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Precision Screwdriver Set (Pack of 2)

  • Precision Screwdriver Set (Pack of 2)

Precision Screwdriver Set (Pack of 2)

NZ$ 154.00 NZ$ 93.00 Save: NZ$ 61.00
NZ$ 93.00 NZ$ 154.00 You save: NZ$ 61.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Genuine, OEM Stanley Replacement Part
  • Stanley replacement , part number 66-052
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Customer Reviews

Not as shown. Much cheaper case delivered than what's pictured Actually, what's in the photo for the product and what you receive are not the same - which is exactly why I am about to write my own review. I have the one in the photo for the product and wanted another set just like it. I, too, got what the other reviewer's photos show. It's the same screw drivers but the case in the customer photo, and in my newer set I just received, has only a small plastic tab shown across the front to hold the tools in and that tab is very, very difficult to open. I'll probably end up cutting it off.The tool set in the product folder, on the other hand - the tool set I thought I was ordering, and the tool set I already own one of, has a sliding front cover with a clear plastic window showing what's inside. From a usability of the tools as a set, the difference is actually pretty big. The older set I love. The newer set, with the chincy little cover, is functional but not something I love at all. 2Well designed set for smaller tasks A great set of small sized screwdrivers. Great for the hobbyist or for eyeglass repair. The kit comes with a 0-point and 1-point Phillips, and 1.4-mm, 2.0-mm, 2.4-mm and 3.0-mm flat heads. The quality is great, I haven't had one rust yet. Likewise, I haven't had paint chipping off the finish either (are they painted or powdercoated?) One thing I do not like is the middle-closing case. I wish it had some form of closure to the case rather than just a simple band running across the middle of it. Also, my set has more open space than the one shown, it has little indents where the shank inserts into it's place inside the case but the handle portion remains free to swing around. Perhaps the newer versions have a different design. It's not a deal killer though, just a niggle I have with storage when using multiple screwdrivers in the same sitting.The screwdrivers are plasticy, but nonetheless comfortable to use. They don't pinch or strain the wrist in any way that I've found. They are somewhat detached from the shank at the butt end and will freely spin if you palm the end while turning them, increasing efficiency and lending to better ergonomics. Overall a very well thought out product and worth the price of the 'add-on' admission. They far exceed the ergonomics of those cheap metal ones your father used back in the day :p If you need a smaller set (and really, who doesn't from time to time), they come recommended. 4Very low grade steel you can bend with your hands. Very low grade steel you can bend with your hands. China steel is notoriously bad I should have known better. Three stars because they are perfect for all screws made of plastic but not steel ones. Grade 8 screws will break this tool. I did bend one on accident with little force squishing it back into the poorly designed case. All tools should be stronger than a grade 8 nut, bolt or screws. The tool should be stronger than the hardware. 3good for occasional use but not great for challenging conditions... I bought this set a year ago for simple day to day use, mainly on electronic devices or battery operated toys. It stayed in one of my kitchen drawers and has been a handy and useful item. However due to some limitations, I had to upgrade this set with 30 Pc Precision Screwdriver Set which offers better versatility and value for its price.Pros:-Cheap price: This set is offered at $3.79 as of july 2014. However I purchased it for $6.04 a year ago and according to three camels price monitoring plug-in the price has jumped up and down pretty frequently so I would look at the price before submiting the order.-Good construction quality: The plastic construction offers a smooth working experience yet it is powerful enough for stubborn screws thanks to its fat belly. Those little screws with shorter circumference are much harder to operate. The metal bit has not gone through any wear and tear or bending.-Box is well designed. Easy to open/close and screwdrivers do stay in their places.Cons:-Not magnetized: If you are working on laptops or other devices that have screens in holes, you should definitely look for a magnetized one. Removing screws or putting them in with a kit like this is a real pain.-Bulky: Although, I like the overall look and design of this set, I have to say that it is bulky for what it offers. I have a 30 piece set with one screwdriver body and 30 inter-changeable tips and that takes up almost the same space as this one.-Very limited selection: It offers 6 different head sizes: 4 flat head drivers (1.4 mm, 2 mm, 2.4 mm, 3 mm) and 2 phillips head drivers (#0 and #1). If this is your only set you may find it is ok for most stuff but yet again very limiting in many others. Using inappropriate size screwdriver may cause easier screw striping and longer work duration.