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SGT KNOTS Tarred Twine - 100% Nylon Bank Line for Bushcraft, Netting, Gear Bundles, Home Improvement, Construction (#48, 1lb)

  • SGT KNOTS Tarred Twine - 100% Nylon Bank Line for Bushcraft, Netting, Gear Bundles, Home Improvement, Construction (#48, 1lb)
  • SGT KNOTS Tarred Twine - 100% Nylon Bank Line for Bushcraft, Netting, Gear Bundles, Home Improvement, Construction (#48, 1lb)
  • SGT KNOTS Tarred Twine - 100% Nylon Bank Line for Bushcraft, Netting, Gear Bundles, Home Improvement, Construction (#48, 1lb)

SGT KNOTS Tarred Twine - 100% Nylon Bank Line for Bushcraft, Netting, Gear Bundles, Home Improvement, Construction (#48, 1lb)

NZ$ 142.00 NZ$ 86.00 Save: NZ$ 56.00
NZ$ 86.00 NZ$ 142.00 You save: NZ$ 56.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Tarred Twine: An all-purpose utility twine perfect for many indoor and outdoor applications. Pressure dyed black using a unique process to ensure color penetration down to the core. We cover our long-lasting bank line in a protective tar coating that amplifies resistance to environmental wear and tear.
  • 100% Nylon: One of the strongest and most popular materials on the market for ropes, cords, and twines. These smooth synthetic fibers are highly resistant to moisture, temperature, chemicals, UV rays, abrasions, and most weather. Flexible with a slight stretch to provide shock absorption from heavy load bearings. Nylon performs better and longer than natural rope fibers like cotton and manila.
  • Limitless Uses: Our general purpose nylon twine can serve hundreds of different purposes: gear bundles, crafting, tie-down, home improvement, landscaping, and construction. Its strength and versatility make it a must have in your backpack, bug out bag, workplace, or workshop.
  • Availability: 1/4 pound or 1 pound. Diameter and Weight selection will determine length; range from 120 feet - 1680 feet. The Twine diameter option range is #9 (1.07mm) - #120. Black is the only color option.
  • Veteran Owned & Operated: Just like the Marine Corps, SGT KNOTS is committed to be the best of the best. We continue to live by the motto, Semper Fidelis-Always Faithful. Our loyalty to our customers is what makes us who we are, and the reason we continue to grow in popularity and product offerings. We promise to maintain the strength and consistency of our products. We also pass down our bulk savings to our customers.
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Customer Reviews

