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PottyCover, Disposable Toilet seat Covers. (6 Pack)

  • PottyCover, Disposable Toilet seat Covers. (6 Pack)
  • PottyCover, Disposable Toilet seat Covers. (6 Pack)
  • PottyCover, Disposable Toilet seat Covers. (6 Pack)

PottyCover, Disposable Toilet seat Covers. (6 Pack)

NZ$ 92.00 NZ$ 56.00 Save: NZ$ 36.00
NZ$ 56.00 NZ$ 92.00 You save: NZ$ 36.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 6 individually packaged seat covers in each pack.
  • Provides a waterproof barrier between the toilet and your child.
  • Oversized design provides maximum coverage by covering the sides and the front of the toilet.
  • Soft non-woven fabric for comfort, coated with a layer of plastic to keep germs and wetness away.
  • Stays on the toilet without any messy adhesive strips.
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Customer Reviews

Eased My Fear of Public Potty GermsI think this is a decent product, however it is not so perfectly shaped like the advertised photo(or I'm doing something wrong). I recently used it with my 24 month old and was impressed. It did take quite a bit of unfolding (nothing too time consuming), stayed in place while my daughter got situated on the toilet(without adhesive), and adequately covered the toilet so she could put her hands down and her legs didn't touch. I think this took some of the stress of using the public potty away. Overall this is a good product and I will continue to purchase it. I have added 2 photos of it on my toilet at home. 4Check your covers!I received a defective batch of covers (see attached picture).I brought along 4 covers for a day out. My toddler needed to go potty so I took him to the bathroom, confident that I could protect his tush from the inevitable germs lurking on the toilet seat. While he waited patiently, I proceeded to prepare the throne. Can you imagine my frustration upon opening not one or two, but 4 (!!!), covers to find not one useable? My toddler had begun doing his potty dance at that point so I had to make do with a toilet paper covering.I have used these covers before so was willing to pay the steep price, as they provide substantial coverage; however, as a self-proclaimed germophobe, I cannot with confidence buy these again and possibly be stuck in the same situation.If you already have these in your possession, I encourage you to check your stock before heading out to use them. 1LOVE these!I love these potty covers! I am a germophobe; I actually feel compelled to wash *my* hands if I see someone else doing something dirty. So public toilets were a nightmare for me while I was potty training my daughter until I found these. Before that, let's just say there were a lot of awkward contortions involved in getting my daughter onto a toilet without having her touch anything except for me and/or the flimsy toilet covers that are found in public bathrooms. It was nerve wracking, and my daughter felt my nervousness and got nervous... And then she refused to go to public bathrooms completely, choosing instead to pee in her training pants while staring me down. (Parents of 2-year-olds will know what I'm talking about here.)So I thought to myself, why don't they make better toilet seat covers? Ones that cover the entire toilet so my daughter doesn't touch someone else's pee (or worse!) when she grabs onto the side of the toilet? Then I thought that the gods at Amazon might have an answer, and they did! That's where I found these PottyCover toilet seat covers. They cover pretty much anything that your kids might touch on a toilet, including the sides where they grip the toilet and the front where their pulled-down pants usually wipe off other peoples' pee. They're water resistant so none of the gross stuff gets soaked up. They're individually packed so that you can stick them in your pockets.In theory, I would like it if they were reusable, but then who am I kidding? These things have touched someone else's pee. (I literally gag at the sight of my own hair in a drain. I blame it on my mom and my upbringing...) And I know some of the other potty covers have tape so that the covers don't move around, but these don't need them since they're so big. Even if they move a little, the toilet's almost always covered. None of the other potty covers had the same combination of being big enough to cover everything that I needed to have covered and water resistant so that it didn't soak up other people's stuff.So until my daughter can pee into a public toilet without sitting/touching it, these will be the answer to my potty prayers.I don't usually write reviews, but I feel so strongly about these potty covers that I had to say something for the benefit of all the other potty-training parents out there. Best of luck! 5I am a grandmother to two adorable toddlers! Having to make the potty run can ...I am a grandmother to two adorable toddlers! Having to make the potty run can create anxiety for most of us when you have to take wee ones to potty. Hands go everywhere and little legs dangle! Lets face it who hasn't lined the toilet seat with toilet paper-only to have it fall off before you were ready! This cover drops right over the entire seat...protects little bottoms, dangling legs and hands that have to hold on! Easy to dispose of when finished -I just grab the front corners lift it up, fold it into and stuff it in the trash! Everyone is protected and this Grandma is happy little ones are not exposed to germs etc. I keep these in the trunk of my car............oh....and the grand-kids aren't the only ones who have benefited! 