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PILOT Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen, Silver Barrel, Classic Design, Fine Nib, Black Ink (91113)

  • PILOT Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen, Silver Barrel, Classic Design, Fine Nib, Black Ink (91113)
  • PILOT Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen, Silver Barrel, Classic Design, Fine Nib, Black Ink (91113)
  • PILOT Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen, Silver Barrel, Classic Design, Fine Nib, Black Ink (91113)
  • PILOT Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen, Silver Barrel, Classic Design, Fine Nib, Black Ink (91113)

PILOT Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen, Silver Barrel, Classic Design, Fine Nib, Black Ink (91113)

NZ$ 174.00 NZ$ 105.00 Save: NZ$ 69.00
NZ$ 105.00 NZ$ 174.00 You save: NZ$ 69.00



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  • Pilot's sleek Metropolitan Collection signature pens
  • Finest quality at a mid-range price
  • Fine nib
  • Brass barrel with stainless accents
  • POWER TO THE PEN: Pilot makes exceptional writing instruments to suit all your needs. We have fountain, ballpoint, retractable, erasable & gel ink pens, whiteboard markers & more for every writing style.
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Customer Reviews

The ideal pen for beginner fountain pen usersI'm fairly new to the world of fountain pens. I own starter pens from Kaweco, Pelikan, Lamy, Platinum, and other companies, and for the dollar value, I've found the Pilot Metropolitan to be the best deal out there for any fountain pen aficionado.One of the first things you'll notice is the build quality of this pen. I own the Classic Design silver Metropolitan and it is a beautiful pen. The body is made of brass with a coated brushed silver finish, so the pen has some heft to it and the stainless steel accents and clip give it a premium look and feel. I've received compliments on this pen and I've had a couple people think this is a much more expensive writing instrument than it really is. The body is smooth and round, so if you remove the cap and leave the body sitting on a desk, it will roll. However, the cap, which snaps on with a nice *click*, has a clip, which prevents it from rolling if you have it capped or posted.Then, I also like how the Metropolitan comes with an ink cartridge AND an ink converter for people who want to use their own ink. I can't think of many (any?) pens in this price range with an included converter. I'm not a fan of the bladder-type converter (I prefer the Z24 piston converter on my Lamy Safari), but it works and that it even comes with one is great! I've just been using the Pilot Namiki IC100 Fountain Pen Ink Cartridge, Blue/Black, 12 Cartridges per Pack (69102).Moving onto the real reason anyone would buy a fountain pen--the writing experience. Because of the pen's heft, the Metropolitan is wonderful to write with--posted (cap on back of pen) or unposted. I write with it unposted, as I fear the metal-on-metal will leave a scratch around the barrel of the body, but the few times I've written with the cap posted, it's felt nicely balanced, unlike my Lamy Safari, which feels uneven if posted.The nib is a Japanese Medium which I've found to be equivalent to the Fine nib on my Kaweco Sport Classic. It's a stainless steel nib, so it has little-to-no flex, but is an average writer (in terms of ink flow) with very little scratchiness and it wrote well right out of the box with no skipping. What's great about the Metropolitan, though, is that the nib also interchangeable with the Pilot Penmanship Fountain Pen with Ergo Grip - Extra Fine Nib - Black Body, which I bought from a third-party site for less than $10 and I now have a Metropolitan with an Extra-Fine nib that writes very smoothly!Now, I'm sure a few people read these reviews to see how this compares to other pens in this price range, and I can say that it's sort of in a class of its own. The Platinum Preppies are practically disposables that cost less than half the Metropolitan and the Kaweco Sport Classics and Lamy Safaris are at least $10 more. Still, for those who must know, I think the Metropolitans write about as well as the Preppy (but with a much nicer body, build, and finish), better than the Kaweco Sports, but not as well as the Safari. My favorite pen is the Safari, but I can't say that I feel it's worth $10-15 more, especially without a converter, which makes the Metropolitan a fine deal indeed!From its fit and finish to the little touches (swappable nibs, included converter) and how smoothly it writes, I