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Rev-A-Shelf 5WB2-1822-CR 18 x 22 Inch Two-Tier Kitchen Organization Cabinet Pull Out Storage Wire Basket, Chrome

  • Rev-A-Shelf 5WB2-1822-CR 18 x 22 Inch Two-Tier Kitchen Organization Cabinet Pull Out Storage Wire Basket, Chrome
  • Rev-A-Shelf 5WB2-1822-CR 18 x 22 Inch Two-Tier Kitchen Organization Cabinet Pull Out Storage Wire Basket, Chrome
  • Rev-A-Shelf 5WB2-1822-CR 18 x 22 Inch Two-Tier Kitchen Organization Cabinet Pull Out Storage Wire Basket, Chrome
  • Rev-A-Shelf 5WB2-1822-CR 18 x 22 Inch Two-Tier Kitchen Organization Cabinet Pull Out Storage Wire Basket, Chrome
  • Rev-A-Shelf 5WB2-1822-CR 18 x 22 Inch Two-Tier Kitchen Organization Cabinet Pull Out Storage Wire Basket, Chrome
  • Rev-A-Shelf 5WB2-1822-CR 18 x 22 Inch Two-Tier Kitchen Organization Cabinet Pull Out Storage Wire Basket, Chrome

Rev-A-Shelf 5WB2-1822-CR 18 x 22 Inch Two-Tier Kitchen Organization Cabinet Pull Out Storage Wire Basket, Chrome

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NZ$ 864.00 NZ$ 1,440.00 You save: NZ$ 576.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • EASY ACCESS TO KITCHEN ACCESSORIES: Upgrade your kitchen cabinets with this sturdy 2-tier sliding wire basket system
  • DURABLE AND SMOOTH: Slides smoothly on a full-extension ball-bearing system and is strong enough to hold up to 100 pounds
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Easily installs into most 21-inch cabinets with an 17.5-inch opening to simplify storing pots, pans, lids, bottles, or other kitchen supplies
  • DIMENSIONS (W x D x H): 17.75 x 22 x 19 inches; designed to fit most 21-inch cabinets with an 17.5-inch opening
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED: Basket, mounting hardware, and u-shape supports; optional cabinet door mount kit is not included (5WB-DMKIT)
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Customer Reviews