5Love It!I love it! Today was our first time actually using it when we went out. I put it on with no problem and he sat on it and it cover everything! I will be ordering more and always have it on hand! The picture shows him holding the toilet, and it's protecting against the germs! 5Prep the wrap BEFORE you get to the public bathroom !Great product. Works as promised. Each cover is encased in a sealed plastic wrap and neatly folded within the plastic wrap. My STRONG advice to all users. Unseal the product from the wrap, open and refold the product BEFORE you are in public. When the toddler says I have to go... it will save you the anxiety of trying to unseal the wrap and handle the cover. Things will go much quicker (which you will need when the time comes), if you've prepped the cover for use !!! 5Great & Convenient ProductI first purchased this product about 6 years ago when we were traveling with our daughter on the first flight she took not wearing a diaper. Airplane and airport toilets can be absolutely gross and my daughter was at a stage when she was tiny and wound up having to touch everything (including the toilet seat) when she went to the bathroom just so she would not "fall in". These covers were a godsend! They cover everything and they are way better than the paper toilet covers that are sometimes available in the stalls not only because they are way bigger but also because wet muck on the seat does not seep through!I soon discovered that these covers are not only useful for travel but also for any time that we are faced with using public facilities. My daughter and I have been using these products faithfully over the last 6 years on airplanes, in airports, at concert and theater venues, restaurants, beaches, zoos, museums, etc. My daughter now goes on camping trips with her Girl Scout troop and she always packs these covers to take with her to use in outhouses at the camps.They are conveniently, individually packaged in slim durable packaging (I have never had one spontaneously open in my purse) and it is beyond easy to slip one in the bottom of my purse or a jacket pocket when I am heading out the door with my daughter. The large size also makes it easy to pick up the corners and throw it out.This a well designed and a super convenient product. I could not not give this product a stronger recommendation. 5Great Protection from the Dreaded Public ToiletAs do most people, I despise using public bathrooms. Generally, I use Lysol (small mini cans of Lysol that I carry in my purse, also purchased on Amazon) to clean off the seat and then use double toilet seat covers, if they are provided in the stall, or copious amounts of tissue, if they are not. This cover works great, it is thick enough for me to feel protected, while using just one and it doesn t slide off into the toilet or on the floor as standard covers tend to do. Plus, the part that hangs down the front of the toilet protects my legs from touching any portion of said toilet. It is large, when unfolded, but each cover is folded down quite small and individually plastic wrapped so it is discreet and easily carried in a purse or pocket. Two thumbs, way up. 5And they have always been a great item to carry for the family to use well ...I've been buying these seat covers for 3 years now. And they have always been a great item to carry for the family to use well being on vacations, road trips, restaurant, and family outing. Has kept us clean even at the most questionable public restrooms. There built with great quality sturdy water resistant material. Unfortunately the last 2 times I've ordered this product some of the covers have been cut to half the size which makes the covers alot less effective. I really hope this problem is looked in to and corrected. 3good against the "ewwwwww"Where to begin? I purchased these for use in disgusting port-a-potties. I am an artist and bought these in anticipation of the facilities at art shows and summer festivals. I studied and compared many such items and chose this because of the width and length. It did indeed cover the slimy side panels of the toilet and draped over the front of the unit so that my panties weren't dragging across who knows what biological cultures. I was excited about the possibility of no more hovering in an un-level booth. However, and, there always is an "however", when you sit upon this cover, it tends to slide forward in the application in which I used it.Most of the other covers which I compared had anchor tape on them but they didn't feature the long drape over the front. Also, reviewers complained about removing the taped cover due to tearing, etc. So, I went with these because of the dimensions and figured that stability wouldn't be an issue. If any of you out there have used this particular potty cover and have devised a method to secure it, feedback my review.Over all, I would highly recommend this item because of the dimensions and quality of the material. It offers an nice sized shield from the cooties. Just be aware that it may move as you come in for a landing. 5
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