Best tarred twine for your buck! I highly recommend!This stuff is AWESOME! I am amazed how well it works for all sorts of things! It's strong enough to hold a lot of weight with one string (a couple hundred pounds with a single braided string - and I just double it up if I'm not certain if the weight being held is too much). But I use this to tie stuff down in the truck, I have used it to make my own PVC bow (NOTE: If you make your own bow and use this, youtube "How to Build a 40 Pound No Heat PVC Bow for Less Than $7" The guy who made it is a little annoying to me, but I built that bow, and it is POWERFUL. Just FYI). This Bank Line works well for a bowstring, although I had to cut it quite a bit shorter than the guy in the vid said, because this string stretches a bit in that application. But it has held strong, and works perfectly for a bowstring. I don't have to worry about it getting wet, etc, although there's enough tar (at least in the roll I got) to blacken my hands quite a bit...and good luck getting it out quickly/easily! But good tarred twine. I highly recommend!5Great for netting!Bought this item with the intent to turn it into some netting. Worked great for this purpose.I was also pleasantly surprised at how much cord was on the spool!My only complaint is that it does leave some greenish, sticky residue on things it rubs up against. However, this is to be expected from tarred line and isn't a real problem.Playing card for scale5Great alternative to 550 paracordTarred twine, is lighter, more compact, and less expensive than 550 paracord. As for strength, 340-pound-test #36 bank line is PLENTY strong, but can't support the 550 pounds of static tension GENUINE 550 paracord can. Unfortunately, the commercial, fancy-colored "550 paracord" readily available on Amazon and elsewhere (typically sold for $8-$10 per 100-foot hank) is NOT genuine military-spec paracord; just study the paracord article on Wikipedia. I have no idea how close to 550 pounds of breaking strength cheap -- I'll call it fake -- paracord can support. For more details on the pros and cons of both, I recommend you watch "Bank Line VS Paracord Shootout" on YouTube.If you're like me, you will come to the following conclusions: (1) For dependable strength, compactness, light weight, and low cost, choose bank line. (2) For color (e.g., for high visibility guy lines, bracelets) and the ability to make and undo knots, choose GENUINE 550 paracord.5The good stuffThe good stuff. So far I have been super pleased with this bank line. As soon as you peel off the plastic shipping protection, you are smacked in the face with that lovely smell of tar.This isn't the cheap stuff that unravels as soon as you cut it or won't hold a hitch or knot. The tarring process they use gets all the way through the cordage and it holds extremely well.I dragged a gigantic (for the purposes of this cordage anyways) dead hickory out of the woods with this cordage and it did the job no problem.You will absolutely not be disappointed with this if tarred bank line is what you're looking for.5Awesome quality !This cordage is a really good quality and is a great deal !This is synthetic cordage so the ends melt easily with a lighter , to keep them from fraying once you cut a piece off.When you take the spool out of the plastic wrap , the cord has a very slight smell of tar , but you've got to hold it close to your nose to notice it.The longer the spool is out of the plastic wrap the more the smell starts to go away. After a month the cord will have no smell at all.Don't let your worries about its smell deter you from buying this because it is the best small cordage I've ever purchased !I plan on buying several more rolls...If my review was helpful to you , please take the time to check the "helpful" box below.Thanks !5Great product at the right price!Here it is, folks... the bank line that is so popular amongst woodsmen and survivalists alike. Being tarred, it doesn't slip like paracord (so you can rely on your knots to hold) and it isn't affected by weather.I realize the fact that hipsters prefer paracord and the bright colors available... after all, the ridiculous TV guy who does things that will get you killed in the real world says it's awesome, while drinking certain "sterile" bodily fluids and munching on rotting animals for the camera.Not to worry, you don't have to do any of that (or smell funky, dress like a fake lumberjack and have a ridiculous haircut, for that matter) you can simply throw the paracord away, watch a few Dave Canterbury videos and buy several hundred feet of #12 and #36 Tarred Twine (aka bank line) from SGT KNOTS to regain your self respect and set your life back on the right path.5Sgt Knots excellent twine & ontime deliveryMy first experience with black tar twine from The Sgt Knots exceeded expectations. We used quite a bit of it on 3-day backpacking hike. Purchased #24 1/4lb. It is spooled on a small stiff hollow fiberboard core. (Thought to try instead of nylon cordage to save pack weight/bulk).It is semi-stiff but not sticky. Easy to tie most any type of usual camp knot. On this trip we put a tent peg thru the hollow core and spooled it a straight distance, threw it over a limb to hang food, secure your shelter from wind, repaired broken items, marked limbs with small ties instead of blazing tree bark to alert improper navigation. It's waterproof, doesn't stretch, and is strong enough. I like it a lot.Recommend adding size (in mm or inches) to the seller's spec / description to give cross reference to the many sizes in the numbering system, for buyers unfamiliar with "example #24 = 1.85mm diameter".5The real deal -- good quality bank line with high tar contentThis SGT KNOTS Tarred Twine / Bank Line - 1 Pound - #36 (486 feet) is very good quality bank line. Unlike other brands I've come across, this is truly tarred twine. You can smell it, and if you hold a four inch piece of it sideways, it will stick out horizontally (rather than flop down or droop) because the tar is plentiful enough to give it stiffness. Those are the qualities you're looking for in good-quality bank line, since that means the line has enough tar that it won't unravel easily. Yet when you want to break it down into smaller strands, a deliberate twisting motion with your fingertips will easily separate it into three smaller strands. I carry about 30 feet of this stuff in a small ziploc bag in my bushcraft pack. The ziploc bag keeps the rest of my gear from smelling like tar, and the line comes in handy for lots of little camp chores, such as spare cordage for securing a tarp, hanging food to keep it away from animals, lashing poles together to make a shelter, cooking tripod, or camp chair, etc.Highly recommended!5Small and Strong #36I used this to revive an old military style jungle hammock that I had stored for 15 years. I couldn't remember how to attach the suspension to the grommets on the hammock, so I used this bank line and some double fisherman knots to re-attach it, and it held me up off the ground just fine. I got the #36 which is rated for 340# or so while taking up less room than paracord. I also made a cobra weave bracelet out of it.5Comparable to Catahoula, though slightly inferior.Bought SGT Knots #15 tarred twine and #42 tarred twine. Bought Catahoula #18 tarred twine and #36 tarred braided. Quality is comparable but Catahoula is slightly better. On the other hand SGT Knots is much less expensive and therefore a better value if you need larger quantities. Catahoula is slightly better quality for the following reasons:1. The braided Catahoula line (#36) cannot be untwisted, even with effort. This is a function of braid over twine, so it may not be fair to compare as it is a bit of apples and oranges. The twined (not braided) Catahoula #18 can be untwisted, but with a little more effort than the #15 SGT Knots and #42 SGT Knots. However, the thicker #42 SGT Knots can be re-twisted with no problem, but the smaller lines SGT #15 and Catahoula #18 cannot easily be re-twisted.2. The Catahoula line is stiffer and heavier and stands out rather than the floppier SGT Knots line.Bottom line is that both companies make great tarred twine. Get braided whenever possible to reduce unintended untwisting. The pictures show the braided Catahoula #36 on the bottom and SGT #42 on the top. In the second picture, I have purposely untwisted the ends but could only untwist the SGT #42 on top. But I then re-twisted it and it stayed together in the last picture, so it all may be of little consequence. All 4 have similar mild tarry odor. None of them soil your hands. Sorry about the long review.4
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