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RSVP International Endurance Stainless Steel Colander Strainer, 1 Pint | For Berries, Herbs, Soaps, & More | Dishwasher Safe | Easy Grip Handles | Steaming, Draining & Rinsing

  • RSVP International Endurance Stainless Steel Colander Strainer, 1 Pint | For Berries, Herbs, Soaps, & More | Dishwasher Safe | Easy Grip Handles | Steaming, Draining & Rinsing
  • RSVP International Endurance Stainless Steel Colander Strainer, 1 Pint | For Berries, Herbs, Soaps, & More | Dishwasher Safe | Easy Grip Handles | Steaming, Draining & Rinsing
  • RSVP International Endurance Stainless Steel Colander Strainer, 1 Pint | For Berries, Herbs, Soaps, & More | Dishwasher Safe | Easy Grip Handles | Steaming, Draining & Rinsing
  • RSVP International Endurance Stainless Steel Colander Strainer, 1 Pint | For Berries, Herbs, Soaps, & More | Dishwasher Safe | Easy Grip Handles | Steaming, Draining & Rinsing

RSVP International Endurance Stainless Steel Colander Strainer, 1 Pint | For Berries, Herbs, Soaps, & More | Dishwasher Safe | Easy Grip Handles | Steaming, Draining & Rinsing

NZ$ 116.00 NZ$ 69.60 Save: NZ$ 46.40
NZ$ 69.60 NZ$ 116.00 You save: NZ$ 46.40



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 5 1/4" diameter, Precision pierced - Polished finish
  • Made of 18/8 stainless steel.
  • Useful in the kitchen for berries and herbs or can be used in the bath for holding soaps.
  • Dishwasher safe
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Customer Reviews