-Inconsiderate selection of driver heads: Most small electrical items as well as toys operate on philips head while this contains only 2 out of 6 in this category. I can easily say that during the one year ownership I used the flat head ones less than 5% of the time and would not feel sorry if they did not exist at all.My conclusion is that it is a decently priced (not always though) starter set that everyone should have. However if you are only a little bit more into DIY compared to a regular person, you should definitely stay away from this and go for a better one that has the pluses I listed above 4Not the package shown in the listing ... I have an older version of this set with the case shown in the advert. What I received was a much cheaper case (picture attached). Same part number from Stanley. Screwdrivers seem like they are also made out of a cheaper plastic material compared to my old set. I bought this set thinking I was getting an exact replacement but, sadly, quality doesn't seem to matter to anyone. I doubt they will hold up as well as my old set. Folks, if this is the race to the bottom, from the looks of things, we are nearing the finish line. 1Purchase something else. Oh Stanley. Stanley, Stanley, Stanley. You use this word "precision" but I do not think you know what it means. I usually purchase more quality tools, but I picked up a set of these micro screwdrivers for cheap, just to give them a try. Right out of the box the phillips head was unusable. I took out a file and had to work on it for a bit just so I could get 4 screws back in my quadcopter. Also even the smallest phillips is not very small. Pass on this set, get something else. 2Would not recommend for general use It does the job if you have something specific that you're buying these for. I bought these for opening up my girlfriend's laptop to dust out. While quite small, they strip easily and it's visible by the metal shavings on the shaft. The product I go also isn't as pictures, it has a cheap plastic band that snaps around the midpoint to attempt to secure the screwdrivers, I feel like even being careful this will break in about a dozen uses. The case has no cover meaning that if it's in a tool bag or a box you can't place anything on top of it, and it collects dirt and who knows what. The drivers themselves seemed covered in oil (to prevent rust?) and it's hard to remove and coats hands with every use. The drivers in this are actually not all that useful either. It contains a philips #0 and #1. #1 is commonplace, I bought this for the #0 (which has poor precision). The straight slot drivers also are not particularly small.Again, If you are just buying a set but really only need one for a repair or something as a good to have I'd not recommend these. I've bought small torx drivers from another company in a blue box for more money but they are high quality and I'm glad I bought the set even though at the time I only needed one driver. 2Bought a second set I have had these screwdrivers for years and use them constantly. When you need a tiny screwdriver there really isn't any substitute. Its not like a large one where you maybe have some options in an emergency. So when I saw these as a $5 add on item, I jumped on it. I know a lot of folks are mad about the "change" in the case but this is exactly what I have had since forever. It does seem like the new ones are ever so slightly lighter than the old ones but these are precision screwdrivers so you are not supposed to be torquing them down.Bottom line - if you don't have any precision screwdrivers, spend $5 and get these. You will spend that much driving around trying to find some at stupid o'clock because you absolutely need one because of X. 5I was a little disappointed to find that they've drastically changed the design of ... I had a set of these already, and wanted to pick up a second set for "clean" work. I was a little disappointed to find that they've drastically changed the design of the case (it is nothing like what is pictured here). Also, the material used in the handles of the screwdrivers has changed as well.I've attached a photo for comparison. On the left is my original set of 66-052, and on the right is what I received upon ordering this set.Still very good screwdrivers, but now it looks like something you'd get from Harbor Freight. 4It's cheap set but works for five bucks, I expected a little more in quality but they look cool and should work for what I need Their kind of flimsy and only come with two Phillips head drivers. One Philips head is really pointy and the other not so pointy. Did I say they feel cheap. But I like them and the spinning top piece to make it EZ to remove small screws. I got this for vaping and I think it should work out fine for what I need but if you plan on manhandling these, I don't think they'll last long at all. The case is unique and it's hard to read what each one is since they did a yellow stamp of the size right into the yellow handle, kind of dumb if you ask me. I use a flashlight to make it out. I might have to file down the pointy phillips head a little to not strip out my post screws. For five bucks it's all good. 4
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