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Pfister 972053J Push and Seal Pop-up Drain Assembly for Bathroom Sink, Brushed Nickel

  • Pfister 972053J Push and Seal Pop-up Drain Assembly for Bathroom Sink, Brushed Nickel
  • Pfister 972053J Push and Seal Pop-up Drain Assembly for Bathroom Sink, Brushed Nickel
  • Pfister 972053J Push and Seal Pop-up Drain Assembly for Bathroom Sink, Brushed Nickel
  • Pfister 972053J Push and Seal Pop-up Drain Assembly for Bathroom Sink, Brushed Nickel
  • Pfister 972053J Push and Seal Pop-up Drain Assembly for Bathroom Sink, Brushed Nickel

Pfister 972053J Push and Seal Pop-up Drain Assembly for Bathroom Sink, Brushed Nickel

NZ$ 164.00 NZ$ 99.00 Save: NZ$ 65.00
NZ$ 99.00 NZ$ 164.00 You save: NZ$ 65.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 14 Days Return

  • Only 3 parts and installs in 3 minutes
  • Press to seal and press again to open
  • Push & Seal's advanced compression lock seals the drain completely so your sink stays filled
  • To access the drain pipe, simply unscrew and remove the stopper
  • Push & Seal drain ONLY compatible with sinks with overflows
  • Push and seal drain assembly sold individually
  • For an all-metal version, see model #972-101J
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Customer Reviews