Works wellThis is a great colander. This colander has lots and lots of holes, without any unperforated areas like most metal colanders have, so food drains quickly and completely. The holes are small enough so that small items such as orzo or rice don't fall out into the sink, but not small enough that they get clogged easily or are hard to clean. The strainer is much stiffer and sturdier than a mesh strainer with similarly sized and spaced holes, and it tends to be easier to clean than the mesh.The pedestal base on this colander holds the food high enough that any standing water in the sink won t touch my food, although I would've liked to see some slits in the base to let water escape out the sides. I do have to remember to position the colander over the drain in the sink when I will be passing a lot of liquid (like a big pot of pasta) through it, but it hasn t been a big deal. My colander has gotten pretty heavy use over the past few months, and despite that it isn't showing any signs of rust or discoloration, and the surface is as shiny as ever.I purchased this colander along with the matching 5 Qt colander, and it is the perfect size to nest inside the larger colander when stored in the cabinet. 5Best One I Have UsedThis has been a very good purchase. It is entirely metal, is quite sturdy, has small but serviceable handles on each side, has a metal ring on the bottom to keep it upright, and has 3/32" pierced holes over the complete surface for drainage. This colander drains quickly without noodles and other items 'escaping'.The inside if the basket is very smooth and highly polished; the outside has a very very very slight texture to it. There is nothing sharp or detrimental to the texture. My guess is the holes were punched in the metal from the inside to the outside.Cleaning is quite easy; since it is all stainless steel a ScotchBrite pad makes quick work of removing any residue. Also, since it is stainless there is not need to worry about staining. 5This is the best colander I have used yetThis is the best colander I have used yet. The holes are so small almost nothing gets through except water. I run tomatoes through the Ninja for salsa and throw them in to drain. Just the juice comes out and it does so quicker with so many holes to run through. My only improvement would be to make holes in the base so water drains into the sink drain faster. I saw someone comment about it so I bet this is frustrating to a lot of people. I'm going to take this out to the shop and drill a few holes to help it drain. Otherwise excellent. 5Great but....Let me start by saying - I absolutely love this Colander. It is easy to clean, the holes are a good size, it sets up high enough to let the water drain off, all great qualities. I was very happy when it arrived (it made me realize how terrible the one I'd been using was). However, I've had this since the middle of May (so approx. 3.5 months) and the bottom part is falling off on three of the four sides. I've used it I think an average number of times - sometimes several times a week, sometimes only once. I don't know if mine was just not well made, but its disappointing for something I liked so much to only last this long. Given that, I don't think I can recommend it. 1Good for drying ballsI had been looking for a small metal colander for months and I'd found one that I'd liked but it was over $30. I couldn't talk myself into spending that kind of money for a tool that I was going to use for an unusual purpose.It's for my dog. Ok, it's for my dog's squeaky ball.See, he gets the ball really spitty and muddy and I have to wash it after every walk or else it won't squeak and if it doesn't squeak, he takes it apart to fix the problem. He's male, you know.I got tired of having drying balls on paper towels around my sink so wanted something small, not ugly, and durable where the squeaky balls could dry without making a mess on the kitchen counter.I'm glad I kept looking because I found this little colander. It holds one ball perfectly but will hold three without causing a problem, (that fourth one tends to spill over, though) is sturdy, is of much better quality than I'd expected for the price, and looks really cute next to my sink. It was the perfect find! 5The perfect strainerSo my old strainer had a lip at the bottom that collected water and I was getting sick of that so I needed to get one that didn't do that. I found this one and although it looks like there is a lip at the bottom that stores water it actually doesn't. Some how the water just goes right over it and after your done rinsing whatever is inside there actually is very little water anywhere on the strainer so cleanup is a breeze. The part that holds food is about 8 inches across and 3.5 inches deep. It is about 10 inches across with the handles and around 4 inches deep with the stand piece. It is made in China but I have to say this is the best thing made from China I own. It is 18/8 stainless steel and so far there isn't any rust or brown spots that show up on cheaper stainless steel products. It is well made and the sides are thick and it seems like it should last a lifetime. The handles are welded on really good and I don't see them ever breaking off. I own a few RSVP products and all of them are high quality and the best pieces of kitchen ware I own so I wish I had found out about them sooner. The strainer holes are a little bigger then the size the end of toothpick so unless your straining rice or something I wouldn't worry about things falling through the holes. It hold 3 quarts which is 12 cups so it holds a good amount. Overall this strainer is awesome and it will last a lifetime. I highly recommend this. 5Fantastic metal colander ends kitchen nightmares!After going through countless metal strainers to drain pasta, potatoes, rice, etc., I finally did more research and found this highly rated tool from America s Test Kitchen Pasta Rustica episode with Adam Reid. You know those folks are obsessive when comparing products!So far it has been a dream. It s sturdy, almost nothing falls through, and it s very easy to hand wash. (Yes, my next place WILL have a dishwasher!) I had been using strainers that were impossible to clean because food particles or the sponge would invariable get caught in the mesh and around the metal rims. After inspecting this unsanitary mess more closely, I had to throw these away and do my homework!I m sure there are cheaper models out there, but I have no doubt that this one will be useful for a VERY long time. 5My Husband Finds Fault With Everything This is the first item from Amazon that he had to stretch his brain to come up something ... and it was pretty lame. He wished it was easier to store I can't comment on how durable it is yet but if I don't return to comment, it's good. 5Great utensil .Very nice collander . Excellent , rigid construction , quality stainless loop handles on each side of the collander . Small , about 10 inches in diameter at the top rim . Stainless steel body , drain perforations are fairly small , I think slightly smaller than a strand of spaghetti ? The only thing I would caution about is suggesting that you rinse the colander thoroughly immediately after use because of the way the base is attatched to the bottom of the collander . It seems that food residue could collect in the paper thin gap where the base and bottom of the collander are joined . Not a big deal , just wash it really well . 5Fine but found one I like betterThe metal of the bowl is not heavy enough for my liking, so I returned it. I purchased it because Cooks Illustrated showed it as the winner. It is a nice looking colander, but the thin metal of the bowl area came with four smallish dents demonstrating to me that it would not look as I wish for long. I found another one on Amazon that looks like it but has heavier metal...and the small holes that this one has....and less expensive. 3
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