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Professional Opening Pry Tool Repair Kit with Non-Abrasive Nylon Spudgers and Anti-Static Tweezers, 8 Piece Set

  • Professional Opening Pry Tool Repair Kit with Non-Abrasive Nylon Spudgers and Anti-Static Tweezers, 8 Piece Set
  • Professional Opening Pry Tool Repair Kit with Non-Abrasive Nylon Spudgers and Anti-Static Tweezers, 8 Piece Set
  • Professional Opening Pry Tool Repair Kit with Non-Abrasive Nylon Spudgers and Anti-Static Tweezers, 8 Piece Set
  • Professional Opening Pry Tool Repair Kit with Non-Abrasive Nylon Spudgers and Anti-Static Tweezers, 8 Piece Set
  • Professional Opening Pry Tool Repair Kit with Non-Abrasive Nylon Spudgers and Anti-Static Tweezers, 8 Piece Set
  • Professional Opening Pry Tool Repair Kit with Non-Abrasive Nylon Spudgers and Anti-Static Tweezers, 8 Piece Set

Professional Opening Pry Tool Repair Kit with Non-Abrasive Nylon Spudgers and Anti-Static Tweezers, 8 Piece Set

NZ$ 134.00 NZ$ 81.00 Save: NZ$ 53.00
NZ$ 81.00 NZ$ 134.00 You save: NZ$ 53.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Opening Pry Tool 8 Piece Kit for smart phone disassembly and repair
  • Includes 4 nylon pry tools, vinyl long board, PRYTECH PRO, stainless steel spatula/scraper & ESD tweezers
  • 85mm Double Headed Crowbar | 120mm Dual Crowbar/Flathead Pry Tool | (2) 150mm Nylon Supdgers
  • 138mm Long Board | Prytech Pro | Metal Spatula/Scraper | Straight Tip ESD Tweezers
  • Set comes housed in a roll up tool bag
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Customer Reviews