couldn't be happier with the Pilot Metropolitan--it's a pen that definitely punches well above its weight. Most fountain pen users own several writing instruments and I highly recommend this as an addition to anyone who wants a fantastic everyday pen. Now if only they'd make 5Simple, Elegent, Balanced, So Smooth, and a Bargin!This could be your daily pen! I have used it for a few weeks; impressed. I own a very modest amount of fountain pens, an ungodly about of roller pens, and a unspeakable about of ball point pens. My primary fountain pen is a Lamy Safari (fine tip). It was my first "regular" fountain pen. My other experience has been with many "fancy" cheap calligraphy pens. I was not impressed with the calligraphy pen. They function but have severe limitations. (examples include clogging up, ruining shirts, and just scratchy). I tried to use them daily but I went back to roller balls (V5 gel). The Lamy was a gift and amazing. Like the pilot it was reliable. After using it for a few months I learned that it had a personality; it was unique to me. After that I started looking at other pens. I chose the pilot. Lamy "declares" my writing. The pilot however glides. Fast, no friction on nice paper (red books et cetera) you forget you are holding a pen. It also works with -very- minimum friction on $1 notes books. I look forward to it growing with me. Give it a try; you really can't go wrong. WARNING NEW USERS *never, ever* let someone else use your fountain pen. (review will be checked by my roommate- she is an actual editor) 5Feels classyUntil computers came along, I always wrote with a fountain pen. I graduated from college and wrote documents by hand less and less often. People often commented that I had beautiful hand writing. With passing time and the profusion of cheap ball point pens and the invasions of email, my penmanship no longer impressed others; or even me. I bought this pen for me and one for my wife with a feeling of nostalgia. I will soon acquire some fine stationary and do something long forgotten. I will send my friends a hand written letter, with ink carefully metered by my new fountain pen. I look forward to it.I handed wife a new potato peeler and said Happy Birthday! She didn't look all that thrilled. I mean it is a really well designed peeler. But then I handed her a box containing her new fountain pen. She seemed to like it better. Why is a fountain pen more romantic than potato peeler? Because you can't write, "I love you dearly" with a potato peeler. 5I love these pens despite one minor complaint.I purchased two of these pens. The first was the Black finish with Medium Nib, and the other was a Silver finish with a Fine Nib.First the negatives. In order to post the cap on the back you have to push it a little bit. On the silver pen this has already started to cause some scratches after less than two weeks of regular use. This has not seemed to affect the black finish which has had about four weeks of regular use.Beyond that I love these pens, but granted these are my first Fountain Pens. It's amazing how smoothly they write.The metal bodies have a little bit of weight to them so they don't feel like cheap pens and it definitely feels solidly constructed.The medium nib puts out a little too much ink for my every day use but it does excel with my writing style when I write letters to people as I write slowly so I take the time to make the letters neat. If you write too small and fast then the lines are too thick and the individual letters are hard to read, but this has to do with writing style, not the pen itself. It's a Medium nib and puts out a medium line.The fine nib is excellent at writing small letters or writing quickly. My favorite pen prior to this one has been the G2 ultra fine 0.38 mm so obviously I like a fine point. The fine nib on this pen is not quite as small as the 0.38 but it writes a lot smoother and is close. This has become my go to pen for all of my note taking.The Medium and Fine nibs both excel at their own strengths and I'm glad I got both pens. I highly recommend these pens to others, although I would probably recommend the black finish due to the silver scratching easier. 5Five StarsAwesome pen. Nib is fine and not scratchy. My 2nd favorite pen. Writes smooth. 