute to prep the cartridge, which is much less time than I would spend prepping and washing a whole coffee pot. My only complaint is regarding its capacity. I generally use two tablespoons for a 12- or 16-ounce cup to get the strength and flavor I like, which isn't even that strong. Half of the time, putting two tablespoons into the cartridge clogs up the machine and the cup ends up half full. I've had some success by tapping the cartridge on the counter several times to get the grounds to settle, but sometimes that doesn't work. I usually end up lifting and closing the Keurig lid quickly and then rebrewing a smaller size using the same grounds so that the cup gets full. Even with that minor inconvenience, the EZCup is still worth it!! 4This EZ_Cup is incredible even for doubters like me I keep ordering these now have four because they get used so fast in my house I am forced to fill them in advance before breakfast. I have at least five different manufacture Kcup alternatives and different filters and once I started using EZ-Cup I tossed at least thirty dollars worth of units and unused filters into the trash. They all had the same problems which the EZ-Cup doesn't and those are: they leak coffee grounds, hard to clean, a mess to extract filters. The list goes on but this simple design eliminated them. I have measured the average coffee put into the units when full using Gevalia coffee. It uses 0.3 OZ of coffee per filter and provides a very good cup of coffee at a fraction of the cost when buying six 12 oz Gevalia bags on subscribe and save. My cost including filters is aproximately $ 0.24 per cup. Half that of Gevalia K Cup.The only problem and it is short lived is learning to get a good seal on the lid securing the top half of the filter. I found the solution is once the filter and top is in place i take it with both thumbs under the bottom and put my two fingers in each hand on opposite sides of the lid and press. Simple and neat. 5Makes cleaning a breeze If you're lazy and don't want to have to wash a coffee filter, this product is for you. You use it just like a normal k-cup and you put a mini paper filter inside (you throw that away). You put it in the normal k-cup holder, and voila! Hot coffee! Normally with a Keurig you receive a mesh filter that you directly put the grounds into. You remove the normal k-cup holder from the machine and insert the mesh one with your grounds. Getting the grounds out of that mesh is such a pain. It's very difficult and time consuming to clean. That is why the EZ-cup is perfect. You don't have to do anything but rinse the plastic EZ-cup afterwards, and you really don't even need to do that. The paper filter (make sure you buy those) easily comes out. It can be very hot though right after using, so be careful. My only complaint about this is that the pod size does not fit enough grounds to make a 10 or 12 oz cup of coffee without it tasting like water. That's not an EZ-cup issue, it's the k-cup issue or whoever decided to make this the standard size. It really should be bigger! 5Easy to fill, easy to clean. 4 Stars only because of price. A quick overview of loading the EZ-Cup for Keurig machines, using the EZ-Cup Filter Papers by Perfect Pod (50 Filters) 4I Should Have Gotten this Waaaay Sooner! And You Use LESS Coffee!! Here's What You Need to Know! So here's the thing...I bought a half dozen of the other highly rated reusable pods (these ones: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B01AUBYMK2/) and don't get me wrong, they are *great*! I bought a half dozen because both my guy and I do double coffees in the morning, so we needed to have 4 clean pods every morning, because the filters (we were using these ones: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B0765CH82G/) get so darned messy (and hot!) that you can't take them out right away - you have to wait until they cool down and firm up - and so you can't reuse the pod immediately.Well, because of the whole hot, messy filter issue, I decided to try these filters with the flap on top (these ones: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B007AVZQ1U/). Now, these filters are made to go with this pod that you are reading about right now, but we were using them with the pods that we already had, and they made *awful* coffee - the coffee was so weak, even with two scoops in each pod. In fact, I figured that I had wasted the money buying these filters, and that I was going to have to cut the flaps off the remaining 196 filters.Then, on a whim, I decided to look up this pod - you know, the one that the filters with the flap are *made* for. I couldn't imagine it would make any better coffee, but my desire to not deal with the messy filters was making me a bit crazy(ier).At this point I was already invested, so I ordered one of these pods. I just had to know.Well, the first thing that I noticed was that, because of the spring-loaded bottom of this pod, I *couldn't fit my normal two scoops into the pod*! "THIS," I thought, "is not going to go well." After all, even with two scoops of coffee, the flapped filter made really weak coffee (in the other pods), so *one* scoop is going to be positively anemic.But I'd already bought the thing, so I gave it a try.HOLY COW!!!I do not know what dark magic this thing is invoking, but this pod makes *perfect* coffee, and with only *1 scoop* (remember that we were using two scoops per pod with the other pods). Yes, you read that right, this single pod has cut our coffee spend *in half*! Somehow the tamping action of the spring-loaded bottom, along with the design of the pod (the walls are solid, not filter like other pods) brews perfect coffee, with one scoop, every...single...time!!And as if that wasn't enough, the flap on the filter means that we can remove that filter *immediately* - with zero mess - and use that pod again (after all, you can only put one pod at a time in your coffee machine). This means that we only are using a single pod to make both double coffees! Beauty!The last thing that you need to know is that it does take a little force to get the lid to snap into place with that filter flap. Don't let this daunt you - just mash that baby on so that it's fully seated, and you too can have perfect coffee with half the coffee and one-tenth of the hassle!By the way, this is our coffee of choice now - https://smile.amazon.com/First-Colony-Rainforest-Organic-Arabica/dp/B079SSDTT1/ - it's organic and it's tasty as all get out (we got it at Costco on sale, but that's cool that it's available on Amazon!) 5
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