Great customer service & tools My original review focused on receiving the wrong item which was the reason why I bought this set. JACOBSPARTS on their own initiative sent the appropriate tweezers & impressed me with their with their proactive customer service. I have already used this set of tools a couple of times now which were very useful for getting the job done. The variety of tools makes this a good set to fulfill most needs, they are well made, strong & as noted already versatile. I would definitely purchase from JACOBSPARTS again & recommend them to family & friends.Cheers ! 5Complete junk! Plastic tools are entirely worthless, and break upon first use. The plastic tools in this kit are completely worthless. I've used three different ones on three different occasions, and each one has broken immediately upon the first use. Compare this with these tools, Set of 5 Precision Non-Mar iPhone Nylon and Metal Pry Open Repair Pick/Probe for Cell Phone / Pad Disassembly / Solder Spudger Tools for the about same price, which I have used over and over again, and the plastic parts are only degrading little by little, very, very slowly.Don't waste your money buying these junky and useless things. Buy the others instead, and you'll actually have tools you can use.On the plus side, the little rolled up tool kit thingy is nice. 1Prepare to Repair: Professional Opening Pry Tool Repair Kit [ Photos ] If you need a variety of tools to open electronics, watches, whatever this is a very good set for you to havearound the house. I found that, like a lot of tools I own, they may not be used every day or every week butwhen you need one it is so nice to have the right tool handy. That is how I think of this set of pry tools.No more using kitchen knives, forks, razor blades, can openers, etc., now I simply reach for my 8-piece toolkit and get to work. Got a battery to replace or the back of a hand held game that needs a bit of convincing?This kit has your back.The tool bag is very sturdy and rolls up to 6-1/2 inches long and about an 1-1/2 inches in diameter. The toolsslip in and out of the compartments easily and the bag rolls up without a problem. One small caveat is that atool could slip out of the rolled up tool bag so be careful. I ve had this kit for over a year now and it is still ingood shape and the storage bag is still holding together.You definitely will need to try out each tool for each job. I have used just about all the tools and have not hadany breakage, bending or creasing. I will say that you can certainly push the tools past their limit, especiallythe nylon ones, but it s not worth it. If these tools can t open it maybe you need another, heartier, set of tools.After all I have different hammers for different jobs.Three of the tools are metal and the other 5 are nylon , a hard non-abrasive synthetic polymer. The pointysharp metal tweezers, made by Delcast, have a cap that holds the two points together when stored in thebag. One solid black nylon tool is labeled, The tool of separation for the capacitive screen with glass .Other tools are not identified like the black one; one does have the company s name on it with an identifier,Delcast PryTech Pro Opening Tool. You do get 2 of the same nylon tool, #207 , and it appears you could usethose to hold a back plate up as you move around the lid opening it. I certainly could have used those on acouple jobs a few years ago.I found all the tools smooth and clean, no burs or rough spots, whether they be nylon or metal. The wholepackage, tools and bag, weigh about 2.5 ounces. It could easily be thrown into a back pack, briefcase orpurse if you so desire.I d give this 8-piece set of pry tools 5 Stars for their workmanship and price point. It is a nice set to have inthe home just in case 5Excellent kit. Nice tweezers. Good stuff. I don't have anything to compare it to, but a great first set. I used it to disassemble a Mac Book Pro. Tweezers are very nice - coating, tips, and alignment are excellent, with a sharp point. Flexible metal pry/spudger has a tiny burr, but didn't scratch the work - you might want to polish the edges with ultra fine sandpaper (600+). Hard metal pry had no burrs. Plastic parts could be a little harder, but they may all be that way. Thicker pieces were stiff, and points are sharp. Fabric case is very nice. The elastic bands might wear out, but I just keep mine folded in half like it came. Tools fit securely. 5The "prytech pro opening tool" performs pretty similar to the name brand spudgers I disagree with some of the other reviewers. The "prytech pro opening tool" performs pretty similar to the name brand spudgers. The tweezers are amazing, as are the other metal tools. The plastic get's worn pretty easily, but that is somewhat to be expected. These are a one time use thing for me to repair a phone. If you are looking for something you can use repeatedly, you wont find it. Grab a bag of guitar pics and use the metal tools when you get confident. For the price, this served its purpose, it also helped me open one of the most difficult phones to repair (htc one m8) without damaging it, so I cannot complain. 4Go Ahead, It's Worth It! Very nice set for the price. This is a great set for an amateur who is replacing batteries in various devices or as a spare set for a pro. These are definitely a welcome addition to my toolbox. As others have said, the nylon tools in this kit will probably wear out fairly quickly with everyday use, the metal tools are VERY well made and those tweezers are sharp enough to be considered a weapon. The tweezers will probably be the most useful item in this set to me. They will be perfect for holding tiny parts for soldering or those ridiculously small screws that tend to fall in the worst places. The case is heavy and well made. No disappointment here.Overall well worth the price. 5I use these all the time I started repairing our electronics instead of getting new stuff in order to save money. These have been a lifesaver. The various pry tools are always welcome for pulling delicate electronics apart, and the super fine nosed tweezers have become my main tool for... tweezing? Getting screws in and out of tight spaces.The one I ordered did have some spare metal on the tweezers that I rubbed off with a nail file. The flat metal tools were also just stamped or something, because they needed their edges cleaned also. Still for the price, super worth it, and once you clean up the edges these tools are marvelous. 5Tools ok, bag not The tools are ok for my purpose. But the roll up tool bag is a waste as there is no lip preventing the tools to fall out. I have to put the bag in another bag to keep the tools in place. The metal tools seems to be made to last for a while. I bought it because I thought the tools in the roll up tool bag might come handy. 3Literally the tool of the moment and a lifesaver. Perfect and highly recommended. Perfect. I wanted to upgrade my HP Pavilion laptop but didn't want to damage the case. An older HP I use has an aluminum case with a hard plastic bottom with removable panels to access the HDD and memory slots. Not this new one. It is a nice looking machine but the case has lots of plastic and no access points. To upgrade anything required removing the entire bottom cover of the laptop which involves 20+ screws, hinge covers, etc. and then required prying the bottom cover loose from the numerous retaining tabs. It would be oh so easy to break something and even as bad......to seriously mar the finish and edges.This tool set is a lifesaver. The tools are nylon non marking, sturdy enough to do the job, yet flimsy enough to give way when needed. I followed the disassembly instructions, used this tool set and the entire job went off flawlessly. Not a scratch or damaged part anywhere. I cannot speak highly enough of this set. The tools are sturdy enough to allow use several times before they may break and several are similar so if one gives way, another should do the job.But even it they only worked the one time it would have been worth it to not damage a new laptop and also for the ease with which it made the job go. I would highly recommend this to anyone needing to tear into their mostly plastic machine. I will definitely repurchase as needed. 5Case strap broke immediately, but can probably repair This was my first time buying tools like this; I specifically selected this kit because of the convenient roll up case with straps to keep everything together. Everything was present and exactly as described/shown. I was being careful with the case, since it seems to be cheaply made (which is fine, I don't expect something crazy tough for this), but one of the straps ripped out from where it's sewn in. That was fairly disappointing since the case was the deciding factor. The tools themselves look to be good quality, and I think I can probably sew the strap back together, so it's not a total loss. 3
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