5Great quality and low costI have not used the fountin pen for years and missed it. I bought this pen becasue it reviews are so good, I have to give a try. This fountain pen is very good indeed, First of all, the weight of the pen is appropriate, I don't like the light weight and plastic feeling. Second, the nib is refine and smooth, it doesn't scratch paper, . Overall, I will recommand it. 5Great pen for the price and for sketching.LOVE this pen! I was looking for a fountain pen to try out for some sketching and journaling. This generally exceeded my expectations. The price is great especially if you're not used to a fountain pen and want to see if it fits your style and purposes. It doesn't look cheap.I will say that line quality definitely varies based on the paper you're using. I love using it some heavier textured paper. I've used it for a couple of months now and have had no issues with the nib becoming clogged or needing a cleaning (yet).FYI in the picture 1 = 60lb card stock, 2= recycled post-it note, 3= index card, 4= lightweight cream copy paper. The lines show a bit thicker on the card stock and copy paper vs the index card and post it. Marks show even darker on textured paper (like a rice paper or watercolor paper) but I am able to get thinner and cleaner lines in my moleskin sketchbook. 5High expectationsI am absolutely devestated by how completely let down this pen has left me. Please do not misinterpret me, the construction of the pen is wonderful. It has a solid feel and a comfortable heft in the hand.It is pretty and a fine price for a fountain pen. The pedigree of this pen is perfect as well, Pilot is known for providing a quality product. If this pen is highly recommended and it has all this going for it what could the problem be?The ink flow is abysmal, I have cleaned the pen, swapped out nearly full cartridges. Tried a converter, even written with the nib upside down in order to get better flow. Nothing works.I have finally conceded defeat and I am sticking it in a drawer. Maybe I just got a dud pen, but I am very frustrated.I am posting two pictures the first was of when I first got the pen and it flowed beautifully, the second was after a month and it became a nightmare to write with. 1What? All these good reviews? Hmm.Though I'm an experienced fountain pen user, I thought I'd try these so I wouldn't worry about losing my Parker or, especially the Mont Blanc my husband gave me. It isn't that my standards were too high for a $12 pen--rather, the things were useless within a week. The converter that came with this fine-nib pen would not fit securely into the pen--and I prefer not wasting my money on cartridges--I like having my choice of inks. So, I got a better converter. After filling it with ink, I was placing the pen back together, and the nib just fell out of the pen! "Well, no problem," I thought--"I'll just place the nib back in. Then I realize that due to the minor fall (bizarrely) out of the pen, down a foot to a surface, the flimsy nib was bent, rendering the pen useless. This is not the first of these I'd bought, either. I'd tried the funky green-blue one from the Pilot Metropolitan collection with the designs, first, but on the second day of use, the pen separated in the middle, in my hand--there is a place there where the pen is sort of stuck together--and that pen would never stay together after that. What a waste. A good friend had bought this silver pen, too, and within two weeks, the silvery stuff worn off in two places, making the pen look not-so-nice. So, maybe if you stick with cartridges and don't care about what it will look like in a couple or so weeks, it may (unless defective) serve your purposes. 1Fantastic starter pen..has all you needI did some research before purchasing my first fountain pen...and this seemed like a good starter.This is a sub $20 pen that comes with a cartridge, converter and case. The pen has avery nice weight to it. It is balanced, and very pleasant to hold.The grip is just hard plastic that can be a little uncomfortable if you are writing for a while but it is nicely contoured.The converter is a squeeze type, that holds a good amount of ink. Youtube reviews showed that the ink capacity is generous compared to other brands for the converter.My only qualm is that if you beat up this pen, it gets scratched to reveal a gold undercoating.I have the silver and black version. One Fine and one medium nib. The medium writes a thicker line than I like,,,around a 0.7 to 1.00 mm thickness. It causes bleed through on some average pinter papers I use to take notes. I am a fan of pilot G2 0.5mm or pilot precise V5 pens...and I would compare the fine nib to the pilot precise V5. The pilot G2 0.5 mm produces the thinnest line out of the pens mentioned.Loving the pen so far and the fine nib is just right and does not cause bleed through. I purchased additional ink cartridges and I am contemplating inks as this is my daily writer. 4
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