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Safety Innovations Complete Deluxe Bi-fold Door Lock - (2- Pack) - Made from Unbreakable Clear Polycarbonate

  • Safety Innovations Complete Deluxe Bi-fold Door Lock - (2- Pack) - Made from Unbreakable Clear Polycarbonate
  • Safety Innovations Complete Deluxe Bi-fold Door Lock - (2- Pack) - Made from Unbreakable Clear Polycarbonate
  • Safety Innovations Complete Deluxe Bi-fold Door Lock - (2- Pack) - Made from Unbreakable Clear Polycarbonate

Safety Innovations Complete Deluxe Bi-fold Door Lock - (2- Pack) - Made from Unbreakable Clear Polycarbonate

NZ$ 144.00 NZ$ 87.00 Save: NZ$ 57.00
NZ$ 87.00 NZ$ 144.00 You save: NZ$ 57.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Babyproof bi-fold doors on your bedroom closets, pantry, laundry room, linen closet and hinged and double doors in your bedrooms, laundry room, playroom and other areas of your home with our Safety Innovations Bi-Fold Door Lock. Fits doors from 1 1/8" - 1 3/8" thick.
  • Works to childproof, and also to pet proof, puppy proof, cat proof your bi-fold doors. Cat lovers especially like for their persistent pets! Easy installation-no tools needed.
  • Lock rests on the top edge of the door, and slides back and forth. To lock the door, just slide over the hinged part of the door. Slide past the hinged area to unlock and open door.
  • Easily slides over door hinge where door folds to lock bi-fold doors and away from the door hinge/fold to unlock. Insert lets you adjust door lock to fit most popular bi-fold door sizes. Extension wand attaches to the door lock so shorter adults can operate.
  • Clear unbreakable polycarbonate so its super strong, fits securely and blends into your dcor. Item measures 7" Long x 1 5/8" Wide x 1 3/4" High. Inside dimension measures 1 3/8" wide. 2-Pack includes 2 Bi-Fold Door Locks with 2 Extension Wands.
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Customer Reviews

Love it!Great product! It s seriously the easiest thing. Just put the little handle in the slot and then place it over your bifold door and that s it. Love it. It works so well. My toddler can not open it with all his strength and he s no longer pinching himself from closing the doors.*there are some extra pieces that came with it that I don't understand what they re for and the directions don t say anything about them, but it doesn t affect it in any way-picture posted of the extra pieces with the instructions* 5Only Works For Certain ClosetsCheck that your closets don't have parts in the way of where the lock would rest. I wanted to like these and to have them work! But my closet doors happen to have metal parts in the center where the doors meet -where the lock should rest, and so they can't be put there because the metal parts are in the way. I also tried the BOTTOM and there are still metal parts in the way, very frustrating. Not meant for any human who could see how to unlock it. I see how it works and it should be simple, but they dont work with my doors. 2Great for keeping cats outWorks as advertised, cats can no longer open my laundry closet and get behind the machines.These came with wands, as well as a plastic insert that snaps in for thinner doors. 5I couldn't love this product moreI couldn't love this product more! It has saved me so much time! My 2 year old used to go to our kitchen pantry closet 432 times a day, take everything (or as much as he could before I caught him) out and put it anywhere but back in the closet.So finally I thought, there HAS to be some sort of baby proofing product that would be a lock for this door. Low and behold the bi-fold door lock.LOVE LOVE LOVE it. My son however has mixed feelings about it. See the picture? That's him at the precise moment he realized he couldn't get in the closet anymore. I'm not ashamed by how happy I look either! 5Great lockFinding a lock for bi-fold doors is all but impossible. I found this and decided to give it a try. While this is not exactly a "lock", it does the job of holding the doors closed. The installation is simple...just open the door a bit and drop it over the top of one of the doors. (There is no drilling or tools necessary.) To close the door, use the drop-down handle to slide it to the center. This will keep the doors from opening. When you want to pass through, just slide it over either door and the door can then operate as usual. We use it to keep a pet out of certain areas of the house. It is made of clear acrylic plastic and does not stand out. The only thing I found was there is only a handle on one side. So, to lock/unlock from the other side you must reach up and slide the actual lock back and forth. This is not really a problem, however it could be improved by putting a dropdown handle on both sides of the unit. They come two to a package so I just installed the second one with the handle on the other side. Mine slides easy and is not inconvenient. 5Keeps the Pantry Thieves Out!I have no clue why I waited so long to look for a bifold door childproof lock, but I'm so glad I finally have it. My children are all pantry thieves. They come home from school looking for a snack, which is totally expected. And then they want more. And more. And more. You'd think I starve them (I promise I don't!). Next thing I know, half the food for an entire week is gone on a Monday afternoon, before the week has barely begun. This lock is a life saver. We've only had it a few days and my kids aren't stealing food nearly as much as they used to. Disclaimer: In my picture, you'll notice there's no wand to slide the lock. This is because my children could reach it, so my husband removed it. Even without the wand, it's still easy to slide back and forth for those of us tall enough to reach.My grocery budget thanks you for this gift to childproofing! 5Unobtrusive and effectiveDoes the job for me! My cats are belligerent about opening my closet door and rolling around on my clothes. As a cat owner, cat hair is unavoidable but finding clean clothes with a layer of cat hair is avoidable with this little thing! Plus my closet is in a short hallway into my bedroom and when the door is open it blocks the hallway which is annoying when I have to close it every time I go in and out.Since this is clear, it is unobtrusive on the top of the door and yet very easy to slide over to open. It takes a few times to remember to slide it over before you open the door but it s automatic for me now. I ll likely reach up to the top of other folding doors before opening out of habit now! It s durable enough that trying to open the door when it s locked doesn t damage the plastic at all.Super easy solution to keeping cats (and kids, I assume) out of the closet! 5Exactly what we needed to stop the cat burglarsOur cats are clever to the point that it's a bit creepy. After only a day, our rescue simply reached under the bifold pantry door, pulled forward, and opened it to help himself to the Tupperware bins holding his food. We've had cats jump at door handles after watching us use them to open doors, but this clever kid just went with physics and opened the door his way. Fortunately, this pair of child lock devices are out of his reach and have solved our problem. The cats can no longer break into the pantry, and the solution was easy and discrete. I appreciate the simple mechanics, ease of use, and that they are clear so they do not stand out. Having the pair in one listing was also helpful. 5I LOVE IT! I was using 30 lb boxes of ...This is the coolest thing I have bought in a long time!! I LOVE IT! I was using 30 lb boxes of cat litter to block the closet door so the cats would stop getting in the closet and climbing up on the shelves and sleeping on my stuff. The cats were actually able to move the box of litter and get into the closet. This works so well. You don't even notice they are there - nice clean look - and the cats never get in the closet. It was a life-saver for me. 5Bi-fold Door Locks AWSOME InventionI love these bi-fold door locks. My cats were always opening the closet doors so they could sleep in the closet. Of course I did not want them in the closet. I had tried several different ways to try and keep them - even installed small slide bolts, but they would still get in. I thought one day that someone has to have created something to keep bi-fold doors shut. Went looking on Amazon and these popped up. I am so happy I found them! They work perfectly. Cats are foiled. They fit perfectly on my doors. I did not need the wand attachment (I think that is so shorter folks can reach the device) - I removed it. I so love these! 5
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