Love these! Love these!! I ordered several in different sizes on a Friday and they were all delivered on Saturday morning. They were easy enough to install so I did all three right away. What a difference in my cabinets it makes! It's so easy to access everything in the back of my pantry. Now I don't need to take every single pot or pan out to get to the ones in the back! I love these for a few reasons;1. Easy instructions2. Easy to install3. Exactly what is pictured and described on Amazon4. They appear to be sturdy and built wellI'm SO excited to use these and I'm thrilled with my purchase! 5I love my Rev-a-Shelves and plan to buy more! My husband bought me 2 of these units for my kitchen island for Christmas. I installed them myself in about an hour and a half - and part of that time was emptying the island. The units were quite easy to install. You need a Phillips screwdriver and a drill just to start the holes in the wood for the wood screws.. Piece of cake! They units are very heavy duty and well-made.They are solidly installed in the cabinet and fit perfectly. I am absolutely thrilled with how they look and how much more I can put in my island now that I have these. I will be buying and installing several more sets in my kitchen cabinets. I love my Rev-a-shelves!!**1/11/16 I bought this 15" second set of Rev-A-Shelf units for my kitchen cabinets. I love the product just as much as in the original review, but had some issues with the second order. One U-bar had holes that were not threaded, so I had to disassemble the whole thing and return it. (Amazon shipped a replacement immediately - thank you! Excellent customer service as usual) The replacement had threaded holes but was missing one pack of screws - a minor problem as it was only 3 wood screws that cost me 27 cents to replace, but an annoyance never=the-less. I want to get 2 more the of these so I hope that next set has fewer problems. 5This and a 12" version fit in a 28" cabinet. This unit and a 12" version fit perfectly in my 28" wide cabinet. See photo. Each unit mounts to the floor with four screws and back of the cabinet with two screws.I have an outlet on the side of my island cabinets and the conduit inside my cabinet worried me. Since the outside of the shelves do not move I was able to install the unit right up against the conduit.When fully extended the entire shelf is outside of my cabinet. I mention this as reviews for other products mention they only come out 2/3 of the way. 5Upgrade your kitchen cabinets in under an hour! Overall I am very happy with the product. Heavy duty construction all the way around with good quality steel. Ball Bearing slides with full extension so you can now reach things in the back of the cabinets without completely unloading them and getting down on your hands and knees. I will likley add these to all of my lower cabinet spaces. If you like you current cabinets you will love them with this in expensive upgrade. I purchased one pots and pans kit and one shelf kit. Both are awesome.Not quite a 20 minute install as advertised unless you are munchkin and can climb inside the cabinet to screw it to the back of the cabinet but that is why they invented magnetic screwdriver tips and cussing. Overall this was very easy to install with basic mechanical skills. As always, follow the fricking instructions, that is why they are included. The biggest challenge you will face will be removing an interior shelf especially if it was built into the cabinet like mine were. This is where the know how and skills come into play so that you don't destroy your cabinet. Take your time, think it through and as they say, measure twice, cut once. 5These Shelves Are Fantastic! We LOVE these shelves. We have some single tier and some double. They glide easily, are very sturdy and hold up to a great deal of weight. The single tier product is extremely easy to install, just 4 screws into the base of the cabinet, the 2 tier are slightly more labor intensive but simple if you READ THE DIRECTIONS. I am writing this review because the review written by others really helped me to install 2 sets of 2 tier shelves in our base cabinet and I want to help anyone else considering them. We had a 29" 2 door cabinet with no bar between the doors. We needed install 2, 2 tier units to fit properly; we got a 12" and 15". Hubby followed the assembly directions then attached the 2 units together before putting them in the cabinet. He attached them by fastening the two sets of shelves by the center U bars. He drilled an extra hole in the center U bars, placed spacers (5 washers) between the U bars and fastened them together with a machine screw. It was absolutely perfect. The finished frame was 26 3/4" wide and fit perfectly into the base cabinet with minimal waste of space. In spite of the fact that the cabinet's interior width was 29", the soft close hinges stuck out about 1/2" on both sides, reducing my space to about 28". The top and bottom shelves move in and out independently, making this space incredibly efficient. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Rev-A-Shelves!! 5Expensive, excellent, not so easy to install I've bought four double-decker Rev-a-Shelf pullouts and they work extremely well and are quite heavy-duty. However, one warning: the instructions say one can be installed in 30 minutes. Perhaps, if you've done it before and have just the right tools (T-square, shims, saw, drill, scrap wood). You have to take care to align the brackets perfectly square or the shelves won't slide. Installation requires crawling into the back of the cabinet. It's doable but you have to be handy and have some tools. If you don't want it to sway when you use it, you either have to screw it into the side wall of the cabinet or if you're like me and have to have space to clear the hinges, you have to build a little extender between the bracket and the side of the cabinet so you can screw the thing into the side as well as the bottom and the back. I find it takes more like 1-1/2 hours per unit. 5Amazon Warehouse provides an interesting experience I bought this from Amazon Warehouse, at a considerable discount. So keep that in mind with this review. The package was literally falling apart. After assembling, found one of the baskets was ever so slightly tweaked and wouldn't stay on the rail. So I ordered another rev-a-shelf from Amazon Warehouse, intending to send the first one back. That box was in even worse shape than the first, I'm surprised it was still holding together at all. No packing materials. Missing screws and directions (which didn't matter as I needed longer screws for my installation and still had the instructions from the first order), which probably fell out of the gaping holes in the box. But all the parts were bent, except, happily, one basket, which I used to complete the first unit. It works perfectly. I'm returning all the defective parts from the two orders, and keeping the good parts. So, if you're thinking of ordering from the warehouse, be aware that it could be a more adventurous experience than you may be bargaining for.Now that I have one working unit, I love it. I also ordered the pots and pans rack, and this has made the cabinet so much more organized and useful. They slide in and out easily, are quiet. Much easier on the budget than getting new cabinets. Next, I'm getting the hardware to attach the doors to the racks, so the whole thing slides out together. 5Pretty easy! You will lose some space in your ... Bought two sets. Received them yesterday and couldn't wait for the hubs to come home from the golf course, so I inserted them myself. Hardest part was removing the installed shelf...but an electric saw and sledge hammer did the trick. Pretty easy! You will lose some space in your cabinet...at least I did. However, the ease of not having to get down on all fours to find a pot is well worth the sacrifice. I then lined the baskets with vinyl sheeting to protect the chrome. Love them! Now onto more cabinets! 5Organize your shelf. My mother had a cabinet that she stored her pots and pans in that was in dire need of organization. Every time she opened the door, lids would fall out everywhere startling everyone in the house including the pets. We always knew she was about to start cooking or just finished washing the dishes by hearing the lids hit the floor. I searched for something that was within my Christmas budget that I could get her and this fit the bill. I was apprehensive about the quality as I have never purchased anything like this before. It was very easy to assemble and installed with just a few screws. It seems very durable even with moderate use. I can't say it would last if small children were climbing/sitting on the shelves since that's not what they're made for. The shelves themselves slide in and out as smooth as butter. Make sure you get the right size for your cabinet by measuring the opening of your cabinet height, width and depth. The one I ordered was for her cabinet size but there was still enough room to push it towards the back to ensure the closed door didn't hit the shelves. The only complaint I have is Amazon sent it in it's original box so the box was damaged during shipping. The railings of the top shelf were bent down on both sides as you can see in the photos I uploaded. The upper shelf should be a mirror image of the bottom shelf. While this does not impair the shelves it bothers me aesthetically since i'm OCD about certain things. My mother was very happy with this product claiming it was the best gift she's every received. No more lids hitting the floor and scaring everyone. 5Great retrofit for base cabinets. We just moved from a house with a huge kitchen with custom cabinets to a condo with builder's grade cabinets and a tiny kitchen. I'm used to base cabinets with pull-out drawers. The base cabinets here have a half shelf that's basically useless and if something is in the back of the cabinet it's gone. I ordered Rev-A-Shelf double tier roll-outs for all base cabinets and I am really happy with them. The frames and baskets are heavy duty and feel built to last. They are really easy to assemble and to install in wider cabinets - 18" and 15" openings. The 12" cabinets were a challenge because I'm a little large, but it just took a little more patience. I recommend drilling little start holes for the screws at the bottom and back of the frame. Considering replacing the cabinets would cost thousands installing the Rev-A-Shelves cost so much less and still greatly improved the kitchen's functionality. By the way, I'm a Grandmother with arthritic hands and still installed them by myself with only a small rechargeable screwdriver. 5
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