Fair price for a great drainPurchased this drain from Amazon because the local hardware depot did not have the color I wanted in stock. Price wise, I believe this was only a few dollars cheaper from a similar brand I was considering. Shipment was fast, and installation was a breeze. Since them, its been used a few times a week to actually stop the water from draining, and I've been impressed by its performance. Other drains I messed around with would still drain the water, but at a trickle.On more than one occasion, I've closed the drain, filled the sink with water, and left filled overnight as something soaked. The next morning I came back sink still filled with water. So this Push and Seal Pop-up drain actually isn't misleading the consumer, it does seal the sink preventing the water from draining away.I will definitely keep this brand on my list of goods I would purchase again. I also would have no issues recommending the drain to other DIYers.5Solid quality but take note this is for a sink with an overflow onlyThis is a good quality faucet for a great price. The only problem is that it's specifically for a sink with an overflow. If I had looked at the picture more closely and knew more about plumbing, it would have been obvious but sadly I didn't and I don't. For those who don't know, the overflow is the little hole at the top of some sinks that prevent them from, well, overflowing if the drain is closed and the tap is left on. If your sink is designed with an overflow, it is significantly thicker at the base and drains designed for those sinks won't fit sinks without an overflow.So I bought it, missed the return window on Amazon, and am stuck with a product I can't use, hence the star deduction. They should make it clear in the description which doesn't mention anything about it being overflow-only.460 second installationDo it yourself home plumbing is one of my least favorite tasks. I am usually guaranteed parts that don't fit, things that have to be modified and numerous trips to the hardware store.It's a pleasure to find this simple to install drain kit. I bought it for a new sink installation that uses a fancy fixture that follows the current trend of not using a lever operated drain closure. So a popup type like this is required. That's okay with me, I rarely fill my sink's basin with water and when I do I have no problem with using a popup opener.Installation is incredibly easy, just drop it into the drain hole, line it up with the drain under the sink and tighten the fasteners. It's about a five minute job from opening the box to cleaning up.THINGS TO KNOWCompared to traditional bath sink drains this one looks huge and the pop up part sticks up higher than you may be used to. It takes getting used to and traditionalists may not care for it. I paired it with a Kohler Bryant sink and a highly decorative waterfall fixture and to me the oversize drain actually adds to the contemporary effect.When installing, note that there is an overflow hole in the drain. This hole should be oriented so it faces the overflow hole that s built into your sink. This drain can only be used with sinks that have an overflow feature.Note the design of the rubber gaskets on this drain, they are not around the perimeter but rather around the inner tube. This assures a tight leak-free seal.Yes this drain is all plastic. I'm not that fond of plastic fixtures in my bathroom but for a drain I don't care, it's a fully functional component that's out of sight and it's so easy to replace that some day when it gets messy, as drains always eventually do, I can simply get a new one.5Push and Seal Drain a Smart PurchaseMy plumber--who installed it--was amazed that it could easily be removed for cleaning. (In his own bathroom he has an older metal one that cannot.) Since there was no room in my newly installed sink and single lever faucet for the stopper on the faucet to be raised and lowered and therefore the drain to open and close, I was really glad that I'd had the foresight (after reading many reviews of just such problems) to order this Pfister push and seal drain ahead of time, and the installation went seamlessly! Even though it's plastic, it looks great and I expect it to last and operate well for a long time.5No customer supportThe bottom cone-shaped gasket did not work for me. I had to use another from another manufacturer that was more standard (with lip) in design. The top gasket is worthless; I removed it and used plumbers putty. (The manufacturer does not recommend you use both). I do like this design, however. The threads are long (> 3"), which accommodates non-standard sinks. The seal is tight. The installation is easy. I just wonder how many times my tenants will overflow their sink now while accidentally pushing the button in and leaving the water dripping. Think about it.Anyway, I tried reaching out to the seller, because the pop-up is not working smoothly; but there is no button here for feedback. And although I clearly wrote my reason for returning this, no one ever contacted me for a replacement part. It is unlikely that I will disassemble the product from the sink for return. So, I will just take another star off here and suggest you buy one from your local plumbing store.2Ridiculously easy installI just had a plumber replace the faucets in the bathrooms. The guest bath was a Pfister faucet with this style drain. Plumber said it went in with no issues. And after playing with it I loved the ease of use. The faucet set for my bath was Moen & I loved the style but the drain leaked (brand new!). I couldn't find anything in Pfister that I loved as much to get the cool drain. Then I thought - maybe I can keep the faucet & just change the drain! Pfister's website pretends that isn't possible but good ole Amazon proved to be my spot once again! I ordered the drain & installed it myself! I have no plumbing experience but this drain is so user friendly that it didn't matter (taking the other drain out took more time & frustration). I adore this drain!! Kept water in the sink overnight at the same level because it seals so tight. I can't recommend this enough!!!5You may not need to replace the whole pipe!This is the exact same pipe and stopper assembly that matched the Pfister set in my sink. I bought this because the stopper wouldn t pop back up any more. We followed the instructions and unscrewed the old pipe from under the sink, the old pipe then easily came up through the top side of the sink. Put in the new in reverse order and we re done. Easy install. The hardest part was unscrewing and retightening the pipe. HOWEVER, What we discovered in the process (after we had everything taken apart) was that the stopper that wouldn t pop up just screwed in to the pipe. After taking the old stopper out, the new one just screwed in. We could have replaced just the broken stopper without crawling under the sink and taking everything apart. Would have been a 60 second job. Why don t they put that in the directions?5Great Product--Easy Install But weak spring again and again!I have struggled with the rod and pop up drain in the lavatory sinks for the last time! This is a great product, easy to install and works like a charm. Wish I had bought them sooner.So, a year later, and I have no pop!! Not sure what is going on, but I guess there must be a spring in the top part and it has let go. Don't know whether there is a fix or I just need to get another unit.Another month and the spring in the second unit let go. Unfortunately there is no good and easy way to just buy the broken part so it means buying the whole unit again. I have contacted the company so we will see if there is a better solution. Like the product but not the longevity.1Way better than the other brands.I tried several different brands of pop-up. Almost all of them leave such a small gap when they are popped up that the (non-overflow) sink empties at a very slow rate. This one is much better designed, with a wider gap that lets the sink empty as though there were no plug in it at all.. And its huge plastic tightening nut makes it a cinch to install without tools.This one drained 2 quarts of water in 10 seconds, vs 50 seconds with other brands.One thing: this has a cutout to accept overflow from sinks that are so equippped. If your sink does not have an overflow, you'll want to wrap some self-sealing plastic tape over the holes.5BEST $8 SPENT / NO LEAKS / EASY INSTALL / LOOKS ELEGANT!BEST $8 SPENT / NO LEAKS / EASY INSTALL / LOOKS ELEGANT!Required no tools to install, hand tighten only!NOTE: 100% NO LEAK WHEN USING 100% SILICON CAULKMake sure you use 100% silicon caulk (clear) (tub/sink/shower) grade...found at your local hardware store or here on Amazon.seal on both sides ( top & bottom ) of all washers and threads, use generously so that the caulk will squeeze out and create an even bead around all washers and connecting surfaces, leave the bead intact and don't wipe. Be sure that the bead covers 360' all around the fittings. For the drain flange on the topside where you look down into the sink vessel, be sure to wipe off access caulk with a soapy damp paper towel, otherwise over time the access will show discoloration and look unsightly.THATS IT!Follow directions and it is super easy to install, just don't overlook the 100% silicon caulk and it will ensure a 100% leak free install.ALSO! no need to over tighten your fittings, they are plastic and so a good hand tightening is all that is needed no tools are required for install, again super easy!!I am buying a second one after installing this one, to replace a free one I received on a 2nd vanity faucet I purchased, I like this one so much I am removing the 2nd one and replacing with another one of these, can't say enough good things about this drain assembly.5two this product is amazing. I was having such difficulties with the drain ... Ok.....so one, I'm not getting paid to write this....two this product is amazing. I was having such difficulties with the drain that comes with the pfister sexton LG49-GLO faucet 9 (which the connection piece between the two faucet valves is absolutely terrible) However, this Pop and seal drain was a huge life saver. Extremely easy to use, you don't need plumbers putty or anything else. It literally screws together with only hand strength requirement. No upside down acrobatics like adult twister with a wrench needed. Pfister A+++ on the drain, terrible marks on the other facet but I'm committed now and I'm not uninstalling it now after hours of my life were spent under that vanity. 5
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